July 1959 : Alor Islands, East Nusa Tenggara

Location: Alor Islands, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Date: July, 1959

Approach Direction: see the detail

Departure Direction: see the detail

Witness Direction: see the detail

Description: This incident was happened in July 1959, in Alor Islands area which located at northern of East Nusa Tenggara province in Indonesia. Alwi Alnadad, a retired policeman told the story. He was the head of police office in Alor islands area when it happened. He said there were six aliens who came to the area. They have long arms, wavy silver-color-hair, and some of them have beard. They wore blue clothes with high collar, belt with some gray cylindric stick and shoes that look like black military boot. Some inhabitants said that they searched for something. A report said that a six-year-old kid was kidnapped and be returned in confuse in some field area.

Finally, some policemen waited and soon met with them. The police then shooted them (around 13 metres at distance) but they realized none of them were bleed, nor dead body found. It was strange cause the police shooted them in a very near distance. The police only found some trees were fall down and some footprints which ended in around five metres and then disappear.

After the incident, some inhabitants reported that they saw an oval white-glowing unidentified flying object flew fast over the sea. The object flew from west to east.

Color/Shape: oval, white-glowing

Height & Speed: see the detail

TV/Radio/Press: Source book: Salatun, J. (1982). UFO: Salah Satu Masalah Dunia Masa Kini {UFO: One of World Problem in Present Day). Jakarta, Yayasan Idayu (Idayu Foundation), page 49-51.

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