MISHUMCAT – MISSING HUMANOID SIGHTING REPORTSCompiled byAlbert Rosalesgaruda79@att.net

Albert Rosales: garuda79@att.net

Albert Rosales: garuda79@att.net

This is a preliminary list of cases missing or otherwise not found but known to have been documented or reported in which humanoids of one form or another were encountered. Most of these cases are from private researchers and other organizations that prefer not to share their information and keep these files “secret” adding to the “cover up” element of UFO and related matters study. Any information on the following cases would be greatly appreciated and is my sincere opinion that it will help future researchers of the paranormal and other pertinent matters. Many might just be rumors and hearsay information but still important in the overall picture. Information on any of the below listed cases please forward to garuda79@att.net Thank you.

Albert S. Rosales

The Below cases are from the files of one of the original UFO researchers David Webb:

And are also needed:

The Next group is from the files of the Argentine group “Proyecto CATENT”

This following rather lengthy list is from the files of the Italian Organization “CISU”

Italian Ce3 cases that I need.

And last but not least, Polish cases needed:

An incomplete list to be sure but maybe a start for total cooperation between researchers.

Thank You

Albert S Rosales

Please send all feedback, including reports of new cases direct to Albert Rosales at: garuda79@att.net

Additional cases from UFO DNA (possibly from UFOCAT)

Please see the Humanoid Sighting Reports Index for a list of all reports on UFOINFO together with an introduction and explanation of the Type of Close Encounter Classifications.

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