“Little Green Men”

Hi Barb,

I am writing you as I thought you might be interested in my mother’s account of “little green men” that she saw across the slough from her on her family’s farm near Cudworth when she was a young girl. I always took her reference to “little green men” to mean aliens, as that was how they were referred to in the late 50s and 1960s when she told us this story. She never said what color the alien skin was so I just assumed that it was not something of particular note. The small humanoids were dressed in close fitting silvery clothing.

It was only after I started researching UFOs (after a personal daylight sighting) that I read about a similar sighting to my mother’s that happed in the summer of 1933 at Tobin Lake near Nipawin. I’m sure you have read about this one.

Also when I was in the Roswell Museum, I read about this UFO landing near Alvena, which is just a few miles west of Cudworth where my mother saw the “aliens”. I have also read that Cudworth was a sight of some sort of ghostly apparition, but my mother never mentioned this.

My family also had a very strange unexplained experience where my brother mysteriously disappeared from his bed when he was a baby. My parents though someone had taken him, and they searched around the whole suite, but he just as mysteriously reappeared at the same spot he had been lying, a little while later. For some reason, I always associated this mystery with my mother’s story (perhaps because these stories were often repeated around the supper table at the same time).

I have many strange experiences that might also be related to ETI intervention, but that is a much more complicated story than I can tell here.

My mother died suddenly last year so unfortunately she can no longer tell her story. A few years ago I was asking her about her experience, because I was trying to see if she could remember anything else. I asked her if she could remember anything about what happened after she saw the aliens. She seemed quite puzzled as she thought about it and she paused for a moment or two before she uttered with an expression of surprise on her face, “I don’t know what happened, maybe I was abducted.”

My mother’s name was Jean Heath and her maiden name was Osolinski. I think her birth name was Eugenia, which was abbreviated to Genia (sounding like Gy nya). The name she went by before she was married was “Jenny” which is the name that appears on her marriage certificate.

I hope these stories are useful to you.

Gord Heath

Little Green Men

This is an incident that happened to my mother when she was about six years old. This places the date around 1933 and the incident occurred in the summer.

Isadore Osolinski Homestead near Cudworth, Saskatchewan

This is the location where my mother had an encounter with “little green men” around the summer of 1933.

At the time, my mother’s family was living on a farm that was a few miles north of Cudworth, Saskatchewan. My mother told us this story, many times over the years. Initially, I did not believe it, but over time, I began to believe that something must have happened because my mother always told the same story. She never embellished it or changed any details.

All she said was that one day, she was out by a slough (prairie pond), when she saw “little green men” across the slough from her. She told us they were small, about four feet high and dressed in silvery suits. They also had a sort of balaclava or “helmet” on their heads. She never said anything about what they did or anything about a spaceship. A few years ago, I tried to get more information from my mother. I tried to get her to remember more details about when it happened. I then tried to get her to remember what happened after she saw the little green men. She paused for a moment and then just sort of gasped “I don’t know. Maybe I was abducted!”

A Prairie Slough

This one is on the farm near Crystal Springs, Saskatchewan where my grandma Polly Osolinski and her sons Roy and Maurice lived when we visited them in 1961 and 1963.

I’m not sure about this, but I think that this was maybe the first time she had ever been asked the question and this was certainly the first time that I ever heard my mother mention the possibility that she had been abducted by aliens on this or any other occasion.

Certainly it is possible that my mother was just influenced by contemporary accounts of alien abduction as these accounts are now quite commonplace. But I also think it is possible, in the context of other information I have encountered in my investigations, that my mother may have been abducted on that occasion.

In 2003, I was talking with my mother on the phone and I tried to get more precise information on the location of her encounter. She told me that it was just off the highway that runs between Wakaw and Cudworth. She said it was across the road from Victor Osolinsky’s farm (Victor is her cousin). She also mentioned that the slough is no longer there.

In August 2004, I attended a family reunion in Wakaw to celebrate 100 years of Osolinski/Osolinsky family settlement in Canada. While there, Melvin Osolinsky (another of my mother’s cousins), took us on a guided tour of family gravesites and homesteads. On this tour, we stopped at an important crossroads. On the northwest was the original homestead of John and Gertrude Osolinski. On the northeast is Victor Osolinsky’s farm, I guess inherited from his father, Frank Osolinsky. Victor told me that Isadore Osolinski’s homestead was off to the southeast area. I asked him if there had been any sloughs in the area, and he pointed out to me many places where there had previously been sloughs that had been drained and ploughed into farmland.

Over the years, I have found much more accounts that are possibly linked to my mother’s experience in some way.


By John Brent Musgrave (FSR Vol 22 # 6 1976)

Note: Nipawin is about 100 miles northeast of Cudworth

Even as late as the mid 1930’s, much of the prairie provinces of Canada was still on the frontier of immigrant settlement. Particularly in the northern areas homesteaders were just beginning to open up the land to commerce and agriculture, and such Luxuries as telephones, paved roads and electricity were things of the future. The town of Nipawin, Saskatchewan, is situated in the northwest corner of the province and in the 30’s was on the edge of this settlement. During the summer of 1933 stories drifted into Nipawin that some homesteaders. as well as a forest tower ranger, had been observing strange lights in the sky and near the ground. Whatever it was, they had been seeing it for the better part of a week. The land to the northwest of Nipawin, near the Tobin Lake area, is made up of rolling hills and low lying marsh. Parts of it bad begun to be farmed just a few years earlier, and it was without improvement Because of the local marsh, most of the towns- folk who beard about the strange lights explained them away as swamp gas – a convenient scapegoat that still gets used today.

Fortunately, not everyone in Nipawin was convinced that the stories were based on nothing more than “”hot air,,: and shortly after midnight that summer night two men and a woman (names known to the author) jumped into a small pick-up truck and drove to the area where the lights were reported to have been seen. They were not disappointed as the glow on the horizon gradually grew brighter as they drove on. After driving as close as the rough trail would allow them, they got out and hiked through the woods in the direction of the glow. They were blocked a quarter of a mile or less from reaching the source of the glow by a strip of muskeg that was too boggy to risk on to in the middle of the night. But it was close enough. From their vantage point they were able to make out that the light came from a large oval shaped object that was domed at the top and slightly rounded on the bottom. It was supported by legs and from a central door- way, or hatch, about a dozen figures could be seen going up and down a ladder-like stairway. The Occupants appeared to be slightly shorter than the average man, and were all dressed in what appeared to be silver colored suits or uniforms. All appeared to be wearing helmets or ski caps, and all were busy running around “”repairing,, the craft.

All about was a strange sort of quiet, even though the occupants were busy scurrying about. Not a sound could be heard. The three witnesses stared in silent amazement at what was going on, no one even thought to speak out. The bright orange glow that emanated from the craft lit up the surroundings area, and the three of them bad no difficulty spying on the activities. The light from the craft was not only bright, but bad an “”unearthly,, quality never seen by any of them before and added to the mystery of the scene. After about a half hour the three of them returned to the truck and started back to town hoping to find a way around the muskeg to get a closer look at the strange machine parked in the middle of a marsh miles away from the nearest farm- house or forest tower. But when they finally did come across a cut-off trail that might take them closer they realized that they didn’t have enough gasoline to take them in and out. So they had to return home that night.

It was not until a couple of nights later that they were able to make a return trip out. It was a clear night with almost a full moon, and they hoped to get an even better view. But this night the object was gone. No trace of the glowing craft could be seen from the vantage point of two nights previous, and they returned to the truck to await dawn. They then walked back in across the muskeg to see if any evidence of what they had seen was Left. And there was. six large square imprints that must have been the bases of the legs that supported the craft proved that there indeed had been something there that night. Each imprint was the same size – 2 to 2 1/2 feet square, and approximately S to 10 feet apart. The imprints were 2 to 3 inches deep, and reminded the three of them of a kind of mark that would be made by boiler plate stomped into the ground. They could also see markings where the base of the stair- way met ground. As if this wasn’t remarkable enough, a great burn mark in the center of the area covered a circle approximately 12 feet in diameter. They looked for footprints but found none though there was some scuffling of the vegetation surrounding the spot where the craft had been.

They came better prepared this time. One of the witnesses had brought along a small brownie box camera and took photographs of the burn marks and of the imprints. Later two of them wrote up an article about the whole affair and submitted it, along with copies of the photos, to a number of magazines and newspapers in Canada. But no publication was interested, and those publishers that replied wondered what kind of party they had been to those nights. Like many other UFO witnesses the three of selves. In the course of the 40 plus years since the incident, the original photographs have been lost by the witness who took them, and who bad learned the hard way that they were apparently of no interest to anyone else. Perhaps copies of them are still in existence stored in an attic or sandwiched between vacation shots in some photo album. If they are ever uncovered they may prove to be the earliest photographs of a physical trace case where there were witnesses, and which even had occupants to boot.

Account 2: Spaceship Landing in Alvena

In the fall of 2000, I visited the Roswell UFO Museum, in Roswell, New Mexico, on a vacation in the southwest USA. While there, I was quite stunned to find an account of a spaceship landing that occurred in Alvena in 1977. Alvena is about 10 miles west of Cudworth.

Middle Lake Saskatchewan

March 12, 2000

The International UFO Museum & Research Centre

Roswell, New Mexico

To the Director:

I have followed the UFO crash at Roswell, since hearing of it 25 years ago. I visited the museum in 1998 and was there again two weeks ago. I wish to relate some incidents that occurred to me indirectly and enclosed are some photographs.

I have piloted my own plane since 1970, this incident took place in 1979, October 19th. An aircraft I own was brought home from Calgary, October 18, 1979. I use my plane for transportation on further away service calls on Asphalt plants and Gravel crushers as I am an electrical contractor in the industrial end of things. We had serviced 10 different contracts at the time.

On the 19th of October the next day of taking delivery of my new aircraft I had a call from one of my customers who was working at Lloydminster, Sask. On the far west side of the province. In this country the later fall weather can get iffy, with snow showers, etc. coming with no warning. It wasn’t a real bad day shaping up, however, it looked as if it could snow later. I felt I had enough time to get there and back before anything got too bad weather wise.

A friend of mine accompanied me for the one hour ride out there. We got our work done, I recall taking off from Lloydminster @ 5:10 PM allowing us ample time for our flight back to bed. About 2/3 of the way into our return flight it started to snow lightly, as we progressed it got heavier. I told my friend, “I think we better find a place to land” because if it got heavier we could miss our airstrip then being in the dark completely. Well, that’s what we did.

I began circling looking for a road to land on. I found one that was satisfactory to me. I made four passes over the road, each time checking for obstructions, such as power poles, telephone poles, road signs, etc. There was a farm yard at the end of our turn which we circled over each time. Our altitude was 500 feet off the ground. I landed on the road on the fifth pass and taxied into the short driveway and tied the aircraft down to some bales of straw. By that time it was dark and the farm owner and his son had come out. I took the farmer to be in the 65-70 year old range and his son around 40.

We explained what happened and asked to use their phone to get someone to pick us up. They agreed and asked us in for coffee. We made our phone call and conversed about where we came from and where we were going and other things regarding how the crops were etc. The father then said, “you know we saw the funniest thing happen two years ago in August.” This would have been 1977. “We just finished putting our hay up and had come in for a late supper. We were almost done and I saw in the southwest of our yard, over a bit of a rise, everything aglow. My son and I rushed out thinking that the stacks were on fire. We got up the rise and there was some kind of ship sitting aglow and lights flashing on it.

He said, “we got scared and didn’t go any closer, but watched it. After a bit it took off.” And he said “do you know we couldn’t grow anymore on that spot where it sat. We never told anyone because they would think we were crazy.”

I believed him because two people saw it and they had no reason to tell us a story. I guess us coming low over their yard in a snow storm four times with lights flashing on the airplane, they thought “here these guys come again!” I guess that’s what prompted him to tell us this story. Enclosed is a map of this sighting.

Note: The Saskatchewan road map on display shows a circle drawn around the town of Alvena with the caption “Spacecraft Incident”.

Barry’s Disappearance

House on Walsh Street in Fort William, Ontario

This is the house my parents were living in when this incident occurred.

This incident occurred around July 1950 when my parents were living in a house on Walsh Street in Fort William. It was the sort of incident that was told and retold many times over many years and even now, my father wonders what happened that day. My mother was equally mystified by the incident right to her death.

At the time of the incident, my oldest brother Barry, was only a few weeks old. My parents had left him lying on their bed in the bedroom. When they came to check in on him, he was gone. They searched the whole house and couldn’t find him anywhere. There was no one else in the house, so they couldn’t figure out how a tiny baby would just disappear. A while later, they went back into the bedroom and found him in the exact spot they had left him on the bed.

Doug and Jean Heath with Baby Barry

I remember that when my parents told this story, sometimes my mother would also tell us about her encounter with “little green men”. I know that I often wondered if it was possible that the aliens had taken Barry and put him back without my parents detecting there presence. This was years before any of us had heard of alien abduction, so it was never a possibility that we ever talked about until recently.

Thank you Gord for sharing this report!

It’s also interesting to note that a single farm in Wakaw experienced animal mutilations between 1975 – 1995. Fifteen animal deaths were reported and only a few of those were actual mutilations.

Barb Campbell, NWSURC

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[UFOINFO thanks Barb Campbell and NWSURC for granting permission to use this report.]


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