The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

September 17, 2004

Source: La Otra Realidad

Date: September 16, 2004


TIERRA DEL FUEGO -. Over one hundred phone calls reported a “fireball with a long blue tail”. This object, according to witnesses, also fell behind the Martial Glacier, perhaps more to the south, at the same time as the object seen the day before yesterday. This phenomenon was also witnessed in Rio Grande.

Yesterday afternoon, only minutes after 20:00 hrs., the Municipal Civil Defense received several phone calls concerning a new sighting of a “fireball with a long blue tail” that fell at almost the same location as the one the day before yesterday.

Witnesses in Rio Grande also saw the phenomenon at the same time, reporting it to the media and the authorities.

One of the witnesses to the first sighting was consulted. Dr. Rogelio Acevedo, a scientist with the CADIC (Centro Austral de Investigations Científicas) said: “I was driving my car up along the road to centenario, taking my son to a basketball practice. The time on the car clock was 20:29 hours. At the level of the hotels in the Martial Glacier I saw a bolide falling in a pronounced vertical manner with an immense tale. The size of the bolide alternated between that of a flare and the full moon.” The scientist added that the object had “green, white and yellow hues. My son saw blue; other people, I later found out, saw red. This lasted only instants, some 5 seconds. It was impossible to react and lower the window. Some people claim hearing a loud report, which would certify that an object indeed fell.” Thus, he added that this was “his first meteorite sighting and therefore a moment of joy.”

On the other hand, the scientist said that he was in contact with “members of the provincial Police who are going to search to see if they can find something,” acknowledging that such an endeavor “is very difficult, like finding a needle in a haystack. However, the effort is a valid one. If we had a helicopter, we would perhaps have greater possibilities,” recalling that in the year 2000 “a meteorite fell in frozen part of Canada. [Scientists] went out in a helicopter and found it.” He added that this type of phenomenon is quite normal, “since we have shooting stars as well as these falls, which are a little more frequent. A few months ago in Rio Grande, near Cape Peña, many people saw on. Another fell into the sea some 5 years ago, also in Rio Grande. A few years ago one fell into the RIver Plate.

It was also confirmed that two police officers are surveying the area of the first sighting, which would be close the one where this second bolide fell. (EDTDF)

Translation (c)

Scott Corrales

Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)

Special thanks to José Martínez E.

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