The Magonia Database: Part 10: April 21st 1967 – November 22nd 1968

Apr. 21, 1967  South Hill (Virginia). Mr. Crowder was driving home
2100           when he saw an object on the road 70 m away. Sup-
               ported by four legs, it was a vertical cylinder, 5 m in
               diameter, with a half-sphere on top. It was gray and
               its base was 1 m above the pavement. When the
               witness turned his high beams on, the craft gave off
               a vertical light and vanished. The road burned for
               15 min. Mr. Martin, who lived nearby, also observed
               the light. Holes, traces of burns, and calcined matches
               were noted at the site. (Atic)
Apr. 26, 1967  Kitchener (Canada). Brian Dorscht saw a dark
2100           object, measuring 1 m in diameter and 1.5 m in height,
               with flashing green and white lights. When 1 m above
               ground, six legs came out, and it landed on a lawn
               near the National Grocers Company. The whirring
               sound the object was making stopped, and the wit-
               ness became afraid and ran away. Police found six
               prints at the site. (177; SS&S; Summer, 67)
Apr. 27, 1967  Green Lake (Wisconsin). Four boys with binoculars
2200           observed an object come lower with oscillating mo-
               tions, illuminating the woods 1 km away. It was conc-
               shaped, with a blue underside, and a top that changed
               from red to orange to white. (Atic)
May. 06, 1967  Durango (Mexico). A mechanical engineer and his
1100           daughter saw a disk-shaped object on the ground off
               a highway. They stopped the car and took three
               photos of the object as it was taking off. The first one
               showed the object at treetop level, the second showed
               it in flight, and the third photo missed the object.
               (Lor. III 65)
May. 07, 1967  Edmonton (Canada). Ricky Banyard, 14, saw a
0200           strange object in the sky and followed it with a friend,
               Glenn Coates, through binoculars. It hovered near a
               cemetery, making a hushed whistling sound and il-
               luminating the ground with a vertical beam of light.
               The object left suddenly with a roar similar to that
               of a jet, and a series of "bangs." Stones were found
               calcined at the site. (178)
May. 09, 1967  Marliens (France). In a field which belonged to the
               Mayor, Mr. Maillotte, a depression was discovered,
               and blue powder was found in small trenches radiat-
               ing from that area. A formidable weight seemed to
               have rested at the spot. No radioactivity. (179)
May. 11, 1967  Saint George (Utah). Michael Campeadore, 25, a
0200           hospital employee, was driving to Salt Lake City when
               he heard a noise similar to that of a truck, but saw
               nothing. Then a yellow light became visible to the
               left, and thinking that it was a jet plane about to
               crash, he got out and saw it stop 30 m away at 30 m
               altitude. It was shaped like an inverted bowl with a
               dome on top and looked metallic. The witness became
               afraid and emptied his .25 Beretta in the direction of
               the craft. He heard the bullets hit metal and the
               object took off at great speed. When he told his story
               at a nearby service station, the attendant replied that
               about 20 reports had been made in the Saint George
               area recently. (180)
May. 16, 1967  Nieva-Segovia (Spain). Roman and Jose Arribas
               observed an object land in a pine forest north of
               Nieva-Segovia. They saw "people" enter the ash-
               colored craft, which took off straight up, at high
               speed. (LDLN 89)
May. 20, 1967  Falcon Lake (Canada). Polish-born Steve Michalac,
1213           52, industrial mechanic and prospector, saw two red-
               glowing objects flying at high speed. One of them
               blew vegetation as it landed, surrounded by a glow,
               and it was observed for 30 min before a door opened,
               showing a purple light. A high-pitched sound and an
               odor resembling a burning electrical circuit were
               noted. Approaching, the witness heard voices, and
               upon touching the craft, he burned his rubber-coated
               glove, and was "blown out" by hot air when the sub-
               ject started spinning. The witness felt dizzy, suffered
               minor face burns, second and third degree burns on
               his chest, vomited frequently for 4 days, and lost over
               10 kg. Diameter of craft, 11 m; height, 3 m, with a
               1-m-high superstructure. (Lor. III 60; Condon 316)
May. 22, 1967  Evillers (France). A teacher, 45-year-old Mr. Tyrode,
evening        saw a glow, then an object shaped like an inverted
               plate emitting a greenish-blue light. It flew less than
               20 m above his car, at 40 km/h. (LDLN 94)
May. 24, 1967  Arbonne (France). Remy Deneuville and his family
2300           saw a white light to the side of the road, but it was
               turned off when they drove within 150 m of its loca-
               tion. Minutes later, they saw a luminous spherical
               object fly away for several minutes. (GEPA Dec., 67)
Jun. 01, 1967  Richmond (Virginia). John Norton, 7, had to be
2330           taken to a hospital after observing a disk-shaped,
               buzzing object, the size of a Volkswagen, with green
               and red lights, which landed in a clearing and took
               off "like lightning." (NICAP May., 67)
Jun. 07, 1967  Itajuba (Brazil). A vehicle stalled in the vicinity of
0130           a brilliant, transparent, mushroom-shaped object,
               aboard which occupants with catlike faces were seen.
               Under the object was a quadrangular protuberance.
               (FSR 68, 6)
Jun. 11, 1967  Price Hill (Ohio). Two children saw a disk-shaped
2000           object 1 m in diameter and 25 cm thick, making a
               metallic noise as it hovered 10 m above them. They
               took a series of photos that show only a blur. (181)
Jun. 13, 1967  Caledonia (Canada). An object hovering 4 m above
               ground, and three dwarfs, were observed. Traces and
               an oily substance were found at the site. (APRO
               Nov., 67)
Jun. 20, 1967  Suomussalmi (Finland). Farmer Arvi Juntunen
1200           heard a loud humming sound and saw a round, shiny
               gray object 50 cm above ground, 6 m away. It had a
               domed top with a fin and measured 75 cm in diameter.
               As he was about to seize it, the object rose with a
               blast, circled and flew away. (FSR 68, 3)
Jul. 05, 1967  Clifton (Great Britain). One hundred persons claimed
               to have seen a silvery disk-shaped object, about 10 m
               long, land in the area. (FSR 67, 5)
Jul. 07, 1967  Milan (Italy). Antonio Brambila and another man
2330           saw a glow coming from a disk, 6.5 m in diameter and
               2.5 m high, with a dome on top and four telescopic
               legs, which emitted a strange vibration. (LDLN 91)
Jul. 11, 1967  Santa Clara del Mar (Argentina). Two persons saw
evening        a cigar-shaped object on the ground, 400 m away from
               the road, which took off, rising rapidly. It had window-
               like openings emitting a bright light. (183)
Jul. 17, 1967  Arc-sous-Cicon (France). Children were terrified by
1600           four dwarfish creatures dressed in black clothing,
               about 1 m tall, who moved very rapidly among the
               bushes. They were dark-skinned, had bulging eyes,
               and spoke among themselves in a strange, musical
               dialect. (182)
Jul. 17, 1967  Belfast (Northern Ireland). E. Browne, walking in a
evening        wood, saw a disklike, dull, blue-gray object with a
               rough surface, hovering about 2 m above ground. An
               opening became visible in the middle section and
               two men dressed in silvery clothes emerged, walked
               in the woods, then reentered the craft, which rose
               and vanished from sight. (FSR 67, 6)
Jul. 18, 1967  Boardman (Ohio). A minister was awakened by a
0130           strange sound and had the "impulse" to go down-
               stairs and look outside. Between his house and the
               next one, he saw a silhouette wearing a luminous suit.
               He thought someone was playing a prank, but the
               apparition was well-defined and looked real. It turned
               into a shapeless glow and vanished. (Keel; Magonia)
Jul. 21, 1967  Jewish Creek (Florida). Barbara Fawcett, 18, and
0230           her sister saw a yellow "jagged" object rise above a
               swamp and land on a hill. Air Force investigators
               found a very large scorched area at the spot. (APRO
               Jul., 67)
Jul. 24, 1967  Mareuil (France). Between Mareuil and Ste-Her-
2200           mine, Daniel Bonifait and his family saw a red disk,
               the size of a building, fall 300 m away behind a hill.
               Dark forms were observed on the disks surface, and
               the forest seemed to be ablaze as the witnesses drove
               away in fear. (GEPA Dec., 68)
Jul. 31, 1967  Churchville (New York). A guard, Sidney Zipkin, 50,
2215           was driving through a large parking lot when he ob-
               served a cigar-shaped object, 16 m long, with green
               lights under it, land on the pavement. He stopped his
               truck within 30 m of the object, with the headlights
               aimed on it, and was surprised to see two dwarfs
               dressed in shiny black uniforms rush by the vehicle
               and enter the craft, which took off straight up. (184)
Aug. 03, 1967  Conrado (Brazil). J. Vieira, a lawyer, and his driver,
2000           Amauri, at km 15 on the Miguel Peraira Highway
               saw two yellowish lights, then many others, about
               500 m away to the left. They blinked and faded.
               Similar lights were seen again at Conrado. When the
               driver blinked the car's headlights, the objects seemed
               to respond. An object which illuminated the whole
               area was seen resting in a woods. (Lor. III 17)
Aug. 03, 1967  Caracas (Venezuela). Two persons saw a luminous,
2330           whitish object, 10 m in diameter, resembling two
               plates glued together. The whole yard was illuminated
               and a humming sound was heard. A door opened in
               the base of the craft, and something similar to a light
               bulb lowered itself to ground level. This, too, had an
               opening, from which stepped a small man in silvery,
               luminous clothes, his head surrounded with vapor. He
               was about 5 m away from the witnesses, and was
               observed to pick up stones, examine them, look up
               and seem to communicate with the main object. He
               then dropped the stones and stepped into the "bulb"
               that reentered the craft, which took off. (Lor. III 44)
Aug. 04, 1967  Recife (Venezuela). Engineer Hugo S. Yepes was on
early          a beach 25 km north of Recife when he saw a disk,
               6 m in diameter, come out of the water. It was gray,
               looked metallic, hovered for a few sec at 1 m altitude,
               then rose slowly to the east and disappeared. (NICAP
               Mar., 68)
Aug. 05, 1967  Sawyer (North Dakota). Ronald Sherven and Robert
2330           Bodine saw a glowing, white object on a west-east
               trajectory north of Sawyer. The object was hidden by
               a hill at first but all of a sudden it appeared again over
               a cemetery, came to ground level, and sped away to
               the north. (NICAP Oct., 67)
Aug. 06, 1967  Hidalgo (Mexico). Antonio Neri Perez and several
               other people saw three glowing, red disks take off
               from a field near the house. (Lor. III 65)
Aug. 07, 1967  Caracas (Venezuela). In the San Bernardino section,
0200           Pedro Riera, of Avila Ave., was awakened by the
               shaking of his bed and saw a creature in his room,
               which "flew" out through the open window. Lights on
               the ground blinded the witness when he rushed to the
               balcony. Other people had seen a strange vehicle
               parked in the street. That afternoon, a strange dwarf
               entered the office of Dr. S. Vegas, who examined him.
               The being spoke perfect Spanish, had peculiar heart
               sounds, and did not understand the notion of "age."
               (Lor. III 74)
Aug. 08, 1967  Salina (Venezuela). Evangelic Pastor Estanislao
evening        Lugo Contreras was at the shore when he saw a disk-
               shaped object with a very bright orange glow emitting
               a buzzing sound, rise out of the sea, hover a few sec-
               onds then rise obliquely. (Lor. III 55)
Aug. 12, 1967  Ogema (Wisconsin). Mr. and Mrs. Miedtke, awak-
0230           ened by the barking of their dog, saw a large hemi-
               spherical object with a fluorescent glow and a short
               flash of light. Too terrified to go outside, they heard
               heavy footsteps around their trailer. At dawn there
               was a sound like that of a generator, and seconds later
               the object was gone. (Lor. III 27)
Aug. 23, 1967  Joycevi]le (Canada). Stanley Moxon, of Toronto,
early          driving to Montreal, was between Joyceville and the
               Glen Grove Rd. when he encountered a large, disk-
               shaped craft and two creatures, 1.20 m tall, dressed
               in white suits and helmets. They "flew back" into the
               object at once and it left silently at high speed. (Lor.
               III 32)
Aug. 23, 1967  Kolmarden (Sweden). A boy and a girl, both 15,
2000           noticed a red glow coming down in the woods. Later
               they saw a large source of light in mid-air and heard
               piercing whistling sounds, then footsteps, and saw a
               jumping creature, 10 m away. It was about 1.30 m
               tall, had an oversized head, made jerky motions, raised
               a tube in its arms, and had a "shimmering" appear-
               ance. (APRO Sep., 67)
Aug. 24, 1967  Sydney-Melbourne Road (Australia). A motorcyclist
1700           was suddenly engulfed in a bluish-white light so
               dazzling that he had to stop. He then saw a metallic
               object, 30 m away, its shape that of two saucers one
               on top of the other, with a dome on top, silvery, the
               lower half dark gray, about 10 m in diameter, and
               bearing a black mark or insignia. Near it appeared
               two figures about 1.5 m tall, wearing silvery coveralls
               and opaque helmets. A gesture from them scared the
               witness, who drove away but was followed by the
               object. (FSR 68, 2)
Aug. 25, 1967  Catia la Mar (Venezuela). Three disks of large
1700           dimension were seen to emerge from the sea by
               Ruben Norato, after he observed a "precipitous move-
               ment of the water." (NICAP Mar., 68)
Aug. 26, 1967  Maiquetia Airport (Venezuela). Esteban D. Cova, a
0200           private in the Marines, was relieved of duty at the air-
               port and returned to his quarters. Then he met an
               ugly dwarf, 1 m tall, with a huge head, bulgy eyes, and
               a body covered with "hairy stuff or wiry metal." It
               made a deep whistling sound, and Cova felt a prick-
               ling sensation in his body. In perfect Spanish the
               creature said: "Won't you come with me? We need
               one human being." Cova fainted. (Lor. III 79)
Aug. 26, 1967  Maturin (Venezuela). Saki Macharechi spotted an
               object in flight, which he thought was a heron, land
               near a bridge. He then saw that it was a dwarf, about
               1 m tall, with huge eyes. (Lor. III 78)
Aug. 29, 1967  Cussac (France). Two children saw a sphere, 2 m in
1030           diameter, and "four little devils." One of them was
               bending over, apparently busy with something on
               the ground, and another held a mirrorlike object.
               They hovered and flew around the sphere, then dived
               into it as it rose with a soft whistling sound. A smell of
               sulphur began to spread, and the object flew away.
               (FSR 68, 5; LDLN 90)
Sep. 02, 1967  Hato Viejo Farm (Venezuela). Nelson Gutierrez, a
night          salesman, saw an object on the Plains Highway, and a
               creature, of which he took several photographs. (Lor.
               III 78)
Sep. 03, 1967  Caracas (Venezuela). Paula Valdez, suffering from
               a headache, was suddenly aroused by a whistling sound
               and saw a small man, with a large head and prominent
               eyes, who said: "I want you to come with us, so that
               you'll know other worlds, and you'll realize how small
               your world is." The witness screamed wildly, and
               the apparition ran. (Lor. III 80)
Sep. 04, 1967  Valencia (Venezuela). Police Officer P. A. Andrade
0510           was on duty at City Hall when he heard a humming
               noise and footsteps in a garage. He met a dwarf, 1 m
               tall, with a big head and bulging, reddish glowing
               eyes, wearing a silver-colored, metallic-looking cover-
               all. Andrade pointed his machine gun at the creature,
               but a voice from a hovering disk said in Spanish that
               he should not harm the creature. The dwarf then tried
               to convince Andrade to come to "their world," adding
               it was "very distant and much larger than the Earth,
               and with many advantages for Earthlings." When
               Andrade declined, the creature flew back into the
               object, which left. (Lor. III 82)
Sep. 08, 1967  Caracas (Venezuela). A. Aguilar, 23, saw a creature
0230           outside her bedroom window and screamed. Her par-
               ents ran into the room in time to see it soaring over
               rooftops, surrounded by a bluish-yellow glow. It
               moved as if suspended from a balloon. A strong smell
               of "melted iron" was detected by all. (Lor. III 81)
Sep. 11, 1967  Villa Constitucion (Argentina). During a raging
2130           storm, an entire family watched a large, glowing ob-
               ject in a field 300 m away, giving off brilliant beams
               of light for 4 hours, after which it took off in seconds.
               Sootlike material with an unpleasant smell and tracks
               on flattened grass were noted. (FSR 68, 6)
Sep. 14, 1967  La Baleia (Brazil). Fabio J. Diniz, 16, was walking
1100           near a hospital when he saw a mushroom-shaped
               craft on a playing field. It had a cupola on top, and a
               guillotinelike door that slid up. The boy fled, but a
               voice told him in Portuguese: "Don't run away." He
               saw two men, 2 m tall, dressed in green tight-fitting
               clothes. They told him not to be afraid and to re-
               turn the next day, "otherwise we will take your fam-
               ily." They had greenish skin, and round eyes set wide
               apart. (FSR 68, 6)
Sep. 15, 1967  Alamosa (Colorado). The carcass of a horse named
               Snippy was discovered. Unusual radioactivity and
               strange traces were claimed to have been found at
               the spot. (Condon 344; Magonia)
Sep. 15, 1967  Winsted (Connecticut). Two teenage girls observed
2045           a large, glowing object, and three small figures, about
               1.25 m tall, witll oversized heads, running near a barn.
               From the object came a noise similar to that of "a
               power mower when it fires but fails to start." The
               object blacked out, and the figures hid while a car
               passed, after which the object pulsated between very
               bright white and dull red, and moved diagonally sev-
               eral times. (Lor. III 166; Condon 347)
Sep. 18, 1967  Nanton (Canada). Forestry employee Russell Hill
0100           heard a strange pulsating sound and saw an object
               giving off a green glow hover near his cabin. Radio
               interference. (Lor. III 34)
Sep. 22, 1967  Caracas (Venezuela). Near Caracas, a race track em-
night          ployee was attacked by a very strong creature that
               choked him, but ran away when a horse was heard
               neighing frantically in the stable. Thirty min later, a
               horse was attacked, and an employee saw a dwarf,
               1 m tall, "zoom" out of the building. (Lor. III 84)
Oct. 09, 1967  East Tucson (Arizona). A boy riding his bicycle saw
1740           an aluminum cylinder standing on end, 3 m high,
               80 cm wide, supported by two legs ending in round
               pads joined by a bar. He got within 12 m of the object
               before it rose vertically with a deep, low-pitched hum,
               but no smoke, flame, or haze. It left two impressions.
               (Lor. III 119)
Oct. 11, 1967  Oberhrendingen (Switzerland). Othmar Willi, 37,
0010           observed three cylinders, 10 m high, 5 m in diameter,
               with two rows of square windows and a small cone on
               top, hovering 50 m away and 5 m above a maize field,
               making a noise resembling a swarm of bees. A small
               object was dropped briefly. (FSR 68, 4)
Oct. 21, 1967  Duncan (Oklahoma). Four boys were driving east on
2200           State Route 7 when they saw three men on the road,
               who "almost flew off and disappeared." They were
               about 1.20 m tall and wore shiny blue-green clothing.
               Their faces looked human, but they had very large
               ears. The next day a small footprint showing four
               toes was found in the mud. (Lor. III 84)
Oct. 24, 1967  Newfield (New York). Donald Chiszar, 13, and Pat
2130           Crozier, 10, saw a bright object hovcrillg in mid-air.
               It tilted toward them, and they could see two big,
               square windows separated by a bar, and strange letter-
               ing under them. Two aliens, and control panels with
               lights and knobs, could be seen inside. It vanished on
               the spot. (Lor. III, 180)
Oct. 25, 1967  Malvern (Great Britain). Clive Robinson and Rich-
2045           ard Corben, 14, and a third boy, reported the landing
               of a dome-shaped object with a smaller hump on top,
               200 m away. It took off diagonally, leaving some
               traces. (FSR 68)
Oct. 26, 1967  Reading (Great Britain). A businessman driving
0430           north between Hook and Reading was puzzled when
               the electrical system of his car broke down. He then
               observed a dull object, 20 m in diameter, 100 m away,
               at about 15 m altitude. He made the rest of his
               journey in a trancelike state. (FSR 67, 6)
Oct. 27, 1967  Dympep (India). A spinning object, 7.5 m in diam-
               eter, emitting red and green lights, came down to a
               river, causing thunderous agitation of the water, and
               took off over a forest, with a heat wave. (LDLN 92)
Oct. 30, 1967  Boyup Brook (Australia). A businessman was driving
2100           toward Boyup Brook when his car failed completely
               and stopped, although he did not recall feeling de-
               celeration. He found a strong light beam aimed at
               him from a mushroom-shaped craft, 10 m in diam-
               eter. He had no recollection of starting the car again
               after the departure of the object. (FSR 68, 4)
Nov. 02, 1967  Ririe (Idaho). Will Begay and Clyde Soccie, in their
night          early 20's, said that an object landed on top of their
               car, forcing them to stop. Two dwarfs spoke to them,
               but were not understood. The object left. (FSR 68, 1)
Nov. 03, 1967  San Jeronimo (Argentina). Carlos Spini and another
               man saw a luminous, blue, circular object land nearby,
               as they were examining some cows. It took off when
               they came near. (Personal)
Nov. 05, 1967  Fordingbridge (Great Britain). Lorry driver Karl
2330           Farlow told police that as his lights and radio blacked
               out, although his diesel engine continued to work, he
               saw an egg-shaped object, 3 m long, 15 m away.
               Moments later, a white Jaguar coming in the opposite
               direction also stopped. The object, emitting a green
               light and showing a whitish dome under its lower
               surface, hovered between the two vehicles for 2 min
               and left at high speed. (FSR 67, 6; 68, 3)
Nov. 14, 1967  Barinas (Venezuela). Orlando Gonzales and two
               other persons saw an oval object, 1.5 m high, resting
               in the middle of a highway 80 m away. It left straight
               up. (APRO Nov., 67)
Nov. 16, 1967  Storrington (Great Britain). Mrs. Quick and another
1700           woman saw a flickering light and a deep-red, glowing
               object at ground level, with a dark figure, slightly
               larger than a normal human, approaching it. The
               object disappeared suddenly. (FSR 68, 2)
Nov. 16, 1967  Yerecoin (Australia). Farm manager Alan Pool, 43,
1830           saw an object, 6 m in diameter and 1.5 m high, with
               round and square windows, land in a field with a
               whining noise. It took off and vanished, leaving no
               trace. (FSR 68, 1)
Nov. 24, 1967  Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Technician Ugo Battaglia,
1430           39, and a boy, heard a high-pitched sound and saw a
               bright, metallic, disk-shaped object come down, hit a
               tree and hover, while three tall men in white cover-
               alls walked around. The boy later suffered severe
               headaches. Traces. (APRO Nov., 67)
Nov. 29, 1967  Yarmouth (Canada). Percy McBride saw a flashing
0200           object, the size of a station wagon, with two aerials,
               arrive from the east and land in a woods for 15 min.
               It made a clicking sound and a noise similar to six
               radio receivers tuned on different stations. It had a
               square, boxlike protuberance supported by a pole
               underneath. (APRO Jan., 68)
Dec. 03, 1967  Ashland (Nebraska). Police Officer Schirmer observed
0230           a bright, aluminum-colored object just above the road
               and approached within 14 m, when the object rose,
               emitting a shrill beeping noise and a red-orange beam.
               Under hypnosis at the University of Colorado, the
               witness reported that a small human form, about
               1.30 m tall, came from under the craft and approached
               him to communicate a message stating that "they"
               came from space and would meet him again. (FSR
               68, 4)
Dec. 22, 1967  Holmes County (Ohio). Six teenagers observed a
               silvery, disk-shaped object with a pointed projection
               on top and multicolored lights, 100 m away, and felt
               a heat wave when it hovered above them. (FS Jun.,
Feb. 01, 1968  Criacao do Cabrito (Azores). Serafim Vieira Se-
               bastiao, a watchman at the Azores Air Station, saw
               "an oval object with a metallic gleam, topped by a
               glass tower with a small balustrade on which two
               beings were standing." There were two other figures
               inside the tower. When he shone a light toward it, a
               cloud of dust surrounded the witness, the craft van-
               ished, and he fainted. Investigation by American mili-
               tary authorities. (FSR 68, 5)
Mar. 03, 1968  Syracuse (New York). Nick Sgouris, while driving to
0615           work, observed a luminous, cigar-shaped object, about
               20 m long, showing numerous multi-colored lights.
               The car almost stopped as the object flew low over-
               head, and the witness was briefly paralyzed. (APRG
               Bulletin 67)
May., 1968     Chascomus (Brazil). Gerardo Vidal and his wife
2400           were driving along Route 2 when they were caught
               in "a dense fog" and lost consciousness for 48 hours.
               When they came to, it was daytime, and the car,
               whose paint was badly scorched, was parked in an un-
               known road. They spoke to local people and found
               that they were in Mexico. (FSR 68, 5; Magonia)
Jun., 1968     Carlos Paz (Argentina). Pedro Pretzel, 39, motel
0050           owner, observed an object 50 m away on road 20,
               showing two powerful red headlights. Arriving at his
               room, the witness found his daughter unconscious.
               When she came to, she said that a blond man, 2 m
               tall, wearing a blue, bright suit, and holding a pale-
               blue sphere in his hand, had appeared and spoken to
               her. (LDLN 95)
Jun. 14, 1968  Mendiozaca (Argentina). Jorge Yaru, 35, saw a
0300           strange light outside and a bright object, the size of a
               bus, 30 m away. It had yellow, green and red lights
               at the bottom. As he approached, the object rose sud-
               denly, hovered for 40 min, and left at high speed.
               (LDLN 95)
Jun. 16, 1968  El Choro (Argentina). Chief of Provincial Police
night          German Rocha and Police Major Niceforo Leon ob-
               served a round object with a vivid blue light. It landed,
               left a strange, powerful odor, and burned grass and
               shrubs. (FSR 68, 5)
Jun. 19, 1968  Cabreria (Argentina). A settler, Romulo Velasco,
night          25, saw a bright object land. From it emerged a
               strange "tall, slim being" who came toward the wit-
               ness, who fainted. (FSR 68, 5)
Jun. 21, 1968  Miramar (Argentina). A man riding his bicycle en-
               countered a large object, 50 cm above the ground. The
               top part was spinning, and it cast a vertical beam of
               red light toward the ground. Calcination traces were
               found by police. (LDLN 95)
Jun. 25, 1968  Bouchard (Argentina). Jorge Ribles, electrician at the
105            Carmal Chemical Plant, noticed that the engines
               were at a standstill, while the countryside was lit up
               with intensive reddish light. Another man, 52-year-
               old Jose J. Rociski, fell unconscious as a vivid light
               enveloped him. He was unable to move his left arm
               for three days, and suffered from pain and extreme
               nervousness. (FSR 68, 5)
Jul. 01, 1968  Ricardone (Argentina). Raul Calcedo met two giants,
0400           almost 3 m tall, in Ricardone. He fled in terror, in
               spite of a strange power that tended to make him
               stay. (FSR 68, 5)
Jul. 01, 1968  Botucatu (Brazil). Three boys saw an object, about
1230           8 m wide, 350 m away. It had a large tripod under
               carriage and a ladder reaching down to the ground.
               These devices were retracted, and the object rose a
               few meters, then flew off at high speed. (FSR 68, 6)
Jul. 02, 1968  Cofico (Argentina). A boy, Sola, saw, a few meters
0815           away, a strange being, about 2.10 m tall, hovering in
               the air, his body emitting a peculiar glow, near a
               bright, unknown object. (FSR 68, 5)
Jul. 02, 1968  Sierra Chica (Argentina). Oscar H. Iriart, 15, saw
1125           two men of normal height, with short, white hair and
               red clothes, semi-transparent legs, motioning to him.
               Near them was an elliptical, silvery machine, 2 m
               long, 60 cm high, with three 50 cm legs. The men
               gave him an envelope with a childish message and
               flew off. The witness's horse and dog were paralyzed
               for several minutes. The boy arrived home "like a mad-
               man." (FSR 68, 5)
Jul. 31, 1968  Plaine-des-Cafres (La Reunion Island). Luce Fon-
0900           taine, 31, a farmer, was in a clearing when he suddenly
               saw an oval object, 25 m away, less than 5 m above
               ground. It had a clear center, dark-blue ends, two
               protrusions on top and bottom, and measured 5 m
               in diameter, 2.5 m in height. In the object stood two
               beings, 90 cm tall, wearing coveralls. A violent flash
               and a blast of hot air were noted as the object van-
               ished. (LDLN 96)
Aug. 27, 1968  Lins (Brazil). Maria Josa Cintra, who worked at the
early          Clemente Ferreira Sanatorium, was awakened by a
               noise. At the front door was a "foreign-looking"
               woman of normal height, wearing light-colored
               clothes, and a headdress exposing only her face. She
               spoke in an unknown language, and handed Marie a
               mug and a glass bottle covered with beautiful en-
               gravings. Maria filled them. The woman said some-
               thing such as "Rempaua," and went out to a pearl-
               shaped, bright object that took off with the sound of
               wings. (FSR 69, 1)
Aug. 31, 1968  Mendoza (Argentina). Three witnesses, among them
early          two Casino employees, stated that they observed five
               dwarfs, with oversized heads, who emerged from a
               landed craft and traced undecipherable signs on the
               ground. (Le Figaro Sep. 2, 1968)
Oct. 09, 1968  Lins (Brazil). Doribio Pereira, 41, municipal em-
0620           ployee, suddenly observed a golden, cigar-shaped
               object, and a figure armed with a flashing weapon that
               immobilized him. Three beings were standing on a
               platform under the craft, and another figure appeared
               to be using a keyboard inside the transparent top part.
               The object took off rapidly, leaving the witness in a
               state of shock. (FSR 69, 1)
Nov. 02, 1968  France. During a thunderstorm, a medical doctor was
0355           awakened by his crying 14-month-old son. He saw
               two luminous objects outside his house, and observed
               them coming close together and merging about 180 m
               away. A vertical beam of light was aimed at him for a
               second as the object tilted, and then the display
               vanished with a flash, leaving a slowly dissolving
               cloud. Persistent nightmares and various physiological
               phenomena were later recorded. (1)
Nov. 20, 1968  Hanbury (Great Britain). Mr. and Mrs. Milakovic
1730           were driving to Hednesford when they suddenly saw
               a brilliant object rising from a held to the left and
               hovering above a house. It appeared to "quiver like a
               jelly." Several figures were seen on the deck of the
               craft for about five min, then it left with a jerky
               motion. (FSR 69, 1)
Nov. 22, 1968  Fleury-d'Aude (France). A dozen witnesses saw a
2100           lens-shaped object surrounded with a blue glow, mak-
               ing a noise similar to that of a jet and emitting flashes,
               which landed in a field briefly. It suddenly took off
               and was lost to sight at the horizon. (France-Soir
               Nov. 24, 1968)
** End **

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