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Britains’ Small Wars

A Site detailing the involvement of British forces in the colonial and post war conflicts 1945-2005.

Caithness GlassHyperRust Never Sleeps

The Unofficial Neil Young Pages

John Fogerty

The official website of John Fogerty former Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman. John was CCR!

John Ludi

The official website of John Ludi: “musician, writer, social/political critic, and paranormal researcher.”

Lucas Consulting

Established in 1996, Lucas Consulting are a niche recruitment consultancy working within the ERP Systems arena with particular emphasis on financial systems and business intelligence solutions.

We work with clients seeking to leverage the most from their investment in IT by assisting them to source individuals with a deep understanding of the complexities of modern finance systems.

With so many years in the marketplace we’ve built a trusted network of contacts and our strength lies in identifying and qualifying candidates that seamlessly combine finance and business skills with technology expertise. Typically our candidates are best described as IT & finance hybrids.

Neil Young

The Official site with news, music and video.

Sacred Sites: Places of Peace and Power

Sacred sites are the most loved and visited places on planet earth. Since prehistoric times they have exerted a mysterious attraction on billions of pilgrims from every region and religion. These holy places have the power to heal the body, enlighten the mind, and awaken the soul. Anthropologist Martin Gray spent 20 years as a wandering pilgrim to study and artistically photograph 1000 sacred sites in 80 countries. This web site features Martin’s sacred art photographs and shows the location of sacred places and pilgrimage shrines around the world.