92 Year Old Man Relates His Missing Time Experience On Vancouver Island, British Columbia

HBCC UFO Research Note: I would like to point out that the daughter of the 92 year old gentleman has had UFO sightings before, along with other members of her family.

Although this event took place and was told to us about 25 years ago, it is still very clear in the mind of my 92 year old father. I should mention that my father was a very down to earth, level headed, non drinking school teacher.

The missing time location was northern Vancouver Island. My father taught Industrial Arts at a school in Victoria. Dad would often leave right after school on a Friday afternoon and drive the several hundred miles north to Telegraph Cove on the east coast of the Island. Most of Telegraph Cove was owned by dad’s cousin and dad would go for the weekend to help with building, wiring and repairs to the old buildings on the boardwalk. Just as he left the school he would phone my mother to say he was on the way and as soon as he got to Telegraph Cove he would call her to say he had safely arrived. It became a very familiar routine drive.

The drive took, within minutes, the exact same length of time every time. In fact dad chose several landmarks along the way and checked his watch to see if he was exactly on schedule. He always was.

One landmark was just at the turnoff to Woss Camp. It was an old water pipe sticking out of the cut bank on the right side of the road. When dad reached there he knew he had just over an hour left to drive.

Although this event took place and was told to us about 25 years ago, it is still very clear in the mind of my 92 year old father. I should mention that my father was a very down to earth, level headed, non drinking school teacher.

On this particular day everything was as usual. When he reached the Woss Camp turnoff with the water pipe in the cut bank he checked the time. He was right on schedule. He continued driving but soon noticed that the road did not seem quite right. The road was still smooth and paved but a corner turned an unexpected direction or there was a slight hill that he did not remember. After he’d been driving a short while he saw a small lake on the left side of the road. It had a narrow rocky shoreline and at the far end was a raised parking area with a couple of picnic tables. He was surprised as he’d never seen that lake before. He assumed that it must have been hidden by dense underbrush and that someone had worked very hard to clear the area. He thought that was a very nice thing to do as it was a pretty little spot. He continued to drive and began to wonder where the usual Friday night traffic was.

He’d not seen one car since the Woss Camp turnoff. Admittedly that is a very uninhabited part of the Island but there was usually some traffic. He also wondered why he had not yet reached the very large Nimpkish Lake. He’d been driving for quite a while and the road should be following the lakeshore for about half of this part of the drive.

Then he went around a corner and went numb with shock and confusion. There, in front of him, was the turnoff to Woss Camp with the water pipe sticking out of the cut-bank on the right side of the road. He pulled off to the side and sat and stared for several minutes. He looked at his watch. He’d driven past this same place exactly one hour earlier! For the previous hour he’d been driving on a road he’d never seen before and somehow ended up back where he had started.. Eventually he felt OK to drive and continued on to Telegraph Cove. This time the road was exactly right. No strange curves, usual traffic and he soon reached Nimpkish Lake. Although he watched for it, he never saw the little lake with the picnic tables.

When he arrived at Telegraph Cove his cousin said he had, had been wondering why dad was so much later than usual. In his call to mom she said she’d been getting worried as he was over an hour late in calling. Dad asked several people in Telegraph Cove about the little lake with the picnic area. No one had any idea what he was talking about. On his way home on Sunday he looked, but never saw the lake.

All his subsequent trips were normal and on schedule.

A few years later dad and I went back to that area to look for the lake and any roads he could have accidentally driven on. There was only one paved road on that 100 mile long part of the Island. We peered through bushes and took every dirt road off the main road that we could find but never found a little lake with a pretty picnic area. There was nothing even remotely similar.

So dad has been left wondering, where was the empty Island road he drove on for an hour on a sunny Friday afternoon. It never appeared again and he has often laughed and said he must have had his own version of “Brigadoon”.

Thank you to the daughter of the 92 year old gentleman for the interesting report.

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