Filer’s Files #31-2004 By George Filer MUFON Eastern Region Director July 21, 2004

Life on Mars

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life exists. We have reports on: Ammonia in Mars’ Atmosphere Indicates Life, Liquid Water on Mars for Eons of Time, Mars – Structures and Roads, Solar Radiation, Meteors and Bizarre Weather, Spain to Attack Asteroids, Outer Space: Not So Lifeless After All, New York – Flying Triangle, Pennsylvania – Moving White Dot, Georgia – Bright Eye, Ohio – Unidentified Light, Indiana – Light, Louisiana – Glowing Green Rocket, New Mexico – Roswell Crash Correction, Wyoming – Minuteman UFO, California – Triangle Stars, Washington – Beautiful Triangular Craft, Argentina – Bright UFOs Appear, England – Milk Hill Bee Formation, Polish – Military Will Shoot at UFOs, Israel – Four Strange Lights, and India – Three Discs sighted.

Ammonia in Mars’ Atmosphere Indicates Life

Filer’ s Files has been telling its readers that there is life on Mars for years. We are happy to report that the European Space Agency’s orbiting Mars Express craft has tentatively detected ammonia that can survive for only a short time in the Martian atmosphere. Thus the ammonia must be getting constantly replenished by living microbes or plant life. Filer Research Institute has previously detected what appears to be living lichen and algae on the planet. Linda Howe interviewed Professor Vittorio Formisano, principal investigator for Planetary Fourier Spectrometer on June 12, and he is expected to release details of new findings at an international conference in Paris. Scientists believe primitive life could survive around hydro-thermal vents near the planet’s surface. Many rocks also have patches of lichen, moss or algae.

Australian scientists found evidence that life once existed on Mars in microscopic fossils of primitive bacteria-like organisms in a Mars meteorite match characteristics of bacteria found in mud in Queensland. The research is published today in the Journal of Microscopy. “The fossils that we have in the meteorite are the original material — the only difference is that you need a very high-powered electron microscope to image them, to see them and basically whenever we find these fossils here on Earth, no one ever questions they were made by bacteria,” he said. “The only difference is that it was in a meteorite from Mars.”

Methane was also recently found in the Martian atmosphere. Methane is another gas with a possible biological origin. Ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen. Nitrogen is rare in the Martian environment but because no form of terrestrial life can exist without it, the presence of ammonia may indicate that Martian microbial life is hoarding it.

Liquid Water on Mars for Eons of Time

JPL also announced this week that surface water on Mars existed across a significant span of time, not just for years but eons of time. The Rover Opportunity revealed that bodies of liquid water once existed on the surface of Mars shortly after landing in January. Now the scientists admit that life is likely. We still hold to our position that intelligent life once existed on Mars and likely still does.

Mars – Structures and Roads

Filer’s Research Institute has taken a shortcut in scientific proof. If it looks like roads, towns, and intelligent writing on rocks. It probably is. Please note the patterns in the satellite images, they do not appear natural and strongly suggest they are cultural indicating intelligent life.

Link to Specification Page:

Mars Satellite Image courtesy of JPL and Norman Bryden. Note straight road or canal like features not normally found in nature. Links to JPL

Norman Bryden writes, “I would say judging from the size and shape of the structures that it is reasonable to say that whoever is on Mars is within the realm of humans because of the recognizable dimensions and sizes, such as entrances, rooms, walls and roads. There are also definitely symbols.

Weathering and biological activity on an active planet will quickly erase most traces of a culture once they cease to exist. A matter of a hundred years would weather down and cover up most structures. I think there are definite indications of upkeep and current activity. I have an image of what I think are roads. Even in the Midwest the wagon trails of the past are still visible, but are being covered up by vegetation and sand. The objects on Mars seem old and yet some are still fairly sharp in definition indicating a fairly recent history. I do think that Mars is connected to our own past and may indeed be a branch of human existence, and possibly part alien also.

The architecture seems even more advanced than earth in some instances and some are old like the Mayan, Aztec, Egyptian and other ancient tombs and block structures. Thanks to Norman Bryden

Solar Radiation, Meteors and Bizarre Weather

Solar radiation is very intense right now and you should be careful at the amount of time you spend in the sun. Sunspot activity is high.

Our Sun is at sun spot #652. That leaves only 14 till #666. The suns activity is a major contributor to Bizarre Weather Worldwide. Extreme weather continues to strike Philippines, Taiwan, southern China, India, Edmonton, Canada, Japan and right here in Medford, New Jersey where twelve dams broke when a foot of water fell on our area in a few hours. Edmonton, Alberta, experienced a hailstorm burying parts of the city under tons of ice. This weekend unusually heavy waves hit the Atlantic coast after M-Class flares exploded on the sun. Watch the sun for bad weather on Earth.

Unusually warm weather is reported in Alaska. If it continues violent weather will likely follow in early autumn.

Spain to Attack Asteroids

The European Space Agency has given high priority to a Spanish project which aims to attack an approaching asteroid to see whether spacecraft can deflect a body that may in future be on a collision course with earth. Two craft will set out — one named after the valiant knight of Cervantes’ classic tale, Don Quixote, the other after his long-suffering servant Sancho Panza. Spacecraft Sancho will circle the chosen asteroid while the other smashes headlong into the target. The orbiting Sancho and earth-based telescopes will watch closely to see what, if any, effect the impact has on the speed and direction of the asteroid. If all goes to plan, the Quixote mission could launch around 2010.

Outer Space: Not So Lifeless After All

Robert C. Cowen reports, “Astronomers now think of our galaxy as a vast reactor for biologically significant organic chemistry.” Materials that could jump-start organic growth have shown up in interstellar dusty planet-forming discs around many stars. These findings fuel an increasingly strong suspicion that the raw material of planet Earth was primed for life. The infrared-sensing eyes of NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope made the latest discovery.

As NASA recently announced, Dan Watson and William Forrest at the University of Rochester in New York found “significant amounts of icy organic materials” around five young stars in Spitzer data. Water, methanol, and carbon dioxide coat dust particles around the constellation Taurus.

Scientists are looking forward to the return in January 2006 of the Stardust spacecraft, which has captured dust from Comet Wild 2, that may contain organic material.

New York – Flying Triangle

HUDSON RIVER – The witness was on a boat on the Hudson River and observed a very bright light on the northwest horizon on July 3, 2004. The light was ten times brighter than Jupiter so he picked up his binoculars to look at it. It seemed to be stationary for a couple of minutes. It started to move toward our location at a very high rate of speed. A jet liner travels through the sky at 600 mph. This object moved at least ten times that speed. It covered the whole visible sky, north to south in about ten seconds. The witness states, “As it flew over I was looking at it with binoculars and could see the bottom that was a perfect triangle, with a dim row of lights under each edge.” It was very high up. It must have been very large. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Pennsylvania – Moving White Dot

TIPTON — On the evening of July 5, 2004 while looking through binoculars at the evening stars at 10 PM, the observer noticed a white dot in motion. He states, “It was not an airplane as I had just seen a small aircraft with red blinking wing lights just before observing the white dot moving. I watched it through binoculars for about a half minute. It was not a meteor streak, but was moving in a line, not darting up or down, but just moving from my left to my right. It may have been a satellite but was in my opinion definitely not an aircraft as we know it to be seen at night.” Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

WASHINGTON DC – Bright Flash

Traveling south down 13th Street NW in Washington DC (a few blocks north of U street), I saw an amazing flash of white light explode off the ground from the horizon upwards into the air/space and disappear at 6:10 PM on July 17, 2004. The entire affair lasted about 1/4 of a second but I am confident I saw something – what it is that I saw, I have no idea. I am confident it was not some reflection off of the car window.

The size of the flash was quite narrow – if I had to guess the distance, it would be five to ten miles away from where we were driving. The size of the flash might be the equivalent of a nail in the wall viewed from five feet away. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Georgia – Bright Eye

DOUGLAS — On the morning of July 7th, 2004 while on a 4 AM, break at the local hospital, the witness noticed a very bright light glowing in the sky. The light appeared sort of orange and resembled an approaching helicopter. The light was stationary in one area for about 2 1/2 hours. He works at hospital security and watches the surveillance cameras at the facility, so he went inside and aimed the cameras skyward to see if he could get a better and closer view of the object. He states, “There appeared to be a bright circle with another circle inside of it.” I then focused the camera and the object appeared to glow outward from the center and had the appearance of a huge eye. The sky was clear and stars could easily be viewed. I took pictures of the object on the camera with my picture phone. I don’t know if this is a UFO or a natural phenomenon of some sort, but I am definitely sure it was not an airplane or manmade craft. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Ohio – Unidentified Light

CLEVELAND – The witness noticed an object around 8:30 PM, on July 7, 2004, when he noticed an object flying in a pattern not common to commercial flights. Seldom do they fly northwest to southeast. It looked as if it was flying around 40,000 feet, in a straight line. As clouds passed in front of the object, I expected it to reappear on the other side…but nothing ever emerged. The viewing only lasted about 8-10 seconds before it vanished. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

FOSTORIA — George Ritter captured two cylinder like objects moving at high speed above a nearby farm on July 14, 2004.

Indiana – Light

MADISON — An adult male reported to NUFORC, that three orange lights had been seen, and video-taped, near the Madison Regatta on Saturday night, July 3, 2004. The witness reported that he had been at the regatta, when he, and a number of other witnesses, witnessed three “orange balls of light” move across the sky. One light separated itself from the other two, and landed on a nearby hilltop. The witness identified himself as a law enforcement employee, and stated that he did not want to get involved in the case. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Louisiana – Glowing Green Rocket

MONROE –The witness was heading to work on Interstate 20 West near Bayou Lafourche on July 7, 2004, when he saw a glowing green, rocket-shaped object at 9:05 PM. It was at about a thirty degree angle directly in front of me. He states, “As quickly as I fixed my eyes on it, the object appeared to gain speed and change in color from green to a bright orange and a tail of fire developed. The tail glowed momentarily in a long strand and then faded out. This object was traveling out of the south, and appeared to be on a course to strike the ground a couple of miles to the east of the Monroe airport. I kept waiting for an explosion, but none came, so I cannot say without a doubt that it landed.” Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

GRANBY — The witnesses were walking from the pool to the Jacuzzi when they noticed a star brighter than an inner solar system planet, that was growing in brightness and size on July 16, 2004 at 11:30 PM. In about 2 or 3 seconds it was almost half as large as full moon and much brighter! It seemed to pulsate at a low visual frequency and had blackish blotches or stripes by the outer edges. Suddenly it flew 130 degrees backwards and to the south and upward. It dimmed and shrunk and transformed into a bluish white haze or mist and vanished. There was no sound during this five-second UFO sighting. We were both amazed. My wife and the other couple had seen what we had from a different angle. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Colorado – Star in Daytime Sky

ENGLEWOOD – A stationary star like point of light was observed in the daylight sky at 1:40 PM, in the Denver-area on July 7, 2004, almost directly overhead. I ran inside to grab my binoculars and scanned the sky to see if it had moved to another location. The observer states, “I located it substantially east of the original location, but again, appearing stationary. (Later I checked the current weather report and found that the wind was coming from the north, so apparently the object was not simply drifting in the wind.) I sighted it through the binoculars and it appeared to be a single, round, whitish object. As I watched it for a couple of minutes, sometimes with the naked eye and sometimes through the binoculars, it remained almost motionless. Then SUDDENLY, it took off heading to the south very quickly — erasing any suspicion I had that it may be a balloon. Whereas I had been holding the binoculars steady, I now had a hard time keeping up with the object. A starlike object was also seen again later that evening at about 7 PM. The object gave the impression of being very, very high in the sky and of reflecting the sunlight, as it faded in intensity as the clouds approached. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Nevada – Bright White Circle

SPARKS – The witness was in his room with the blinds shut July 5, 2004, at 11 PM, when an outside white light appeared pretty bright. I open the blinds and saw that it looked like a star. I compared it to other stars but this one was much brighter and lower. I went and got my relatives. It started out pretty bright, it dimmed, it flashed red. It then looked like it was moving north, but then it looked like it was coming towards us for like ten seconds, then went north. It was moving pretty slow, and then picked up speed and disappeared.

Wyoming – Minuteman UFO

F.E. WARREN AFB — June 1975 – June 1976, an Air Force NCO states, “I worked in Keys and Codes, which issued codes for authorized access to the unmanned Minuteman missiles.” Keys and Codes was located within Central Security Control (CSC). One night a missile launch crew reported to CSC that alarms were going off at a Minuteman silo located about three miles away on a rise from the launch center. Minuteman missile silos were unmanned and a launch center controlled ten missiles. Topside from the launch center, the Security Police response team could see a bright white object lighting up the country side and hovering over the silo. The security team refused to respond. CSC asked the launch crew what they thought about the situation and the SP refusal to respond. The launch crew states they would get back to CSC and hung up. CSC told the SP supervisor at the launch center to call back and let them know what they decided to do. We never heard back from them during the remainder of our shift. Maintenance crews reported seeing big foot tracks in the snow walking around the fence line of the silos. Security Police reported colored balls of light drifting through their sleeping quarters at the launch center sites during the night. At that time, Wyoming was experiencing cattle mutilations in the area. Security Police missile patrols reported several times that they had seen helicopters at night sitting on the ground with no lights on and their engines running. These sightings were reported to the local country sheriff’s offices, but nothing was ever found. As for Davis-Monthan, nothing ever happened while I was assigned there. Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

New Mexico – Roswell Crash Correction

Last week Wireless Flash Weird News reported in these files, “In an ending similar to that of Geraldo Riviera’s Al Capone vault special, a team of investigators who dug up a field near Roswell, New Mexico, found no evidence to prove the 1947 UFO crash.”

Tom Carey responds, “While I’m sure that Mr. Wireless Flash is on top of all things Roswellian, how can you go with such clap-trap without at least trying to check some things out first? The debris field/crash site to those who have been there hasn’t moved one inch since 1947 – no matter what people who have never been there [including yourself] say. Unknown artifacts from the 2002 dig were found including evidence of a past impact [right where it was said to have been] at the site which eliminates the Air Force’s and debunkers’ balloon explanation of the 1947 event. How does that translate in your column into, “Nothing was found.”? And I have Gen. Exon on audio tape telling me that the crash sites [he could see two of them from his aircraft] were SE of Corona – not NW as you state in your column. Thanks to Tom Carey Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

Larry Landsman writes, “Not sure what Wireless Flash is but they obviously did not read the book!” Totally contrary to this story, Bill Doleman of the Univ of NM did in fact find evidence of a gouge. We haven’t been able to go back yet to do more testing. Is there some way to issue a correction? This sounds like an effort to debunk the effort!! Thanks to Larry Landsman Director, Special Projects SCI FI Channel

Editor’s Note – – When I visited the debris and crash sites near Corona, the information provided to me was that there were two distinct crash sites. First, there was the shredded wreckage debris site at the Foster Ranch where only small pieces possibly from an explosion were found. A second or actual crash site was where the main body of the craft and bodies were located. A possible gouge in the ground at the debris site may indicate that the spacecraft hit the ground, bounced, and became airborne again and continued to fly until it reached its final resting place. UFOs are generally reported as flying at thousands of miles per hour, so it is logical to assume that a large distance was covered between the debris site and the final location of the craft. Reportedly it was sitting at the base of a large hill or arroyo.

In the book “The UFO Crash at Roswell” by Randle and Schmitt, General Exon states,”(It was) probably part of the same accident, but (there were) two distinct sites. One, assuming that the thing, as I understand it, as I remember flying the area later, that the damage to the vehicle seemed to be coming from the southeast to the northwest, but it could have been in the opposite direction, but it doesn’t seem likely. So the farther northwest pieces found on the ranch, those pieces were mostly metal.” When asked about the bodies, he said, “There was another location where … apparently the main body of the spacecraft was … where they did say there were bodies. . . ” Page 110.

Friedman and Berliner in their book “Crash at Corona” state, “Even the limited evidence from the Corona area strongly suggests there were three separate crash sites: the so called debris field on the Foster Ranch where so much scrap was found by Brazel and then collected by Marcel and Cavitt, a site several miles away, where the main body of the craft lay, and a site a mile or two of that where the bodies were found in or near what Glenn Dennis has described as “escape capsules.” Page 112

I have always maintained that a crash of an alien craft most likely occurred in New Mexico in 1947, and that the debris site is not the crash site. I hope you are able to find some definitive evidence to help prove that the crash occurred. I’m always happy to report on any evidence that might be found.

California – Triangle Stars

KINGSBURG – Three friends were stargazing on July 8, 2004, when they noticed an unusual formation like stars, but they were traveling in a equally shaped small triangle form. They were lights, nothing visible to the eye in the formation, just black. It traveled for about five minutes or so when two of the ends of the triangle started to fade away. The formation started to slow down, and the two corners of the formation disappeared and the final end left stopped and stayed still. Almost trying to blend in with the stars.

SHAFTER – The witness was at work at a LPG Refinery and was walking across the plant when he noticed a disc or Saucer shaped object hovering off in the distance almost a mile away on July 17, 2004. The disc was only about 3,000 ft in the air or less. It glowed or reflected the midday sun, but with a noticeably dark shadow at the bottom of the object. He moved towards the object and noticed that after a few minutes it flew in a northwest direction directly away from him It never changed direction although it did change reflectivity but shadow of the underneath didn’t. The day before he had another sighting of a completely different object but with four other witnesses. I had a strange feeling that it was observing the refinery.

Washington – Flying Triangle

SEATTLE – I spoke with Peter Davenport who met with the witness, and found him to be exceptionally credible. The witness states, ” I was out in front of my daughter’s home in Seattle June 20th, about 11:15 PM the summer solstice in full effect, so the sky was illuminated dimly, clear sky. I was talking to my wife and daughter when I tilted my head back to stretch, and this triangular shape craft was moving from south to north direction, quietly, without much effort. I witnessed it for about 3 seconds, then it went behind the house and I lost contact. It was triangular in shape with a black leading edge, and lighter gray color inboard, with dim white lights at each corner of the lighter gray surface, I don’t know what its elevation was, but I could see very good detail, about the size of 3/4 full moon. This machine was mechanically and materially beautiful, I have seen up close and in flight all kinds of aircraft, such as F-14s,F-15 Eagles, F-16 Falcons, B-1s, B-2s, B-52s, B-58 Hustlers, SR-71s, but this craft sent chills up my spine, because of its triangular shape, mechanical and composite beauty. I do believe this is very similar to the Belgium sightings in the 1990’s that I have seen and read about. I knew what it was the second I saw it.

Thanks to Peter Davenport Director Drawing by witness

Argentina – Bright UFOs Appear

BUENOS AIRES — On Monday, July 5, 2004, at 7 p.m., “several self-luminous UFOs, of a potent magnitude with blue and white tints, flew from the east, the Rio de la Plata, to the northeast, over the Avenida Nueve de Julio. According to Argentinean ufologist Ricardo E. D’Angelo, “numerous objects” were seen in the northern part of the city, “from the dome of El Congreso (the Capitol building–J.T.) all the way north to the RioParana. I received reports from other ufologists in the northern part of the city, notably Carlos Turus and Daniel Valverdi, and they reported the bright objects over both the Rio de la Plata waterfront and the residential neighborhoods of Santa Fe. They described the event as ‘a truly strange phenomenon.'” (Muchas gracias a Ricardo E. D’ Angelo para estas noticias and UFO Roundup, Joseph Trainor Editor Vol 9 #28, 7/14/04 )

England – Milk Hill Bee Formation

ALTON BARNES – On June 26th 2004, a bee like crop circle symbol was found in a farmer’s field that looks like it is trying to fly towards the White Horse on Milk Hill. The symbol has wings indicating an ability to fly and was located quite near the large cut out of a White Horse carving in white chalk on Milk Hill. We can speculate that the architects of the crop circle were trying to communicate a message to us that includes the bee and the horse? There are numerous megalithic sites in the area that are visited regularly by UFOs indicating an unusual interest in the area. I chased a UFO over the area myself when in the Air Force. The symbol looks like a bee and an indication of flight. It is not generally known, but bees have the ability to communicate with each other. When a bee returns to the hive he will move in circles and communicate a path to specific flowers so other bees may collect the pollen. They transfer the location of the flowers that may be miles away by an intricate communication system, so the other bees in the hive can go to the source of the nectar. Using the nectar the bees make honey which is in Greek mythology the drink of the Gods.

A horse is often used as a symbol of conquest or famine. Although we can only speculate what message was being sent by the creator of the crop circle we can turn to the Bible for one possibility. Revelations indicates Jesus will return riding a white horse from heaven bringing an Army riding white horses for the battle of Armageddon followed by a world of peace and a land of milk and honey.

The symbol also looks like the famous Hermetic symbol – the Caduceus that is used as an international symbol for medicine and healing. Alien entities are often reported to carry a rod or wand that allegedly heals. Many abductees claimed to have been healed with the magic rod or wand.

This crop circle may be trying to give us some sort of directions. Silbury Hill is to the north, Tan Hill and Wansdyke to the west, the Vale of Pewsey to the south and Adam’s Grave and Rybury Hill to the southwest.

The fields around this site are riddled with ancient earthworks, long barrows and Iron Age cross-dykes. See more great photos and unravel the symbols: Thanks to Steve Alexander Image Copyright 2004

CAMBRIDGESHIRE — The conditions were excellent: blue skies, with a few sizable white clouds making an appearance on July 6, 2004, at around 11:45 AM. The witness noticed a single bright “dot” in the sky. Through binoculars, the object appeared oblong-shaped, with luminous sides that alternately glowed then dimmed as it continued to travel slowly along in a strange tumbling-like motion. The object also wasn’t a balloon, as it appeared to stop for 20 seconds or so before moving on.

The object was proceeding in a westerly direction, until two USAF tanker planes appeared close by from the south, at around 20,000 feet. The object then changed direction, gliding slowly about the sky in it’s strange, tumbling motion. I continued to watch the object through binoculars until it was directly overhead as a light aircraft, passed under the object at around 5,000 feet. I eventually lost sight of the object in a big cloud. The object has an odd plasma-like, quasi-organic appearance.

Polish – Military Will Shoot at UFOs

According to the Polish Newspaper Fakt military personnel have command to shoot down UFOs. Captain Adam Krysiewicz from Naval Forces said today to journalist from newspaper Fakt .

They report that the number of UFO objects seen this year on radars is exceptionally high. Thanks to Tomek Wierszaloveicz

Israel – Four Strange Lights

JAFFA/TEL AVIV – The witness reports that, “Just before 10 PM, my spouse and I were on the patio, 12 stories above the street on July 7, 2004. I noticed two lights about 2,000 feet above Jaffa Port, which is located three miles south of us. The light had pink and blue pale color, and did not move, and dimmed before disappearing! One light was at 12 o’clock the other at 6 o’clock position, moved very slowly to a 1 and 7 o’clock position, got dimmer and disappeared and immediately one appeared hundreds of feet above where the first two were. Over time that light dimmed and another two appeared, one of those dimmed and disappeared then the second disappeared. During this of 45 minute episode, a small four passenger plane flew past our location, on the coast heading south toward Jaffa, where lights would be visible to pilot. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

India – Three Discs

Steve Walters AUSTRALIA UFO RESEARCH (NSW) received a report from Swati Sharma that on July 5, 2004, at 9:32 p.m., he saw three disc-like objects rotating rapidly and moving forward with a great speed. They were very high and were a dim red-color light. I rushed for my camera but they disappeared. I am from Sharanpur which is a small city in Uttar Pradesh, India. The disc like objects were probably UFOs. I wanted to share my information as it might be of great help to you. Thanks to Swati Sharma in India and Steve Walters AUSTRALIA UFO RESEARCH (NSW)


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