BEYOND TOP SECRET The Worldwide UFO Security Threat Timothy Good

Above Top Secret shot to the top of the bestseller lists when it was published in 1987 and became the definitive book on UFOs. Beyond Top Secret is the completely revised and fully updated edition of this classic. It incorporates powerful new evidence, including officially documented sightings by commercial and military pilots around the world, the latest findings on the mysterious crashes at Roswell (New Mexico) and elsewhere, and confirmation from Russian, American and European defence chiefs that UFOs exist as a serious security threat.

Timothy Good draws on many of the several thousand declassified reports he has acquired from the world’s intelligence agencies to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that there has been an extensive cover-up and that much material continues to be classified at a level beyond top secret.

This is the most astonishing book about unidentified flying objects and their threat to our security ever written – the more so because of the author’s rational, sober and immaculately documented approach. It is riveting.


Are there any unexplainable reports of UFOs which represent something beyond our present knowledge and are governments concealing what they have learnt? And if the answer is positive, what exactly has been discovered and why is the truth being hidden from us? Beyond Top Secret deals with these and other questions relating to the many-faced UFO phenomenon.

I have discovered many important new cases and a great deal of new information from all over the world adding to the overwhelming body of evidence indicating that the phenomenon has caused grave concern at high levels in many of the world’s governments, despite their statements to the contrary. Timothy Good

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