1968: A Nurse Burned by an Alleged UFO (CE-2)


The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

July 25, 2011

Source: Diario Los Andes

Date: 16 August 1968 (Mendoza, Argentina)

1968: A Nurse Burned by an Alleged UFO (CE-2)

New details have emerged regarding the strange case involving Adela Casalvieri de Panassiti, 46, a nurse at the Provincial Neuropsychiatry Hospital, who claims having been paralyzed by a “flying saucer” that landed on one of the facility’s yards in the early morning hours of last Monday.

According to official sources, the SIA (Servicio de Inteligencia de Aeronautica), the Forensic Police and a physicist from the National Atomic Energy Committee have played a role in the strange episode in order to analyze a unique stain found on the pavement “where the UFO landed”. It was leaden in color, and smelled strongly of sulfur.

Mrs. Panassitti was interviewed by a writer for LOS ANDES at her home, and said the following: “The time was 1:30 a.m. on Monday and I was tending to patients. Suddenly, a loud buzzing sound made my ears hurt. Then I saw a powerful glow emanating from the yard. I opened a door, thinking that gas from the heater had made me feel sick, but it was then I noticed, with surprise, that the glow was becoming brighter and that the noise had ended. I ran out to the courtyard in shock, and I felt paralyzed the moment I stepped over the threshold: there was the light, in the middle of the pavement, beside a pimiento tree. The device emitted a red color with intermittent blue. I felt my face burning and covered my face with my hands to avoid burning my eyes (she suffered facial burns). A few moments later, the noise returned and I saw the object rising into the air until it lost itself in the sky, all the while flashing a bright light.”

Mrs. Panassitti says that she was immediately able to overcome the state of paralysis she found herself in, calling the other nurses for help, as these were in a more remote pavilion. ” I didn’t make it to the door, because my legs gave out and I felt to the ground.” The woman explained that the UFO was of normal size (sic) and that “several passengers could fit inside it with ease.”

At the spot where the nurse claims having seen the UFO, there was a small stain (certified by several doctors and employees, as well as scientists) that was leaden grey in color and left a strong smell of sulfur. The phenomenon vanished within days, but even today (as was observed), whenever the courtyard is hosed down, the spot where the odd spot is located dries immediately.

A thoroughly reliable source confided to this journalist that a physicist with the National Atomic Energy Commission and an electronics engineer reported to the hospital with a Geiger counter to see if there was radioactivity or not: indeed there was. The unusual event may only be explained through the investigation being performed by Aeronautics and the police. The report on the findings should be in the government’s hands already.

It was also reported that the nurse underwent several tests and was found completely normal in all of them.

It was also confirmed that the daughters of a government official witnessed a light similar to the one described by Mrs. Panassiti at the same time and in another part of the city.

(Special thanks to Carlos Iurchuk, El Dragon Invisible, Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO and Marcelo Cristian Calvo. Translation (c) 2011, Scott Corrales, IHU)

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