Amateur Radio UFO Networks

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Amateur Radio UFO Net

Frequency: 3.9777 Mhz
Days: Tuesdays & Saturdays
Time: 01:00 Zulu (7:00pm CST – – 8:00pm EST)
Mode: Lower Side Band (LSB)

Phone: 1-508-839-8817

We would be interested in hearing from other Amateur Radio groups with an interest in the subject of UFOs.


MUFON Amateur Radio Net (USA)

Frequency: 3.9777 Mhz
Day: Wednesday
Time: 01:00 Zulu (7:00pm CST – – 8:00pm EST)

The Net is led by Bob Schultz (W0AXK) of Minnesota MUFON.
He can be contacted by e-mail at: for more info.


You are advised that if you want to try to listen to these stations you will need a quality short wave communications receiver which has the capability of decoding SINGLE SIDE BAND TRANSMISSIONS (SSB) and an antenna (aerial).

If in doubt about equipment go to your local AMATEUR RADIO DEALER rather than a high street store (I’m sure you know the assistant who can sell you anything and not know how it works!) and tell him what you want to receive (you don’t have to mention UFOs!). If you don’t know of a local store buy a copy of Short Wave Magazine (now Radio User) in the U.K. and look through that, also look at the cost of the equipment – it’s not cheap! I would only recommend you buy one if you think you would like to listen to short wave radio and amateur radio transmissions in general.