A Brief History of UFOINFO

The first edition of UFOINFO started life around 1991/92 and was an attempt by me to collect information for contacting UFO organizations, magazines, video manufacturers, etc. All of this material was collated from various UFO books (mostly those of Timothy Good), and the following magazines: Flying Saucer Review,  UFO Magazine (UK), Skylink and UFO Reality.

The resulting document was later uploaded to one bulletin board. From here this information was found and used by Shane Nolan the sysop of the now closed STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN BBS and founder of the UFONET forums (now closed).

This information was collected in co-operation with Shane and the users of the UFONET conferences until STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN closed down. In this time UFOINFO was uploaded to several Bulletin Boards in the UK and overseas, and also put out on the MUFON network, FidoNet and several of the Usenet newsgroups including alt.paranet.ufo.

As the resulting list grew in size it became too large for Bulletin Boards and I decided to make the switch to the Internet.

2nd January 1996: UFOINFO made its first appearance as a web site.

17th May 1996: Received the Point “Top 5% of the Web” award.

26th August 1996: Received the “Steppen’ Stones Top Rock” award.

9th December 1996: Received the “Top 1% of pages Chosen by Aliens” award.

11th May 1997: UFOINFO officially moved to a new home. This was a result of being informed by my previous host that the site was getting too many hits.

14th June 1997: Received the “B.U.F.O.D. Top 10 UFO Site Award”

20th July 1997: Received the AvatarSearch “Mystic Site of the Web Award”

2nd August 1997: Received the Blue Wackadoo Lounge “Way Cool Alien Site!” award.

14th September 1997: Received the International UFO Museum and Research Center “IUFOMRC Select” award.

10th November 1997: Received the “Paraweb Official Award”

14th March 1998: Another site move, this time to our own domain.

31st August 1999: Moved the site to a different host.

5th October 1999: Received The Java Award of Excellence

11th April 2000: Received The Lone Cryptic’s Gold Award

January 2001: Received TFTWWRD’s Year 2000 Top 50 in the World Award; Year 2000 Gold Award for Excellence; Year 2000 Award for Excellence; Out of this World Alien Space Award!

10th February 2002 Received the Project UFO Award of Excellence.

17th February 2002 Received the Project UFO Award of Excellence 2002 (Updated award logo).

10th June 2004 After bandwidth limitations and other problems I moved the site to Lunarpages who have given excellent service!

In addition the UFOINFO site has received a big Webwatch “Surf’s Up” and was a UFO Magazine Webwatch Winner in Volume 17 Number 2.