Lecturers & Performers

Lecturers & Performers

This section of the UFOINFO site gives contact information
for lecturers and performers with brief details of the talks
or performances they give.

Additions and corrections can be sent via an Online Submission

United Arab Emirates

  •  Raj

United Kingdom

  •  Derek A Jones
  •  Neil Nixon
  •  Malcolm Robinson


  •  Dennis G. Balthaser
  •  Frank Feschino Jr.
  •  George Filer
  •  Neil Freer
  •  Stanton T. Friedman
  •  Michael Horn
  •  Margie Kay
  •  Ted Phillips
  •  Fred Saluga
  •  Jilaen Sherwood
  •  Paul Stonehill
  •  John L. Tenney
  •  Noe Torres
  •  David E. Twichell
  •  Sherry Wilde