UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Jeff H.

Location: Santa Clarita, CA

Date: Late-afternoon, circa-1998 (unfortunatley I did not keep date or precise time)

Approach Direction: Stationary when seen, did not see the object approach its viewed location

Departure Direction: Did not witness departure

Witness Direction: North

Description: I noticed a thin, black object hovering over the Santa Clarita Valley, at a height of approximately 5000 to 10000 feet, approximately 3 to 4 miles north of my location on a hill in Newhall. The object was stationary, and appeared to be spinning, though it was too distance to tell. Both my wife and father saw the object as well. None of us could identify it, though it clearly was not a helicopter, airplane, or blimp.

Color/Shape: Thin, black, wing-shaped object

Height & Speed: 5000 to 10000 feet, stationary (possibly spinning)

TV/Radio/Press: Unknown

Follow-up information from Brian Vike:

We watched it for approximately 5 minutes. We left, expecting to be able to
see it on the drive out of the canyon, but it had disappeared by then. It
was clear and sunny, perhaps scattered clouds. No sound heard. But it seemed
too far away, so that was not unusual. It was late afternoon when the
sighting occurred and no lights that I could see, but it was daylight.

I do not know if you got my reply the other day, but after submitting my
form the other day, I used the Google Earth program to try and pinpoint
where I saw it and based on my guess as to how far away it appeared in the
sky (obviously not knowing how large it was, and thus not knowing really how
far away it might have been), and my best-guess actually was directly
in-line (and only about .5 miles away from) the Lockheed Research Center in
Santa Clarita. So my unidentified flying object may have a very simple
explanation, whatever it may actually have been.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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