The Magonia Database: Part 3: October 3rd 1954 – October 18th 1954

Oct. 03, 1954  Bressuire (France). Angelo Girardo, 55, a stockyard
dawn           employee, was going to work when he saw a circular
               craft 3 m diameter and a small figure wearing a diving
               suit, standing close by. The object took off at a fan-
               tastic speed. (32; M 130)
Oct. 03, 1954  Vron (France). Between Rue and Quend on Road
1845           D27, Rene Coudette and B. Devoisin were riding
               bicycles with a third witness when they saw an orange
               object, shaped like a honeycomb, on the road ahead
               of them. A strange "man" wearing a diving suit was
               standing close to it. When they got within 70 m of
               it, the object took off very fast. (3Z; M 118)
Oct. 03, 1954  Chereng (France). The crowd at a fair saw a luminous
1920           object arrive very fast in the sky, stop in flight, emit
               sparks, and come down to ground level. As witnesses
               rushed to the spot, it took off again. (M 113)
Oct. 03, 1954  Quend (France). Less than 3 hrs after case 183, an
2110           orange object chased a car for 8 km, then flew away
               toward the sea. Witness: Georges Galant, a butcher.
               (35; M 116)
Oct. 03, 1954  Ronsenac (France). A circular craft was seen by Jean
1245           Allary between Montmoreau and Villebois-Lavalette.   
               It seemed to be gliding on the ground. It showed
               luminous spots and became completely illuminated
               when it took off. It was about 1.20 m high. Grass was
               found flattened and scorched over an area 7 m across.
               (36; M 130)
Oct. 03, 1954  Benet (France). Near La Rochelle. Mr. and Mrs.
1300           Guillemoteau saw an object, 2.5 m high, 5 m diam-
               eter, hover for several minutes 1 m above ground,
               then rise vertically. Oily marks were found at the   
               spot. (34; M 131 )
Oct. 04, 1954  Limoges (France). An object was said to have landed
               in the yard of Mr. Montagne, a railroad employee.    
Oct. 04, 1954  Lezignan (France). Andre Garcia and Andre Darzais
               were driving a truck betwem Lagrasse and Villemagne
               when they saw a luminous object coming slowly to
               the ground. It measured about 10 m diameter and
               took off with a burst of light. (35)
Oct. 04, 1954  Chaleix (France). A farmer, Mr. Garreau, saw an
               object the size of a carriage land in his field. Two men
               of normal height emerged through a sliding door.
               They wore khaki overalls and were of European type.
               They shook hands with the witness and said some-
               thing like: "Paris? Nord?"  (According to another
               version they spoke indistinct words.) They gave a pat
               on the back to Mr. Garreau's dog and took off at an
               amazing speed. (37; Magonia)
Oct. 04, 1954  Tregon (France). Several people noticed an object
evening        hovering near a hilltop. They drove to the site, but it
               flew away. What seems to be the same object was
               seen at Megrit, 25 km to the southwest, hovering over
               a farm. It was described as metallic, flat, emitting
               light (38;M 139)
Oct. 04, 1954  Montceau-les-Mines (France). At Les Chavannes,
1830           about 20 people, among them Remy Gaudicourt of
               Sanvignes, saw a circular, luminous object rise from
               the vicinity of the railroad tracks. It took off vertically.
               (M 138)
Oct. 04, 1954  Villers-le-Tilleul (France). Ten-year-old Bertiaux saw
1840           an object "like a tent" and an unknown man near it.
Oct. 04, 1954  Poncey-sur-Lignon (France). Mrs. Fourneret, a house-
2000           wife, ran away as an orange, circular object 3 m in
               diameter swung in mid-air and landed near her farm.
               When Messrs. Girardot and Vincent arrived with
               rifles, they found that the earth had been "sucked
               up" over a quadrilateral area. Francois Bouiller con-
               firmed he had seen a luminous object in flight. Ex-
               tensive investigation by French Air Force and police.
               (37; M 134; Anatomy 71)
Oct. 05, 1954  Roverbello (Italy). A fisherman met with a red-clad
               being who spoke an unknown language. No details.
Oct. 05, 1954  Loctudy (France). A baker, P. Lucas, was draining
0400           water from a well when he noticed an object some
               distance away. It was circular, about 3 m diameter.
               From it emerged a dwarf with an oval face covered
               with hair and eyes "as large as raven eggs" who
               touched him on the shoulder and spoke to him in an
               unknown language. The dwarf went away, and the
               object took off. (34)
Oct. 05, 1954  Le Mans (France). East of Le Mans on Route N23,
0630           Renault employees were going to work when they
               saw near the road a luminous object on the ground
               and felt "pricklings and a sort of paralysis." The ob-
               ject emitted a burst of green light and flew away very
               low over the fields. (42; Vuillequez; M 143)
Oct. 05, 1954  Mertrud (France). A roadmender, Mr. Narcy, saw an
0715           object near the road between Voillecomte and La
               Neuville. In a report to police, he stated he saw a
               hairy dwarf wearing an orange tight-fitting jacket
               climb aboard the craft, which consisted of a cigar-
               shaped section under a flat disk. Between the two
               sections was a kind of porthole through which the
               entity entered the object. Traces were found at the
               spot. (38, 39)
Oct. 05, 1954  Beaumont (France). Ten km from here, several per-
1545           sons saw an object coming toward them and getting
               brighter. When it was about 150 m away, they felt "a
               strange sensation" and found themselves unable to
               move. The object left a smell compared to that of
               nitrobenzine. (34; Challenge 53)
Oct. 06, 1954  Monchamps (France). Mr. and Mrs. Laroche, from
               Paris, saw a fiery sphere landing near Chantonnay.
Oct. 06, 1954  La Fere (France). Near the military barracks, soldiers
2130           saw a strange object on the ground 300 m away. As
               one of them approached the torpedo-shaped object,
               which was about 80 cm high, he found himself
               paralyzed. (Personal)
Oct. 06, 1954  Villers-le-Lac (France). Two women (Mrs. Salabrino
2230           and her daughter) saw a whitish light in the western
               sky. It seemed slowly to come toward the ground,
               and was later seen between the railroad station and
               the bridge 100 m away from their house. When it
               moved, a very bright light was visible under its dark
               mass. It gave off a flow of sparks and rose, hovered for
               a moment and flew away rapidly. (M 138)
Oct. 07, 1954  Hennezis (France). The two Lanssellin children wit-
               nessed the landing of a luminous, red object shaped
               like a half-egg, and saw two occupants who looked like
               normal men. (M 145)
Oct. 07, 1954  Plozevet (France). The crew of several fishing boats
early          saw a luminous, orange-colored object over the coast,
               apparently surrounded by dense smoke. Villagers saw
               the same object and stated independently that it
               came within 10 m of the ground, then flew away to
               the southeast. (41; M 140)
Oct. 07, 1954  Beruges (France). A farmer, Mr. Thebault, saw a
0400           luminous object, 2 or 3 m in diameter, emitting a
               beam of light which swept the countryside. (41; M
Oct. 07, 1954  Jettingen (France). A railroad employee, Rene Ott,
dawn           saw a mushroom-shaped object 3 m in diameter, in a
               field 3 m away from Route N16 and 1 m above
               ground. A luminous rectangle, like a door, was seen
               on the side. It took off and flew about 5 m above the
               witness, following him to the next village. (41; M 143)
Oct. 07, 1954
0620           Saint-Jean-d'Asse (France). On Route N138, a truck-
               driver, Mr. Tremblay, saw an intense, blue light com-
               ing toward him. The object producing it was cigar-
               shaped, red and blue. Engine and headlights died.
               (41;M 143)
Oct. 07, 1954  Monteux (France). R. Margaillan saw an object that
1430           had landed in a field. It was hemispherical, about 2.5
               m in diameter. The witness gasped for air and felt 
               "paralyzed." (M 145; Magonia)
Oct. 07, 1954  St. Etienne-sous-Barbuise (France). Marcel Guyot
1930           was coming from work near this village, and his son
               Jacques followed the same road 10 min later. Both
               saw, at a railroad crossing, three objects on the ground
               that gave a bright white light. One was circular, the
               others cigar-shaped. (42; M 146)
Oct. 07, 1954  Bompas (France). Mr. Sebelli saw an object land in
2400           the village. He called his neighbors, and they observed
               the departure of the craft. (43; M 146)
Oct. 08, 1954  Teheran (Iran). Ghaseme Fili, of Amireah Street,
0230           was on the second floor of his house when he saw a
               luminous, white flying object stop in mid-air 2O m
               away. lights were shining from the rear and the sides
               of the craft, inside which could be seen a small man
               dressed in black, wearing a mask with a trunk like an
               elephant. "I was standing with both hands on the bar
               of my balcony, looking with astonishment at this
               strange object, when I suddenly felt as though I were
               being drawn up toward the object by a magnet." Mr.
               Fili cried out in terror and woke up his neighbors. The
               object shot straight up, emitting sparks, and it was
               lost to sight almost immediately. ( 52, 58)
Oct. 08, 1954  Calais, (France). On the road to Boulogne a bluish
2115           object, clearly seen with a dome on top, dived toward
               the ground, became white and went away. (44, 45;M
Oct. 09, 1954  Huy (Belgium). A mailman saw a cigar-shaped object
               land. Twn silhouettes "approximately human" were
               seen aboard. (45; M 154)
Oct. 09, 1954  Montaren (France). Between Montaren and Ser-
               viers, 1 km from "Le Mas Blanc," Dr. Fabre, Mr.
               Court, and six others saw an orange oval object oscil-
               lating in mid-air. It was very bright and "fiery," and
               it came very low. (Personal)
Oct. 09, 1954  Dreux (France). People out hunting saw a luminous
               sphere take off and fly toward the southwest. (Quincy;
               M 153)
Oct. 09, 1954  Soubran (France). Several local people saw a lumi-
               nous, spherical object land in a pasture. (46; M 154)
Oct. 09, 1954  Rinkerode (Germany). Willi Hoge, a projectionist,
evening        saw four occupants of an object that had come to
               ground level 70 m from the road. He was returning
               home when he observed a blue light and thought an
               airplane had made an emergency landing. The object
               was cigar-shaped, and four men wearing rubber
               coveralls were working under it. They were about 1.2
               m tall and had very large chests and oversized heads;
               their legs were short and thin. (47)
Oct. 09, 1954  Beauvain (France). Near the Landeforet pool, Chris-
evening        tain Carette saw for 10 sec a fiery sphere flying at
               treetop level. Diameter: 4 m. Protuberance on top.
               (48;M 152)
Oct. 09, 1954  Carcassonne (France). As he was driving near Car-
1600           cassonne, Jean Bertrand saw a bright, metallic sphere
               on the road ahead. The top half seemed to be made of
               transparent plastic, and two humanlike figures were
               standing inside. It took off rapidly, flying east. (48;
               M 145)
Oct. 09, 1954  Pournoy-la-Chetive (France). Four children-Gilbert
1830           Calda, 12; Daniel Hirsch, 9; J. P. Hirsch, 5; and Rob-
               ed Maguin 16-were roller-skating when they saw a
               luminous object near the cemetery. It was round,
               about 2.5 m in diameter, standing on three legs. A
               dwarf, about 1.2 m tall, dressed in black, having a face
               covered with hair and large eyes, came out and shone
               a blinding light at them, and said something in an
               unknown language. The children ran away, but looked
               back in time to see the object flying away high in the
               sky. (49; M 154; Magonia)
Oct. 09, 1954  Lavoux (France). Mr. Barrault was riding his bicycle
1900           when he suddenly saw a figure in a diving suit aiming
               a double beam of light at him. The individual had
               boots without heels and very bright eyes, walked on
               the road for one minute and went into the forest. The
               witness was "paralyzed" throughout the incident. The
               entity had a hairy chest and two lights, one above the
               other, in front of him. (45, 48; M 153; Magonia)
Oct. 09, 1954  Briatexte (France). On Route N631 at "La Caiffe,"
2030           a technician, J. P. Mitto, was coming back from
               Toulouse with two other persons when they saw two
               small figures, the height of 11-year-old children, cross
               the road about 5 m in front of the car and jump into
               a pasture. Stopping immediately, the witnesess saw a
               large convex disk take off vertically. It was about 6 m
               in diameter, orange in color and was literally "sucked
               up" into the sky. Brown oily spots were found at the
               site. (43, 50)
Oct. 09, 1954  Beirut (Lebanon). The local representative of a
2215           German firm, Max Favell, saw an object give off a
               white light and land. It took off vertically, with
               a spinning motion, and was lost to sight. (51)
Oct. 10, 1954  Mahallat (Persia). Approximate date. Many farmers
               observed the landing of a "marvelous luminous ob-
               ject," hemispherical in shape, emitting multicolored
               beams. The central part appeared to be metallic. The
               object shot straight up suddenly and vanished while
               the crowd watched. (Creighton; 52)
Oct. 10, 1954  Epoisses (France). Between Epoisses and Toutry,
               Daniel Grapin and Francois Bolatre, topographers
               saw a luminous sphere 3.5 m diameter on the ground
               near Route N454. (Quincy)
Oct. 10, 1954  Quarouble (France). Second landing here, seen by
               Marius Dewilde (cf. Case 144) and his 4-year-old son.
               A disk, 6 m diameter, about 1 m high, landed again
               on the tracks. Seven little men emerged and spoke in
               an unknown language. The craft then vanished with-
               out noise or smoke. Traces larger than the first, and
               symmetrical, were observed. Dewilde refused to re-
               port the case. (Personal; Magonia)
Oct. 10, 1954  Charmes-la-Cote (France). Roger Thiriet, jailer in
0630           Ecouvres detention center, was riding his motorcycle
               when he suddenly saw an aluminum colored object
               shaped like a plate, with a dome and two portholes.
               It was about 2 m in diameter and 1 m high. It took
               off immediately. (54)
Oct. 10, 1954  Saint-Germain-de-Livet (France). A math professor,
1400           Mr. Bon, observed a silvery disk about 7 m in diam-
               eter rise silently from a point about 250 m to the side
               of the road. Spinning, it dived to the ground from an
               altitude of about 800 m, then flew off horizontally at
               a dizzying speed. (55, 57)
Oct. 10, 1954  Saillat-sur-Vienne (France). Roger Gayout and fam-
nightfall      ily saw a very bright object come very close to the
               ground. (56; M 162)
Oct. 11, 1954  Doncourt-Village (France). Farmers awakened by a
0130           whistling sound saw a flat object land near the woods.
               It soon rose very fast, vertically, and flew away. The
               ground was found calcined. Samples were taken by
               police officials for analysis. (56)
Oct. 11, 1954  Acquigny (France). Two men riding motorcycles saw
0300           a bell-shaped craft about 2.5 m high, hovered 1 m
               above the Evreux-Louviers railroad line. The lower
               part was ringlike, and the object gave off reddish and
               greenish sparks. A burst of orange light was seen as it
               jumped about 10 m high, then it remained motion-
               less for about 1 hr, during which time a third witness
               joined the first two. It ultimately turned brighter and
               flew away toward the east. (55; M 162)
Oct. 11, 1954  Fonfrede, near Chambon Feugerolles (France). Bap-
0415           tiste Jourdy, who was making the daily collection of
               milk, was suddenly stopped as the engine and head-
               lights of his truck died. He got out and saw a light
               above him. After it crossed the road, the headlights
               came on again and he was able to restart his truck.
Oct. 11, 1954  Lacanche (France). Mr. Labonde was driving at the
0420           intersection of D14 and D104 when he was followed
               by a sort of luminous globe surrounded with a reddish
               glow, about 2 m in size. It stayed within 25 m of the
               car. (58; M 158)
Oct. 11, 1954  Sassier, near La Carie (France). Messrs. Gallois and
0430           Vigneron who were driving from Clamecy to Cor-
               bigny felt an "electric shock" as the car headlights
               died. They then saw a craft in a pasture 50 m away.
               It was cylindrical, fairly thick, and three dwarfs were
               standing close by. No light was seen, except a small,
               reddish point. Both witnesses were "paralyzed" until
               the craft left. A third witness, Mr. Chaumeau, had
               seen a lighted object fly over the woods at La Carie.
               (57; M 158)
Oct. 11, 1954  Heimersdorf (France). Anny Pracht, her sister Rose-
dawn           lyne, and two other persons saw a luminous object on
               the ground. It became fiery red in color and flew away
               when they came near. (56; M 162)
Oct. 11, 1954  Bauquay (France). A large red object was seen flying
dawn           very fast at treetop level while cattle panicked. Three
               witnesses. (Quincy; M 162)
Oct. 11, 1954  Lavarande (Algeria). A large disk flying very low over
0500           a road scared two truck drivers, Messrs. Gaston Breau
               and Amoura, who stopped their gasoline truck and
               ran away into the fields while the object flew on to-
               ward Medea in silence. (59)
Oct. 11, 1954  Taupignac (France). Three men driving near Tau-
1930           pignac got out of their car to observe an intense red
               sphere in the sky. Then they discovered a round ma-
               chine with a dome, 6 m diameter, giving off a yellow-
               red light, 200 m away at 10 m altitude. It was motion-
               less and silent. It suddenly moved horizontally for a
               short distance and landed behind a woods. Two
               witnesses went closer and saw four dwarfs, 1 m tall,
               who seemed busy with the machine. The creatures
               rushed inside when the witnesses arrived within 15 m.
               The witnesses wae blinded by a sudden burst of light,
               blue, then orange, then red, and the object took off
               vertically at fantastic speed. (Personal)
Oct. 11, 1954  Birac (France). Four persons, among them Julia
2150           Juste, Maria Barbeau, and Marion Le Tanneur, of
               Jarnac, saw two luminous spheres flying in the same
               direction. Having stopped and maneuvered in mid-
               air, the larger one took on a deep red color, turned to
               an intense white light with a red aura, and both
               landed. Witnesses did not wait. (Quincy; M 160)
Oct. 11, 1954  Montbazens (France). A round craft, 4 m diameter,
2200           landed in a pasture. It gave off a powerful red light,
               took off with a formidable acceleration when wit-
               nesses (garage owner Mr. Carriere and son; Mr.
               Gardelle, farmer; Mr. Ginestre, shoemaker; and two
               others) came close to it. Mr. Gardelle felt "an electric
               shock." (60, 61; M 162)
Oct. 12, 1954  Mamora Forest (Morocco). A French engineer driv-
afternoon      ing to Port Lyautey saw a dwarf about 1.2 m in height
               enter an object which soon took off. The little man
               was wearing silver coveralls. (62)
Oct. 12, 1954  Orchamps (France). A farmer, Mr. Beuc, saw a small
2100           pilot enter an object. It glided over the road for 30 m,
               then rose rapidly. (M 167; Carrouges 98)
Oct. 12, 1954  Montlucon (France). A railroad employee,  Mr.
evening        Laugere, saw a torpedo-shaped, metallic craft on the
               ground near a gas-oil tank. An individual covered with
               hair was standing nearby, emitting sounds that were
               not understood. The witness went to get his friends,
               but the thing disappeared in the meantime. (63; M
Oct. 12, 1954  Leguevin (France). Jan Marty, 42, mechanic, was
2230           in his shop when he saw a luminous disk about 6.5 m
               diameter and 2.5 m thick, land. He tried to approach
               it, but the craft rose vertically and silently at an amaz-
               ing speed. (62, 63)
Oct. 12, 1954  Sainte-Marie d'Herblay (France). Gilbert Lelay, 13,
2230           saw a phosphorescent cigar in a pasture and a man
               near it, wearing a gray suit, boots, and a gray hat. He
               held a flashing sphere and told Gilbert in French not
               to touch it. He went back inside the craft, which flew
               in loops and vanished. (Carrouges 103; Magonia)
Oct. 12, 1954  Dompierre-les-Tilleuls (France). A businessman, Mr.
               Vielle, was on Route N471 between Frasnes and
               Pontarlier when he saw a circular flying craft, which
               gave off a yellowish and a purple light. Losing altitude,
               the craft came very close to the ground, changed its
               course to southwest, and rose again in the sky.
               (Quincy; M 167)
Oct. 12, 1954  Vielmur (France). Roger Ramond, a nightwatch-
2330           man saw a great light and noticed an oval object
               which landed 300 m away. It looked like a fiery-
               orange ball, illuminated the vinyard for nearly 3 hrs,
               then assumed a vertical position, rose slowly, hovered
               30 m above ground for a few seconds, and took off at
               fantastic speed. (64; M 168)
Oct. 13, 1954  Crocq (France). At Donjon de Montlaur, five per-
1930           sons, among them J. Dubois, saw a round craft
               maneuver, give off a blinding light. It had some open-
               ings or portholes, and seemed to land far from them.
Oct. 13, 1954  Bourrasole (France). Messrs. Olivier and Perano and
1935           a third man saw a reddish disk about 4 m diameter
               with a small being close by, about 1.2 rn tall, wearing
               a diving suit: "His head was large with respect to the
               rest of the body and he had two enormous eyes. The
               suit was bright and shiny like glass." The craft was
               surrounded by a sort of misty glow. One of the men
               came within 2O m of it and found himself paralyzed.
               The craft took off, throwing him to the ground, and
               rose very fast. (62, 63)
Oct. 14, 1954  Saint-Ambroix (France). Several witnesses saw seven
               small beings flee into a phosphorescent object when
               they were approached. It took off immediately. It is
               claimed that "unknown seeds" were found at the
               site. (62)
Oct. 14, 1954  Shamsabad (Iran). A man coming out of his house
0630           saw a luminous object resembling a bright star. Com-
               ing near, he observed it was an object 5 m long, near
               which a "short young man" was standing on a circular
               piece of metal, laughing at the witness's terrified ex-
               pression. The witness was 20 m away when the craft
               took off at unbelievable speed. (52)
Oct. 14, 1954  Lewarde (France). In Erchin Wood, Casimir Starov-
1530           ski, a miner, met a strange being of small height and
               bulky figure with large slanted eyes. Its body was cov-
               ered with fur. (Anatomy 143; Magonia)
Oct. 14, 1954  Biot (France). A municipal employee, Jose Casella,
1815           was riding home when he suddenly found in front of
               him on the road an oval-shaped aluminum object
               about 5.5 m in diameter, 1 m high. As he applied the
               brakes, the object took off at very high speed. Sev-
               eral persons confirmed the sighting. The disk was
               gray, supported a dome, and emitted a soft whistle.
               It took off when Casella was only 6 m away. (65)
Oct. 14, 1954  Angles (France). A farmer saw a bright object, which
nightfall      came almost to the ground. When he tried to ap-
               proach it the object produced an intense "screen of
               light" and vanished without a noise. Several persons
               in Angles observed the scene. (62)
Oct. 14, 1954  Meral (France). A farmer observed an orange sphere
nightfall      land and went near it. He found it was shaped like a
               flattened dome, 5.5 m in diameter, and gave off a
               blinding light, which illuminated the countryside for
               about 200 m. It was transparent, and a dark figure
               could be seen inside. After remaining at ground level
               for 10 min it flew north, while a bright cloud slowly
               fell to the ground at the site. When the witness ar-
               rived home he found his clothes covered with a white
               film of adhesive substance, not unlike paraffin wax.
               (62; M 174)
Oct. 14, 1954  Saint-Germain-du-Bois (France). Mr. Lonjarret ob-
nightfall      served a luminous orange object on the ground near
               a corn field. (Quincy; M 175)
Oct. 14, 1954  Chazey Wood (France). South of Gueugnon, Messrs.
1930           Jeannet and Garnier saw a reddish fireball fly low over
               their car as their engine and headlights died. (M 175)
               Anatomy 130)
Oct. 14, 1954  Chazey Wood (France). Andre Cognard, coming
nightfall      from Gueugnon, was blinded by a light as a disk-
               shaped object flew low over his car. (Anatomy 130)
Oct. 14, 1954  Saint-Romain (France). Mr. B. saw a circular craft
nightfall      shaped like an upside-down plate. At the same time,
               the engine on his motorcycle stalled. In the same area
               an engineer saw a luminous object coming down
               rapidly. (Anatomy 130)
Oct. 14, 1954  Thieulloy-la-Ville (France). On the road between
2010           Thieulloy-la-Ville and Beauvais, Mr. Covemacker saw
               an object fly over his car as the headlights died. It
               went on toward the north, seemingly following a
               train. (Personal)
Oct. 15, 1954  Perpignan (France). Near the swimming pool in
               Saint-Assiscle, Damien Figueres, 56, was walking
               with his dogs when a reddish, luminous sphere landed
               30 m away and an individual in a diving suit walked
               around it. The dogs barked at him. He boarded the
               machine, and it flew away in silence. (65; Carrouges
Oct. 15, 1954  Boaria (Italy). A farmer leading cows to a pond sud-
               denly saw an object fly over his house. The cows
               panicked and ran away, throwing a girl to the ground,
               while the object emitted a burst of light. The witness
               ran to the house and fainted; three other persons saw
               the craft depart. Dark, surrounded by short blue and
               yellow flames, the object was egg-shaped, flew 15 m
               above the ground, and emitted intense heat. The little
               pond was found desiccated, and haystacks caught fire
               as it flew over, while the cattle suffered burns. (67;
               Plantier 104)
Oct. 15, 1954  Saint-Pierre-Halte (France). A baker saw a brilliant
0340           yellow craft descend rapidly and land on the railroad
               tracks. It was shaped like a mushroom, about 4 m
               diameter, 2 m high. (62; M 180)
Oct. 15, 1954  Luino (Italy). An ovoid object made a pass over a
1300           range of trees; two caught fire. (83)

Oct. 15, 1954  Po-di-Gnocca (Italy). Farmers saw a disk-shaped
afternoon      object land, then take off vertically. At the site was
               found a deep crater about 6 m in diameter. Poplar
               trees were partially burned. Official investigation.
               (65; M 181)
Oct. 15, 1954  Nimes-Courbessac Airfield (France). A yellow, cigar-

1950           shaped object with brilliant portholes, 30 m long, 6 m
               diameter, was seen on the ground. Figures with hel-
               mets covering the head could be seen inside. A sort of
               haze was observed at both ends of the craft. (Quincy)
Oct. 15, 1954  Southend (Great Britain). Pat Hennessey ran away
night          when she saw an object land on the road near Chalk-
               well Park. It had vanished silently when she looked
               back. (M 182; Humanoids 4; FSR 62, 12)
Oct. 15, 1954  Isbergues (France). A steelworker observed a lumi-
night          nous sphere land in the countryside; it then emitted
               lights of various colors. (54, 68; M 181)
Oct. 15, 1954  Fouesnant (France). Truck driver Rene Le Viol saw
night          a flat craft, shaped like an inverted plate, fly very low
               toward the sea. A second disk followed shortly after-
               ward. Both emitted a red glow. (69; M 182)
Oct. 16, 1954  Quasso (Italy). Two objects were seen, one of which
               made a pass at treetop level. It top-shaped, and a
               small, gesticulating human figure was seen under it.
               The witness was a bus driver, Mr. De Rossi. (84)
Oct. 16, 1954  Thin le Moutiers (France). Approximate date. An
               object landed about 30 m away from a woman, who
               fainted. The witness suffered from a skin disease fol-
               lowing the incident. (Challenge 53)
Oct. 16, 1954  Cier-de-Riviere (France). Guy Puyfourcat, 22, who
               was coming back from the fields, leading a mare by
               the bridle, was surprised when the animal became
               restless. Rising from the side of the road, a gray object
               about 1.5 m in diameter flew over them. The mare
               rose about 3 m in the air, and the witness had to re-
               lease the bridle. Then the animal fell like a mass and
               for 10 min was unable to move. At last, it rose and
               attempted to walk, but it was still trembling and
               stumbling with fear. The object had long since flown
               away at high speed. The witness himself had felt
               absolutely nothing. (Personal)
Oct. 16, 1954  Mazaye (France). Mr. Bachelard was driving a light
1730           truck on road D52-E between Chanat and Couhay
               when suddenly the engine seemed to slow down and
               he felt "paralyzed." He then saw in a field near the
               road a brown object about 10 m long, 2.5 m high.
               Silent, it gave off no light and showed no opening.
               (70;M 198)
Oct. 16, 1954  Baillolet (France). Dr. Robert, while driving through
nightfall      this village, saw four objects, at about 300 m altitude,
               flying slowly in echelon formation. Suddenly one of
               them dropped to the ground with a dead-leaf motion,
               100 m away. The witness felt an electric shock as
               engine and headlights died, and the car stopped when
               the object touched the ground. Incapable of moving,
               Dr. Robert saw a figure about 1.2 m tall moving in
               the light of the object, then all went dark. Some time
               later the headlights resumed operation by themselves,
               and Dr. Robert saw the craft take off toward the
               north. (71; M 185)
Oct. 16, 1954  Dompierre (France). Messrs. Deschamp and Laclotre
2145           saw a craft, about 20 m diameter, 2 m high, come
               within 4 m of the ground for 3 or 4 min. It gave off a
               yellowish light and a glow extended for 4 m around.
Oct. 16, 1954  Siena (Italy). Several people saw a landed object in a
2400           meadow. It appeared phosphorescent and of large
               size. It took off very suddenly. (83)
Oct. 17, 1954  Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer (France). Leon B., a city council
               member, saw a circular, orange craft take off from
               the ground. (Quincy)
Oct. 17, 1954  O Alvito (Portugal). A hunter, Manuel Madeira,
               saw an object, which flew away as he approached it,
               rose in the sky, and was lost to sight. (Personal)
Oct. 17, 1954  Cabasson (France). A 65-year-old man was hunting
2030           with his dog, near the junction of the Brillance Canal
               and the Durance River, when he saw a gray object,
               about 4 m long and 1 m high on the ground and 40
               m away. It showed a dome from which two helmeted
               figures emerged. The witness fled, but his dog started
               toward the object. The dog soon retreated, walking
               awkwardly as if partialIy paralyzed. (Personal)
Oct. 17, 1954  Varigney (France). Several witnesses, among them
2030           Mr. Beuclair a policeman, saw a bright red dome-
               shaped object descend to ground level 20 m away.
               The underside showed red and white lights. (M 188)
Oct. 17, 1954  Cape Massulo (Italy). On Capri, an artist Raffael
night          Castelle, saw a disk 5 m in diameter land on the
               property of Curzio Malaparte. Upon approaching it,
               he discovered it was not a helicopter and saw four
               dwarfs wearing coveralIs emerge from it. After 30
               min the craft made a soft whirring sound and rose
               vertically, leaving blue sparks. (72)
Oct. 18, 1954  Cisternes-la-Foret (France). J. Augard and J. Chan-
               zotte saw an oval object with a dome, emitting a
               bright white light, resting in a field. When they ap-
               proached it, the object rose vertically, leaving a red-
               dish trail, and flew to the northeast. (70; M 198)
Oct. 18, 1954  Pont l'Abbe d'Arnoult (France). Mr. Meunier, a
               construction supervisor, was terrified by a strange
               craft, which rose vertically from the ground. He said
               he had never been so afraid, even during the war.
               (73; M 196)
Oct. 18, 1954  Fontenay-Torcy (France). Mr. and Mrs. Lherminier
2040           saw a cigar-shaped red object dive toward them with
               a reddish trail and land near the road. Upon reaching
               the top of the hill, they were confronted with a bulky
               human figure, about 1 m tall. The creature wore a
               helmet and his eyes were glowing with an orange
               light. One witness fainted on the spot. Four others
               saw the object in flight from separate locations. The
               countryside was illuminated over 2 or 3 km. (Per-
               sonal; Magonia)
Oct. 18, 1954  Royan (France). Mr. and Mrs. Labassiere and other
2100           witnesses saw two disks in the sky, one orange and
               the other red, with a sort of luminous "bridge" be-
               tween them. They landed, and one dwarf came out of
               each craft and went into the other without any sign.
               After this exchange of pilots both objects flew away
               with a tremendous flash. (74)
Oct. 18, 1954  Saint-Point Lake (France). Miss Bourriot saw a bright
2245           red light on Route N437 near the old factory. Near it
               were three beings: two, dwarfs, crossed the road ahead
               of her; the third was a man of medium size. The craft
               took off, flying over the lake at high speed. (Quincy;
               M 197; LDLN 97; Magonia)

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