UFO SIGHTING REPORT Spey Bay, Morayshire, Scotland December 21st 2005

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Location: Spey Bay, Morayshire, Scotland

Date: Wednesday, 21st December 2005 at approximately 0900 hrs.GMT

Approach Direction: not applicable

Departure Direction: from left to right

Witness Direction: East

Description: Walking my dog on the Spey Bay golf course at approx 0900 hrs heading east. Noticed cigar-shaped object (thinner at one end) moving in sky . Thought it must be a large airliner (although it would’ve been the first such plane ever to fly in that part of the sky and so close to the ground). Object was moving up from the ground at about 43-45 degree angle from left to right. I watched it, thinking, could it be a plane? but knew that it couldn’t as it was much too big and had no wings. Also, it’s not an aircraft route and it was far too close to the ground. I watched it for a 5 minutes or so before it eventually disappeared behind some gathering clouds. Whilst watching the cigar object move, slowly across the sky, I noticed to its left two more objects. These were different. Two circular objects, stationery, one above the other, low in the sky. The object above was larger than the one below.

All three were very bright against the morning blue sky. Not white-bright but more gold-yellow bright.

Then the two circular objects started to move in the same direction as the cigar-shaped object had done, from left to right. I watched both objects as they moved together but at slightly different angles until they too eventually disappeared behind a large cloudbase.

On my return walk I met a fellow walker just started out on his walk. I told him what I’d seen. I told my two grown-up children and husband. We’ve discussed this at length but I can find no satisfying explanation for what I saw.

Color/Shape: Bright gold/yellow. Really bright. One cigar-shaped object but it was thinner at one end – the end nearest the ground. The other two objects were circular one slightly larger than the other.

Height & Speed: Height is not easy to determine as I saw them approximately at a distance of maybe 5 miles above a series of low hills. They were very low in the sky, from that distance about 1-2 inches above the horizon – whatever that would equate to. Speed – None of the objects seemed to be in a hurry. Their motion was fairly slow as they moved across the sky gaining height gradually.

TV/Radio/Press: Don’t know as I haven’t investigated it yet – but I intend to start this weekend by searching local press to see if other people saw the same things.


Second report from same witness as sent to Brian Vike at HBCC UFO Research:

Morayshire, Scotland One Cigar Shape And Two Round Objects

Date: December 21, 2005

Time: Approx: 0830-0900

Location of Sighting: Over the hills at Fochabers.

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 3

Shape of objects: One cigar shape and two round.

Full Description of event/sighting: Walking my dog over the Spey Bay golf course when I noticed, what I thought to be a comet’s tail/shooting star. The shape, was cigar shaped but thinner at one end. It was angled about 40-45 degrees with the thin end towards the ground. However, I quickly realized it couldn’t possibly be a comet or shooting star as it was moving in an upwards direction, like an airplane. No airplanes fly this route and anyway, it was too close to the ground, like it had not long taken off.

Almost at the same time, I noticed another two bright objects in the sky beside this cigar-shaped one. The other two were circular though one was positioned directly over the other. The object on top was larger than the one below. Both were stationery and to the left of the cigar shaped object which was flying away from the other two objects. All three objects looked like three shining bright lights not white-bright, more yellow-bright. They were situated in the sky above the horizon.

The morning was lovely with a patchy blue sky and gathering clouds. The sun had not fully risen with red colored rays visible from behind the hill. The objects were directly above where the sun would eventually rise up over the hills. The sky had some clouds forming but there were clear blue patches with reddish hues emitting from the rising sun. The objects appeared to be bright gold, glistening in the sky.

I watched for about 30 minutes, never taking my eyes off the objects. The cigar shaped object, that did resemble a plane without wings, seemed to be gently climbing in altitude but slowly. I could follow it with ease. It went behind one large cloud then emerged again before disappearing behind a large cloud base.

The other two objects remained stationery in the sky. I watched them for what seemed like an age but probably 5-10 minutes before they both started to move in the same direction as the cigar-shaped object; from left to right. I watched those two circular objects until they too, disappeared behind clouds.

During the half-hour or so, I wondered if the cigar-shaped object could’ve been a stray aircraft but to be honest, that’s not possible as it was far too close to the ground and completely off course.

I tried to reason that the two stationery objects could be transmitters or something, but I could tell that they couldn’t possibly be as there was nothing supporting the big lights. Then when they too moved off, I knew it had to be some form of aircraft, which I could not identify.

Until now, I haven’t had the time to explore the local press to see if anyone else saw these three objects but I’m about to do so. I told another walker whom I met on my return journey and I told my grown-up children that evening. I have witnessed shooting stars in the past but nothing could compare to what I saw that Wednesday morning last month.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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