1953 HUMANOID SIGHTING REPORTSCompiled byAlbert Rosalesgaruda79@att.net

Albert Rosales: garuda79@att.net

Albert Rosales: garuda79@att.net

1953 Humanoid Reports. Contactee stories abound, early hints of something darker to come. A prelude to the coming October madness in France. Stories of crashed saucers and dead humanoids also were common. Did we know the truth in 1953 already? Following is a list of known Humanoid encounters for 1953.

Location. Long Beach California
Date: 1953
Time: unknown
Paul Villa, an employee of the Water & Power Company suddenly felt compelled to go to the beach. There he met a man about seven-feet tall that communicated with Villa and was apparently able to read his mind. Villa was told to look beyond the reef and there he saw a metallic looking disc shaped craft, which seemed to be floating in the water. He was then invited to go onboard the object with the tall “spaceman.” Villa reported that the saucer occupants were human like in appearance, though more refined in face and body.

HC addition # 3346
Source: Timothy Good, Alien Base
Type: G, Direct communication with alien by human.
High Strangeness Index: “7”
ROS: “8”
Comments: Contactee like tale, subsequently Villa had numerous other encounters and was able to photograph several alien craft. (Most of his photos are rather dubious).

Location. Near White Sands New Mexico
Date: 1953
Time: unknown
Army helicopter pilot states that a crashed “saucer” ovoid in shape about 18 ft by 30 ft and bodies about 4-feet tall were retrieved from a crash site and later stored at Langley AFB Virginia.

HC addition # 3422
Source: Todd Zechel
Type: H Crash & recovery of alien vessel and humanoid occupants.
High Strangeness Index: “8”
ROS: “7”
Comments: Another such recovery report from the early 50’s. There exist other reports indicating storage of alien humanoids at Langley.

Location. Arizona Desert
Date: 1953
Time: unknown
An air National Guard flight commander reports seeing four alien bodies in crates being off-loaded in hangar, and packed in dry ice. Bodies were 4-feet tall, large heads. The bodies had brown skin, and small dark eyes that were open, one of the humanoids appeared to be a female since it had what appeared to be breasts. Possible independent confirmation of this case.

HC addition # 3421
Source: Leonard H Stringfield
Type: H Crash and recovery of UFO and its humanoid occupants.
High Strangeness Index: “9”
ROS: “10”
Comments: Third such report for 1953. I wonder if maybe two of these cases represent the same case.

Location. Mar De La Plata Argentina
Date: 1953
Time: unknown
Witnesses reported seeing a half human, half fish creature that appeared in a cloud of mist over the waters during a siesta. No other information.

HC addition # 3405
Source: Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 20
Type: E Amphibian or underwater humanoid report.
High Strangeness Index: “8”
ROS: “10”
Comments: This case appears to be a modern day mermaid encounter or report.

Location. Detroit Michigan
Date: 1953
Time: unknown
Sitting in her patio, Emma Jungbert saw, slowly and silently descending, something like “a brown boat maybe 12 ft long,” with a glass dome on top. Riding on a beam of red light in front of this, she saw a man dressed in a black coat, closed at the neck like a priest’s. His right hand was manipulating a lever. He had a “small long face,” slim body, dark hair, and he looked at her as if she were an insect. He rode past and she followed him with binoculars until he was gone between the other houses. The word “Mercury” came spontaneously to her mind, which puzzled her.

Humcat 1953-1
Source: J. Allen Hynek
Type: A Report of humanoid or entity seen onboard UFO.
High Strangeness Index: “6”
ROS: “10”
Comments: There appears to have been some type of mental communication attempt on behalf of the alien. As far as the word “Mercury” the meaning is unclear.

Location. Linderos Maipo, Chile
Date: 1953
Time: unknown
J. Zeñabi, a writer reported being visited in his home by two men and a woman of striking appearance that apparently hypnotized him and took him on a short trip to the planet Mars, apparently onboard a disc shaped craft. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Luis Altamirano, Cuadernos de Ufologia # 28
Type: G Direct interaction between aliens and witness.
High Strangeness Index: “8”
ROS: “8”
Comments: Contactee like tale, but little is known about this case. (At least by me).

Location. Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy, Odessa region, Ukraine
Date: 1953
Time: night-early morning
Local rumor talked about strange horned humanoids that periodically appeared at night in this area south of Odessa near an ancient fortress and at times stealing food. A local bakery truck driver transporting bread to a local grocery store was waiting to reload his truck full of bread products and was sitting in his cab and decided to go outside to smoke a cigarette. Suddenly the stunned man felt strong muscular hands grab him from behind. He remembered seeing quite well a tall, 2 meter or taller, muscular humanoid that gave off a strange musty smell. The last thing he remember seeing was several horned shadowy figures, visible due to the bright moonlight walking on the asphalt road. Immediately after that he lost consciousness and when he later woke up he found that all the bread in his truck had disappeared. The driver wasn’t beaten or traumatized and did not noticed any smell of chloroform so he couldn’t understand why he lost consciousness. The strange horned “bandits” were never found by the local militia. Another witness, a metalworker at a local sewage plant reported that while he was working on a local well he heard voices coming from somewhere below underground, he couldn’t understand what the voices were saying since they were speaking in an unknown language. There are persistent rumors of underground passageways located in the immediate vicinity and directly under the ancient fortress.

HC addendum
Source: Yuriy Misyuk, student of local lore, quoted in “Komsomolskaya Pravda”
Newspaper, Moscow September 15 2004 and September 16.
Type: E

Location. 500 km southwest of Caracas Venezuela
Date: 1953
Time: evening
J. P., the sole remaining member of a gold expedition deep in the Amazonian jungle had wondered out of the jungle to some elevated ground where he saw a far off volcano and on its flank something glittering. After a three-day trek he came upon a circular object, eight or ten meters in diameter, surmounted by a cupola. The object was emitting a sound resembling a “beep, beep.” He decided to camp out near by and watch what happens. Gradually the beeping sound fades away. Timidly J P approaches the object and touches the rim of the craft with his gun, which sticks to it as though to a magnet. The object is slightly inclined, and standing on three supports. After examining it he finds an opening beneath the disc and a sort of ladder with several steps, and at the foot of the steps, a small being stretched out on the ground. Terrified he notices that the being is about 1.20 metes in length; the head is big in relation to the body. The arms are longer proportionally than human arms. The hands appeared to be claw-like. The being wore a one-piece garment that was torn, revealing testicles that were abnormally long, reaching down almost to the level of the knees. The face was rather triangular in shape. The chin pointed the lips thin, the nose almost non-existent, with two vague nostrils. The eyes were covered with a mask. The eyes were large, “almond shaped” drawn out towards the temples. The skin was somewhat yellowish. Soon J P buried the unclassified humanoid near the object and kept the mask. He tried the mask, which during the day made everything obscure, but at night the mask revealed to him the infinity of the stars, the immeasurability of the galaxies. Examining the object further J P discovers a sort of “Plexiglas” window, and through it he sees three more little beings, all dead, all identical to the first one. Facing them was a sort of control panel, with dials and switches. The three little entities are also wearing masks. He attempted to break the Plexiglas covering but was unable to. On day J P decides to search the object and enters it through the opening on the bottom section. Once inside he finds that the floor is made out of a transparent material beneath, which, with the aid of his flashlight, he sees what looks like bones. He has no idea to whom or what those bones might have belonged to. Somewhat scared he exits the object and leaves the area, taking the mask with him. One night while staying in a Caracas motel unknown persons broke into the room and apparently stole only the mask.

HC addendum
Source: Joel Mesnard, FSR Vol. 44 # 3
Type: H? Reported crash & recovery of alien craft and humanoid bodies.
High Strangeness Index: “10”
ROS: “10”
Comments: Very high strangeness case, but possibly only a single witness involved. Not a very well known case.

Location. Bagan Jermal, Pulau Pinang Malaysia
Date: 1953
Time: 0930A
Vague report stating that a crowd stomped to death a tiny 5-inch tall man-like being. No indication as to what happened to its body. Need more information.

HC addition # 3427
Source: Ahmad Jamaluddin
Type: H Report of injury or death to a humanoid.
High Strangeness Index: “9”
ROS: “10”
Comments: This is among a sprinkling of reports describing a humanoid being killed by the actions of a human. Unfortunately no additional information is provided on this case.

Location. Lermarken Varmland Sweden
Date: 1953
Time: daytime
17-year old Lyyli Nilsson was cycling to a nearby village, when she felt something warm on her body and soon saw an object which folded out a couple of legs and landed on a ridge. Four persons, wearing strange “equipment” on their backs, like divers, came out. They wore some kind of helmet, which seemed to be fastened to their light colored overalls. They started to dig in the ground and the witness thought they were taking samples. Frightened the witness fled on her bicycle.

HC addition # 2519
Source: Sven Olof Svensson
Type: B Entities seen coming in or out of UFO.
High Strangeness Index: “5”
ROS: “9”
Comments: Witness has been involved in other encounters. Again human like entities are described.

Location. Sorel, Quebec, Canada
Date: 1953
Time: daytime
5-year old Richard Glenn is playing outside in the sand with some toy trucks when he sees a shiny metallic disc hovering nearby. A short man-like figure wearing silvery coveralls approaches and says he wants to “play” with the witness. The being is apparently able to move the toy trucks by using “telepathy” and before leaving promises a return visit. At age 18 Richard sees a UFO landing and finds tracks on the soil. Later he becomes active in Contactee circles and invites “Rael” and Migueres to Quebec.

HC addendum
Source: Marc Leduc and Bourbeau “Recontres Nationales de Lyon” 1990

Location. Near East Driefontein Mines, South Africa
Date: 1953
Time: afternoon
The young witness remembered seeing an object land on the farm. The object was metallic and was shaped like two shells stuck together, it was about 10 meters in diameter and it was standing on three metallic legs. A human like figure came out of the object and approached the witness, apparently communicating with him, telling him that he was going to be taken for a ride in the object. The man was described as thin, with long black hair, fairly dark skin, a young face, white teeth, and dark angular eyebrows. He accompanied the witness to the house to get a basket of food and on the way there one of the dogs apparently attacked and bit the strange visitor. According to the witness the man then made a strange “crowing” noise, resembling that of roosters, he made that noise continuously after the bite. Inside the object he saw small windows all around, little lights around the window frames. It had light brown upholstery on motor car seats. The object took off silently. Apparently the witness does not recall what happened next. He later found himself in his bed.

HC addition # 3505
Source: UFO Afrinews # 3
Type: G Entity seen coming out of UFO and direct communication with witness.
High Strangeness Index: “9”
ROS: “10”
Comments: Possible unexplored abduction. The human like alien resembled those seen by Zimbabwe schoolchildren in 1994. The bizarre ‘crowing’ noise feature is indeed unique in the annals of Ufology, I think?

Location. Indianapolis Indiana
Date: 1953
Time: afternoon
The young witness was playing with toy boats in a water fountain near her home when one day a beautiful blond haired woman appeared standing besides her. She had perfect features and beautiful blue eyes. Almost angelic in appearance, she wore a white gossamer gown. She communicated with the child using telepathy. Then she would just fade out and vanish.

HC addition # 2787
Source: Bill Hamilton
Type: E Encounter with isolated humanoid entity.
High Strangeness Index: “5”
ROS: “6”
Comments: The witness has been involved in other encounters and contacts. Another early report describing a female human like entity, of “Nordic” appearance.

Location. Botafogo, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Date: 1953
Time: night
About a month after seeing mysterious lights over the area, the witness, Mr. E was waiting for a taxi to take him to another district when a man passed by, wearing a hat and a dark colored raincoat. The man stopped and stared at him very fixedly. He stared back. At this moment, an acquaintance of his, a very fast driver, stopped by and offered him a lift, which he accepted. To his utter surprise, upon reaching his destination and getting out of the car, he was once again confronted by the same strange man he had seen only a few moments earlier, staring at him. One evening some time later, he suddenly decided he wanted to buy some cigarettes. He took his car and under some kind of compulsion, found himself driving to the other side of town, to Leblon, which in those days was still quite a deserted district. He felt as though he was obeying an order. But he could not remember anything of what he had been doing during this time. He slept soundly. The next day he tried to remember what had happened and sometimes he recalled having seen a person. On another evening sometime after that, he again felt this compulsion to go out, and was met by the same person he had seen on that rainy day; the man approached him. This time he recollects having drawn his Parker fountain pen from his shirt pocket in a familiar gesture, to jot something down. In doing so, he immediately felt something warm strike his cheek and burn it. For a long time after this he had a scar on his right cheek. At the same moment, he let go of his pen, which fell to the floor of his car. One of the things he was able to remember is that the stranger did not speak but he himself understood all that was being said by the man (telepathically?). The next day, he found his pen and, to his surprise the cap was now pierced by a perfectly round, quarter inch hole. There followed a long period during which Mr. E suffered a dreadful loss of memory. Every time he tried to recollect what had happened, he suffered severe pain in the nape of his neck. He remembers that in one of his subsequent dreams he had a feeling of weightlessness. He refused to undergo hypnosis. An interesting detail he reported in his description of the person he encountered was that, although his eyes were very large, there were no tear ducts.

HC addendum
Source: Irene Granchi, UFOs and Abductions in Brazil
Type: E? Encounter with isolated humanoid entity. Ductless eyes? This is a very interesting observation, if they walk among us (at least the human like entities) that could be a give away.

Location. Vegas De Coria, Spain
Date: 1953
Time: late night
Gregorio Martin Dominguez had been transporting a load of wine through some fields and had stopped for a brief rest. Suddenly he heard some strange music and concerned hid behind some trees. It sounded like different types of instruments and whatever it was appeared to be approaching his location. Seconds later several strange figures appear next to the river, there were six to eight figures that appeared to be engaged in a frenetic dance. They had very pale facial features and were wearing brilliant white clothing. Moments later the figures formed a circle and another individual dressed in the same manner and with long thin pale facial features began manipulating what appeared to have been a square panel-like device, from which the music and sounds appear to emanate. At this point bright flashing lights also reflected from the device. Nervous, Dominguez made a sudden move making a slight noise; this caused the figures to stop dead in their tracks. Scared and amazed he watched as the strange group disappeared in plain sight, to his great relief.

HC addendum
Source: Iker Jimenez, “El Paraiso Maldito” (Cursed Paradise)
Type: E
Comments: Did the witness stumble upon a bizarre ritual by interdimensional beings? Could these have been travelers from the future? This would explain the bizarre device carried by one of the humanoids.

Location. Cerro Del Valle Argentina
Date: 1953
Time: midnight
Sleeping outdoors, Mr. Villafane was awakened by a feeling of heat and malaise. Sitting up, he saw a beautiful woman approaching and beckoning. She was wearing a sort of tight fitting green elastic mesh garment. Then he noticed that her feet had the shape of serpent’s heads, with shining eyes on her insteps. He fled form her, to sleep a couple of km away from that spot. But he saw her lie down on his sheepskin “bed.” The sheepskins were later “yellowed, as though scorched.”

Humcat 1953-2
Source: FSR Vol. 19 # 3
Type: E
High Strangeness Index: 7
Reliability of Source: 8
Comments: Bizarre entity indeed, appears to be some kind of inverted medusa.

Location. Burragorang Valley New South Wales Australia
Date: early 1953
Time: daytime
Following sightings of low flying objects in the area, a lone hiker at a remote location saw from a distance and hiding behind some scrub brush a group of man-like figures wearing shiny white “space suits” like outfits. The figures appeared to be searching the ground with strange metallic devices, apparently collecting soil samples. Soon after this incident three young hikers were reported missing in the same area and to this date never located.

HC addition # 1220
Source: Rex Gilroy, Nexus Vol. 2 # 17.
Type: D
Comments: What happened to the three young hikers? Was there a connection between the UFO/humanoid sightings and their disappearance?

Location. Berri, near Adelaide, South Australia
Date: January 2 1953
Time: unknown
A ghastly looking creature over six feet tall, with a long scaly body, hissed at local residents from the top of a tree. It leapt to the ground and ran off when someone fetched a gun. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Michael Hervey “UFOs over The Southern Hemisphere”
Type: E

Location. Marina di Pisa, Italy
Date: January 5 1953
Time: unknown
A fisherman observed an object that crashed about three thousand meters from the coast into the Ligurian Sea and raised a large pillar of water, after flying over the coast for a long time. The curios thing is that the following morning another fisherman, while walking on the shoreline in search of a site suitable for mollusk fishing, found some enormous prints in the sand. These prints came out from the sea. The prints, of enormous dimensions and different from human prints, pointed towards a nearby pine forest and they became very deep at a certain point. Another witness to the event was an American officer stationed at the logistical command in Livorno.

HC addendum
Source: Marco Bianchini in USOCAT quoting “Giornale dell’Emilia”
Type: C or H?

Location. Santana Dos Montes Brazil
Date: January 12 1953
Time: 1300
While driving over a hayfield, Mauricio Ramos Bessa saw a bright metallic object, smaller than a Volkswagen, maneuvering 5 ft above the ground. It had a flat bottom and a rounded top. He drove to within 6 ft of it. A door opened and 2 men 5-5.5 feet tall jumped out; they wore “brilliant lead” colored suits, with a shining ball on each of their square-toed shoes. A third man looked out from the doorway. One of the men held a cylinder about 5” long and 1 1/2 “thick, which he pushed into the ground and withdrew; it seemed to became shorter and rounder. Then the men walked backwards to the craft, which was now closer to the ground. The witness developed a headache so severe that he did not observe the departure of the vessel; when the pain ceased suddenly, he saw it was gone.

Humcat 1953-3
Source: Merseyside UFO Bulletin Vol. 6 # 3
Type: B

Location. Vayres, Gironde, France
Date: February 1953
Time: 0200A
63-year old Marcial Grillet was riding his moped on Route 89 along a field when he noticed multi-colored flashes of light nearby. There was total silence in the area. As he approached he noticed that the lights were on an oval shaped “colorful mass” that was hovering at about 10-15 meters from the ground. He could see what appeared to be several shadowy figures moving around under the light. The witness suffered from anxiety and a general malaise after the encounter. An area of about 60 meters in width of burned grass was found at the site.

HC addendum
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine
Type: C
Comments: Reported aftereffects, anxiety, and malaise.

Location. Los Angeles California
Date: February 1953
Time: afternoon
A pair of strange looking men, described as over 6’ 2” tall, visited a local attorney’s office. Wearing old tattered clothing, with bluish-green skin tone and peculiar looking pointy ears. Both men claimed they were experts at locating “missing persons.” At one point one of the men made a deep wedge with his bare hands into the top of a metallic cabinet of at least half an inch in depth. Unnerved by their strange behavior employees called the local FBI office, but upon the arrival of the agents, the two enigmatic strangers had totally vanished.

HC addition # 3315
Source: Scott Corrales, quoting Harold T Wilkins
Type: E

Location. Avellaneda, Quilmes, Argentina
Date: February 18 1953
Time: night
According to the witness, Eustaqui Zagorski he was abducted by several human-like extraterrestrials and flown to the Jupiter satellite of Ganymede. There he has extensive contacts and learns the “varkulets” or the alien writing. (Which is understood a coded Spanish by researcher Galindez). Reportedly had a second abduction on June 20 1968, at the height of the 1968 Argentine UFO wave.

HC addendum
Source: Eustaqui Zagorski “Yo viaje en un plato Volador”
(unpublished manuscript), Phenomenes Spatiaux # 30
Type: G

Location. Tujunga Canyon California
Date: March 22 1953
Time: 0200A
Sarah Shaw & Jan Whitley were staying in a remote cabin when they awakened to find all sounds outside had ceased and a blue-white light moving outside casting shadows across the walls. Jan got out of bed then felt a headache and a sense of coldness. A sensation of giddiness and confusion overcame both women whose conscious memory then lapsed until 0420A. Under hypnosis Sarah recalled that several beings approached the cabin and passed through a closed window and the kitchen door. Eight shadowy beings entered the cabin and placed their hands on the two women and apparently took control over them. The beings were humanoids of slender build, with narrow shoulders and long arms. Their skin felt dry and cold. Their faces were oval and hairless, featureless except for the eyes, which were narrow and long and appeared covered with a membrane. A ski mask seemed to cover their faces, leaving holes for the eyes. They also wore black skintight coveralls, mittens, and boots. Most of the beings were 5-feet tall and most of these had oval heads. Some had heads wider at the bottom that at the top and were apparently female. Two taller beings appeared to be the leaders. The beings took both women into a hovering Saturn-shaped craft, with a rim or platform around it. It glowed with various colors and made a whining sound. Sarah felt herself floating into the craft on a beam of light. She felt tranquil, unafraid and even enjoyed the experience. But Jan resisted the beings and she was rendered unconscious by an injection and was carried inside. In a large domed room both women were then extensively examined and scanned. Throughout the examination a tall being directed the work from a balcony-like extension on a wall. He wore a light colored suit with black stripes and his hands were bare, showing gray flesh.

HC addition # 2252
Source: Ann Druffel, Idabel Epperson & D Scott Rogo
Type: G

Location. Bagley Minnesota
Date: April 1953
Time: night
The 3-year old witness at the time was apparently abducted from his bedroom by several entities. His next impression was that the entities were telling him “neither he nor his family would remember the encounter.” At this point he became angry and broke free from the control of the entities. Suddenly he woke in bed, a very bright light, apparently coming from above the house, shone in both windows of his bedroom. The light was brilliant white. He threw the covers over his head and could still see the light, also felt a presence in his “brain.” A neighbor had apparently seen a brilliant light hovering over the witness house that same night.

HC addition # 2737
Source: Craig R. Lang, Mufon
Type: G

Location. Angatuba, Brazil
Date: April 1953
Time: morning
On Sunday morning Dino Kraspedon responded to loud knocks at the front door and was met by a tall extraterrestrial (1.80 m) that speaks to him in Latin & Greek and Portuguese but very little English, all with a heavy accent. He tells Kraspedon that he hails from Ganymede, one of the moons of Jupiter. Kraspedon will claim to have numerous contacts with this same entity, sometimes in public places. (The witness was involved in a UFO contact in November 1952).

HC addendum
Source: Kraspedon, My Contacts with The Flying Saucers
Type: E

Location. Ano Ilioupolis, East Athens, Greece
Date: April 21 1953
Time: night
Vassiliki F saw a strange woman in the streets of Ilioupolis. She had large, protruding eyes, high forehead, and incredibly thin waist and was wearing very old-fashioned gray clothing—a skirt and a jacket. Inside of this she was wearing tight transparent trousers. She was followed by a very small “dog,” actually a piece of shadow that was hovering very near the ground. She was holding the “dog” with a transparent thick cord. When the witness tried to ask her who she was and from where she came from, the strange woman glared at her and went away, vanished in the Saint George site of antiquities.

HC addendum
Source: Panayotis Skayannis
Type: E

Location. Ano Ilioupolis East Athens, Greece
Date: April 22 1953
Time: afternoon
The next day, news was spread that in the nearby fields of Saint Nicholas, an “aluminum hut” came down from the sky and landed. It had “windows” through which a shepherd saw incredibly ugly dwarfs inside. Among them there was a dwarf with the head of an animal. In a few minutes, a door opened on the “hut” and a dwarf came out, holding something like a golden plate in his hands. Then, the strange woman Mrs. F had seen the previous day made her appearance. The dwarf bowed to her, and she filled the “plate” with dirt. They both went into the “hut” and the latter took off and vanished in the sky with a loud bang.

HC addendum
Source: Panayotis Skayannis
Type: B

Location. Cagnes-sur-Mer Alpes Maritimes France
Date: May 1953
Time: 0030A
Pierre Cavallo, 50, a cinema projectionist, was walking home, pushing his bicycle, and collecting snails, when he was surprised by the apparition in the sky of an orange luminous cigar with blue spangles in its interior. This passed silently in 20-30 seconds, leaving a trail of orange sparks. Astounded, Mr. Cavallo remained where he was for about 40 seconds. Then he sensed a presence near him, and, turning his head, saw a face of extreme pallor, with blue eyes, the head perfectly bald, and the mouth mixed in a “sanctimonious smile.” A hedge only 3 ft high hid the body. After staring for some seconds, Cavallo jumped on his bicycle and sped away.

Humcat 1953-12
Source: Christian Hycnar & Eric Zurcher
Type: C?

Location. Near Kingman Arizona
Date: May 21 1953
Time: about 2100
Fritz A. Werner, then an Air Force project engineer on an atomic test explosion in Nevada, was taken with 15 other specialists in a blacked out bus to a spot near Kingman Arizona and there escorted by military police to a crashed UFO surrounded by guards. The object was oval and looked like 2 deep saucers, one inverted on the other; it was about 30 ft in diameter, the convex surfaces 20 ft in diameter. It had impacted 20 inches into the sand without any sign of structural damage. It was made of a metal resembling brushed aluminum. An entrance hatch 1.5 ft wide x 3.5 ft high was open; another member of the team looked inside & saw 2 swivel seats, an oval cabin, & “a lot of instruments & displays.” In a tent pitched nearby Werner saw the dead body of a human like creature 4 ft tall, wearing a silvery metallic suit & skullcap of the same material; it had a small round mouth. The skin of its face was dark brown, “this may have been caused by exposure to our atmosphere.” Werner & the others were made to take an oath that they would not reveal what they had seen. Later information revealed that the crew of the crashed object consisted of four aliens, one of them was found dead near the craft. The rest of the crew apparently escaped from the crash site including a female alien that was later found during a later search operation in the desert. The aliens used beam weapons against the retrieval team to defend themselves and were caught only after the charges in their weapons were expended. But 2 of the surviving aliens were in bad condition and died soon, the other 2 lived longer, but eventually all died. Apparently they experienced breathing difficulties with the earth’s atmosphere. Retired mechanical engineer Bill Uhouse added that the recovery team that entered the craft to inspect it came down with a mysterious sickness (possibly because no protective suits or masks were used). The craft was loaded aboard a trailer and hauled off to the Nevada Nellis test site. In 1960 the craft was moved Area 51, Groom Lake. The bodies were moved to Wright Patterson AFB by DC-7 aircraft. Unfortunately the Kingman disk crashed again during test flight by human pilots in Groom Lake in 1962, killing the two pilots. The cause of the crash was determined that the American test crew erroneously activated the wrong flight mode. It resulted in a plasma burst and explosion in mid-air over the range.

Humcat 1953-16
Source: Raymond E. Fowler for Nicap, Anton Anfalov and
Larissa Chora
Type: H

Location. Tiszacsege Hungary
Date: early summer 1953
Time: afternoon
5-year old Laszlo Bako was alone playing near a railway bed when he suddenly began to feel strange and noticed a strange little man approaching him. The man was described as human-like, but with a head a little bigger than normal. The being’s body was very smooth and gray colored, and apparently wore no clothing. He was as tall as the witness. The being approached to about 1 meter away from the witness and stopped, he then smiled at Laszlo, who felt a friendly feeling coming from the little man. The being made several motions with his hands while at the same time communicating telepathically with Laszlo. After about 1 minute the little man turned away, walked for about 5 meters then vanished in plain sight.

HC addition # 2492
Source: Gabor Tarcali
Type: E
Comments: Early report describing a friendly gray-type entity.

Location. Near Camp Polk Louisiana
Date: Summer 1953
Time: unknown
Army personnel reported seeing an ovoid or egg-shaped object about 9-10 meters in diameter, with a kind of collared structure on top crash land into soft, sandy soil near the base. The craft also had a revolving horizontal fin-like protrusion on the equator that was still rotating. Some were ordered to guard the object until ambulances arrived. A door that opened formed a ramp; the ground around the crashed craft burnt into a powdery substance and became extremely hot. Three aliens reportedly walked away from the crash. One was apparently carried out on a stretcher. The beings were described as four-foot tall with large helmeted heads, legs stiff when they walked and wearing tight fitting dull metallic greenish suits, they also wore some kind of mittens. They also spoke in an unknown language.

HC addition # 1869
Source: LeRoy Pea, UFO Crash Secrets at
Wright/Patterson Air Force Base
Type: H

Location. Slobozia Romania
Date: Summer 1953
Time: 1000A
A six-year old girl saw a strange object hovering low over a field. In the middle of the craft there was a small green colored window, behind the window there was a face with strange eyes looking at the witness. The window suddenly disappeared and the craft flew silently away.

HC addition # 343
Source: Ion Hobana & Julian Weverbergh, UFOs From
Behind the Iron Curtain
Type: A

Location. Easton Pennsylvania
Date: Summer 1953
Time: night
The witness, a 14-year old at the time, remembers several non-human looking beings entering his bedroom at night and carrying him to a nearby remote coal mining area. There he was taken inside a landed disc shaped object and was examined for an hour by the humanoids. No other information.

HC addition # 962
Source: UFONS # 262
Type: G

Location. Murray, Utah
Date: Summer 1953
Time: night
The 5-year old witness remembers seeing two glowing almond shaped eyes floating in front of him. They seemed to move towards him. He could not move or scream. He tried to get up but could not. Then there was a bright flash and a popping sound and the eyes disappeared. He ran down the stairs to his mother and told her that “angels” had visited his room.

HC addendum
Source: UFO Experiencer Support
Type: E?

Location. Houston Texas
Date: June 18 1953
Time: 0230A
A huge shadow crossed the lawn; looking up into a pecan tree, Mrs. Hilda Walker and Judy Mayer, 14, saw a man 6.5 ft tall with wings like a bat, dressed in gray or black tight fitting clothes and surrounded by a glow of yellow light. After 30 seconds, the light died out, and Judy screamed. There was a loud “swoosh,” and a white flash like a torpedo shaped object over the housetops across the street. Howard Phillips, 33, also saw the “batman.”

Humcat 1953-5
Source: Fate October 1953
Type: C

Location. Brush Creek California
Date: June 20 1953
Time: 1830
A miner, John Q Black, was in Marble Creek Canyon on 3/20/53 when he saw something “like a piece of circular aluminum” coming down. On 5/20/53, he saw the saucer on the ground in the canyon, & saw it take off, leaving rocks near the stream hot & ashes in the water. On 6/20/53, at the same time he saw a middle aged little man 4-4.5 tall, with black hair, bushy eyebrows and a small mouth, wearing a green seamless parka, a peaked billed cap with a cord running around it, dipping up a bucket of water. The bucket was about a foot long and flared out in the middle; the handle was square and looked as if it was made of foam rubber. Black added that the little man was broad-shouldered and with a barrel chest, his shoes were dull black, apparently without heels and seemed extremely flexible. Beside him was the saucer, looking like “a couple of soup plates put together,” about 8 ft wide & 4-4.5 ft thick, with one small window and a tripod landing gear. It was only 40 ft from Black. The pilot re-entered the craft, which took off at a 45-degree angle with a hissing sound.

Humcat 1953-6
Source: Wallace Kunkel for Fate
Type: B

Location. Hampton Bay, Long Island, New York
Date: June 24 1953
Time: 0018A
A civilian woman saw something like “a large aircraft” flying very slowly and low. It had a lighted red band around the middle and was coming straight toward her house with an oscillating motion. She still thought it was an aircraft of some new design when it stopped near her, 25 m above the ground. Then it flew backward over the water and hovered, making the same noise as a swarm of bees. The top section supported a series of red lights and a cabin with four portholes through which a control panel was visible. No occupants were seen. The cabin rose above the object, rotated, and then glided back. The object tilted toward the west and rose toward the southwest, disappearing within 3 seconds at an 80-degree angle of climb after the 3-minute sighting. Two days later a yellowish moss was observed at the site.

HC addendum
Source: Passport to Magonia
Type: H E (High strangeness case)

Location. Molfetta, Bari Italy
Date: June 28 1953
Time: 1900
Sallustio Salvemini was walking by some nearby prehistoric ruins, when he noticed a small luminous object that was descending quickly to earth. It was a bright orange color as it landed about 50 meters away. The light dimmed and he could now see that it was a classic disc shaped, flat on the bottom with a turret like structure on top, about 2 meters in height. As its brightness diminished, the witness saw a five-foot tall figure emerge from an opening on the object. The figure wore a shiny greenish coverall, with a gold colored belt, which emitted a lantern type light; it also wore a metallic helmet. The humanoid moved quickly around the terrain, apparently picking up ground samples and placing them inside the object. At this time the witness heard a loud humming sound coming from the turret and the light on the humanoid’s belt became brighter. The witness experienced a tremendous headache as the humanoid quickly entered the object, which shot away into the sky at incredible speed. A sulfur like smell remained in the area after the object left.

HC addition # 2947
Source: Il Giornale dei Misteri # 277
Type: B

Location. Home Counties, near London England
Date: July 1953
Time: mid afternoon
Twelve-year old Gerry Armstrong was hiding in a wooded area playing hooky from a school field trip when he apparently blacked out and found himself in total darkness. His next recollection was being awakened by an angry schoolteacher. Later under hypnosis he remembered seeing a light in the sky that seemed to descend behind a nearby clump of trees. Moments later he noticed some movement through the foliage and saw two figures walking in his direction. The witness became very frightened and was totally unable to move. As the figures approached he began to hear voices in his head telling him not to be afraid. The beings then positioned themselves on either side of him and picked him up apparently floating him away. As he floated through the trees he could see a bright light in a clearing and a vaguely round object behind it. As he reached the object he was instructed to climb a ladder by his captors. These were described as small with white gray skins, small mouths, and large eyes. Once inside the object he found himself alone in a brightly lit room. As he explored the room he felt a strange sensation and a noise apparently because the object was now moving. After awhile the beings returned and led him along a corridor to another room where he was met by a being dressed in red, this man like being claimed he was the witness’s father. He was then instructed to look on a screen on the wall where he saw what appeared to be the planet earth. Later the craft landed and he descended down a ramp and entered a huge domed structure that was apparently full of children. He was left alone and allowed to explore, he saw other flying craft and was later approached by a woman that took a silver cross from his neck and told him “it was not right to worship.” The being in red then touched his head and he passed out. Later he found himself being carried back to the wooded field where his teacher found him.

HC addition # 1985
Source: Carl Nagaitis & Phillip Mantle, Without Consent
Type: G

Location. Near Arkadak, Saratov region, Russia
Date: July 1953
Time: night
Former military physician, Vladimir Shabanov was camping overnight on the eastern shore of the Khoper River. At night while preparing a bonfire he decided to go into the woods and gather some brushwood. After entering the thick forest he gradually went deeper into. As he collected tree branches and sticks he suddenly felt an inexplicable uneasiness, he looked around and noticed a strange glow penetrating through the trees. Without dropping his firewood he walked directly towards the glow. After about 300m he came to the edge of an extensive clearing, which was overgrown with tall grass. The clearing was covered in thick fog which vividly reflected white light that was coming from a strange object that had apparently landed in the middle of the clearing. The object was shaped like a convex lens and rested on three leg-like supports. In the center of the upper surface of the object was a gradual dome of spherical form. On the equator of the object was a ring similar to that of the planet Saturn. The surface of the object emitted a bluish metallic luster. After coming closer to the clearing Shabanov suddenly grew torpid and held on tightly to the firewood. He was not exactly afraid but knew he was experiencing something uncommon. Suddenly from behind the object appeared several human-like figures dressed in tightly-fitting, slightly luminous coveralls gray in color, and tight belts. The distance of the object from the edge of the clearing was approximately 250m to 300m and the figures were clearly visible. They walked around the object as inspecting something and did not look in the direction of the witness. The witness stood mesmerized and watched the scene for about 10minutes. And then the figures approached the object again stood under it and appeared to be sucked into the craft just like a vacuum cleaner. 10-15seconds later the surface of the object began to emit a pink light and the ring around its equator began to rotate at a very high rate of speed, the color of the object then became bright white like that of a welder’s light. The supports were then pulled upwards and it left vertically rapidly disappearing from sight. The witness did not see any windows or lights on the object and thinks that the upper dome could have been transparent in nature.

HC addendum
Source: Newspaper “Voice” Moscow 1991 # 41, UFO Navigator
July 18 2005
Type: B

Location. Villares Del Saz Spain
Date: about July 2 1953
Time: 1300
Maximo Munoz Hernaiz, a 14-year old illiterate cowherd, heard an intermittent whistling sound; turning around, he saw a small luminous steel colored “balloon,” 30 cm wide and 130 cm high. When he went toward it, a door opened in it, and 3 squat little men only 25” tall jumped out; they had yellow faces and narrow eyes, and wore blue suits with peaked caps. They came up to Hernaiz and spoke to him; when he did not understand, one smacked his face. They jumped back into their craft, which glowed more brightly and took off. At the spot were found footprints, and 4 holes forming a 36 cm square.

Humcat 1953-7
Source: Antonio Ribera, The Humanoids
Type: B

Location. Warmbatts, South Africa
Date: July 10 1953
Time: unknown
Reported crash of a UFO and the recovery of five dead alien bodies. Unfortunately there is no other information on this case.

HC addendum
Source: Anton Anfalov list
High Strangeness Index: 8
Reliability of Source: 9
Comments: Would like to have more information on this case.

Location. Louisville, Kentucky
Date: August 1953
Time: 1100A
On a bright sunny day the witness had just left the barber shop and was on his way home and as he walked toward the curb to cross the street in a southwestern direction he suddenly stopped and looked up and slightly to his right which would have been in a northwestern direction. At that instant he saw a round object come from out of sight straight down. It was as though the blue sky had opened to let this object in. It was very high but he could detect that it was spinning and it looked as though it was transparent because it was the color of the blue sky, round in shape and spinning. The object moved extremely fast downward and stopped instantly. At this point the witness suddenly heard a thought in his mind as he stared at the object that someone was saying, “we have been spotted,” just as soon as that thought went through his mind, the round, spinning, transparent object accelerated straight up and out of sight instantly. (For the witness it has been always difficult to explain how the thought came into his mind).

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC
Type: F

Location. San Bernardino Mountains, California
Date: August 1953
Time: 1400
At a summer church camp several boys and their counselors were standing at the edge of a lake when they saw a silvery saucer shaped craft with several illuminated windows hovering over the lake area. As the craft descended close to the witnesses they could see several human- like figures moving inside the object through the windows that surrounded the middle seam. The craft hovered briefly then shot away vertically at high speed.

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC
Type: A

Location. Shelby, Ohio
Date: August 1953
Time: night
Most of the family was already in bed when the woman of the house looked out the bathroom window and saw a red-lighted object wobbling downward. She looked more closely and saw a round object on the ground with three round openings (ports) in it from which came a fiery-like glow. Trying to rationalize this she wondered if something was burning in their burn-barrel out back. She looked again (she was trying to take a bath at the time, and curiosity kept getting to her, so she was up and down, observing) and saw something different which would float up in the air near the garage almost as if it was inspecting the copper cable which hung there. This second thing was shaped like eyes (ovals) but perpendicular (one on top the other?) And would glow (pulse) and the round object would glow (pulse) in return. “I was sitting on the bathtub for two hours, at that time, very…you know.” She finally got her husband up to look at it, too. The days following saw the nearest evergreen tree turn brown and die.

HC addendum
Source: Michael D. Swords, “Grassroots UFOs”
Type: F?
Comments: Very high strangeness case, I wonder if the eye-like objects belonged to some kind of invisible alien.

Location. Burnsville, Minnesota
Date: August 1955
Time: 2330
A couple parked in a secluded area encountered a large disc-shaped object hovering 12 ft off the ground about 300ft away. They could see three human-like figures inside through some large windows. After several minutes the object rose up, moved over a nearby river and accelerated and ascended out of sight.

HC addendum
Source: MUFON April 1989
Type: A

Location. Shtanivka, Poltava region Ukraine
Date: between August 17-20 1953
Time: 1830
A woman, Lina Ivanovna Kravets was going to visit her aunt when suddenly she noticed a silver globe, flying approximately 100 meters from her at an altitude of 40-50 meters from the ground. This was in the suburbs of the village; the globe started descending and vanished behind the houses. Around the same time another local woman was outside her home by the well in her garden and had temporarily put her bucket down to rest when she spotted at the end of the garden, standing under an apple tree, 3 “men” who were cutting down a branch with apples. She stared at the trio as they now approached a plum tree and then cherry tree. She also noticed that they were carrying ears of wheat, rye, millet in their hands and what appeared to be some clear plastic tubes and a small shovel. Suddenly one of them looked at her and said something to the others. All three then began looking at her. She looked back at them and said: “Well come to me, why are you standing” I will not scold you. You are such robust boys”. At first she had thought that they were thieves walking on stilts, stealing fruit from her garden. They then approached her and she realized that they were not normal “thieves”. All three were very tall, dressed in dark overalls. Gloves on hands and helmets on their heads. They were carrying a frog inside one of the transparent tubes, a lizard in the other, small fishes and butterflies in another tube. They faced each other in silence and soon one of them began speaking to her in heavily accented and bad Russian. “We are extraterrestrials”! And he pointed up with his hand. “We have flown from up there. We are looking for our people. Maybe, you know about them? They were flying with good intentions, but we believe the humans “annihilated” them! They could not have died themselves? In response to them, she asked them if they were Gods, since only the Gods lived up there. They answered questioning her what Gods was she talking about and stated that “up there” there was only their planet and they had come from there. Puzzled and frightened the elderly woman began crossing herself. They looked at her and said: “Mom, Who do you consider God to be?” She replied that she thought they were God. They smiled and said that they came from 4 planets, located not far from each other. And that there were two other remote planets, but that they knew about them as well as ours (the Earth). They pointed out that they had frequent powerful storms and earthquakes. (Typical to a binary star system?). So they had “discovered” the Earth and had sent three men ahead but they had not returned. They thought that apparently the humans had shot them down. They had come searching for them; they wanted to now what had happened to them. They claimed that they had circled the globe six times but have not yet located them. They could not detect their signals as well. Therefore they thought that the humans must have them somewhere, if she knew would she tell them.
The poor woman, denied any knowledge of the missing extraterrestrials and could only say that we had had a recent war, that indeed maybe they were shot down. They then told her that they knew that we had constant wars, which is bad, that they had already eliminated all wars in their society. They knew all about humanity, they were constantly watching us. They then said that their civilization was much more powerful and rich than earth’s, but that they had frequent natural calamities, and that our wars somehow influenced them. That is why we had to live in peace and help each other. After that one of them took a bucket and filled it with water, put the water into one of the tubes and then poured some drops of an unknown liquid into it from some kind of phial. The water then turned pink, then blue in color and then transparent again. They said: “The water is good, you can drink it”. After that, they ordered her to retrieve a Russian Orthodox icon from her house. They then asked her: “Is this your God!” and said that they had been flying “up there” for a long time and never had seen anything resembling the image on the icon. They have traveled for three years at the speed of light to come to our planet. Next one of them asked her, how we calculated our days, months, and years. He said that they calculated time in light years and light days. He then returned the icon to her and told her not to be afraid; also asking her what was the normal life span on earth. After she answered, he told her that they also had animals and birds in their planet and their life span was about 150 years. They also had dwarf-like “people” and also people of average height. And that they were the taller race in their planet, the witness described them as about 3.5 meters in height, with blue eyes, with a third eye in the forehead (!) no clearly visible ears, but with small indentations where the ears would have been, big teeth. One of them then asked her why she had such fingers (apparently she suffered from arthritis and the fingers were slightly bent). One of them then unfastened a zipper in his glove revealing large pale hands with six digits and webbing between the fingers, resembling those of ducks. He then said: “The time will come when every illness will be gone from you” He rubbed her hands and legs, the touch felt very cold to the witness. He then pointed to some firewood which she had been carrying and asked what its purpose was, she said that it was to bake bread. He then took out a kind of tube and pointed at one of the pieces of wood, and it immediately melted away, apparently from the high heat. He said that they carried such tubes for self-protection. After that he told her to look to her left, as she did she saw a large glowing silver ball hovering above the ground and another tall “man” standing next to it. He told her that they had flown to earth in the silver globe. She walked with them to the road and put her icon back in the house and collected a bunch of flowers for the men as a present, but they did not accept the gift, they only took a petal from each of the flowers and put them into some type of orange cube. One of them approached the hovering craft and took out a piece of substance resembling bread, the size of a small coin, and told her that this was their “bread”. That it was very useful and that it preserved its qualities for a long time, she broke off a piece and found something dark inside, without smell. She dare not taste it and gave it back to the men. They then bid goodbye and told her not to tell anyone about them. They added that there was “good sand” approximately 50 meters from her house and that there was gold metal inside. They approached the globe, walking in a strange matter, waddling from side to side, as if it was difficult for them to walk. They entered the globe and wave their hands to her. The door closed and the craft ascended to the sky and shot away at incredible speed

HC addendum
Source: Yaroslavl UFO Group, Anton Anfalov
Type: B

Location. Ciudad Valles Mexico
Date: about August 21 1953
Time: 1800
Salvador Villanueva, a taxi driver, was trying to repair his broken down car out in the country when he was joined by two pleasant looking men 4.5 ft tall, wearing one piece gray corduroy garments covering even their feet, with wide shiny belts. They had metal collars, and small black shiny boxes on the back of their necks, & carried football type helmets under their arms. As it was raining, he invited them to shelter in the car, where a conversation with one of them was conducted all night. The spokesperson eventually told him they were from another planet, which Villanueva scarcely believed. He accompanied them to their craft, noticing that the mud puddles did not wet their feet, and that their belts glowed whenever the mud was repelled. The UFO looked like 2 soup plates joined at the rim, with a shallow dome with portholes, & rested on three spheres. He was invited in, but refused. Glowing white, the vessel zigzagged upwards, and then shot up vertically, with only a faint whistling sound. A 40-foot circle of broken down bushes was found at the spot.

Humcat 1953-8
Source: Apro Bulletin 4/55
Type: B

Location. Redon, near D’Allaire, France
Date” August 23 1953
Time: midnight
A man was returning home with his two young girls when one of them yelled out, “Look Papa the moon is moving.” Looking up he saw what appeared to be a round luminous body slowly descending. Suddenly the helmeted head of a man projected itself in front of the object, after a minute the moon light object became white and then red, the head of a woman appeared, after a few minutes everything disappeared.

HC addendum
Source: SOS Ovni
Type: A?

Location. St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada
Date: August 23 1953
Time: 0030A
41-year old James Byrne had parked his car in a small field, just off the road, outside of this city. He and his fiancée were listening to the car radio. It was a bit cool so James had started the engine and turned on the heater. James and his fiancée were talking when suddenly the radio and the engine shut off. Surprised, James tried to restart the car, but to no avail. Preoccupied with the car, James was even more surprised when his fiancée let out a shriek. She was pointing through the windshield at something on the ground. James saw a circular shadow moving almost imperceptibly on the ground in front of them, surrounding the car. Something was moving between the moon and the ground. He leaned forward and looked up through the windshield to see a “great black circle” hovering immediately above. It was about 45 ft in diameter, with a rounded bottom and was surrounded by flames of different colors, which were pulsating toward the ground and seemed to vary in size between 4 and 10 ft. Since James and his fiancée seemed to be in the center of this ring of strange flames, he was concerned that they might be killed by radioactivity. This thought jarred him into action. He bent down to feel under the dash to see if the ignition wires were loose, but then he started to feel a prickling sensation throughout his body. It was concentrated in his hands and at the back of his neck—as though warm air was being blown into the car. Suddenly, the interior of the car lit up as if it were daylight. James looked to see that his fiancée had her head thrown back over the top of the back of the seat. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was wide open, like she was in some kind of trance. He could see that flames were shooting down all around the exterior of the car, making it impossible for him to see past them. He figured the object was no more than 8 ft over the top of his car. The next thing James remembered was spotting the UFO about 20 ft away, opposite his side of the car, and at least that high in the air. It was stationary for a moment then slowly made three or four zigzags in a skimming motion before it vanished, traveling from the south to the north, the northwest. At the same time James heard a voice say, “Do not tell anyone about this as we shall return to visit you again.” The car started up on its own and the radio resumed playing. His fiancée awakened and was thoroughly confused. For some time after this event, James claimed that the back of his neck was always itchy. He has seen several UFOs since and also claims to have been contacted again by the voice he heard.

HC addendum
Source: Don Ledger, Maritime UFO Files
Type: F

Location. Giant Rock California
Date: August 24 1953
Time: 0200A
Sleeping out in the desert, George Van Tassel woke up and saw a man who introduced himself as “Solgando” and said he would be pleased to show Van Tassel his craft which. About 9 ft high and 36 ft in diameter, was hovering 100 yards away. Unable to rouse his wife Van Tassel went aboard for 20 minutes, seeing among other things a lighting system without switches & furniture that folded into the wall. Solgando’s purpose was to give Van Tassel the designs for a machine to rejuvenate the old; he himself was 700 years old. Their religion is “the same as yours, but you talk about it, we live it.”

Humcat 1953-9
Source: Humcat quoting newspaper source
Type: G

Location. Tonnerre France
Date: September 4 1953
Time: 2130
A woman saw 2 objects on the ground and 3 1.5-meter tall men running toward the craft. They had oversized heads and wore helmets and boots. One entered the elongated object, 5 m long, 1.5 m wide, which spread ‘wings” that made it look like a butterfly. It then took a vertical position, resting on a tripod, and took off with the spherical object into which the other 2 creatures had gone. Traces were found at the spot.

Humcat 1953-10
Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia
Type: B

Location. Brovst Denmark
Date: September 12 1953
Time: unknown
Two humanoids with scaly, rugged, gold colored skin and cold hands like those of a fish jumped out of some bushes and attempted to abduct a girl. The 2 beings also emitted a bright golden light from their bodies. The girl apparently got away. No other information.

Humcat 1953-11
Source: Jacques Vallee
Type: E

Location. Near Grachevka, near Orenburg, Russia
Date: October 1953
Time: unknown
A disc shaped UFO approximately 5 meters in diameter with a band of multicolored lights around its middle, crashed near this village. The wreckage was transported to the military base at Zhitkur.

HC addendum
Source: Anton Anfalov and Phillip Mantle crash list
High Strangeness Index: 9
Reliability of Source: 9
Comments: Possibly false rumor per recent information by Anfalov.

Location. Darlington Ohio
Date: October 1953
Time: late night
In a farm area a family observed a round ball of fire hovering over a field where a boy and a dog had been seen running. The boy was then heard screaming for help, and then the father armed with a shotgun ran over to him firing several shots. He then saw several small humanoids carrying the boy into the huge hovering fiery object. The dog was found at the site with its head crushed and the boy was never seen again.

HC addition # 1384
Source: Martin S. Caidin, Natural, or Supernatural?
Type: G
Comments: Permanent abduction? Has there been any information on the whereabouts of the young boy, what killed his dog?

Location. Jalisco State Mexico
Date: October 9 1953
Time: unknown
Antonio Apodaca, a former engineer turned farmer, claims that in company with work hands, he watched a round, shining object land on his ranch, and that he subsequently met, entertained, and was taken on a four day trip, by small occupants, to an alien world, where he saw many astonishing things, including multiple motor cycle like conveyances, and plants that were grown in “fresh air.” He noted and reported numerous interesting details about UFO construction, flight effects, and everyday life on the alien world, where he met two Frenchmen who were living there. The aliens were mostly short in stature, but on the alien planet he also saw tall and other shaped entities, all living harmoniously. All appeared to be oblivious to him and none appeared to own anything individually. Apodaca described computers and gigantic reference systems, and recorded that the aliens natural speech was a jaw breaking, being far more guttural than German. They communicated with him in Spanish, which they had learnt by monitoring our radio broadcasts. Apodaca also noted that they had no sense of time, there being no night or day, or seasons, on the alien world. After this return to Mexico, Apodaca met with the aliens again by pre-arrangement, and gave them a variety of seeds and pairs of domestic animals and fowl from his ranch as per their request. On this latter occasion they stayed with him and his family for four days, their UFO being camouflaged to prevent inadvertent detection from airplanes passing overhead. Apodaca desired total oblivion afterwards, requesting no publicity.

Humcat 1953-17
Source: Bernard Delair
Type: G

Location. Near Dutton, Montana
Date: October 13 1953
Time: morning
While on vacation, Cecil M. Tenny saw smoke emanating from the vicinity of a nearby mountain. Since forest fires are common there, he did not investigate it. The following day, however, while returning to his flower shop from Great Falls and driving on a highway between Dutton and Brady he saw a pulsating cigar-shaped object flying at very low altitude, about 200 ft above the ground. This ship was in sight for about 7 minutes, apparently searching the area for a possibly crashed UFO that fell in the area the day before causing the fires. The cigar-shaped UFO then accelerated and flew away. The incident was reported to the Montana state police. Tenny stopped at the closest bar and told the patrons what he had seen. That evening Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls called Tenny on the phone and told him to drive to the base immediately. He was then accompanied to a stockade-like building which was totally isolated from the other buildings on the base. The building had no windows and was surrounded by a high wire fence. He was instructed to keep his eyes straight ahead and not to do any looking around in his way to the office. He saw officers carrying packages marked “Top Secret”. Then he was grilled extensively in a colonel’s office for 30 minutes, his interview was typed and he signed a statement in the presence of a notary at the base. As he was being escorted down the stairs leading to the front door, he saw two men staggering in with 2 large laundry bags over their shoulders. The men were showing signs of fatigue and were having difficulty in carrying the contents of the bags apparently because of their weight. When one of the men dropped the bag, the outline of a humanoid body was clearly seen inside. Tenney saw its head, knees and feet, then 2 men grabbed Tenney and the officer opened the door and they threw him out. The officer then yelled at him to get out of the building immediately. Apparently the UFO was at this crash site was disk-shaped, about 40-50 ft in diameter, with a dome. One side of it was damaged as a result of an apparent explosion on board, with a long crack running along one side of the disk, with lacerated edges. The cabin inside the ship was destroyed, filled with burned and ruined equipment. Two mutilated bodies of “Nordic” type aliens were extracted from the wreckage. They were in very poor shape due to the explosion. Both bodies were about 7 ft tall, had terrible injuries except on their heads, which were covered by helmets (when they were found). Both aliens had high and broad foreheads very long blond hair, elongated Asiatic eyes, small noses and mouth, thin lips, perfectly delineated, and pale skin. It looked like their eyes were very light blue and they had human-like hands but very slender, with absolutely flat feet with small toes. The bodies and the wreckage were first moved to Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls. Then the bodies were transported by airplane to Chicago University where a preliminary study was done of them, according to one of Stringfield’s informant. The two Nordic bodies were later seen at Wright Patterson AFB by a French biologist (an expert in histones, or proteins connected with cellular genetic material), Dr. Leon Visse in 1959. Later a US Master Sergeant also saw the “Nordic” bodies inside transparent tubes in a Nevada underground facility.

HC addendum
Source: Leonard Stringfield, Commander X, Anton Anfalov
Type: H

Location. St. Francis River, Northeastern Arkansas
Date: November 1953
Time: late night
Seven-year old Riley Martin first saw strange lights above the river near his home. At the time his family lived near the western bank of the Saint Francis River, which is one of the tributaries that feed into the Mississippi. The lights that appeared above the river for three nights straight at around the same time in the late night or early morning, coming closer with each successive visitation, on the third night the brilliant lights were close enough to his house to cast the glow of their presence onto the walls of his bedroom. It was on the third night that Riley decided to go out and investigate. Strangely his two brothers, who shared the room with him, never awakened to witness the lights. Even when he tried to awake them. He was never successful. Perhaps this was by design, because ordinarily, he would not have been awake at that hour of the morning. There were four of the lights, and he had watched them, fascinated by their acrobatic displays. They would shoot across the river from the west and come to an immediate standstill above the river. Then slowly they would circle in a follow-the-leader manner. Or the fourth one would remain stationary while the smaller three circled it. After a time, the fourth light would disengage itself from its companions and descend, glowing ever larger, toward the treetops near the river. He could not detect any sound. The lights would often change in color and intensity from yellow to white, to red, green and shades of blue. On the third night the lights were very close, and it seemed to land behind the trees less than a quarter mile from his home. He put on his jacket and went out. He was accompanied by his faithful and fearless mixed breed dog, Brown Boy. They soon approached the spot where the ship had landed. Peeking through the bushes, he saw a saucer, it stood in a clearing suspended about twelve feet above the ground, and though it was moored by three flexible legs, it slowly danced about, like a cork bobbing on water. Shortly the ship pulsed pinkish, and Riley found himself focused in a light beam emanating from the ship. Out of the light strode two little people. They were dressed in shiny blue jump suits and wore bubble type helmets. He was only seven but they were hardly as tall as he. His faithful dog, Brown Boy, didn’t make a sound of protest as the two beings took him by the arms and led him toward the ship. When he stepped directly beneath the saucer, there was a blinding white light, and the next thing he knew they were aboard. He found himself lying nude on some kind of table similar to an operating table. When the little people first approached him on the river he was momentarily terrified. After they entered the craft, the two small aliens had removed their helmets and he could now see them clearly from the waist up. The male was about four feet tall and the female was a few inches shorter. In actual appearance, male and female differed just slightly in features. The heads were noticeably larger than normal in proportion to the body. The eyes were large, unblinking ovals. The male’s eyes were a light to deep gold color, while the female’s eyes were blue. The shades of their eyes tended to change depths, depending upon the light and perhaps the emotion. Their arms were long, the fingertips reaching almost to their knees. Their feet looked flat and kind of splayed. Their hands were long and delicate and had only three fingers and a thumb. The forefinger was longer than the middle finger. They had no outward earflaps, but tiny holes where the ears should be. The nose had no cartilage and was almost flat against the profile. The mouth was thin-lipped and looked like a slit on the face. The teeth were tiny and uniform, like baby teeth. The chins were sharp and receding and gave the face an egg-like shape. The female’s skin tone was gray white, and the male’s complexion was yellowish brown or golden. The skin colors also changed at times, not in basic color but in subtle tones. They did not articulate with their mouths but communicated via telepathy. Riley reported that the actual examination was left to a group of entities he called “Stagyians”. He could see and feel their long spindly hands. Their touch was cold and clinical. He could not move his body, but he could move his eyes and head with effort. The Stagyians were very ugly creatures indeed. They stood nearly six feet tall and have dark red leather skin draped loosely over their skeletal like frames. Their heads were long and prune-like and the eyes tiny black and close set. Even onboard the craft they both wore some kind of breathing device over their mouths and at times he could hear their rapid shallow breathing. He was later to learn that the Stagyians in spite of their physical appearance were considered to be the Pacifists even among the aliens because of their ability to store and retain vast amounts of data and recall and disseminate the same. The Stagyians hold many scientific and other brainy positions among the Biaviians Federation, with whom they are affiliated. The Stagyians also communicated via telepathy. However, Riley could never comprehend any of what they were saying. During his physical examination he was touched from head to foot, scanned with some kind of light probe that resembled a giant eye. Riley was eventually returned to the banks of the river by his home, after a long trip onboard the Biaviians ship.

HC addendum
Source: Riley Martin “The Coming of Tan” quoted in Filer’s Files
# 40, September 22 2004
Type: G

Felix Moncla
Location. Soo Locks, Michigan
Date: November 23 1953
Time: late evening
A wintry darkness had settled over Michigan. At an isolated radar station Air Defense operators were watching their scope in a routine guard against possible enemy attack. Suddenly the “blip” of an unknown machine appeared on the glass screen. The Ground Control Intercept officer took a quick look. The unknown was flying over the Soo Locks—and no aircraft was scheduled near that important target. Whatever it was, it had to be identified swiftly. In less than two minutes an F-89 from Kinross Field was streaking toward the locks. At the jet’s controls was Lieutenant Felix Moncla, Jr., a veteran at 26. Behind him was Lieutenant R. R. Wilson, 2-year old Oklahoman, acting as radar observer. Guided by Ground Control, Moncla climbed steeply toward the “unknown”. Back at Ground Control the controller watched the jet’s blip on his glowing radarscope. As it moved toward the UFO blip, the strange craft changed course. The controller called Moncla gave him the new bearing. From the scope he saw that the F-89 was now over Sault Sainte Marie, though to the crew the city’s lights would be only a blur, quickly lost behind. The UFO, flying as fast as a jet airliner, was heading toward Lake Superior. At over 500 miles per hour the F-89 raced after it, out across Whitefish Bay. Nine more minutes ticked by in the tense quiet of the Ground Control radar room. Gradually the F-89 cut down the gap. By now, the controller knew, Wilson should have spotted their quarry on the fighter’s short range radar. Watching the chase, he cut in his microphone and called the flight’s code name. “Target should be visual. Still bearing—“
He broke off, staring at the scope. The two blips had suddenly merged into one. Whether the strange machine had abruptly slowed or Moncla unaccountably had put on full power, no one in the room could tell. But one thing seemed grimly certain; the two machines were locked together, as if in a smashing collision. For a moment longer the huge, ominous blip remained on the glass. Then it quickly went off the scope. Marking the position, the controller flashed word to Search and Rescue. Moncla and Wilson might have bailed out in time. Both had life jackets and self inflating rafts; even in the icy water they might survive for a little while. The mystery craft and the F-89 had come together far off-shore, about 100 miles from Sault Sainte Marie and 70 miles from Keweenaw Point. As quickly as possible, search planes with flares were roaring over Lake Superior. After a fruitless night search, boats joined the hunt as American and Canadian flyers crisscrossed a hundred mile area. But no trace was ever found of the missing me, the F-89 or the unknown machine.

HC addendum
Source: “The Flying Saucer Conspiracy” by USMC Maj. (ret.) Donald E. Keyhoe 1955
Comments: Permanent abduction? The man pictured above is Moncla.

Location. Baia Dos Patos Brazil
Date: November 28 1953
Time: daytime
The witnesses, Pedro Serrate & Francisco Teixeira, were duck hunting when a UFO alighted on the bay, only 15 ft from one of them. The dark blue hull was like two “basins” put together, 16 ft long, 8 ft high, and 6 ft wide; around the perimeter was a 3 foot rim of transparent glass. Two curved tubes were dripping water, and behind the hull was a sort of rudder 3 ft long. Serrate could see 4 young men and 2 young women sitting in a row, all red haired with pink faces, and the women with long hair. All wore dark blue uniforms. When then noticed that they were observed, the craft took off at fantastic speed, disappearing within seconds.

Humcat 1953-13
Source: J. Escobar Faria & Richard Hall
Type: A

Location. Sherbrooke Nova Scotia Canada
Date: December 1953
Time: night
A Mrs. Orfei heard a knock at the door in the middle of the night and got no answer when she asked who it was, only louder knocks. Her Alsatian dog jumped toward the door, and then retreated, trembling as if terrified, to a corner. Mrs Orfei went to an upper floor and saw 2 “indescribable” shadows go away from the house. A while later a big, round object took off 100 yards away with a blue green lighting. The police found broken bushes as evidence of an enormous weight.

Humcat 1953-14
Source: Jacques Vallee, quoting Oltre IL Cielo, Vol. I
Type: C
Comments: Early classic Canadian close encounter case. I have always wondered what the witness meant by “indescribable” shadows.

Location. Near Twenty Nine Palms, California
Date: December 1953
Time: night
A man named Adam, staying at in an isolated cabin was standing outside looking at the firmament, which strangely seemed different on that night, was suddenly enveloped in an ethereal music and saw what appeared to be star falling from the heavens. The star appeared to become much larger changing from its previous amber to a yellowish green color. Suddenly as the light approached, it turned off completely and the “music” seemed to increase in volume. Magically, before him, there appeared an insubstantial, slowly congealing, silvery, dome-shaped craft, beside which stood a slender, beautiful woman. Adam was invited onboard the flying saucer. Adam and the woman sat side by side in a blue hazed iridescence interior of the craft, which began to translate into opacity as it pulsed in a dim-bright cycle. Soon the lovely, blond haired, alien told Adam to address her as “Vega” and proceeded to explain some of what was happening. They had just passed through the ionosphere. Adam came to understand that the vessel was a remote controlled scout, was being impelled by a magnetic and gravitational force directed by a distant mother ship. He apparently saw the earth with an atmosphere made of an aural halo of rainbow colors.

HC addendum
Source: Paris Flammonde, quoting Angelucci in The
Age of Flying Saucers
Type: G

Location. Near Racine Wisconsin
Date: December 6 1953
Time: unknown
On the western shore of Lake Michigan a hotel worker reported encountering four strange men wearing green suits and caps with red star like emblems that came ashore in a rubber life boat. The men approached him and asked him where the nearest airfield was. He refused to answer and the men returned to the lifeboat and floated to a nearby floating object about 200 yards away. Coastguard vessels and planes patrolled the area but failed to locate anything.

HC addition # 1838
Source: Harold T. Wilkins, Flying Saucers on the Attack
Type: C

Location. Leon province Spain
Date: December 18 1953
Time: late afternoon
A young farm girl, Veronica S. H. was doing some chores on the outskirts of a tiny village when suddenly she was approached and attacked by three humanoids, human-like but of android in appearance and movement. The beings reportedly sexually assaulted her repeatedly. After the incident she remained in a coma-like state for 3 months. Later she went on to describe that the beings had short rough textured penises, apparently metallic and that instead of ejaculating sperm, they produced a viscous reddish liquid similar to volcanic lava. She did not report seeing any object or craft in relation to the humanoids.

HC addition # 2605
Source: Pedro P. Canto, Visitantes de Dormitorio
Type: E or G?
Comments: Early report describing a sexual assault by unknown humanoids.

Location. Near Warren Ohio
Date: December 20 1953
Time: night
Al Como was driving from Warren when he saw a glowing ball come to the ground about 500 yards away. Thinking it to be a plane on fire, Como ran to the spot. In a clearing in the woods he found, hovering just above the ground, a black bell shaped craft with 3 balls on its underside and a rectangular glass like enclosure between them, illuminated by a violet light. Inside he could see shadows moving about. He could not get closer than 20 ft to the object, because an invisible “wall of force” surrounded it After 10 minutes he went back to the road and found that his car was gone. He went back & observed the craft for 15 minutes more, then returned to the road & found his car there, but turned around to face toward Warren. He drove to Warren to fetch his brother in law, but when they got back the craft was in the air above the trees. It tilted upward & silently vanished.

Humcat 1953-15
Source: Tom Comella Jr. Mystic April 1955
Type: A

Location. Porto Alegre, Brazil
Date: December 23 1953
Time: evening
Three human-like humanoids were seen entering a landed metallic disc-shaped object; they all had long brown hair and wore tight-fitting brown coveralls. A few minutes later a similar but older appearing humanoid came out of the object, stood around for a while then went back in. The object then took off and left the area at high speed.

HC addendum
Source: Revista Brasileira Ovni
Type: B

Location. Unnamed military base Japan
Date: late December 1953
Time: late night
The witness, a soldier, had just returned to his barracks and had gone to bed when he suddenly found himself in the middle of the airfield standing near a landed object. He was then guided through a blue haze into the object and into a large circular room, there several humanoids, described as five-foot tall, with short blond hair, blue eyes and wearing tight fitting metallic outfits communicated with the witness by using telepathy. He was reassured and was apparently given a short trip on which he saw through a large round glass window what appeared to be the earth, as it would have looked at the “beginning.” The aliens finally brought him back and gave him the following message, “Trust only in our return and we shall deliver your.”

HC addition # 965
Source: UFONS # 237
Type: G

Total Cases: 68

Addendums will be inserted as they become available.

Chronological Listing:
1.   00001953 Long Beach California
2.   00001953 Dutton Montana
3.   00001953 near White Sands New Mexico
4.   00001953 Arizona Desert
5.   00001953 Mar De La Plata Argentina
6.   00001953 Detroit Michigan
7.   00001953 Linderos Maipo Chile
8.   00001953 500km southwest of Caracas Venezuela
9.   00001953 Bagan Jermal Pulau Pinang Malaysia
10. 00001953 Lermarken Varmland Sweden
11. 00001953 near East Driefontein Mines South Africa
12. 00001953 Indianapolis Indiana
13. 00001953 Botafogo Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
14. 00001953 Cerro Del Valle Argentina
15. Early 1953 Burragorang Valley New South Wales Australia
16. 01121953 Santana Dos Montes Brazil
17. 02001953 Vayres Gironde France
18. 02001953 Los Angeles California
19. 03221953 Tujunga Canyon California
20. 04001953 Bagley Minnesota
21. 04001953 Angatuba Brazil
22. 04211953 Ano Ilioupolis East Athens Greece
23. 04221953 Ano Ilioupolis East Athens Greece
24. 05001953 Cagnes-sur-Mer Alpes Maritimes France
25. 05211953 near Kingman Arizona
26. Early Summer 1953 Tiszacsege Hungary
27. Summer 1953 near Camp Polk Louisiana
28. Summer 1953 Slobozia Romania
29. Summer 1953 Easton Pennsylvania
30. Summer 1953 Murray Utah
31. 06181953 Houston Texas
32. 06201953 Brush Creek California
33. 06241953 Hampton Bay Long Island New York
34. 06281953 Molfetta Bari Italy
35. 07001953 Home Counties near London England
36. 07021953 Villares Del Saz Spain
37. 07101953 Warmbatts South Africa
38. 08001953 San Bernardino Mountains California
39. Between August 17-20 1953 Shtanivka, Poltava region Ukraine
40. 08211953 Ciudad Valles Mexico
41. 08231953 Redon near D’Allaire France
42. 08231953 St Johns Newfoundland Canada
43. 08241953 Giant Rock California
44. 09041953 Tonnerre France
45. 09121953 Brovst Denmark
46. 10001953 near Grachevka, Orenburg Russia
47. 10001953 Darlington Ohio
48. 10091953 Jalisco State Mexico
49. 11281953 Baia Dos Patos Brazil
50. 12001953 Sherbrooke Nova Scotia Canada
51. 12001953 near Twenty Nine Palms California
52. 12061953 near Racine Wisconsin
53. 12181953 Leon Province Spain
54. 12201953 near Warren Ohio
55. 12231953 Porto Alegre Brazil
56. Late December 1953 Unnamed military base Japan

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