ALIEN RAPTURE The Chosen Edgar Rothschild Fouche & Brad Steiger

Alien Rapture is not just another novel about little green men and bug-eyed monsters. It is written in the style of Michael Crichton’s The Sphere, Sidney Sheldon’s The Doomsday Conspiracy and the smash hit “Independence Day.” The amazing difference is that Alien Rapture – The Chosen is filled with incredible facts, inside information and plausible details of who controls the UFO conspiracy. Alien Rapture explains how the government conspiracy is accomplished, why it exists, and what the MJ-12 committee’s plans for our future are.

Not since Orson Welles stirred the imagination and fears of the American public with his Martian invasion broadcast has the subject of Aliens, government conspiracies and UFOs been hotter. Now, Edgar Rothschild Fouché, a brilliant new writer and ex-Department of Defense insider, and Brad Steiger, a recognized UFO expert and author of the best selling Project Blue Book, have teamed up to produce the most exciting and comprehensive novel yet on the official cover-up of classified “Black Programs” and the astounding new engineering marvels being developed via the exploitation of alien technologies through reverse engineering.

ALIEN RAPTURE unfolds in the present and centers around Joseph Green who is employed at Area 51 of the Nellis AFB Range at Groom Lake Air Base. Joe progressively discovers amazing facts of DoD Top Secret research and the UFO coverup previously known only to a select few. He discovers shocking possibilities that challenge his old beliefs, bringing himself to reevaluate preconceived notions of UFOs and further explore his own existence. Soon, his life is on the line as he, a reporter, and a fellow scientist seek to reveal the truth about alien abductions and the government conspiracy to suppress knowledge of extraterrestrial intervention into our evolution and the development of civilization.

Edgar gives us an insider’s view of Dreamland and numerous secret and classified military projects. As can be seen by his background, this present work had to be written as “science-faction.” Many of the episodes described in the novel are Ed’s true life adventures in disguise. The book will be catnip for the UFO and conspiracy buffs. And while The X-Files, Dark Skies, and all the other are dealing with fantasy and a few facts, ALIEN RAPTURE is presenting MANY facts with a little fiction to protect the guilty and shield the innocent.

On one hand: actual cases of abduction, genetic manipulation, missing memories and terrifying visions.

On the other: a secret government with unlimited power, secret technological facts and documents protected at any cost, and a complete disregard for US laws and constitutional rights.

Which is more terrifying? After you read Alien Rapture – The Chosen you will be able to answer this question.

Brad Steiger, one of the leading experts on UFOlogy and alien contact has teamed with Edgar Rothschild Fouche, a former member of black technological programs and a defense contractor with contacts on many of the governments most classified programs. Edgar Fouche has gathered shocking new evidence of the Top Secret cover-up, presenting the smoking gun that will astound anyone seeking the truth.

Alien Rapture: The Chosen details one troubled man’s quest to unveil his hidden past. As he discovers the truth, his faith in everything he has ever believed in, including the American government and his religious upbringing, is shattered, and he faces an agonizing choice. Will he sacrifice himself to protect humanity?. Given the facts revealed in this book, what would you decide?

Brad Steiger has long been one of the leading experts on UFO and alien contact. His best selling novel, Project Bluebook set the standards for presenting scientific and technical facts. He waited over twenty years before discovering the smoking gun that would blow the cover off of the government’s deep dark secret, a secret so astounding that some presidents have been kept in the dark. The Top Secret charter and actions of the Mars-Jupiter Twelve (MJ-12) committee are finally revealed in Alien Rapture: The Chosen.

Brad discovered that Edgar Rothschild Fouche had in his possession the unanswered questions that the government, at the highest levels, protected without reservation, without regard to law or constitutional rights, and without accountability. These questions were first presented by Brad Steiger in his best selling book, Project Blue Book. Every human has the right to these answers, even if certain powerful people in Washington D.C. believe otherwise.

Presented herein are a myriad of never before released astounding facts and much secret information about the government’s black covert conspiracy to not only cover-up alien and UFO contact, but to reverse engineer these “Alien Artefacts” in a race with the devil to protect our species from alien control.

Alien Rapture is written as a science-fiction: novel to protect individuals who have unwittingly been manipulated by the government and those who for security reasons can not come forward. The facts, revealed for the first time, are startling.

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