The Jinn from a Scientific(?) Viewpoint

By Chris Line, FSR Consultant

Flying Saucer Review
Vol. 34 No. 4

December Quarter, 1989

Article reproduced on UFOINFO with the permission of
Flying Saucer Review.

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This article came about as a result of a discussion concerning the nature of the JINN, and their apparent activity in the UFO and psychic fields.

The assumption that underlines the following viewpoint is that the Jinns are beings which dwell on a parallel level to man, but due to their existing at a different vibratory rate, they are not normally visible to us or detectable by us.

In spite of this invisibility, when UFO events or psychic events occur, there are often changes in an energy that we can measure – and this is the electro-magnetic spectrum.

This article, then, is an attempt to bring together (1): observed effects associated with UFOs and with psychic events; (2) traditional “occult” wisdom; and (3) contemporary scientific knowledge.

Our starting point is with the traditions of Islam, and, in particular, the Qur’an, which contains some quantity of information of a metaphysical nature, a proportion of which deals with the Jinn. This material is summarized in Gordon Creighton’s article, “A Brief Account of the True Nature of the UFO Entities”, published originally in FSR 29/1 (October 1983) and reprinted in FSR 33/3 (September 1988).

The Jinn and the Infra-red

In that article, the Jinn are described as having “bodies of essential flame”,1 or “smokeless flame”,2 or “smokeless fire”.

In the same article by the Editor, ANGELS are described ( according to the Qur’an) as having bodies of light.3 Since they are generally invisible to us, and also for reasons which I will put forward later, I would suggest that the Angels’ bodies are of an invisible energy from the opposite end of the spectrum, i.e. – the ultra-violet.

Before I get too involved with technical discussions, I would just like to point out that there is another well known Islamic book that also deals extensively with our unseen neighbours. In fact one might call it a manual of mankind’s interaction with the Jinn! And this is “THE ONE THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS”,4 or “ARABIAN NIGHTS”.

Why did UFOs Appear En Masse in 1947?

One of the questions that often crop up in the UFO field is: “Why did UFOs start to appear in great numbers, around and after 1947?”

Although plenty of UFOs were undoubtedly seen long before the year 1947, it does seem that something may have provoked their increased activity, and increased appearances, at that time.

Well now – an interesting answer to our question has been provided by the New Zealander Trevor James Constable in his second book, “The Cosmic Pulse of Life”, in which he states that UFOs began to appear in numbers around the time when man started to use Radar. Or – to put it another way – the UFOs began to appear around the time when man started to fill the Earth’s atmosphere with microwave radiation.5

Since the use of Radar became commonplace throughout the world shortly after World War II, the dates certainly coincide, and, if we look at the nature of Radar – bearing in mind that the Jinn may possess bodies of infra-red – then we can certainly see a good reason for their becoming concerned!

Microwave radiation is just below infra-red in the electro-magnetic spectrum (i.e. – just above Radio waves) – therefore our projection of microwaves into the Earth’s atmosphere may well disrupt, or disturb, the bodies of the Jinn and the medium in which they live and dwell.

How the Jinn Materialize

In the Islamic texts it is stated that the Jinn are able to materialize or disappear at will. This would imply one of three things:- (!) They have control over the matter that we consider to be “everyday reality”; (2) They have control over certain aspects of our own psyche, and can create in us the subjective experience of matter; (3) They can create illusions of an external and very realistic nature in the same way that we create holograms. It is possible that this last suggestion includes the first.

The reason for this is as follows:-

A Blueprint for all Matter?

Various researchers on the cutting edge of nuclear physics (i.e. Paul Davies) and also in the border-line medical field (i.e. Harry Oldfield)6 have speculated that there exists a kind of blueprint for physical beings and physical materials – this may be an electro-magnetic lattice or hologram which tells each atom r molecule what to do and where to go.

The reason for this kind of speculation is that our present knowledge of natural control systems is unable to explain the degree of specialization that many atoms/molecules/cells exhibit.

The Mysterious “Crashed Discs”

Suppose, then, that the Jinn were able to construct and to destroy electronic blueprints, and suppose, further, that, once set up, a blueprint will attract to it, from our environment, the necessary minerals, gases, etc., in order to make up the corresponding physical form. When the blueprint is removed or destroyed, the physical form will disintegrate or “return to dust”.

This may provide an explanation for the physical reality of the crashed discs, whilst still allowing that they are actually of etheric origin.

Jinn may function on Two Levels?

In ascribing intelligent behaviour to the Jinn, it must be accepted that they have at least two levels of functioning – i.e. (1) the body of electromagnetic energy, and (2) a psyche of some finer energy. This might be called “etheric”, or possibly “astral”, in the Western Occult Tradition.) The reason why I am unsure about this terminology is that it may well be the case that the term “etheric”, as used, is a traditional, empirical description of the electromagnetic environment which surrounds us. Therefore the psychology of the Jinn would have to be on what we call the “Astral Level”.

Here I think it necessary to clear up a misunderstanding which often occurs with regard to the term “Ether” or “Etheric”.

The Etheric Level

In the Western Occult Tradition, the “Etheric” is described as the innermost of a series of “bands” around the Earth, penetrating deep into the Planet, and reaching to a certain height in the Atmosphere. Higher above that in the Atmosphere is the “Astral”;7above that is the “Mental”8 – and so on, depending on which terminology you prefer to use.

At some point one of the unseen levels must be so expansive that it is – in fact – interplanetary. (This would perhaps be the “Spiritual” or “Casual” Level.)

Another use of the word “Ether”, which conflicts with the occult method of usage, is to employ it in order to describe the interplanetary medium.9 This application of it was used, up until the late 19th century, by astronomers and philosophers, but, as I have explained above, the “interplanetary medium” would in occult terminology probably be called the “Casual” or “Spiritual” Level.

Trevor Constable’s “They Live in the Sky”

Therefore problems can occur, as, for example, in Trevor J. Constable’s10 first book, “They Live in the Sky”,11 where the (apparently beneficent) contacting entities describe themselves as being “from the interplanetary Etheric”. Later in the same book, they are responsible for protecting Mr Constable from attack by a lower order of unseen entities which I would call “Etheric”, using the occult terminology to refer to the unseen “band” closest to the Earth.

Be it noted, therefore, that any reference in the present article holds to the usage of the term as employed in the Western Occult Tradition.

Having thus set out the basis of this idea concerning the nature of the Jinn, I would now like to bring in some corroborating examples from the field of Psychical Research.

Changes of Temperature and Psychic Phenomena

In the typical “Ghost experience”, a change in temperature is often felt around, or preceding, the appearance of the apparition.

Since, to my knowledge, our experience of heat is directly related to the amount of Infra-red present, then if an apparition were created by concentrating or converting localised electro-magnetic energy, one would expect there to be a drop in Infra-red (and probably other frequencies) around the phantom, – hence a drop in temperature?

Matthew Manning

Matthew Manning12 the British psychic, describes in his book “The Link”13 how, when he was sleeping in his boarding school dormitory, “poltergeist” activities would occur. On one such occasion a large red circle appeared on the wall, and it became very hot. This – it turned out – was a way of attracting his attention, used by the earth-bound spirit of a girl who had died some fifty years before in tragic circumstances.

The obvious inference is that the red circle that became hot (so hot in fact, that the people were afraid of a fire starting) was a concentration of Infra-red.

“Psychic Photographs”

There have been in the past many psychic and paranormal photographs. Many admittedly were probably fakes. However, a proportion remain which have been authenticated. In his book “Beyond the Spectrum”,14 Cyril Permutt surveys many of these photos and he describes the techniques required for securing paranormal psychic photography of this kind. He found that the best results could be secured with Infra-red, and this again would seem to bear out a theory which I will put forward in the following paragraphs.

The Earth’s atmosphere

Pursuing the idea of there being various different Planes in the unseen world, which surround the Earth, and pursuing also the thought that they might be connected with electromagnetic energy., I began an investigation of the Earth’s Atmosphere and it’s practical structure.

Putting it in a simplified form, it seems that High Energy Radiation (Cosmic Rays, etc.), from the Sun, penetrate right through the Earth’s atmosphere and are absorbed by the Earth, to be re-emitted as Infra-red, Radiation, producing most of the warmth that we experience. The Infra-red is kept in the lower part of the Atmosphere by clouds and by the Ionosphere (Ozone Layer) from which it is reflected.

“Infra-red” denizens could dwell inside Earth!

Lower-frequency Infra-red penetrates deep into the Earth. Consequently, if a being had a body of low-frequency Infra-red, it could live deep down inside the Earth, interpenetrating what we consider to be solid materiality.

The Ionosphere has – as is presently well publicised – another function: this is the reflection of Ultra-Violet coming from the Sun and hence reducing the amount of it that reaches us. Therefore it can be said that above the Ozone Layer there is a comparatively high level of Ultra-Violet and a low level of Infra-red, whilst below the Ozone Layer there is a much higher amount of Infra-red, but comparatively little Ultra-Violet.

The Angels dwell in Ultra-Violet

If we take the Islamic description of ANGELS15 as having bodies of Light, and if we ascribe this to the lighter or finer end of the spectrum (i.e. the Ultra-Violet), then we have an explanation for the age-old tradition that Angels live “in the clouds”, i.e., above the Ozone Layer, where Ultra-Violet prevails.

Lower-level creature inhabit Infra-red

This is why, I suspect, Cyril Permutt, author of “Beyond the Spectrum”, had greater success with his Infra-red photography, since we humans dwell in the Etheric, where Infra-red predominates. It must be comparatively rarely that the “FORCES OF LIGHT” come down and help us on our way. Conversely, of course, most “ghost experiences” occur in darkness or in dark places, from where the “Forces of Light” (Ultra-Violet) have receded.

From the “occult” point of view, as given in the Western as well as the Eastern Traditions, it may very well be that the upper limit of the so-called “Etheric Plane” is the Ozone Layer (Ionosphere), and that above and beyond this lies the “Astral”.

The tradition that unseen beings originate from different areas within the Etheric (i.e. Dense Etheric) may be explained by variations in frequency of Infra-red: i.e. Dense Etheric around 1012 Hz., and Finer Etheric nearer 1014 Hz., which would seem to imply that there should be a corresponding frequency gradient through the lower part of the Atmosphere, the frequency rising with the height above the Earth’s surface. (Whether this is a fact or not remains to be seen.)

At this point I would like to make it clear that, whilst it is possible that electro-magnetic energy is the medium of the Etheric, it is equally possible that electromagnetism interacts with a finer energy which is the true Etheric medium, but that it interacts in such a way as to be like a stain or indicator, showing the form of the unseen Etheric/Psychic energy.

Baron von Reichenbach

The German scientist Baron von Reichenbach16 wrote, in the last century, about what he called “the Odic Force”, visible to sensitives, and emanating from each end of a natural crystal, one end being OD POSITIVE (red and warm), and the other end producing OD NEGATIVE (light blue and cool). Could these be the Infra-red and Ultra-Violet respectively?

Trevor J. Constable17 suggests that if one looks through a red filter at ordinary daylight for some time and then looks at a living thing without the filter, the aura of that thing becomes visible for a short while. This information probably originates with the British Dr W.J. Kilner,18 who worked during the early part of this century on the human aura, employing magenta filters. Now, if the eye accommodates in the same way as our other senses do, then, after looking for some time through the red filter, it may begin to recalibrate the visual range, taking red as it were the usual light blue (of the sky in daylight). Hence, when the filter is removed, the usual range may, for a short while, extend down into the Infra-red.

Clairvoyant faculties

This latter idea brings up an interesting explanation for psychics like the Anthropologist Dr Rudolf Steiner,19 who are able to see into the Spiritual Realm. Suppose that for reasons of exceptional physiology (or possibly only of mental programming) they are able to perceive a greater range of frequencies than is normal, and can therefore see into the Infra-red and the Ultra-Violet realms?

In conclusion, I would like to bring a few points to the fore:-

Man’s pollution of both the material level
and the finer levels?

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, spurred on by 19th century Rationalism, we have been poisoning and disturbing life for other types of physical beings on this Planet. Perhaps with the harnessing and mass employment of electromagnetism, we have now started on yet a further stage, i.e., the poisoning and disturbing for a whole variety of beings dwelling on the subtler levels of this Planet?

If so, is it any surprise that many of them should be hostile towards us?

I see no reason to consider the lower unseen kingdom – i.e., the Lower Etheric – to be in any way different from the Animal Kingdom in which we ourselves live. Some of the animals here like us humans. Some of them hate us. And some are simply benign and objective.


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