Argentina: Ghost Frightens Police Officers and Detainees at Sheriff’s Office



Date: Thursday, June 28, 2007

Argentina: Ghost Frightens Police Officers and Detainees at Sheriff’s Office

Two detainees requested a transfer after claiming that a “spirit” was pulling the blankets off their bodies at night and tormented them. Some police officers support the story.

The Third Sheriff’s Office at Trelew appears to have been seized by a strange entity that stalks officers and inmates alike. Fear and discomfort prompted two detainees to make a formal complaint regarding this strange presence.

Fabian Riquelme and Petu Ibáñez were arrested for armed robbery and taken to this detention center. After having been there for only a few hours, they requested a transfer to another section.

They claimed that lack of toiletries prompted them to request the change, but they were concealing a stranger motive: when appearing before Judge Fabio Monti at a detention hearing, they begged him for a transfer on account of “a being” that tormented them.

According to the story given by the detainees, the spirit of a man who died in that detention facility besieged them at night. Public Defender Daniel Reuter believed them “due to the expressions of horror that he saw in their faces.”

When faced with these statements, some officers confessed that they had heard strange movements during the night, claiming that voices and footsteps can be heard, although they never found the source of these noises, according to a story appearing in the HOY newspaper.

Both delinquents were released: one of them was found to be unrelated to the cause of action, while the other was involved due to “illegal possession of a weapon of war.”

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