1950 HUMANOID SIGHTING REPORTSCompiled byAlbert Rosalesgaruda79@att.net

Albert Rosales: garuda79@att.net

Albert Rosales: garuda79@att.net

1950 Humanoid Reports. The beginning of the 50’s decade brought forth the initial stories of contact with supposedly otherworldly wayfarers. Most of the stories were poorly documented and some even dismissed offhand. Maybe humanity was not yet ready as to the content of those bizarre details, but it had not choice the stories never ceased. Following is a list of known Humanoid encounters for the year 1950.

Location. Souza, Paraiba Brazil
Date: 1950
Time: unknown
Silvia Medeiros saw at her farm near the city a large disc shaped object land on a field. A hatch opened and three small creatures resembling dwarfs emerged, for 15 minutes they walked and looked around seemingly looking for something. The small men finally collected some rocks and went back inside the craft, which promptly took off at high speed.

HC addition # 3657
Source: Centro Paraibano de Ufologia
Type: B
High Strangeness Index: 5
Reliability of Source: 7
Comments: early Brazilian entity report. A more detailed description of the occupants is not given.

Location. Monterrey Mexico
Date: 1950
Time: unknown
The main witness, Rolando Quiroga was with a group of friends when he saw a huge disc shaped object hovering overhead. The object emitted a soft orange light and produced a soft whistling sound. As the witness stood paralyzed unable to move he was able to see several human like figures looking down on him form the several portholes on the object. Meanwhile his friends had run away. No other information.

HC addition # 1943
Source: Scott Corrales, Samizdat Vol. 2 # 2
Type: A
High Strangeness Index: 6
Reliability of Source: 8
Comments: The witness was possibly involved in other encounters.

Location. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Date: 1950
Time: early morning
Mrs Kathleen Compardo woke up early one morning in order to prepare breakfast for her husband. Then she went back to bed to get some additional sleep. Moments later she suddenly woke up to see two 90 cm tall transparent figures standing next to her bed. In child like voices the beings communicated by using telepathy with the witness. Among other things they told her that they were very advanced and possessed a device that could cure cancer and laser-beam like weapons of mass destruction. They added that they wish to help humanity, but that humans were too aggressive. Soon they told her that they had to leave since they could not stay in our “atmosphere” for to long.

HC addendum
Source: Bitacora
Type: E
High Strangeness Index: 7
Reliability of Source: 7
Comments: I could only conjecture as to why the humanoids were not able to stay in our atmosphere for too long. These appear to have been benevolent type aliens.

Location. Sonoma County, California
Date: 1950
Time: afternoon
Two men, one 17-year old boy were exploring some old mine shafts when they started hearing clicking noises. They could smell a fire so they were curious as to what was on fire all the way down in a mineshaft. They went further down and they started to see a weird substance on the walls of the mine. Then they saw the fire farther down and they noticed that there was something near it, but they could not make out what it was. Upon closer inspection they realized that it was some sort of hideous beast that resembled a boar with human features. It had hands and patches of red hair on its body. It appeared to be bashing an animal skull of some sort against a rock to be cracked open. As soon as the creature saw the witnesses it charged after them. One of them suffered a deep gash on his back as he crawled out of the shaft.

HC addendum
Source: The Unexplained
Type: E
High Strangeness Index: 6
Reliability of Source: 5
Comments: Bizarre creature appears to have been some form of hybrid.

Location. El Techo, Gran Canaria, Spain
Date: 1950
Time: afternoon
Pablo Montesdeoca was walking on a mountain trail when suddenly he began to hear what sounded like the sounds of “church bells”. It was very peculiar since it did not appear to be anyone around. He stood looking around still hearing the bells but not seeing anybody. Suddenly out of nowhere a strange creature became visible. It ran by the witness at incredible speed, and he barely could see what it exactly looked like, it had a dog-like body and appeared to run without touching the ground but very close to it.

HC addendum
Source: Ramon Navia, “La Verdad Oculta”
Type: E

Location. Floridablanca Bucamaranga Colombia
Date: 1950
Time: 1900
13-year old deaf mute, William Ortiz was riding his horse on a gravel road in his parent’s property when peering through the growth of vegetation on one side of the road, he noticed a child-like figure, but continued on his way. Then in an opening through the brush and in top of a large rock, he saw a disc shaped object with little figures around it. After staring at it he stopped in confusion, looked over his shoulder, and noticed one of the child-like figures next to him. He noticed that the entity wore some type of uniform, very tight fitting and covering the neck and legs. He also wore boots. The collar ended like a turtleneck, and he could see something like a seam in the form of a V on the shoulders. The hands only had four fingers, he was not really so sure. The being had a large hairless head. The eyes were big, oval shaped and very black, some of the other crewmember’s eyes were smaller than the others. There were no ears, just a little hole on each side of the head; the nose was small as well as the lips, which never moved. The skin color was grayish brown. The entity closest to him appeared to be a male. The others looked the same. The entity closest to him, looked directly into Ortiz’s eyes and started sending him messages and at the same time using hand signals or language. Eight enigmatic words were given by the entity, which included “sky” “love” & “secret.” After the message, the entity made a turn toward the rock. At this moment Ortiz could not see the rest of the crew. The entity went back to the object half walking, half floating, very fast. Then the object went straight up, made a turn to the southwest, and disappeared into the horizon. The rock on which the object rested has many peculiar symbols carved on it that included lines, circles, disk shapes, serpents and other symbols.

HC addition # 1575
Source: Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo, Cufos Associate
Newsletter Vol. 3 # 4
Type: C or G?

Location. Bavarian Alps Germany, exact location not given
Date: 1950
Time: unknown
A mountain climber had gotten lost on a remote mountain area, when suddenly a bright sphere of light appeared, it transformed into an oriental looking human figure, that bowed to the witness, spoke a few words and then led him to a tourist path and out of danger. It then changed itself into a ball of light again and vanished.

HC addition # 361
Source: Janet & Colin Bord, Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th
Type: E

Location. Nacaome, Honduras
Date: 1950
Time: various
Several local peasants reported seeing a bizarre creature resembling a gigantic bird that flew low over their homes. The next day several dead cattle were found on the fields under strange circumstances. One of the peasants reported seeing the huge winged creature attacking a bull, using its massive tail to wrap it around the animal and strangling it. The creature then pulled the unfortunate animal’s tongue out and ate it. Other locals found their cattle dead under similar circumstances.

HC addendum
Source: Literatura Oral de La Zona Sur, Karen Ramos
Melissa Valenzuela
Type: E

Location. Sevilla, Spain
Date: 1950 Time: various
Two elderly spinsters, began telling family members and close associates that they were going through some rough times due to the interference of certain “Martians” or “extraterrestrials” (a term hardly used in Spain during the time) were keeping a watch on them and would sometimes “experiment” with them. The bizarre extraterrestrials supposedly had the ability the enter their homes through closed doors and walls and would sometimes place strange apparatuses around their heads, which caused them extreme pain. At night they would hear the footsteps of the intruders in their home and other noises caused by the same intruders. There is no exact description of the extraterrestrials, except that they were apparently man-like. The elderly sisters reported the intrusions to the local police, which promptly ignored them. The intrusions continued in earnest especially when it involved a strange “machine” that emitted beams or rays. According to the sisters the constant bombardment of these rays contributed to their failing health. Several years after the incidents were reported by the sisters, one of them died as a result of lung cancer, the other sister never did mention any more intrusions after that.

HC addendum
Source: Ignacio Darnaude, Miguel Peyro Garcia
Type: E
Comments: Very intriguing case. Was it one of the first cases of paranoia dealing with extraterrestrials, or maybe a case of real visitations?

Location. Anthony Kansas
Date: 1950
Time: 0210A
A husband and wife farmers were awakened by a bright light shining outside the window. They went out to see what it was and they saw a large triangular shaped glowing object hovering above the barn, a smaller object detached itself from the larger craft and landed behind the barn. The husband walked towards the barn to investigate and the wife stayed behind, she was suddenly started to see standing ten feet from her a man shaped being composed of pure light. She was not able to move or speak. The entity told her not to be afraid that he was a messenger sent to reveal certain knowledge to humanity. He made several predictions.

HC addition # 213
Source: Bill Caulfield, Intl UFO Library Magazine
Vol. # 2
Type: C

Location. Cellino Attanasio Italy
Date: 1950
Time: morning
A young girl was playing in her grandmother’s yard when she noticed a strange metallic object approaching. It was top shaped on the upper section, with an upside down cone on the bottom with a rotating red flange circling its center section. It had a transparent dome on the top and inside the witness was able to see a man wearing a dark outfit and wearing some type of “respiratory” gear and a helmet. The object neared the witness and at the same time its center-rotating flange increased its speed. The frightened witness began screaming and the object then departed quickly moving in a zigzagging fashion.

HC addition # 1558
Source: Maurizio Verga, Itacat
Type: A

Location. Oracle Arizona
Date: 1950
Time: daytime
Juan Urrea was playing in the yard when suddenly the door of the outhouse creaked open. There, to his surprise, lurked a tall, kangaroo like creature with blazing red eyes. It peered out around the edge of the door, and then beckoned him to come forward. Urrea believed the creature meant to do him harm. He ran and never saw it again.

HC addition # 2967
Source: Gregory McNamee & Luis Albert Urrea
Type: E
High Strangeness Index: 6
Reliability of Source: 7
Comments: It appears to have some type of Chupacabra (again) variance a long time before the Chupacabra showed up in full force.

Location. Near Maranguape Brazil
Date: 1950
Time: mid-day
A young man named Faustino had gone into the mountains to get some bananas. He had been walking some distance ahead of two other men when he came upon an object sitting on the ground. Nearby stood a man & a woman, both about six-feet tall and skinny. They were somewhat “ugly,” had wraparound eyes, and wore long yellowish robes. Their arms were loaded with branches. Faustino called out to them. They looked at him, and then hurried into the object, which suddenly took off with a blast of air that nearly knocked the witness down. The craft was described as large, silvery and shaped like a squashed oval.

HC addition # 2595
Source: Bob Pratt, UFO Danger Zone
Type: B
High Strangeness Index: 6
Reliability of Source: 9
Comments: Early Brazilian humanoid encounter. The wraparound eyes description is notable since it seems to describe a feature reported in modern day “gray alien” encounters.

Location. Indianapolis Indiana
Date: 1950
Time: afternoon
The 3-year old witness remembers a tall blond Nordic looking male with perfect features that approached her while she was out playing blocks and told her that she would be on a mission involving leading people through mountains in the year 2011.

HC addition # 2786
Source: Bill Hamilton
Type: E

Location. Malselv, Norway
Date: 1950
Time: afternoon
The witness, a 7-year old girl at the time had stayed out late fishing at a local pond. Suddenly she saw a large oval-shaped object quickly approaching her position. The craft flew over her and disappeared into a forested glade. Moments later three short human-like figures appeared and approached the girl. She described them as about her height, round eyes and a “very visible” nose. They wore tight-fitting flying suits. The girl felt no fear. Using telepathy one of the beings told the girl that they wanted to examine her mouth and teeth. The humanoids then invited the girl to go away with them, but she thought about her mother and refused the invitation. The humanoids then bade farewell and promised the witness that one day they would return and walked back into the glade. The girl then saw the oval shaped craft disappear into the sky.

HC addendum
Source: Rapportnyt April 2 1994, UFO Sweden
Type: C

Location. Minas Gerais, Brazil
Date: 1950
Time: evening
In a rural area a witness reported seeing a very luminous object sitting on the ground. It was shaped like a plate with a transparent dome on top. Inside the dome he could see a human-like figure sitting down with one hand holding its chin and the other one on his knees. He appeared to be observing its surroundings.

HC addendum
Source: CIPFANI, Brazil
Type: A
High Strangeness Index: 6
Reliability of Source: 8
Comments: Another early Brazilian case, there were several encounters reported in 1950. Additional details in this case are necessary.

Location. Pelotas Rio Grande Sul Brazil
Date: 1950
Time: night
A couple were walking along a wooded path by the ocean front one night when two fast moving shadows suddenly crossed their paths ahead, looking up they saw two large winged beings flying at treetop level. The beings descended vertically and landed near the witnesses. They were described as human like and about six-foot tall, these beings crouched down and appeared to observe the witnesses, who quickly left the area.

HC addition # 364
Source: Janet & Colin Bord, Unexplained Mysteries
Of the 20th Century
Type: E
High Strangeness Index: 7
Reliability of Source: 8
Comments: Early report describing winged entity. As far as I know this is the only such report of a winged humanoid from Brazil, which is interesting given the vast amount of humanoid reports from that country.

Location. Dar-Es-Salaam Tanzania
Date: 1950
Time: night
The young witness was suddenly awakened by a strange vibrating noise outside the house. She had the feeling of being watched and a tingling sensation followed. She then saw at the foot of her bed a two ½ tall figure, described as having a pale grayish face, a large domed head, pointed chin and large staring eyes. As the figure moved towards her the witness screamed. Her father rushed into the room but the little figure had vanished.

HC addition # 513
Source: Jenny Randles, Abduction
Type: E

Location. Lincoln Nebraska
Date: 1950
Time: night
The witness, a young boy, remembered being outdoors watching with some other people when a craft with swirling lights suddenly appeared. The witness felt unable to move as he saw the craft land nearby, three little men appeared and apparently began repairing the object. He was taken inside the object where he saw everybody else apparently paralyzed or frozen in time. A woman now approached him and communicated with him, telling him that she had changed her appearance so he would not be traumatized. He was then taken into an examining room where several lizard or reptilian like humanoids examined him.

HC addition # 947
Source: UFONS # 258
Type: G

Location. Moscow, Russia
Date: 1950
Time: night
On Kalyaevskaya Street, while the witness slept she heard the window of the balcony opened. She felt as if someone was watching her. As she opened her eyes she saw a small man, about 1 meter in height, black in color with small wings and on the neck area an object resembling a backpack or “chute”. He stood at the entranceway to the bedroom from the balcony. Suddenly he departed through window emitting a noise similar to the flapping of wings. A feeling of fear remained with the witness.

HC addendum
Source: Igor Anantolevichem, UFOZONE Russia
Type: E

Location. Winter Hill, near Bolton, England
Date: 1950
Time: night
The witness, R Chapman sees a dark flatiron shaped object hovering close to the ground. Suddenly out of nowhere a “majestic” being appears. He is tall, well built, with black hair and beard, dark eyes and very pale skin. There is telepathic contact between Chapman and the humanoid for several minutes. The humanoid then turns around and glides back to the UFO apparently decreasing in size as he did. After he enters the craft the UFO leaves leaving a vapor trail behind. The witness apparently encounters the same being again at the same location. (No details on that).

HC addendum
Source: Gemini Vol. 1 # 2
Type: B

Location. Jacksonville, Florida
Date: 1950
Time: 2100
The main witness and a companion were heading home cutting through a neighborhood park. Looking up at a clear starry sky one of them remarked how many stars were out that night when suddenly he noticed something very strange. Almost directly overhead there was a circle of sky without a star in it. No clouds, no nothing but a perfectly round blackness. His companion dismissed the matter, suggesting they sit on the bench in front of the apartments to talk for a while. When they reached the bench, she pointed to a spot about half a block away where very quietly, a small silver-gray craft had appeared. It looked smaller than a school bus. There was a broad, shallow dome on top but no discernable windows or lights. They stared for some moments before something moved on the left side of the saucer. She could make out what appeared to be an “awning” slowly lift from the saucer’s left side. Instinctively they began walking backwards into the apartment building. Three “grays” in jumpsuits came in as soon as they were inside the apartment. One was stationed at each doorway and a third entered the living room. He went straight pass the main witness and stared at her companion, face to face. The creature was short, bald, with a flat faced profile. She thought it was wearing some type of dark glasses but she did not see any “stems” on the lenses. She “heard him” on his head, saying, “We did not come for you, this time. You were able to see us because of the attachments. You will not remember this.” He repeated that portion of his statement. The witness only remembered the episode 50 years later when she was hypnotized.

HC addendum
Source: http://www.ufoitalia.net
Type: C?

Location. Texas, exact location not given
Date: 1950
Time: late night
A vague report describing how as a boy the witness encountered on several occasions, little red men about three-foot tall, thin, and bald that usually stood around in his bedroom. Most of the time he was paralyzed during the encounters, except for one time that he was able to throw a bottle at the creatures. No other information.

HC addition # 2172
Source: Skyscan Vol. 3 # 1
Type: E

Location. Between Castle Rock & Franktown Colorado
Date: 1950
Time: 2200
Marc Demarest, driving without lights by the light of the full moon, came over a hill and saw an elliptical object 500 feet off the road, hovering 75 feet above the ground. He stopped the car and got out to watch. Lights came from a row of windows that encircled the object, “like portholes around the body of the craft. There were blue exhaust flames coming straight down from it.” No noise like an engine, but a quiet hum. He could see shadows of figures moving past the windows, “but I was too far away to distinguish form or shape.” He watched for 45 minutes, and then reached for a cigarette; the moment he flicked his lighter, the object suddenly streaked off, disappearing in ten seconds. Demarest had numerous subsequent sightings, but none as close or detailed.

Humcat 1950-1
Source: Humcat quoting newspaper source
Type: A

Location. Valenca Brazil
Date: 1950
Time: night
Lucia G Borges reported being contacted by two tall human like beings with olive skin, dark hair and large dark almond shaped eyes. One was a woman who had long blond hair. Both wore shiny silvery coveralls and appeared to float just above the ground. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil
Type: E

Location. Near Athens, Greece
Date: 1950
Time: midnight
A Greek Army major and several others had gone hunting in a jeep. Around midnight, the light beams of the car caught a strange creature, about 20 meters away. It was human from the waist up and hairy and animal like from the waist down. The creature was dancing and hopping in front of the astonished men. The major took his gun out but he was so afraid that he could not hold it straight. They made a u-turn and returned to town as fast as they could.

HC addendum
Source: Ralf & Eve Blum
Type: E

Location. Mojave Desert California
Date: January 1950
Time: unknown
It was reported that a flying disc shaped object had been found intact at this site, with eighteen 3-foot tall, human like occupants, all dead, but not burned. An alleged photograph of an alien body being kept in cold storage at Wright Patterson shows what appears to be as small human like being with human like eyes and oriental features.

HC addition # 2956
Source: CSETI
Type: H

Location. Copenhagen, Denmark
Date: February 18 1950
Time: unknown
Farmer Christian Sandersen and his wife claimed to have seen two flying saucers over their farmhouse. One saucer stayed airborne while the other landed and disintegrated into thousands of brightly glowing sparks. Apparently nothing was found at the site and little more is known about this particular case.

HC addendum
Source: Kevin D Randle, A History of UFO Crashes
Type: H?

Location. Peñon De Los Banos Mexico
Date: March 13 1950
Time: unknown
A Martian spaceship 9 x 6 meters in size, “equipped with a powerful propeller, and made of a metal which defies gravity” landed, and the pilot engaged one of the natives in conversation in perfect Spanish. Martian cities, he said, are underground. The Martians have found Venus too hot and humid, infested with flying reptiles; they will colonize Earth after we destroy ourselves in World War III. There was a strong odor of sulfur after the ship took off.

Humcat 1950-2
Source: Humcat quoting newspaper source
Type: B

Location. Near Clearfield Pennsylvania
Date: March 15 1950
Time: 1815
Having stopped to make repairs on his car, Craig Hunter heard a whistling sound and saw a flying saucer, about 300 ft up, which circled about him at 60-70 mph, then hovered. He could see moving “images of human character” through windows in the UFO. A bluish green object was shot at him, exploding 20 ft away with a brilliant white light that lingered for more than 30 seconds. The then object flew off to the northwest. Hunter describes the UFO in considerable detail; the windows were in the lower section. A truck driver, Ellis Yeager, who stopped to offer help, said “Oh my God” and drove away when Hunter pointed out the saucer.

Humcat 1950-3
Source: William C Baggs, Miami Florida Daily News
Type: A

Location. Lago Argentino Argentina
Date: March 18 1950
Time: 1830
Wilfredo Arevalo, a rancher, saw a huge disc land, another hovering above. He got to within 150 yards of the landed UFO, which was giving off a greenish blue vapor and “an intense smell of burning benzene.” Above the saucer, a large flat disc was rotating, “like a phonograph record.” In the center was a transparent cabin; he could see 4 tall men with pallid faces, dressed in “cellophane,” working at instruments. Then the craft shone a searchlight on him, it lit up with blue light, and it rose up, emitting red & green flames and a faint hum. Both craft sped off, leaving bluish trails. Next day burnt grass was found at the site. Several other witnesses to the UFO in flight.

Humcat 1950-4
Source: Donald Hanlon, The Humanoids
Type: A

Location. Between Morton & Mineral Washington
Date: March 28 1950
Time: daytime
While driving, Samuel Eaton Thompson saw an 80 ft diameter object on the ground, shaped like two saucers edge to edge, and apparently “made of a glowing, sun colored substance similar to plastic.” He walked up to it & was invited in by the occupants—10 men, 10 women, & 25 children, none of whom wore any clothing. They spoke English. “I spent about 40 hours with these people, and they were pleasant. I ate some of their food-fruit and herbs from their native planet, Venus.” He was told they had inherited the ship. There were 4 controls; they did not know how these worked; they only knew that to push one set of controls would take them to Earth, and to push another would take them back to Venus. They were “sent to establish goodwill among Earth people;” they said Thompson was the first person ever contacted on this planet. They took him on a trip, landing within 2 blocks of his house. He took a picture of the ship, but it came out so overexposed that he threw the film away. The beings were described as of average height tanned skins, long brown hair, and large beautiful eyes.

Humcat 1950-5
Source: Kenneth Arnold & Ted Bloecher
Type: G

Location. Near Jacumba California
Date: March 31 1950
Time: night
One witness reported seeing a saucer land on highway 80 outside of town. A small dwarf-like humanoid exits the saucer and reportedly runs down Highway 80 “faster than Jesse Owens.”

HC addendum
Source: Newspaper Clipping in HUMCAT
High Strangeness Index: 5
Reliability of Source: 4
Comments: The date makes this case appear to be a journalistic hoax.

Location. Canby Oregon
Date: April 1950
Time: daytime
Mrs Ellen Jonerson was working on her lawn when she saw on a neighbor’s lot a very tiny person, not more than 12” tall, standing with his back turned toward her. He turned to face her and she saw that it was a man with a heavily tanned face, clad in coveralls & a plaid shirt. He wore a skullcap on the back of his head; his hair was the same color as his face. He had wide shoulders and was quite stocky. Mrs Jonerson went back to her house & called to a friend inside; when she returned, the being was “waddling” away. He walked under a 1937 Dodge without stooping, and that was the last she saw of him.

Humcat 1950-6
Source: Kenneth Arnold & Jerome Clark
Type: E

Location. Santiago Del Estero Argentina
Date: April 17 1950
Time: 1700
A laborer working out in the fields watched a huge metallic disc shaped craft slowly descend over the area; it had a rotating metallic flange in the middle and flashing multi-colored lights. The witness was able to see several tall men like figures inside the object that appeared to be operating some controls. The men appeared to be wearing tight-fitting silvery outfits. The craft suddenly gave off a bright flash of light and ascended at very high speed, disappearing from sight.

HC addition # 5
Source: Roberto Banchs & Richard Heiden
Type: A

Location. Salamanca, Spain
Date: April 17 1950
Time: midnight
A witness reported seeing a hovering disc-shaped object over the city. Through a transparent section on the craft he was able to distinguish several “human-like” figures moving around.

HC addendum
Source: Luis Gonzalez Manso, First-Humcat
Type: A

Location. Abbiate Guazzone Italy
Date: April 24 1950
Time: 2200
Attracted by a flickering light, Bruno Facchini, 40, came upon an oblate spheroid 10 meters wide & 6 meters high, from which a little flight of steps led to the ground. Its surface was chequered by stripes; around it was a circle of pipes in threes. Inside the UFO, Facchini could see pipes, cylinders, and gauges. 3 or 4 men of normal height, in “diving suits,” were seen; one seemed to be welding a pipe; all moved slowly. The suits had “earphones” and transparent faceplates, which seemed to contain liquid; the faces behind the faceplates were pale. Facchini walked up and asked if they needed help; the men gesticulated and replied something like “Grr…Grr…” Realizing they were extraterrestrial, Facchini ran; one of the men pointed a “camera” at him, which emitted a force beam that knocked him down. He lay there terrified & saw the repairman finish his work, the stairs fold up, and the object rise vertically with loud drone & a “chuff.” The next day 4 round marks were found, forming a 6 meter square, as well as several bits of metal, identified on analysis as an “antifriction” leaded bronze. Pains in his back lasted for a month.

Humcat 1950-7
Source: Dario Sapda & Riccardo Germinario, for Rigel 2001 &
Antonio Giudici FSR Vol. 9 # 2
Type: B

Location. Vaux en Dieulet, near Buzancy, France
Date: May 1950
Time: 0630A
Mr. Pierrard and his sister’s daughter, 14-year old Madeleine had gone to check on the cows accompanied by their dog. As they were crossing the field, the young girl screamed and pointed to the sky to what at first she thought was the sun. They then heard a strange noise, resembling: “hou, hou, hou”. It was a ball of fire that approached them and passed in front of the pair. The object stopped to hover and both noticed that it was in fact a saucer shaped object, made out of a completely translucent material, like glass. Inside they could clearly see a small “man” about 1.40 m in height, with arms on its side, wearing what appeared to be a tight-fitting diving suit, he was absolutely motionless. His suit resembled that of the popular “Michelin” man ads. He wore something resembling a motorcycle helmet with a visor made out of a clear Plexiglas like material; it had two pipes that connected to two bottles above its shoulders. Both witnesses felt totally paralyzed during the observation and felt a heat wave enveloping them. After two minutes the object rose then turned slightly on itself while going up in successive steps, emitting the same noise as the beginning. The object disappeared in the direction of Buzancy. A scorched area was found on the ground.

HC addendum
Source: Jean-Michel Ligeron, UFO in the Ardennes, 1981
Type: A

Location. Desierto de los Leones, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Date: May 1950
Time: evening
Samael Aun Weor (Victor Manuel Gomez Rodriguez) was out sightseeing in the area when he suddenly caught sight of a strange craft that slowly descended into a clearing. Curious he approached the area and was surprised to see a spherical craft somewhat flattened at the top, which had landed on a tripod-like landing gear. A hatch-like opening became visible and a man of medium stature, thin, with bronze skin, blue eyes and a broad forehead stepped out, descending to the ground on a small metallic ladder. He carried an unknown object on his right hand. Several similar figures, both male and female closely followed behind him. Unafraid the witness approached the group and saluted them in Spanish, which they answered in perfect Spanish also. The witness was impressed when the visitors told him that they knew all the languages on Earth. At this point Samael felt an immense yearning to visit other worlds in the universe, and grabbing one of the tripod legs he asked the leader of the group if they could take him to Mars. The alien leader acted surprised and told the witness that why Mars, that it was to close. At this point the leader called to the other group and they held a meeting sitting on top of several dead tree trunks. Again the witness approached and begged them to take him to visit other civilizations in space. Their leader remained quiet, while the group remained sitting on the tree trunks. One of the female aliens then stood up and told the witness a strange parable, “If we take a perfumed scented plant and place it next to one that’s not, it is obvious that the one who is not will eventually absorb the aroma of the scented plant, isn’t that right?” The witness agreed. She then mentioned that the same applies with other worlds that at first were “on the wrong path” but little by little were radiated by the positive vibrations of other worlds and eventually changed for the better. She then pointed out that for some unknown reason the same was not true for the planet Earth. “What is happening with your earth”? She added. The witness was at a loss for words and could only said that earth was “a mistake of the Gods”. The rest of the alien crew seemed to agree with a respectful bow of their heads. Soon they all stood up and prepared to leave, but not before the witness asked them one more time. Their leader’s only response was that “We will watch you along the way”. At this point Samael understood that he was not ready. He stood and watched as the alien group re-entered their craft. He stood back and watch the object rotate on its axis and rise slowly into the air and then shoot away at tremendous speed.

HC addendum
Source: Samael Aun Weor, AGEACAC
Type: B

Location. Near Epu Pel La Pampa Argentina
Date: May 15 1950
Time: afternoon
Architect Enrico Carotenuto Bossa, 46, was on the outbound leg of one of his business trips and had traveled 280 km from Bahia Blanca and was driving alone when unexpectedly a silvery object on the ground attracted his attention. He attracted no particular attention to the object, which was to the left of the road about 300 meters away. As he approached it, he noticed strange details, such as portholes and a translucent cupola. When within 50 meters of the object, he stopped and looked at attentively from inside his car. He observed that there was no sign of life around the object, and thought of the wreckage of a crashed airplane. But the strange shape of the object made him abandon that idea. The clouds that were passing over, blocking the sunlight, produced a strange effect on the object. He exited the car and approached it on foot. When within 10 meters of it, he finally realized that it was a “saucer” shaped vehicle. However he did not hesitate to approach and to enter the object, whose door was open. Before entering, however, he began to examine it in detail. It was about 10 m in diameter, and was formed of two parts; the lower one shaped like an inverted saucer, and the other, above it, cylindrical and topped with a cupola. Above the cupola, a strange round “lantern”. Its total height was about four meters. There were a certain number of rectangular portholes with very rounded corners. The object was lying on the ground at an angle of about 20 degrees, supported by a rise of the terrain. It was of an extravagant chromium color, magnificently polished, in which his image and that of the sky were reflected. It seemed like something dead: no life, no sound, and no vibration. He looked for the door, which was open and precisely and the foot of the tower. After further inspection the witness realized that the object was not “new”, because the lower edge of the saucer was a trifle damaged and irregular in some places. He had to crouch down on all fours to climb up to the door, whose size was about 90cm by 120cm. He stuck his head inside, but couldn’t see much of anything because it was rather dark. He smelled a strong odor of ozone and garlic. He jumped in on the floor, which was about 60cm down. The floor was a surface, which seemed to give slightly beneath Bossa’s weight. The cabin was perfectly circular, about 2.1m high, of a dark color. Around its wall was a row of portholes, very thick, glazed with some transparent material resembling Plexiglas. Once his eyes adjusted to the dim light, the scene he saw was horrible. At the center of the cabin, which was about 3.5m in diameter, was a strange kind of chair occupied by a man 1.2 to 1.4 m tall, dressed in a lead gray coverall; his round head, with sparse light colored hair, was resting on his chest. His well-formed hands, of a light tobacco-brown color, were tightly gripping two handles that emerged from a black box a few cm from his body. His face was of the same color as his hands, having a well-formed straight nose, with no mustache on his lips or hair on his cheeks. The eyes were large, very dilated and glassy. The form of his body, as far as he could see, was perfectly human, and one could see no indication of animal nature. He resembled a 15-year old adolescent but with the features of a man. He was not a dwarf. Bossa touched one of his arms, which was rigid, and his face was cold. The collar of the coverall fitted closely around his neck, and the same was true of its cuffs at the wrists. The feet were resting lightly on two tubes fixed to the floor and serving as a support. The coverall seemed to be made of hard leather, and was puffed out at the shoulders, giving the pilot the appearance of a rugby player. The man was not fastened in. His chair was of a form that was quite adequate for his body, and was of a vermilion red color. A central post supported it. The black box in front of the pilot resembled a dashboard, and was about 1m high and 80cm wide; on it could be seen “cat’s eyes” of the “magic eye” type, such as one sees on certain kinds of radios. Below this panel, and slightly above the feet, was to be seen a wide horizontal band with a vertical needle and certain strange signs that undoubtedly represented numerals. At the right of the pilot a bit in front of the panel, was a semi opaque disc, liked a turned off television screen. The most affecting sighting, however was of two other identical men, lying on two wide, comfortable divans against the walls of each side of the pilot, who likewise appeared to be dead. They were not fastened in, and no straps were to be seen. Their eyes were wide open and terrified, their mouths slightly open and a bit swollen. There was a third divan, which was empty, Bossa touched it and found to be a very soft material. The absence of the fourth member of the crew, who had evidently gone out and left the door open, began to preoccupy Bossa. His attention was then attracted to two strips on the floor, of rectangular cross-section and four cm high, running from the center to the periphery, where they ended on each side of the door. He also noted above the instrument box, a transparent sphere 25cm in diameter surrounded by a flat ring inclined 40 degrees in the horizontal, exactly resembling the planet Saturn. Raising his eyes he noted that the cabin walls were not continuous with the ceiling, but where they joined, the slightly concave ceiling had a sharp, circular protrusion, with rectangular holes 60cm wide and 20cm high. This perforated molding was repeated in the same way around the floor. A luminous, slowly blinking ceiling light emitted an orange-white light. Suddenly a mad panic seized Bossa and it took a conscious effort to recover his nerve. Once on the ground Bossa felt dizzy from breathing normal air again, realizing how difficult to breath and how heavy the air had been inside the object. He hastened back to his car and noticed that unexpectedly the motor was very difficult to start, the starter working sluggishly as if the battery were discharged. Once he arrived at General Acha he told his friends of his adventure and after being convinced, with much difficulty they agreed to accompany him back to the site. After a violent thunderstorm they arrived at the place. They looked for the craft, but could not find it. Their attention was attracted to a pile of ashes about 2 m high and five m in diameter, located exactly at the place where Bossa had seen the “saucer”. These ashes were silvery red in color and were smoking slightly. Bossa put his hand on them and found that their temperature was about 104 F. At that moment the men looked up to see a saucer identical to the one Bossa had encountered, flying over them at an estimated height of 600m. Bossa took a photo at once at the same time that the object rose up at a great height, a second identical object could be seen above it and still higher up, they could plainly see a motionless “cigar” a certain distance away from them. The two saucers moved to the cigar rising obliquely. As the saucers accelerated they changed from silvery to rose-colored. In a few seconds the two saucers rejoined the cigar, into which they disappeared, and immediately the cigar took off at lighting speed.

Humcat 1950-8
Source: Leonard Stringfield & Jose Escobar Faria
Type: H?

Location. Cours Les Barres France
Date: May 20 1950
Time: 1600
A woman walking on a road along the steep banks of the River Loire suddenly found herself within a brilliant, blinding light, and she two huge black hands appear in front of her. Each one had five fingers, of a black color with a yellowish tint, somewhat like copper. These hands did not come from behind her, but from above, as if they had been hanging over her head waiting for the proper time to “catch” her. The black hands did not immediately apply themselves to her head. She probably took two or three steps before they touched her. The hands had no visible arms. The two black hands were applied to her face with violence and squeezed her head, as a bird of prey rushes on its unfortunate helpless victim. They pulled her head back against a very hard chest—one that seemed to be made of iron, she felt cold through her hair and behind her neck, but no contact with clothes. The hands were squeezing her head like a formidable vice, not abruptly, but gradually. They were very cold, and their touch made her think that they were not made of flesh. The large fingers were placed on her eyes, and she could not see anymore, on her nose so that she could not breathe, and also on her mouth, to prevent her from crying out. When she was surrounded by the strong, blinding light, she had the feeling she had been paralyzed, and when the hands touched her, she had the very distinct impression of a strong electric discharge, as if a lighting bolt had shaken her. Her whole body was annihilated, helpless, without reflexes. For a little over a minute, she felt “his” hands tightening very strongly on either side of her throat. It was horribly painful. Then he began to swing her forward and backward several times, still fiercely squeezing her head against his chest. She had the distinct impression that this being wore armor or a steel carapace, or some very hard and cold material. She felt his two (invisible) arms pressing heavily on her shoulders. It was at that moment that she heard his “laugh” a strange laugh, she could not explain, it was as if she heard him through some water, and yet it seemed quite close, above her head. At first it sounded rough and hushed, then rather strong and rolling. It made her shudder and hurt her. After a few seconds the laugh stopped, suddenly cut off. Then a knee hit her on her back, hurting her very much, as if it were made of steel. This blow made her fall back, and the unknown aggressor made her lie down, still squeezing her head against his chest. The he dragged her along the path, by her head, and he seemed in a great hurry. She did not hear “him” breathe. He pulled her into a brush filled with brambles and nettles and acacias, still going backward at an incredible speed, holding her head. At this moment she heard his voice above her, and it said, “There she is. We’ve got her.” As if he were talking to someone else, some accomplice who had stayed inside the bush, this voice, like the laugh, seemed close by, although hushed by some obstacle, and it was short, rough, sharply cut, (In French?). She was choking and felt she was going to die, her whole life passed before her in a few seconds. Her aggressor pulled her through the bushes until they reached a small pasture, and suddenly he stopped. His hands had gradually slipped down her face, and she tried to call for help but she had no voice left but a tiny, shrill cry. After a while she was able to sit among the brambles. She had a very hard time breathing. Her bag was still in her hand, with the money it contained. At last she was able to get up in spite of her weakness and then she heard some noise to her left inside the bushes. She thought she was going to see her aggressors and recognize their faces, but she saw nothing. Only the branches moved, waving in the air, she saw and heard the brambles scratching the empty space, and the grass being pressed as if under the steps of some invisible being. She was terrified, softly then took to the path again, walking with difficulty. Her legs were lacerated and bleeding. She felt a strange sensation of nervous exhaustion, indefinable, as if a strong current had electrified her. In her mouth was a sickening, metallic, bitter taste; her muscles did not obey her. Over her shoulders she felt something like a bar, and in her back a painful heat, as if she had been exposed to flames or to a burning ray. She must have walked like that for five or six minutes. At the end of the path there was a turn and from there she could see houses, and then the pains ceased a little bit. Everything had lasted a quarter of an hour or 20 minutes. Abruptly she heard a great noise, like a violent wind during a storm, a sudden displacement of warm air or a violent whirlwind. She saw the trees bending as if under a sudden storm, and she was nearly thrown down. Almost simultaneously there was a strong, blinding white light. She had the feeling that something flew through the air very fast but she saw nothing. Soon everything became calm again. She felt discomfort and nausea. Later investigation revealed that in some places the brush was black and scorched, at some other places it was pressed and flattened. The fences in the pasture, which were made of wooden posts and barbed wire, had suffered also. Some posts were burned, others pulled out, and the barbed wire had been wrenched away and broken. The previous day in the evening the witness in this case had observed a “kind of shooting star,” which stopped abruptly, then appeared to go up and stay among the other stars for a while, then it grew bigger and took on a kind of swinging motion, its light alternately on and off.

HC addition # 1270
Source: Joel Mesnard, Mufon UFO Journal # 309, and Jacques Vallee
“Passport To Magonia”
Type: G?
Comments: It seems that the grays and reptilians are not the only “aliens” we have to worry about. There are clearly evil things out there.

Location. Vassan, Quebec, Canada
Date: Summer 1950
Time: 0200A
L. B. was returning to his home after spending the night playing checkers with its neighbors. The weather was nice and it was a clear night. He was using an isolated road when he noticed by a nearby farm a bright light. At the same time he heard noises that sounded metallic in nature. After a moment of hesitation he approach the area, he soon heard what appeared to be shouts and thought he had run into some type of clandestine still operation. He then heard more voices and saw the object that was emitting the light. It was a luminous disc about 6 meters in diameter, suspended about a meter and a half from the ground. Close to the object, illuminated by the light, stood a well-built figure about 1.60 m in height, thin and young in appearance. Unafraid, the witness approached the figure and noticed that it wore phosphorescent clothing and on the face it wore a mask, which appeared to be made out of leather with two holes where the eyes would have been. The mask started in the center of the face and ended right under the mouth. The figure pronounced some words in an unknown language resembling German. At this moment the witness perceived some movement under the craft and saw another figure emerged from the bottom of the luminous object. The second figure was smaller than the first, built the same way, with a larger head covered in some kind of hood. It had broad shoulders and an arched back. On a belt it carried an object similar to a flashlight. This figure pointed the instrument at the witness who at once felt totally paralyzed but able to hear everything around him. The two beings then started conversing among each other, and the character with the “flashlight” approached the witness. It touched the witness with deformed arthritic fingers, it then removed its hood and the witness saw a “deformed” face with wrinkled skin and two round black eyes, one in a lower position than the other. Its face did not have the least mobility. It stared at the witness briefly and then put its hood back on. Both humanoids then began speaking among in a very loud tone, and walked back to the craft and were last seen entering the object via a small escalator. The witness then apparently blacked out and did not see the object depart.

HC addendum
Source: Jean Ferguson, The Humanoides
Type: B

Location. Chapel Hill North Carolina
Date: Summer 1950
Time: daytime
After playing in the garden of her home the young witness went home with blood on her leg from a small cut of unknown origin. Hypnosis was unable to break the amnesia but she had vague dreams of seeing a 3-D star map and watching it transform into a window. While a friendly voice spoke to her by telepathy from behind. Her memories included non-human figures illuminated by an unusual light.

HC addition # 2211
Source: Budd Hopkins, Missing Time
Type: G

Location. Liiduvere Viljandi Estonia
Date: Summer 1950
Time: daytime
When she was a six-year old girl, the witness reported that she observed an “airplane” in the clover field near her home. Going closer she saw that it had neither wings nor wheels, but was oval shaped, silvery gray at both end and black in the center. An open doorway was observed in the central part. Around it were four beings moving about the object “awkwardly.” They were in height not much larger than the girl, and they wore bright green outfits with a kind of hood over their heads, leaving bare an oval portion of their faces. Their eyes were “strange and immobile.” She approached more closely and engaged in “conversation” with entities—which she now believes, was telepathic. She does not recall the substance of what was said but suddenly experienced a great fear, and fled the scene. Looking back, she saw the object take off slowly and smoothly. She tried to go back to the field the next day, but her fear prohibited her from going near the site; that fear was a long time thing, and she associated normal aircraft with the strange cigar shaped device for some time after the experience.

Humcat 1950-12
Source: Tunne Kelam & Juri Lina, FSR Vol. 14 # 1
Type: C

Location. Southern Manitoba Canada, exact location not given
Date: Summer 1950
Time: afternoon
The young witness had gone into a barn to gather eggs when she suddenly found herself in the yard with a small cut on her leg. Later under hypnosis she remembered being inside a round domed room filled with instruments. She could hear a faint hum and felt clean ozone like smell in the air. A light from an unknown source illuminated the room. She lay on a couch and saw several tall thin beings with large heads and eyes, no hair and long slender fingers. All seemed to be male, and a shorter being appeared to be the leader. They all wore gray tight-fitting suits with some sort of helmet. She communicated for a long time with a friendly “older” being that gave her a lot of information. A blood sample was also taken from her.

HC addition # 454
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions the Measure
Of A Mystery
Type: G

Location. Beaverdam Virginia
Date: Summer 1950
Time: evening
Mrs Mason Vaughan at her was at her well when she heard a humming like a swarm of bees, and saw an aluminum like disk land in her “backyard” field. It was lens shaped, 8 or 10 ft in diameter; from an open cockpit in the center, “ a man with unusual goggles or headpiece looked out.” Seemingly surprised, he took right off again, colliding in his diagonal flight with an oak tree and breaking a limb from it. A depression was left on the ground.

Humcat 1950-14
Source: Nicap
Type: A

Location. Maringa, Brazil
Date: June 16 1950
Time: unknown
A bright blue dome shaped craft was seen on the ground, next to it stood for a brief period two 1.50 meter tall humanoids wearing silvery outfits. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: GEPUC Brazil
Type: C

Location. Near Hasselbach Germany
Date: June 17 1950
Time: 0230A
Oskar Linke, the former mayor of Gletmershausen was riding home on his motorcycle with his 11-year old stepdaughter Gabrielle when a tire burst near Hasselbach. They saw 60 yards away a “deer” which proved to be 2 human figures wearing shimmering metallic clothing, which were examining something on the ground. Approaching to within 30 ft, he saw an object, “like a huge oval warming pan” 40-50 ft across. Along the sides were 2 parallel rows of 1 ft diameter holes, and in the middle was a black cylindrical “conning tower” about 10 ft high. Hearing Linke’s daughter call to him, the figures (one of whom had a flashing lamp on his chest) rushed back to the object & entered the tower. Then the edge of the saucer started to glow—first green, then red—and to spin like a top, rising up the tower; then the whole machine rose (the cylinder once more protruding from the top) and flew away. At the site the cylinder had left a circular depression in the earth. Linke did not hear of flying saucers until after he had escaped to West Berlin.

Humcat 1950-11
Source: Dr Leon Davidson
Type: B

Location. Steep Rock Lake Ontario Canada
Date: July 2 1950
Time: evening
After feeling a blast like vibration, Mr. & Mrs Gordon Edwards looked at the lake and saw a large shiny object on the water, less than ¼ mile away. It looked like “one saucer upside down on another,” with round portholes around the edge. A hatch on top was open; about 10 “queer little figures” less than 4 ft tall were visible. A hoop shaped antenna was slowly rotating. The topmost figure wore a red skullcap; the others dark blue; all had “a shiny metallic substance over the chest,” and appeared to lack faces. Moving like automatons, they seemed to be drawing water through a bright green hose and discharging it through another. When the witness next looked, the beings were gone and the craft was about 8 ft up; it appeared about 48 ft wide and 15 ft thick. It tilted to 45 degrees and took off northward, with a blast of wind.

Humcat 1950-9
Source: Gordon Evans
Type: B

Location. White Sands New Mexico
Date: July 4 1950
Time: night
Walking at night in the desert, Daniel Fry saw an oblate spheroid 30 ft in diameter settle to the ground 70 ft away. He was about to touch the hull when a voice warned him not to, as it was still hot. The voice proceeded to tell him that he had been chosen for contact because of his scientific background and his open mind. He was invited to board the saucer, and was taken for a ride to New York City and back, consuming only 30 minutes. Such high accelerations are possible, he was told, because the accelerating force, like gravity, operates on the passenger’s body as well as on the craft. Fry’s host, the humanoid, identified himself as A-lan, a descendant of the inhabitants of the sunken continent Lemuria. A-lan again contacted Fry on several subsequent occasions.

Humcat 1950-10
Source: Daniel Fry, The White Sands Incident
Type: G

Location. Guyancourt Airport France
Date: July 23 1950
Time: 2300
Walking in the dark near the airport, Claude Blondeau came upon 2 round craft “resembling two enormous folded napkins, one upside down on the other,” 15 ft in diameter and 6.5 ft high, with square portholes around the rim. They were hovering just above the ground. From each one a normal sized man in a “flying suit” was emerging from a thick door in the lower half. These men “re-installed or moved,” on one of the craft, “a sort of plate that rested on a base similar to rubber,” using bare hands only. Blondeau approached and asked if they were in trouble. In somewhat hesitant French, one replied “Yes, but not for long.” Inside the craft, brilliantly illuminated, Blondeau could see an armchair in front of a control console, with a large oval steering wheel. He asked about the controls and received the curt answer “Energy.” The men re-entered, the “portholes” became luminescent, and the craft tilted to a vertical position before disappearing upwards. The incident took only 2 minutes.

Humcat 1950-13
Source: Fernande Palatan & Jimmy Guieu
Type: B

Location. Agia Mavra Village, Helis County, Greece
Date: August 1950
Time: daytime
Miltiades Boyopoulos was at a location called Gefyria when he saw a “woman dressed in black” walking towards him. He continued his way. When the distance between them was approximately 6 meters, the woman suddenly shrunk, until she was as tall as a 10-year old child. After that, she made a 90-degree turn to the left and entered the tall vegetation of a nearby crop. The witness was terrified.

HC addendum
Source: Makis Nodaros
Type: E

Location. Aguilas, Murcia, Spain
Date: August 1950
Time: night
A man named Mendoza had just finished showing a film in an outdoor setting and was busy rewinding the movie and cleaning the filters on the old projector, while busy at his job he noticed that a bright light had descended over him, and hovered silently overhead. Suddenly he heard a strong telepathic command instructing him to start writing; surprised he looked up and saw a huge luminous sphere suspended silently in midair. He felt no fear and stared at the luminous sphere. Suddenly he heard the voice again in his mind instructing him once again to write something, what he did not know. He could not find any pencil or paper so he used some carbon paper from the projector and some white chalk. Soon a powerful voice claiming to be “Messenger Herion” a visitor from the 4rth planet orbiting the star Alpha Centauri. The message Mendoza wrote was mainly of a religious nature, which pointed out the virtues of the earth and its human habitants. It mentioned a universal “Absolute Truth” which one-day would be known. The message was signed again by “Herion” and gave the year of 10860 from the sinking of the Islands of Atlantis. The sphere of light then flew silently away.

HC addendum
Source: Grupo Tseyor, Barcelona Spain
Type: F

Location. Dardennes, Var, France
Date: August 3 1950
Time: 1400
3-year old Lily F when to play in a field belonging to a local merchant when she failed to return home. Her desperate parents searched the area for over 2 hours with no results. Later she was finally located sitting peacefully at the bottom of a small ravine, basically unharmed. According to the little girl she had been taken care off by a “beautiful lady” in a brilliant white costume that comforted her.

HC addendum
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine
Type: G? Or F

Location. Westminster Massachusetts
Date: Fall 1950
Time: morning
13-year old Betty Aho had left the house to play when she saw an object like a moon grow larger; she was then unable to move. Suddenly she found herself inside a white room, feeling relaxed. Then three small beings glided toward her. The beings were humanoid 2 ½ to 3-feet tall, gray skin, large oval shaped heads and huge black oval shaped eyes. They wore silvery white coveralls, which seemed to blend with the mist and bright light in the room. They reassured her and one raised his hand and she felt sleepy. She floated with the beings into a cold misty room where she was suspended in midair over a box-like table. The beings placed globes of light by her head & feet, and then beams of light closed in a square around her. The beings escorted her to a dark room where two more beings met her. These were 5-feet tall and wore gray coveralls. She was greeted by name and told she was going to take a ride. They laid her on a large round cushion and fitted a mouthpiece device around her tongue. A being relieved her discomfort by laying a hand on her forehead. She began spinning and felt acceleration, a mist fell on her, and lights flashed through a glass dome above her. Her craft crashed into a body of water and came out. She saw a great tunnel, apparently made of ice, where crystals held a collection of humans dressed in various ethnic and historical costumes, much like a museum. She left the craft and entered a dark misty region filled with objects resembling UFOs. A taller being escorted her to a clam shaped through a subterranean conduit as she approached her destination, which was a great door in a glass wall where she was to meet “The One,” she had an out of body experience and entered through the door. The events inside remained a secret. Soon a tall human with white hair & dressed in a white luminous robe directed her to another clamshell transport. When she emerged, a tall humanoid being escorted her to a mine tunnel where several small beings cut blue stones from a wall. She re-entered a craft and a being had her operate a console. She was then floated onto a table. The beings then apparently removed her right eye and implanted a tiny device deep within her head. She was then extensively examined & scanned. Following other procedures she was promised that she could go home. Her next memory was of being on a field near her home near a landed craft that was shaped like a sphere of reflective metal and was standing on 3 legs, beams of “solid light” were coming from the top and stopped as if chopped off. A door and a sunburst emblem were also visible. She crossed the field with a taller being in front and two smaller beings behind carrying luminous globes. The taller being told her that they were watching over her & that she had to forget the experience.

HC addition # 2256
Source: Raymond Fowler
Type: G

Location. Near Columbus, Ohio
Date: September 1950
Time: 0300A
Guards at the Ohio State Prison, including Roy Beck, watched a huge luminous disc-shaped craft glide silently just above the walls of the compound. The center of the object appeared to rotate and it appeared to have antennas on the top section. At one point the object became somewhat translucent and the guards were able to see several man-like figures moving inside the object. The terrified guards attempted to fire on the object but were prevented to by a superior.

HC addendum
Source: UFO Notebook # 12
Type: A

Location. Harmon Air Force Base, Newfoundland Canada
Date: September 2 1950
Time: evening
Military personnel observed the figure of a man between the beach area and the end of the runway, when the witness approached to investigate there was a flash of light and he felt a sharp burning pain on his left hand, he looked and the figure had vanished.

HC addition # 35
Source: John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants
& Critters
Type: E

Location. Moose Factory, Quebec Canada
Date: October 195
0 Time: various
Locals reported different incidents. Three Indians reported seeing a “water going object” which they identified as the top of a submarine in James Bay near the mouth of the Moose River. A strange red light hung almost stationary over the area. Other Indians observed two “airplanes” one large one small, which stood still in the sky. Three huge explosions shook every building over a period of two minutes. Later several Indians encountered “strange white men” which ran to hide in the forest when observed. The Royal Mounted Police was notified.

HC addendum
Source: HBCC UFO Research
Type: D

Location. Columbus Ohio
Date: November 25 1950
Time: late night
The witness, who had gone to bed with a strange feeling that he was being watched, suddenly found himself being awakened by a tall beautiful human like figure with angelic features. The mysterious visitor raised his hand apparently causing the bedroom door to open, he then explained to the witness that he had come from a far away planet and wanted him to accompany him there. The witness agreed, apparently coming back two days later. The being was able to melt huge snowdrifts that had formed around the witness’s home with a laser-like weapon. No other information.

HC addition # 1372
Source: Lillian Crowner Desguin, UFO’s Fact of Fiction?
Type: G

Location. Near Del Rio, Mexico
Date: December 6 1950
Time: unknown
A 20 ft (6-meter) disk-shaped craft, resembling a convex lens with a dome on top crashed in a deserted sandy area approximately 30 miles (50 km) west of Del Rio near border with Texas, partially embedding itself into the soft soil. Radars in the US detected the object while in the air long before the crash. That gave the US military a vast amount of time to maneuver. The US military were able to scramble a jet up in the air that followed the saucer to where it crashed, about 10 miles deep into Mexican territory. A military pilot flying an F-94 USAF fighter jet nearby also saw the object. The first action was to parachute a team into the crash site and stencil the area with red paint, and mark USAAF on the side of the saucer, so the US could claim it as theirs in case the Mexican Army appeared. Mexicans, including Mexican Army arrived at the site soon, but was not allowed to seize the disk and was told that the object was an experimental American aircraft. The craft site was immediately cordoned off by American troops. The whole scene was accidentally filmed and the film was shown on American TV, but the US Government interrupted the transmission. A reported did manage to blurt out that the craft was being transported to California. An entrance was found opened on the lower section of the disk. A recover team was then able to enter the object. 2 aliens (typical) gray type with 4 clawed fingers, reptilian in appearance, and dressed in tight-fitting silver suits were found onboard, both dead. There were 3 chairs inside the cabin indicating that the 3rd member of the crew survived since a third body was never found. The live entity evidently survived because he succeeded in putting on a helmet in time to open the door after impact and left the crash site levitating away from the area, using a portable anti-gravitational device, to some location in the desert where he was picked up by another alien craft. (Such devices were found in the cabin belonging to the rest of the crew, the aliens who died were evidently not able to use it in time). Cause of death for the crew was established to have been rapid suffocation because of the intensive fire onboard. Origin of the crashed disk and crew was established as Zeta-2 Reticuli system. The cause of the crash was established as a technical malfunction and fire onboard (but the real cause was probably electromagnetic interference by US radar facilities). A recovery and transport team was dispatch from California immediately. The disk was dragged to the US by a caterpillar machine, leaving behind a large skid mark, which was covered up by the US government by paying local Indians to plant the area over. But it can still be seen over the air. The disk was moved to Muroc (Edwards) AFB and in the 60’s to the Tonopah Nevada facility, or Area 51. In 1970 it was moved to the S-4 location.

HC addendum
Source: Anton Anfalov crash list, Also Wendell Stevens, UFO Contact from
The Pleiades.
High Strangeness Index: 8
Reliability of Source: 10
Comments: One of the many early reported crashes of UFOs and recovery of alien occupants.

Total Cases: 60

Addendums will be included as they become available.

Chronological Listing:

00001950 Souza, Paraiba, Brazil
00001950 Monterrey Mexico
00001950 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
00001950 Sonoma County California
00001950 Floridablanca Bucaramanga Colombia
00001950 Bavarian Alps Germany
00001950 Nacaome Honduras
00001950 Anthony Kansas
00001950 Cellino Attanasio Italy
00001950 Oracle Arizona
00001950 Near Maranguape Brazil
00001950 Indianapolis Indiana
00001950 Malselv Norway
00001950 Minas Gerais Brazil
00001950 Pelotas Rio Grade Sul Brazil
00001950 Dar-Es-Salaam Tanzania
00001950 Lincoln Nebraska
00001950 Moscow Russia
00001950 Texas, exact location not given
00001950 Between Castle Rock & Franktown Colorado
00001950 Valenca Brazil
00001950 Near Athens Greece
01001950 Mojave Desert California
03131950 Peñon De Los Baños Mexico
03151950 Near Clearfield Pennsylvania
03181950 Lago Argentino Argentina
03281950 Between Morton & Mineral Washington
03311950 Jacumba California
04001950 Canby Oregon
04171950 Santiago Del Estero Argentina
04241950 Abbiate Guazzone Italy
05001950 Vaux en Dieulet, near Buzancy, France
05101950 Near Epu Pel, La Pampa, Argentina
05201950 Cours Les Barres France
Summer1950 Vassan Quebec Canada
Summer1950 Chapel Hill North Carolina
Summer1950 Liiduvere Viljandi Estonia
Summer1950 Southern Manitoba Canada, exact location not given
Summer1950 Beaverdam Virginia
06161950 Maringa Brazil
06171950 Near Hasselbach Germany
07021950 Steep Rock Lake Ontario Canada
07041950 White Sands New Mexico
07231950 Guyancourt Airport France
08001950 Agia Mavra Village, Helis County Greece
08031950 Dardennes, Var, France
Fall1950 Westminster Massachusetts
09001950 Near Columbus Ohio
09021950 Harmon Air Force Base Newfoundland Canada
10001950 Moose Factory Quebec Canada
11251950 Columbus Ohio
12061950 Near Del Rio Mexico

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