Argentina: The House Where Objects Move By Themselves


The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

February 21, 2006

SOURCE: La Capital (Rosario, Argentina)

DATE: 21 February 2006


***Phenomena ascribed to 12 year-old girl; neighbors and policemen are witnesses***

This has nothing to do with a horror film like Poltergeist or the Exorcist. But the trite phrase: “Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction” would appear to apply perfectly to this story. According to neighbors and the dwellers of a humble home in Barrio Belgrano, a series of episodes that could be classified as paranormal has taken place ever since a 12 year-old girl produced the involuntary movement or floating of several objects. Flying flowerpots, fans crashing to the floor, levitating glasses, furniture and bathroom items moving suddenly, all caused this family to seek the aid of the police, priests, evangelical preachers, parapsychologists and psychiatrist to help the teenager to feel contained while the strange phenomenon is explained.

According to her parents, Daiana, the protagonist of the story, “is a normal child; she plays and goes to school” and her neighbors see her as “an untroubled pre-teen”. Although her parents admit that she was “under psychiatric treatment at the Provincial Hospital for several months because she couldn’t sleep, she wandered and had discipline problems in school.”

Marcelo Portnoi is the father. He is 47 and works as a mechanic, living with his wife Mirta and 6 other children for over 32 years in a house on 1855 Garzón St. “We fight her every day,” he said, but the latest events have caused concern among the family.

“For over two months, strange things have been going on inside the house, albeit minor and insignificant ones. One could hear the noise of moving chairs or water running in the bathroom,” he said. But upon investigation, everything seemed to be normal.

Even so, what took place between Friday and Saturday outstripped his sense of wonder, prompting Daiana’s parents to rush to neighbors and the police for aid. “The girl poured herself a glass of juice and when she turned around and walked four steps, the mate (popular Argentinean beverage) flew through the air and hit her on the head while her back was turned,” explained the still-amazed head of household.

Immediately after, the pre-teen’s mother described the time in which they were completly overwhelmed by the circumstances. “I approached the room where my youngest son was sleeping, because I couldn’t sleep. I asked Daiana to stay with my nephew Isaias. When she got out of bed, the electric fan automatically crashed to the ground. She walked past a table lamp and it began to shake, as well as the highboy. We didn’t know what else to do,” she recalled. In that instance, her desperate husband took to the street to summon the neighbors.

Upon returning, he sat in an armchair beside a bronze and glass crucifix. “I had to hold onto something in order for the movement to cease,” explained the man. A neighbor arrived to offer assistance and “no sooner had he entered, the cross levitated, fell down with the image of Jesus facing forward, and shattered to bits.”

“I have no reason to lie. This is my daughter, I want to help her and I’m not looking for any benefits out of this,” said Marcelo at the door to his home, feeling a bit more serene because “Daiana is with an aunt to keep the press from harassing her.”

Patrolmen from the “Comando Radioelectrico” arrived on Saturday midnight and got out of their vehicle to ascertain what was going on. “While my daughter was seated on the toilet, the “bacha” spun on its axis and fell as she was leaving. All of that, plus the fall of a table and a TV set, was witnessed by the offcers,” Marcelo added, making it known that he and his relatives weren’t the only witnesses.

According to Portnoi, after those incidents, his daughter “ran out to the street in a fright”. At that time, a medium-sized flowerpot located in the backyard “levitated and followed her, but then fell.” A policeman was so shocked that he ran toward the street, but the door slammed shut after Daiana had gone through it.”

The girl asked her mother for help on repeated occasions because she allegedly heard “voices”. Meanwhile, Marcelo and Mirta await professional help to safeguard their child’s health.

(Translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO)

UFOINFO would like to thank Scott Corrales (Inexplicata & Inexplicata Blog) for granting permission to use this article.


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