Studio City, California Triangular-Shaped UFO

Date: 1988 ?

Time: N/A

I keep meaning to write to you about some of my experiences. The most prominent one in recent decades was observing one night in Studio City, California, a triangular-shaped UFO “attached” to the antenna and lights at the CBS studio on Ventura Blvd. I was coming down off Carpenter Street, a hill, and while waiting at the light on Ventura, I was looking straight ahead at CBS. Something about the lights on the pole…don’t know how else to describe the pole — a metal pole with lights having to do with their signal. Anyway, as I was looking, trying to figure out what the heck was different about it, some of the lights dis-engaged and began moving away.

That’s when I saw the triangular shape. I followed it down to Colfax Avenue and turned left going up Colfax a couple of blocks and past where I lived. As, I tried to keep up with it, it picked up speed and disappeared going north and over the Jr. high school there. I was shaken, I tell you. At one point, I was nearly under it and it was so obviously a black, large triangular aircraft of some kind.

Addional Information For Above Report:

What I didn’t make clear, perhaps, is that the thing attached to the signal “antenna” at CBS was completely camoflauged. There is very little traffic in the area, and particularly at midnight when I was returning home late from a friend’s house. But, because I’d come down that hill many times before, I was used to seeing it, so that night it appeared different to me, and while I was trying to figure out what I was looking at, it dis-engaged and moved away, traveling east very slowly. I almost had a heart attack. It scares me to write or even think about it.

Also in 1990 my daughter and roommate saw a “round” UFO in the same area across the street from out condo. It was just sitting over the house across the street. They came running in the house, but by the time we got back outside it was gone.

There was no missing time in either of these events.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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