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Although accounts of humanoids piloting flying saucers go back many decades, this scenario was not initially publicized widely and soon forgotten by the general public. In 1952 radio newsman Frank Edwards startled the listeners with an interview with William Squyres, who observed a UFO with occupants over Pittsburg, Kansas in 1952. A little over a decade later the UFO occupant scenario began evolving to cover alien abductions and very strange creatures. This compilation deals with humanoid encounters that did not result in known alien abductions which are available on an earlier compilation CE lV

Track Listing

01: Silas Newton relates the crash of a UFO with humanoids at Aztec, NM in 1948. This is most likely a complete hoax as current research seems to indicate. Silas Newton’s background is certainly not sterling – 00:24:00

02: Richard Squyres of Pittsburgh, KS reported observing humanoids in a flying saucer on August 25, 1952. He is interviewed on the telephone by newsman, Frank Edwards. For all intents and purposes, this report is the beginning of the humanoid reports – 00:02:54

03: Dr. Adolph G. Dittmar interviews a Hemmingsford, Ontario, CN family regarding their encounter with a flying saucer on August 28, 1954. Although not exactly a humanoid case, it does contain elements of disinformation and is a CE III – 00:28:52

04: The Antonio Villas-Boas CE III case is discussed by researcher Dr. Olavo Fontes at a 1966 NICAP meeting. Although considered one of the first alien abduction cases, it is more a CE lll encounter with humanoids, since Villas-Boas was not technically abducted, but did interact sexually with a female alien – 00:18:00

05. Mr. and Mrs. John Trasco of Everittsville, PA are interviewed by Jules St. Germain, et. al., regarding his encounter with a putty-faced humanoid wearing a tam o’shanter, who was attempting to steal Trasco’s dog, on November 6, 1957 – 01:10:30

06: Willy Ley gives a short lecture on what aliens may look like at the May 23, 1958 Civilian Saucer Intelligence – NY symposium – 00:21:30

07: Isabel David, CSI-NY board member, is interviewed regarding aliens by Walter McGraw at Howard Menger’s 1st East Coast Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention in Lebanon, NJ on November 28, 1958 – 00:03:58

08: Fr. William Booth Gill lectures in the UK regarding his observation of flying saucers and humanoids at Papua, New Guinea in 1959 – 00:44:00

09: Infamous Pancake Encounter of April 18, 1964, when Joseph Simonton of Eagle River, NJ, talked to aliens, who shared their meal with him. He is interviewed on radio regarding his encounter – 00:17:00

10: Radio interview with Gary Wilcox of Newark Valley, NY, who visited with aliens on his farm for several hours. Listen carefully and you will hear Wilcox’s cows mooing behind him – 00:06:25

11: Socorro, NM police officer Lonnie Zamora is interviewed by Walter Strode regarding his encounter with a UFO and two humanoids on April 25, 1964 – 00:12:15

12: Robert Sandler encounters a humanoid at Otis AFB in September, 1964. He is interviewed by Don Berliner in 1977 – 00:25:42

13. Infamous Bow and Arrow Encounter of September 5, 1964 at Cisco Grove, CA. Donald Schrum is interviewed regarding his encounter with robotic aliens while hunting. He shot several of the creatures with his bow and arrows. He is interviewed by Lt. Col. Robert Friend of Project Blue Book. 00:10:30

14: Bill Hurtski, Cochrane, Alberta, CN, details his close encounter in October, 1966 – 00:27:30

15: On March 28, 1967, David Morris of Ohio, observes humanoids and runs over one of them with his car – 00:07:00

16: Stanley Orr of Neufield, NY, describes the inside of a flying saucer on October 13, 1967. This interview was shared with the Condon Committee. George Earley gives background to the interview – 00:17:46

17: Stan Gordon gives a telephone update regarding the UFO/Hairy Biped sightings in Pennsylvania to Larry Moyers of the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee of Akron, OH in 1973 – 00:19:59

18: Earley Patterson of Euphora, KS is interviewed on October 17,1973 by Jack King, regarding his close encounter – 00:27:45

19: Walter Andrus lectures on UFO Entities at Hal Starr’s UFO 79 Symposium in November, 1974 – 00:50:00

20: A UFO witness in Brownstown, IL relates his encounter and took photographs. He is interviewed by Robert Gribble of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, WA on January 5, 1975 – 00:12:40

21: A young Washington State woman undergoes hypnosis after an encounter she and her family had during the return from a camping trip. Alien contact in the form of green eyes and taking over the control of a car, but the time as well. Date of encounter was September 20, 1975 – 00:26:52

22: Mountlake, WA encounter from a young man who suffered nightmares after his encounter with a UFO and its occupants on September 25, 1975. 18:45

23: Encounter with a large hairy biped by a Tacoma, WA man on October 3, 1975 – 00:07:52

24: Sam Cox encounters a silver alien in a UFO while driving near Kent, OH on May 12, 1976. He is interviewed by Larry Moyers of the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee of Akron, Ohio – 00: 40:08

25: Lost in the mountains of Colorada an Arlington, VA man recounts his experience with UFOs, gypsies and distorted time. Interviewed by Robert Gribble of the National UFO Reporting Center on June 30, 1976 – 00:11:07

26: Leonard Stringfield gives a talk regarding UFO occupants and crash retrievals at the May 27, 1977 Cleveland Ufology Project’s annual banquet – 01:09:45

27: Dr. Frank Salisbury, Ted Bloecher and Curtis Fuller discuss Encounters with UFO Beings in 1977 – 01:14:47

28: A Yukon, OK man encounters a UFO and aliens on August 1, 1978. He is interviewed by Robert Gribble of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington – 00:08:00

29: CE lll encounter with UFO occupants near Manton, CA on August 19, 1978. Witness is interviewed by Robert Gribble – 00:11:21

30: Robert Estes encounters a UFO and its occupant near Souix City, IA on September 14, 1978. He is interviewed by Robert Gribble – 00:08:33

31: Bryn Mawr, PA man encounters a UFO and its occupants on December 11, 1978. He is interviewed by Robert Gribble. – 00:08:49

32: Alien encounter at Klamath Falls, OR on January 9, 1979. Witness interviewed by Robert Gribble – 00:08:10

33: Kingman, AZ man encounters a UFO and occupants and reports it to Luke AFB. Major Jenson, USAF, contacts Robert Gribble at the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, WA, regarding the case and Gribble interviews the witness on January 9, 1979 – 00:17:03

34: Climax Springs, MO man observes a UFO and its occupants. He is interviewed by Robert Gribble on December 12, 1987 – 00:27:28

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