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RPG offers the most versatile natural wood acoustical wall panel and suspended acoustical ceiling systems available today. These beautiful surfaces are powerful acoustic tools that can reduce reverberation time, eliminate flutter echo, limit unwanted sound reflection and provide noise control in a wide variety of spaces. We are confident that you will find that our commitment to quality and our insistence on performance becomes clearer with each and every completed project. When possible, we utilize raw materials harvested from sustainably managed forests and always manufacture our systems with the environment and current sustainable practices in mind. RPG can help you create unique design elements using acoustic wood solutions for your project; from acoustical canopy and cloud designs to complete architectural wall and ceiling systems.
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There are several reasons for our renewed interest in natural lighting in architecture. Beyond environmental factors there are also more personal aspects of how natural lighting affects the human spirit and enhances our quality of life. Natural lighting offers variety, a sense of orientation and sunlight which intensifies color and contrast in our environment. Translucent or transparent acoustic panel systems for walls and canopies for ceiling allow this design demand to be met while also addressing reverberation time and flutter echo, both of which can be extremely obtrusive in highly reflective spaces that have an abundance of glass surfaces. Utilization of these spaces for multi-function purposes demands that attention be paid to sound propagation and noise control considerations.
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Harmony has been defined a number of ways; generally, it is considered to be a pleasing arrangement of parts whether referring to music, poetry or color. Visually, harmony is something that would be pleasing to the eye; it engages the viewer. When something is not harmonious, it tends to be either boring or lacking order. Color harmony delivers visual interest and a sense of order. In a similar manner, acoustical wall panels and suspended ceiling systems bring order to how we hear environments. Whether the goal is to reduce noise, reverberation time or eliminate flutter echo, it can now be achieved in bold strokes with (92) unique acoustical fabric panel colors and thousands of paint color and texture options. Both acoustical wall and acoustical ceiling design can now be as colorful and visually dynamic as any design demands.
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When durability is paramount, there is no stronger or more reliable acoustical surface than stone. RPG's line of masonry based acoustical wall systems and acoustical CMU offers unprecedented strength and fire resistance in natural or custom colored stone and glass aggregate finishes. The sound block system offers structural capabilities while also the unique ability to customize the performance for either sound absorption or diffusion depending on the requirements of the project and the area within the space. The wall panel system offers top noise reduction ratings to assure sound control of the space by reducing reverberation time and eliminating flutter echo. The combination of acoustical performance and durability also lends itself to applications such as sound barriers and noise control enclosures for requirements in the outdoor environment.
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As a culture, we have developed both a strong graphic language and an ever increasing sensitivity to the environments that we build around us. It is the role of graphic design to communicate concepts to its audience at a deeper and more accessible level than can often be accomplished through line, space and color design alone. Company logos, print and pattern ideas can be brought to acoustical life in a variety of media that include fabrics for high resolution digital images, wood for pattern motif and translucent plastics when incorporating natural or back lighting. To control noise, reverberation and flutter echo in a space requires that a proper application of efficient, capable devices be implemented; the visual impact of the installation can now be as bold and as powerful as can simply be imagined.
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Where form and function collide, engineered shapes can enhance the visual appeal of any acoustical design while offering the powerful functionality and envelopment of a sound diffuser. Geometric shapes are common in interior design, however too many geometric shapes can create rigidity and redundancy in a space. Organic shapes are often used to bring themes from the natural world to infuse soft, calming or flowing effects into a design. No other company in the world has more knowledge or practice in the optimization of acoustical scattering surfaces or the implementation of sound diffusing shapes in architecture. RPG's array of geometric and organic acoustical wall panels, ceiling panels, ceiling clouds and audience canopies for sound diffusion are in an engineering category all their own.
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RPG now offers an expansive color palette of optimized acoustical fabrics to work in perfect cooperation with its complete line of fabric-wrapped acoustical panel solutions: Absorbor Panels, Hi Impact Absorbor Panels, Broadsorbor Panels, Modesorbor Panels and BAD Panels. RPG's fabric panel products, all of which are now produced in the same integer thicknesses (1", 2", etc...), is a comprehensive set of acoustical tools that can be mixed and matched, whether in size, shape, functionality or color selection, to reduce reverberation time, eliminate flutter echo, limit unwanted sound reflection and provide noise control in a wide variety of spaces. We are confident that you will find many more creative possibilities with the flexibility of our fabric-wrapped acoustical panel products than you can find elsewhere in the market.
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