July 3rd/4th(?) 1999 : Jardim das Piranhas, Rio Grande do Norte

UFO in the Rio Grande do Norte

Thiago Ticchetti

The Diario de Natal Newspaper released on july 06, that a UFO was filmed. The place was the city of Jardim das Piranhas, Rio Grande do Norte.

Amateur film producer taped a strange object in the Jardim das Piranhas.

Ricardo Rilley Cavalcantede Oliveira, 32 years old, resident at the Pedro Araújo Street, has his attention attracted when he left his house, at 08:00pm, on Saturday and used his camera to record a special scene.

The young man, who works with the filming of weddings, commented with some friends and soon the news spread, causing the exhibition at the public square in the city on Sunday evening.

At the same night, the phenomenon repeated stronger.

“I see the stars very small, but that object is the size of 20 stars”.

We can see the colors only in the tape.

“It was just a shine, like a fluorescent light. It was blue at that time, and then became reddish”, said the cameraman.

Ricardo Rilley sad that the object was like a plate and below a trace like a ruler.

The sighting lasted 10 minutes and the camera’s battery became low.

“When I came back with a new one, the object was gone”.

“Yesterday, Sunday, I filmed again, but it appeared higher, then the people saw me filming and they came to see. Everybody saw it.

The object was more shiny and I could tape better.

The young cameraman sad that the thing was a white orb and them became red, with a green circle around the hole, that changed it’s colors.

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For the most part Bennewitz received form-letter replies, but Air Force investigators paid him a visit, as did Bill Moore, author of the first book on the Roswell incident. Before long Moore — then a new force in civilian UFO research — was tapped by a group of intelligence agents and a deal was struck: Moore was to keep tabs on Bennewitz while the Air Force ran a psychological profile and disinformation campaign on the unsuspecting physicist. In return, Air Force Intelligence would let Moore in on classified UFO material.

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