The Magonia Database: Part 2: December 1951 – October 2nd 1954

Dec., 1951     Red Springs (North Carolina). Sam Coley and his
               two children saw an object with a human-looking
               occupant. (Humanoids 52)
Jan., 1952     Weston (Wyoming). A 38-year-old rancher saw a
2230           "shooting star" that suddenly stopped in mid-air be-
               tween him and a mountain. It was seen spinning in a
               clockwise direction. It had one red window period-
               ially facing the observer. It went down toward the
               Little Powder River and came up again. The witness
               turned his car to send light signals, to which the object
               seemed to respond by stopping its red window facing
               the witness's location. Spinning resumed, the object
               rose and came down. A similar craft arrived and both
               went into the deep valley, out of sight. (Atic)
Early 1952     Goose Bay (Labrador). A fiery, spherical object made
2242           a right-angle turn during an observation by a C-54
               crew flying from Westover to Goose Bay. It was also
               seen from the ground by the control tower and by two
               men who plunged to the earth when the object made
               a low pass at them. It went away at 2247. (Quincy)
Summer, 1952   Itenhaem (Brazil). A woman was awakened by a
0300           thunderclap and a strong bluish light. As she got out,
               she saw a large number of hovering disk-shaped ma-
               chines resembling "inverted soup plates" 200 m away
               at an altitude of about 1 m. She observed them for
               30 min, saw two figures standing on one of the craft
               and looking at the sky. They went back inside, and
               shortly thereafter the "fleet" took off, one object at a
               time. (FSR 68,1)
Summer, 1952   Martin County (Texas). Mrs. Rogers saw an object
               descend slowly and pass across a pasture at 7 m alti-
               tude. She stopped her car and observed it was "wob-
               bling" in mid-air, was shaped like a turtle, and showed
               three oarlike protrusions that moved slowly. Esti-
               mated dimensions:  5 by 4 m, 1 m thick. It was
               greenish-gray in color, emitted a blue flame, but
               showed no other light. (Barker 78)
Jun. 15, 1952  Magneville (France). Men at work in the forest saw
               large, circular objects similar to parachutes coming
               down. Half a dozen witnesses. (France-Soir Jun. 18,
Jul. 11, 1952  Hasselbach (Germany). Oscar Linke, former Wehr-
               macht major, and his daughter Gabrielle, 11, had to
               leave their motorcycle when they had a flat tire. In-
               side the woods the girl noticed two men in silvery
               suits examining the ground in a clearing near a pink
               disk-shaped object, 8 m in diameter, showing a double
               row of openings around the rim and a black turret on
               top. One of the men had a flashing box. Both men
               went inside, and the disk vibrated, rose along the
               turretlike cylinder, then spun faster and rose out of
               sight. (Guieu 52)
Jul. 20, 1952  Dai-el-Aouagri (Morocco). Approximate date. R.
0030           Petijean saw a luminous object, 20 m diameter, on the
               ground. It gave off bluish flashes as it took off, leaving
               a smell of burning sulphur. (Quincy)
Jul. 24, 1952  Vico (Italy). A man who was fishing in the Serchio
night          River saw a disk hovering for 10 min. From it hung
               a hose that plunged into the water. The object was
               20 m in diameter, with five propellers in the rear and
               a dome with something like blades on top. An orange
               glow could be seen through slits along the deck. A
               man wearing a diving helmet looked at the witness
               through a window, and he received a kind of electric
               shock as a "green ray" hit him. He looked up with
               difficulty, in time to see the object fly away toward
               the east. Six days later a stranger with a foreign accent
               contacted the witness and intimidated him. (FSR
Jul. 29, 1952  Enid (Oklahoma). Sidney Eubank went to the Enid
               police station and told Sergeant Vern Bennell that
               an enormous disk had buzzed his car as he drove be-
               tween Bison and Waukonis on Highway 81. The rush
               of air made the car leave the road while the object
               flew west very fast. (Anatomy 134)
Aug. 19, 1952  West Palm Beach (Florida). Ronny Desvergers saw
evening        a large, round, dark object above him in a clearing. It
               had a turret on top. Red balls of light were emitted
               by the object and burned him. He also observed a
               "hideous" creature aboard the craft. Grass roots were
               scorched at the site. (Ruppelt 222; Magonia)
Aug. 24, 1952  Frontenac (Kansas). A man driving through a wood
0600           encountred a strange object and stopped to observe
               it. It looked like two turtle shells glued together, about
               25 m long, with a humanoid creature in what ap-
               peared to be a control cabin in front. Windows lighted
               by an intense blue light and a throbbing sound were
               also reported. The object was oscillating and suddenly
               flew straight up with a strong humming noise. The
               middle section supported what looked like propellers.
               The object hovered 3 m above ground. (Atic)
Aug. 27, 1952  Lamberton (North Carolina). A saucer-shaped craft,
               3 by 2 m, landed on the witness's property after hitting
               a chimney. A little man, about 70 cm tall, emerged
               and was asked whether he was hurt, but he did not
               answer. The craft took off with a whistling sound.
               (Wilkins A 268)
Aug. 31, 1952  Pennsylvania, exact location unknown. Herbert Long
               saw an object land 15 m away from the road. He made
               a drawing of it. (Wilkins A 257)
Sep. 12, 1952  Flatwoods (West Virginia). A group of young
sunset         people saw a "meteor" land on top of a hill and went
               to the site with Kathleen Hill and three men. They
               observed a globe as large as a house making a throb-
               bing or hissing sound and a huge figure with glowing
               orange eyes nearby. About 4 m tall, the figure had a
               red face and "floated" toward the witnesses, who fled
               in terror. A lingering smell and skid marks were
               found. (Humanoids 52)
Sep. 13, 1952  Frametown (West Virginia). Mr. and Mrs. George
               Snitowski and their little girl suddenly found their
               car stalled, and an unpleasant smell (ether mixed with
               sulphurous smoke) filled the air. Mr. Snitowski
               thought a chemical plant might be burning in the area
               and walked toward a strong light visible in the woods,
               in spite of the nauseous smell. Coming near it, he felt
               pricklings throughout his body, had to stop, lost his
               balance several times as he returned to the car-
               where he found his wife terrified, pointing to a giant
               creature (3 m tall), human-shaped, 10 m away. They
               locked the car as "it" inspected the vehicle, glided
               away and went into the woods. Soon afterward, the
               sphere of light was observed to rise gradually, to swing
               like a pendulum, and to leave a luminous trail. (Paul
Oct. 15, 1952  Le Vigan (France). Approximate date. Figures with
1910           helmets and masks were seen through lighted windows
               inside a bright yellow, cigar-shaped object on the
               ground. Length 30 m, diameter 6 m. Forward section
               was rounded, and a sort of fog was noted at both ends
               of object. (Quincy; Anatomy 62)
Oct. 27, 1952  Marignane Airport (France). Customs officer Ga-
0203           briel Gachignard observed a cigar-shaped object land
               briefly on the airfield 100 m away, producing a dull
               sound. The object was dark with four lighted win-
               dows. It took off with a "swish" and a shower of
               sparks when the witness ran toward it. (Challenge 6)
Nov., 1952     Dublin (Ireland). A child was burned when a strange
               disk, 25 cm in diameter, landed near Dublin. (Per-
Nov. 18, 1952  Castelfranco (Italy). Nello Ferrari, 41, a farmer,
               found himself flooded with a reddish light and saw
               a large plate 10 m above him, between gold and cop-
               per in color. At the center of the bottom surface, 20 m
               in diameter, was a cylinder of 5 m diameter made of
               rapidly rotating parts, producing a noise similar to
               that of an electric motor. On the upper surface was a
               turret inside which three occupants were visible, look-
               ing directly at the witness. They looked perfectly
               human, wore rubber coveralls and transparent face
               masks. They spoke a few words, which were not
               understood; a loud metallic noise was heard; and the
               top part of the object lowered itself toward the lower
               plate. The sound gained intensity, and the craft flew
               vertically at very high speed. (102)
Nov. 21, 1952  Belle-Ile (France). At a place alled "La Butte" a
               luminous sphere, which seemed to spin, its color
               changing from orange to white, was seen at low alti-
               tude. It oscillated left and right, then took off toward
               the southwest, according to the witness, Mr. Gauci.
               (Challenge 56)
Jan. 29, 1953  Conway (South Carolina). Hearing a commotion in
               his barn, a farmer observed an object about 7 m long
               and 4 m wide at treetop level. It was light gray in
               color and lit up inside. It resembled a half egg. The
               witness fired his gun at the object. Numerous livestock
               died "mysteriously" in the area after the sighting.
May. 20, 1953  Brush Creek (California). Two miners, John Q.
1830           Black, 48, and John Van Allen, reported that an
               object, silvery, 2.5 m in diameter, 2 m thick, with a
               tripod landing gear, landed on a sand bar 50 m away
               from  them. An  occupant described  as  a broad-
               shouldered dwarf wearing clothing that covered the
               head and the trunk was also seen. His arms and legs
               were covered with  tweedlike cloth fastened at the
               wrists and ankle. He filled a shiny pail with water
               and handed it to someone inside the craft. He then
               appeared to notice Black and jumped into the craft,
               which made a hissing sound and departed. (Human-
               oids 53)
Jun. 18, 1953  Houston (Texas). Howard Phillips, Hilda Walker
0230           and Judy Meyers saw in a garden at 118 East Third
               Street a strange "shadow" on the lawn which re-
               sembled a "flying man," and they watched it take off.
               (Wilkins A 261)
Jun. 20, 1953  Brush Creek (California). John Q. Black, witness of
1830           the May. 20 incident, observed an exact repetition of
               the scene, including the "little man." Van Allen saw
               only the landing marks, about 30 cm wide and re
               sembling elephant tracks. (Humanoids 53)
Jun. 24, 1953  Hampton Bay (Long Island). A civilian woman saw
0018           something like "a large aircraft" flying very slowly
               and low. It had a lighted red band around the middle
               and was coming straight toward her house with an
               oscillating motion. She still thought it was an aircraft
               of some new design when it stopped near her, 25 m
               above ground. Then it flew backward over the water
               and hovered, making the same noise as a swarm of
               bees. The top section supported a series of red lights
               and a cabin with four portholes through which a con-
               trol panel was visible. No occupant was seen. The
               cabin rose above the object, rotated, then glided back.
               The object tilted toward the west and rose toward the
               southeast, disappearing within 3 sec at an 80 degree angle
               of climb after the 3-min sighting. Diameter: 30 m.
               Two days later a yellowish moss was observed at the
               site. (Atic)
Jul. 02, 1953  Villares des Saz (Spain). Approximate date. An il-
1300           literate boy cowherd, Maximo Munos Olivares, 14,
               saw a "big balloon" on the ground behind him when
               a faint whistling attracted his attention. Shaped like
               a water jug, it was metallic. Through an opening came
               three dwarfs 60 cm tall, with yellow faces, narrow
               eyes, and oriental features. They spoke in a language
               he could not understand. They were dressed in blue,
               had a sort of flat hat with a visor in front and a metal
               sheet on their arms. One of them smacked the boy's
               face, then they reentered the machine, which glowed
               very brightly, made a soft whistling sound and went
               off "like a rocket." Footprints and four holes 5 cm
               deep forming a perfect square 36 cm in side were
               found by police. (Humanoids 29)
Jul. 31, 1953  Wolin (Poland). A metallic object 30 m in diameter
1900           was observed by five Polish and two German workers
               as it landed in a field close to a railway. It was shaped
               like a sphere with a flat disk around it, showing
               numerous openings at the periphery. (Intelligence
               Digest Nov., 53)
Aug. 16, 1953  Tours (France). Claude Pasquier saw two disks flying
2030           very low, quite slowly, along a straight course, with a
               "hard" sound. (Anatomy 65, 141)
Aug. 18, 1953  Ciudad Valleys (Mexico). Approximate date. Cab
evening        driver Salvador Villanueva, 40, observed two creatures
               1.2 m tall wearing coveralls with wide, shiny, per-
               forated belts, metal collars, and small, black, shiny
               boxes on their backs. They had helmets under their
               arms. The witness thought they were pilots of Indian
               race. One of them spoke to him in Spanish, "stringing
               the words together" in a strange accent. Trivial mat-
               ters were discussed until dawn, when they returned to
               their craft, 13 m in diameter, through a staircase under
               the lower disk. The witness ran away when invited to
               follow them. The object rose with a pendulum mo-
               tion and shot up vertically. (Humanoids 32; FSR 56, 2)
Sep. 04, 1953  Tonnerre (France). A woman saw two objects on the
2130           ground and three 1.5-m-tall men running toward the
               craft. They had oversized heads and wore helmets
               and boots. One entered the elongated object, 5 m
               long, 1.5 m wide, which spread "wings" that made it
               look like a butterfly. It then took a vertical position,
               resting on a tripod, and took off with the spherical
               object into which the other two creatures had gone.
               Traces were found at the spot. (GEPA 68, 1)
Sep. 12, 1953  Brovst (Denmark). Brovst was the scene of an at-
               tempted abduction of a girl by two humanoids emit-
               ting a golden light. Their hands were rugged and cold
               like a fish. (Guieu)
Oct. 25, 1953  Santa Fe (New Mexico). Jim Milligan, 16, was driv-
2130           ing through a park when he saw something fall in
               front of his car and stopped as the object landed in
               some bushes. He walked toward it, found a craft that
               looked like two ship hulls, about 3 m long, 2 m wide
               glued together. When he tried to touch it, the object
               flew away. (Wilkins A 223)
Nov., 1953     Gjasjoen Bridge (Norway). Mr. Trygve, Mrs. Bufflot
               and a neighbor saw an object rise from behind a hill,
               oscillate over a lake, follow their car, and stop ahead
               of them just above the ground. They stopped, felt
               "pricklings" until the craft took off vertically. A watch
               stopped working, and numerous people vouch for the
               fact that the paint on the car changed from dark
               beige to bright green. (APRO Mar., 62; FSR 56, 5)
Dec., 1953     Sherbrook (Canada). Mrs. Orfei heard a knock at
               the door in the middle of the night and obtained no
               answer when she asked who it was. When more furi-
               ous knocks were heard, her Alsatian dog jumped to-
               ward the door, but suddenly retreated, trembling as
               if terrified and retired to a corner. Mrs. Orfei went
               to an upper door and saw two "indescribable" shadows
               go away from the house. A while later a big, round
               object took off 100 m away with a blue-green lightning.
               The police found broken bushes as evidence of an
               enormous weight. (Oltre il Cielo, Vol. I)
Dec. 31, 1953  Quantico Marine Base (Virginia). Marines observed
               the landing of an unknown round object which
               throbbed and pulsated, emitting red lights. (Wilkins
               U 210)
Jan. 04, 1954  Marignane Airport (France). Mr. Chesneau, fireman,
2100           saw a round luminous object slowly coming down
               and called the control tower to report it. When he
               came out again, the object had disappeared. (Guieu)
Feb., 1954     Todd River Downs (Australia). A native was riding
               a horse over a low ridge when a spherial object about
               13 m in diameter "nearly skittled me off my horse."
               It went up suddenly with a heavy wind, rumbling
               and emitting four columns of smoke. (Wilkins U 211)
Feb., 1954     Peakskill (New York). Mr. and Mrs. Forster stated
               they saw a craft on the ground, with a woman close
               by. She was wearing luminous clothing, a sort of hood,
               and thick glasses and held a tube in one hand and a
               box in the other. Mrs. Forster had to be taken to the
               hospital in a state of shock. (Barker)
Mar., 1954     Santa Maria (Brazil). Rubem Hellwig was driving
1700           when he saw a football-shaped machine, the size of a
               Volkswagen, on the ground. He walked toward it and
               met two men of slim build, normal height, their faces
               brownish, wearing no helmets. One was inside the
               object while the other collected grass samples. They
               spoke to Hellwig in a strange language, and yet he
               said he understood they were asking for ammonia.
               He directed them to a nearby town. The craft van-
               ished silently and instantly with blue and yellow
               flames. (1; Humanoids 33)
Mar., 1954     Santa Maria (Brazil). Rubem Hellwig again saw a
early          strange machine the next day. He observed a tall, fair-
               complexioned man and two women, who had light
               brown skin, long black hair, dark, slanted eyes. All
               three wore one-piece garments of a fabric resembling
               suede, with zippers. They told Hellwig that they were
               scientists, spoke of the natural riches of Brazil, and
               expressed surprise that he did not run away. (1;
               Humanoids 33)
Apr. 22, 1954  San Nicholas Island (California). American military
1400           personnel saw a cigar-shaped object of a gray color
               coming to the ground. Smoke was seen to rise where
               it landed, but a search yielded no results. (Atic)
May. 18, 1954  Cannon Air Force Base (New Mexico). Two persons
1900           witnessed the landing of a lens-shaped object the size
               of a house. It came to the ground near the railroad
               tracks, kicking up a small sand storm in the desert.
               One witness first decided to approach it, then ran
               away in fear. (Binder)
May. 20, 1954  Bruton (Great Britain). Nigel Frapple was cycling
0200           home from a dance in Wincanton. At Redlynch
               crossroads, he saw an orange glow in a field and
               observed it from a hedge. It came from a huge object
               35 m away, less than 7 m above the ground, which
               made a throbbing sound. After 1 min, it moved to-
               ward the northwest, accelerating and climbing. (2;
               Humanoids 3)
Jun. 09, 1954  East Dandenong (Australia). Janet Brown, 16, and a
1820           13-year-old friend heard a loud noise and saw a large,
               dark object that "burst into light" hovering 20 m
               away at the height of a factory gate. It was cylindrical,
               10 m long, 5 m high, with a canopy on top. It flew
               away and was lost to sight behind some trees. (Wil-
               kins U 216)
Jun. 21, 1954  Ridgeway (Canada). Mr. and Mrs. Guy Baker saw a
               disk, about 14 m in diameter, with a dome and several
               rotating lights. They had to push their car, which
               could not be started until the object left the ground.
               They found a large, brown, circular spot in the pasture
               where the disk had been resting. (104)
Jul. 7, 1954   Garson (Canada). A miner saw a landed object and
               a giant man with strange, burning eyes. He fainted.
               When he regained consciousness, object and entity
               had vanished. Investigated by the Royal Canadian
               Air Force. (Keyhoe C 184)
Jul. 20, 1954  Oslo (Norway). Near this city, two men were chased
               by an object and stopped their car to observe it. After
               the sighting, a watch stopped working and the paint
               on the car allegedly changed color. (Challenge 129;
               3; cf. Case 120)
Aug. 10, 1954  Hemmingford (Canada). The Coupal childrm said
2130           that a brightly lighted object followed them to the
               farm. Mr. Coupal and his oldest son went to the field
               where the children had been playing and saw an
               orange object rise and speed off to the west. Grass
               was flattened over 15 m, with two tracks about 5 m
               long. (Wilkins U 237)
Aug. 23, 1954  Varennes, near Diges (France). Approximate date.
               A strange object hovered low over the house of Mr.
               Lucas and left straight up. (4)
Aug. 23, 1954  Lugrin, near Thonon (France). Elise Blanc ap-
               proached an object looking like an aluminum trailer
               with two small beings in silvery dress, grunting like
               pigs, standing close by. The craft took on a fiery color
               and flew away. (Challenge 129)
Aug. 27, 1954  Boston Creek (Canada). A wingless flying object was
2030           seen by Bill Supa, an employee of the Caswell Con-
               struction Co. It landed about 2 km way from the
               witness, who approached within 300 m before it took
               off and flew away. Grass was flattened where it had
               landed. (Wilkins U 227)
Aug. 28, 1954  Quebec (Canada). Two boys saw a craft land and
               two or three men come out. No details given. (Con-
               stance 277)
Aug. 30, 1954  North Bay (Canada). Sgt. Durdle saw a brilliant,
0525           circular object flying across Lake Nipissing toward the
               Royal Canadian Air Force base. An oblong canister
               was hanging down from a central section, which sup-
               ported a long cone with a spinning globe on top.
               When it tilted, the witness was able to observe
               regulatorlike devices inside the machine through a
               vertical lighted slit. Six brilliant appendages, which
               looked like necklaces, were hanging from the craft.
               Durdle woke up four Air Force men, who observed
               the object spiraling away. (Wilkins U 227)
Sep. 03, 1954  Souk-el-Khemis (Tunisia). Many workers in the fields
               12 km south of the town saw an object apparently
               made of transparent plastic fly over the houses, stop
               on edge, and swing like a pendulum a few meters
               above the ground. It made several erratic jumps, then
               resumed its horizontal position and flew away. (5)
Sep. 07, 1954  Harponville (France). Between Harponville and
0715           Contay, two bricklayers, Emile Renard, 27, and Yves
               Degillerboz, 23 saw an object floating in mid-air
               over a field: "It looked like an unfinished haystack,
               with a plate turned upside down on top of it." When
               they approached, it took off. Diameter 10 m, height 3
               m. A kind of door was noticed. The observation lasted
               over 3 min. The object released smoke when it de-
               parted. (6; M 35)
Sep. 10, 1954  Mourieras (France). A farmer, Mr. Mazaud was
2030           walking home when he was suddenly confronted with
               a helmeted being of average height who made friendly
               gestures, then went back into the brush, entered a
               cigar-shaped object about 4 m long, which took off
               toward Limoges. A few minutes later witnesses in
               Limoges reported a disk-shaped, red object leaving a
               bluish trail. (7; M 40)
Sep. 10, 1954  Quarouble (France). A metal worker, Marius De-
2230           wilde, 34, came out of his house as a dog was barking
               and saw a dark object on the railroad tracks, then
               observed two dwarfs walking toward it. When he
               tried to stop them, he found himself paralyzed as a
               strong orange light was projected at him.The creatures
               were under 1 m tall, bulky, and wore dark diving suits.
               No face or arms were visible. Traces made by an
               object of estimated weight 30 tons were noted by
               French Air Force and police on the ballast. (8; M 44;
Sep. 14, 1954  Coldwater (Kansas). John J. Swain, 12, was driving
2200           a tractor back from the fields when he saw a small
               man no bigger than a 5-year-old child a few meters
               away from him. He had a long nose and long ears and
               seemed to "fly" when he moved toward a saucer-
               shaped craft hovering less than 2 m above ground. It
               "opened up" and the creature "popped inside." The
               craft became luminous and went out of sight. Strange
               traces were found by police. The creature was dressed
               in shiny clothes, and his shoes seemed to have "fins."
               He carried two cylinders on his back and had long,
               pointed ears. (9; Humanoids 53; Wilkins U 239)
Sep. 15, 1954  Feyzin (France). A white light suddenly swept the
2320           road in front of Roland M., 19, who observed that it
               came from a large, dark object 10 m above ground. It
               flew away with the noise of a wet firework, throwing
               magnesiumlike sparks. (10; M 49)
Sep. 17, 1954  Cenon (France). Between Cenon and Vouneuil,
2230           Yves David, 28, met a being in a diving suit who made
               friendly gestures. He was very small and had a voice
               "inhuman and incomprehensible." The witness could
               not move throughout the encounter. He saw the crea-
               ture enter an object on the road, about 3 m by 1 m in
               size; it took off "like lightning," throwing a greenish
               light. (11; M 58)
Sep. 18, 1954  Casablanca (Morocco). A small gray disk flew over a
2015           car at very high speed, followed by cold air currents.
               This was reported by Mr. Guitta of Casablana.
Sep. 19, 1954  Oberdorff (France). A bright light was seen in the
2115           east, came to the ground, lost its brightness, remained
               on the spot about 40 sec. It was the size of a small
               bus, and there was a figure in front of it. It rose and
               took on the appearance of a red ball. (12; M 63)
Sep. 20, 1954  Santa Maria Airport (Azores). A guard saw a craft,
2300           3.5 m in diameter and 1.5 m thick, land on the air-
               field. The witness, Vitorino Lourenco Monteiro, said
               a figure emerged from the craft and said something
               he could not understand, before taking off again.
               There were antennalike protrusions on top of the
               object. (Personal)
Sep. 23, 1954  Le Jou (France). The Patient family witnessed the
2100           landing of a bright object giving off a magnesiumlike
               light, a red glow, and a narrow beam of light. It took
               off again a moment later and followed their car until
               they reached Fontland. Policemen in Plombieres and
               several independent witnesses observed the object as
               it flew erratically over the area for 60 min. (13; M 69)
Sep. 23, 1954  Lencouacq (France). Mrs. Vignolles saw a luminous
2100           object come down rapidly, without noise, and land in
               a field near the church. It took off very fast a few
               seconds later. (15; M 77)
Sep. 24, 1954  Becar, near Diges and "Les Michauts" or "Les Joli-
0900           vets" (France). Two women (Widow Geoffroy and
               Miss Gisele Fin) made independent reports of a dark
               gray disk, 6 m in diameter, 1 m high, seen in a clear-
               ing. A man of normal height was standing close to it.
               He wore dark clothes and a kind of cap. Miss Fin
               came within 30 m of the craft and stated the man was
               repairing it. Traces were found on the grass. (14;
               Carrouges 98)
Sep. 24, 1954  Almaseda, near Castelibranco (Portugal). Cesar Car-
1000           doso and three others saw two individuals, 2.5 m tall,
               dressed in shiny clothes, emerge from a landed craft
               and gather flowers, shrubs, and twigs in a shiny box,
               then take off. They seemed to be inviting the wit-
               nesses aboard, but their language was not understood.
               (Wilkins U 55, 245; 24)
Sep. 24, 1954  Farm Lachassagne, near Ussel (France). Mr. Cisterne,
2300           who was coming back with his tractor, saw a luminous
               object fly very low over him. Two other witnesses.
               (16;M 76)
Sep. 26, 1954  Chabeuil (France). Mrs. Leboeuf was suddenly con-
1430           fronted with a creature resembling "a child in a plastic
               bag, with eyes larger than human eyes." This creature
               entered a flat, circular machine, which took off toward
               the northeast with a soft whistling. Traces. Witnesses
               in state of shock. (17; Carrouges 116; Anatomy 70;
Sep. 27, 1954  Foussignargues (France). At "Revety," people in a bus
0230           saw a reddish light coming down. Later Mr. and Mrs.
               Roche noticed an object on the ground, softly glow-
               ing, a short distance from their home, but were afraid
               to approach it. It remained there for several hours. It
               was described as "a sort of glowing tomato, with
               antennae on top." (18; M 84; Anatomy 71)
Sep. 27, 1954  Figeac (France). Children saw "a box" and "an un-
0840           known man" standing nearby. The object took off.
Sep. 27, 1954  Perpignan (France). A college student saw a circular
afternoon      object on the ground. Two beings came out of it, then
               reentered the craft and left. Witness in a state of
               shock. (19;M 88)
Sep. 27, 1954  Premanon (France). Four children came out of their
2030           home as dog barked furiously. They found a large
               object on the ground and a small being they thought
               was a "ghost" in the yard. Raymond Romand, 12,
               threw stones at the intruder. (20; Challenge 170)
Sep. 28, 1954  Froncles (France). Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Lartillot and
2130           Georgette Mongot observed a large, bright object
               oscillate, then land. It changed color and was lost to
               sight behind some trees. (21; M 94)
Sep. 28, 1954  Bouzais (France). At "Le Grand Tertre" Mr. Mercier
2230           observed that someone had stolen grapes from his
               vineyard. He decided to stay late and catch the "rob-
               bers." He was amazed when he saw a luminous mass
               fall from the sky about 50 m away, and found himself
               "paralyzed" as three figures emerged from the light
               and moved about. He lost consciousness. When he
               came to his senses, everything had vanished. (22;
               M 97)
Sep. 28, 1954  Saint Nicolas de Redon (France). At "La Butte
2310           Rouge" two railroad engineers, Bernard and Potraux,
               who were bringing a locomotive from Nantes to
               Auray, saw a dark object take off with a purple glow
               and follow them for 15 sec before veering off. Po-
               traux had to see a doctor. (23; M 95; Anatomy 70)
Sep. 30, 1954  Dearborn (Michigan). While driving to work, Law-
0445           rence Cardenas, 41, a laundry employee, saw 15
               strange men wearing dark green uniforms to his right.
               They had cylinders on their shoulders, tight-fitting
               skull caps with pointed peaks in front, and heavy
               goggles. They were of medium height, and a taller
               man seemed to be giving them instructions. About
               80 m away was a craft 4 m high with colored lights
               flickering on and off. The witness did not wait.
               (Wilkins U 230)
Sep. 30, 1954  Marcilly-sur-Vienne (France). Georges Gatay and
1630           seven construction workers saw a disk at ground level,
               with a humanoid standing close by. Both vanished in
               a very strange manner. Physiological effects in all wit-
               nesses. (25; Magonia)
Sep. 30, 1954  Brest (France). At sea between Brest and Roven,
dusk           the crew of the tanker "Port Lyautey" observed an
               object touch the surface of the sea, then take off
               vertically and give off a red flame before being lost
               to view. (26)
Sep. 30, 1954  Grand-Couronne (France). Jean Andrieux, ferry
2200           operator, saw a large white sphere, with a smaller
               green sphere below, hang motionless above the Seine
               for 20 min. Two witnesses. It eventually flew away to
               the southwest. (27)
Sep. 30, 1954  Isle of Re (France). As he was returning home near
2200           La Flotte-en-Re, Celeste Simonutti saw a bright light
               and, fearing a fire, rushed to the scene. There he
               observed a luminous sphere 12 m in diameter hover-
               ing at 1 m altitude, turning red, blue, and taking off.
               Two other witnesses. (28)
Oct. 01, 1954  Dhubri (India). A woman reported to police she had
               seen a luminous disk leaving a long trail. It landed in
               a field, then took off again. (29; Challenge 132)
Oct. 01, 1954  Blanzy (France). Two bricklayers, Sebastiani and
1300           Buratto, approached a cigar-shaped object 3 m long,
               80 cm wide, which took off from the ground with a
               whistling sound. The pointed section of the object
               was yellow, the rest brown. From the fore part, two
               appendages extended to the ground. (30)
Oct. 01, 1954  Bry (France). A man and his dog were "paralyzed"
1600           as a luminous white object dived toward them and
               climbed again. (Personal)
Oct. 01, 1954  Ressons-sur-Matz (France). Approximate date. A
1815           farmer saw a white craft in a field. Flattened grass
               was later found at the site. (Personal)
Oct. 01, 1954  Jussey (France). Two young men saw a luminous
1900           white disk moving in the sky. It dived to the ground
               and two men, described as being very tall and dressed
               in white, emerged from it and made gestures. The
               witnesses ran away in fear. (Personal)
Oct. 01, 1954  La Roulerie (France). Near Saint Jan d'Angely, two
2000           businessmen, Messrs. Estier and Phelippeau, who 
               were driving back from Royan, saw a little man cross
               ing the road in front of their car. Having stopped, they 
               saw the figure disappear into the woods. (28)
Oct. 01, 1954  Branges, near Louhans (France). Coming home at
2200           night, Gilbert Prudent saw a lighted object on the 
               side of the road. It had a flat section and a sort of
               "mushroom" on top. As he approached it, the object
               became dark and took off vertically with a soft
               whistling sound. (Personal)
Oct. 01, 1954  Bergerac (France). Returning home, fireman Jean
2200           Dufix, 26, saw an oval light in the sky and thought it
               was a shooting star. Later he was alarmed when his
               yard seemed to be ablaze. Rushing out again, he saw
               a disk rise from the ground with a whistling sound. It
               flew off, became luminous again, and took off at fan-
               tastic speed. A neighbor, Jean Labonne, 61, saw the
               disk, 3 m in diameter, resting on three legs in the
               yard. (31)
Oct. 02, 1954  Levroux (France). At the Bourg du Cerisier, two
               women (Janiki and Lacotte) independently reported
               to police that a luminous disk about 3 m in diameter
               had flown very low over the village. (32)
Oct. 02, 1954  Jonches (France). Two creatures were seen on the
               ground, and two hours later a luminous red object
               was observed at the same spot, at very low altitude.
Oct. 02, 1954  Louhans (France). In the immediate vicinity of case
0230           175, Mr. Nicolas saw a craft with a dome on top, on
               the ground between the road and the railroad tracks.
               Through some openings a strong yellow light shone.
               (33;M 109)
Oct. 02, 1954  Croix d'Epine (France). A mechanic, Ernest Delat-
2000           tre, 19, was riding home on his motor scooter when an
               egg-shaped object, brilliantly illuminated, landed on
               the left side of the road 15 m away. He saw short,
               dark shapes "like potato bags" moving about the
               object. He sped up, saw the object, the size of a small
               bus, taking off while its color changed from orange to
               blue and then to grayish-blue. The witness fainted
               while telling his story. Two persons in neighboring
               villages independently reported observing the object.
Oct. 02, 1954  Guebling (France). A disk emitting a weak green
2345           glow landed in a field. Witnesses: Messrs. Domant
               and Gilcher. (M 105)

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