The Magonia Database: Part 4: October 19th 1954 – August 25th 1955

Oct. 19, 1954  Livorno (Italy). Bruno Senesi saw two shining ob-
               jects emitting smoke land in a field. Out of them
               came small, red, monstrous beings who chased him.
               In a state of great excitement Senesi was brought to
               a hospital, where he tried to hide under a bed, scream-
               ing and trembling in terror. (85)
Oct. 19, 1954  Gorizia (Italy). Filippo Corridoni saw a half-empty
1920           balloon at ground level near the Isonzo River. Near
               it, a disk 10 m in diameter was resting on a strange
               frame. The upper part was white with a black dome-
               like turret, around which was a series of portholes,
               some illuminated with a very bright, bluish-white
               light, which suddenly went out as the object took off
               spinning and rising vertically, pulling the balloon
               with it. (86)
Oct. 19, 1954  Fabriano (Italy). Two men saw a disk-shaped object,
2230           6 m diameter, hovering and emitting small violet
               flashes. On top of it was a very high antenna. Two
               small robotlike beings, 1.2 m tall, descended from it
               on a long ladder. Their eyes were "sharp" and dark
               red. They said something that sounded like "Dbano
               da skigyay o dbano," went back aboard their craft,
               and flew away. (87)
Oct. 20, 1954  Issenheim (France). Lucien Fisch saw an object
               land near Route N83. It was luminous. (Quincy; 75)
Oct. 20, 1954  Raon-l'Etage (France). Forty-year-old Lazlo Ujvari
0230           was suddenly confronted by a man wearing a jacket,
               boots, and cloth headgear (like a pilot's) who pointed
               a gun at him and said something he could not under-
               stand. When Ujvari spoke to him in Russian, the
               man answered in the same language, asked whether
               he was in Spain or Italy, and how far he was from
               Germany. When he asked the time, Ujvari said:
               "2:30." The man took his watch and said "You lie;
               it's 4:00." Then he wanted to know how far and in
               what direction Marseilles was. He made Ujvari walk
               on the road with him, and they came close to a gray
               craft with an antenna on top. When he was about
               200 m away, he heard a soft whistling sound and saw
               it fly straight up, then take an oblique trajectory.
               (Carrouges 99; Magonia)
Oct. 20, 1954  Lusigny Forest (France). Roger Reveille saw an oval
               object, 6 m long, at treetop level, and felt intense
               heat from it. It took off vertically at great speed. In-
               side the woods, the heat had become intolerable and
               a cloud of dense smoke was forming under the rain.
               After 15 min the witness was able to approach the
               site, and he found the trees, grass, and ground per-
               fectly dry. (Quincy; M 204)
Oct. 20, 1954  Saint-Valery (France). Several unknown objects
               maneuvered for 2 hrs near this village. One of them
               was very brilliant and landed in a pasture. Two others
               were seen near the cliff in Mers, and seemed to be in
               communication by means of light signals with objects
               in another group. (75)
Oct. 20, 1954  Turquenstein (France). Mr. Schoubrenner, 25, a
1830           truck driver, saw a bright light in the distance and
               soon found his road blocked by a strange object. The
               engine died, and he felt paralyzed: "My hands were
               as though glued to the wheel." The craft looked like
               an inverted cone, the lower part phosphorescent, the
               middle dull, the top luminous with a yellow or orange
               point. (76; M 204)
Oct. 20, 1954  Panavicino d'Erba (Italy). Renzo Pugina, 37, bad
night          just put his car in the garage when he saw a strange
               being covered with a "scaly" luminous suit, about 1.3
               m tall, standing near a tree. The creature aimed the
               beam from a sort of flashlight at him, and he felt
               paralyzed, until a motion he made when clenching
               his fist on the garage keys seemed to free him. He
               attacked the intruder, who rose and fled with a soft
               whirring sound. An oily spot was found at the site.
Oct. 21, 1954  Pons (France). An egg-shaped object, about 5.5 m
               diameter, hovered and landed near the road. Two
               dwarfs, about 1.25 m tall, emerged from it, and went
               back inside almost immediately. The craft took off
               vertically leaving a red trail. (78)
Oct. 21, 1954  Melito (Italy). A young man walking in a field heard
               a rustling noise and saw a strange craft land nearby.
               Getting closer to investigate, he saw a pilot with a
               diving suit coming out of the craft, which emitted
               bronze-green rays of light, flooding the whole country-
               side. The witness was paralyzed. A dog barking about
               100 m away caused the rapid escape of the pilot into
               the craft, which took off. (88)
Oct. 21, 1954  Ranton (Great Britain). Near Shrewsbury, Jennie
1645           Roestenberg and her two children observed a disk-
               shaped, aluminum object hovering above the house.
               Through two transparent panels they saw two men
               with white skin, long hair to their shoulders, and very
               high foreheads. They wore transparent helmets and
               turquoise-blue clothing, resembling ski suits. The ob-
               ject hovered at a tilted angle while the two occupants
               looked at the scene "sternly, not in an unkind fashion,
               but almost sadly, compassionately." (Humanoids 4)
Oct. 21, 1954  Criteuil-la-Madeleine (France). The car driven by a
2000           bricklayer, Mr. Fillonnau, stoped as a large ball of
               fire flew near it. A violent air displacement was felt.
               "The battery was dead and the headlights were
               burned out." Thorough police investigation failed to
               identify the cause of the phenomenon. (79)
Oct. 21, 1954  Pouzou (France). Between Serifere and Paille, a man
2130           from Cherbonnieres suddenly felt painful pricklings
               similar to electric shocks and his 4-year-old child
               started crying. They felt increasing pain as the car
               went on, and suddenly the engine died and the lights
               went off. They were blinded by a strong red light,
               which turned orange. It came from an object hover-
               ing above the road, and everything returned to normal
               when it went away. (80; M 341 )
Oct. 23, 1954  Saint-Hilaire-des-Loges (France). Mrs. Boeuf was
               coming out of her farmhouse when she saw a lumi-
               nous disk in the sky and alled her family. When
               everyone saw the object come closer, they locked all
               doors and spent a sleepless night. They did not ob-
               serve the object's departure. (81)
Oct. 23, 1954  San Giovanni Vesuviano (Italy). Two persons in a
0100           car saw an object resting by fhe side of the road. They
               stopped and walked toward the craft, 2 m diameter,
               which suddenly changed its clear light into a red glow
               and took off. (89)
Oct. 23, 1954  Tripoli (Libya). A farmer saw a flying craft descend
0300           to ground level about 50 m away, with a sound like
               that of a compressor. It was an egg-shaped machine
               with six wheels and complex machinery. The top half
               was transparent, flooded with bright white light.
               Aboard were six men in yellowish coveralls, having
               human faces and masks. When he touched part of
               the craft, the witness felt a strong electric shock. One
               of the occupants motioned for him to stay away. For
               the next 2O min, the witness was able to observe the
               six men, apparently busy with instruments. Reliable
               investigations were made. (Personal; Magonia)
Oct. 24, 1954  Ain-el-Turck (Algeria). A small man with strange
               glowing eyes was seen on the Mediterranean shore.
Oct. 24, 1954  Les Egots (France). Near Sainte Catherine, a child
1730           saw a man emerge from a strange craft. He was
               "dressed in red, his clothes looked like iron. He walked
               with his legs stiff, had long hair and a hairy face. His
               eyes were large, like those of the cows." (Personal)
Oct. 24, 1954  Biozat (France). Between Biozat and Effiat, on the
2100           road from Clermont to Vichy, the engine of a motor
               scooter died as an egg-shaped object took off from
               the side of the road and rose without noise, leaving a
               bright trail behind. (Personal)
Oct. 25, 1954  Plemet (France). Approximate date. A. Treussard
               and a friend were almost blinded by a luminous disk,
               which landed in a pasture. (Personal)
Oct. 25, 1954  Northern Italy (exact place unknown). Ulderico
0600           Cardinali saw a disk-shaped craft among the reeds of
               a swamp. It was 2 m in diameter, and near it was a
               small being, 1.40 m tall, clad in yellowish-brown
               coveralls. This creature went inside the machine,
               which took off at very high speed, touching the tops
               of the reeds. (90)

Oct. 25, 1954  Arraye-et-Han (France). G. Mahou, municipal mun-
1830           cilor, 30, saw a phosphorescent craft shaped like a
               brooder, about 2 m in diameter, 1 m high, rise ver-
               tically from the road, leaving a luminous trail. (91)
Oct. 26, 1954  Angouleme (France). Vincent Casamajou and his
               wife saw a large cauldron-shaped craft, the size of a
               truck (about 7 m) at 50 m distance, near the road,
               18 km from this town, going toward Paris. It took off
               without noise, leaving a white trail. (9Z)
Oct. 26, 1954  La Madiere (France). Aime Boussard, 47, a farmer,
evening        was suddenly confronted with an individual of normal
               height (1.60 m) wearing a sort of diving suit with a
               pale-green light on either side of the helmet. The
               individual aimed at the witness the beam of two blue
               lights, and he was thrown backward. No craft was
               observed. (92)
Oct. 26, 1954  Les Metairies (France). Approximate date. At this
2030           place situated near Saint Quirin, Mrs. Louis and her
               sons Marc and Yvon observed an orange craft, 6 m
               diameter and 3 m high, fly over them as their tractor
               engine died. The lights also went out, and the battery
               was found dead after the sighting. (Personal)
Oct. 26, 1954  Heiteren (France). Mrs. Spinner and another witness
2130           saw a flying object come from the west and land 1 km
               away. (Personal)
Oct. 27, 1954  Linzeux (France). A shop owner and his employee
               felt an electric shock as a very bright object flying very
               low stopped the engine and turned off the lights on
               their car. (92; M 204)
Oct. 27, 1954  Mezieres (France). Policemen saw a craft, which took
               off from the ground. No details were given. (Personal)
Oct. 27, 1954  Ciolica Alta (Italy). A young man named Fabrizio
1400           Bruni heard a strange hissing sound and saw an object
               in a field. It was stationary, 1 m above the ground,
               seemed transparent and emitted a blinding glare. The
               witness fell on the ground "because of his strong emo-
               tions" at the sight. The object took off vertically and
               suddenly, leaving a trail. Very white, glistening
               threads were found on the ground. (93)  
Oct. 27, 1954  Les-Jonquerets-de-Livet (France). A farmer, Gilbert
1930           Hee, was gathering pears when he suddenly saw an
               elongated object with a light at both ends resting in
               the pasture. He dared not investigate, but he saw
               cows gathering around the object. A minute later, the
               lights went out, and the witness lost interest and went
               home. Two hours later, an 18-year-old man named
               Cheradame fell from his motorcycle as it suddenly
               failed at the same spot, and alerted neighbors saw
               the object again. It had moved only slightly and two
               occupants were seen. They were about 1 m tall, walked
               in stiff fashion, and had clothes resembling bright
               armor. They vanished suddenly, and the craft took off
               without noise. (Personal)
Oct. 27, 1954  Moussey (France). An object was seen on the ground
2030           by a schoolboy and his school director. Triangular
               traces were reported. (53)
Oct. 27, 1954  Oye-Plage (France). On Route N40, the Mayor's
2315           secretary saw for 15 min a bright, cigar-shaped object,
               flying very low and following the turns of the road
               at 20 m altitude. Suddenly it tumed at a right angle
               from the road and flew away. (Personal)
Oct. 27, 1954  Grosseto (Italy). Near Grosseto, Ermellina Lanzillo,
2330           who was looking for her cat, saw from her window
               a strange entity standing in the garden. The being
               appeared fat and had narrow shoulders, apelike eyes,
               and a head like a diving helmet. Paralyzed with terror,
               she regained self-control when called by her niece and
               withdrew from the window. (94)
Oct. 29, 1954  Mesples (France). A 14-year-old child sought asylum
0745           in the farmhouse owned by Mrs. Gentil, crying that
               he had been chased by a saucer. A disk three times as
               large as the sun, red and purple, spinning rapidly, was
               seen descending swiftly toward the ground and then
               it vanished. Investigation by local police. (Personal)
Oct. 30, 1954  Muro Lucano (Italy). Two objects were seen by
0930           hunters. One touched the ground 50 m away. It was
               rhomboidic, and from the bottom a cylinder was
               hanging. A peculiar sound could be heard. The object
               shifted its position and the cylinder hit trees, bounc-
               ing three times. Then the craft gained altitude and
               flew away, leaving a bluish trail. (82)
Oct. 31, 1954  Corrompu (France). Near Long, P. Petit and his em-
               ployee, Mr. Tillier, with a shop owner, Mr. Pecquet,
               saw an oval object on the ground. When it took off,
               the lights of a tractor went out. It measured about
               4.5 m, emitted a bright light similar to a welder's
               torch. It came back, turned, and flew to the south-
               west. It made the same noise as a swarm of bees.
Nov. 01, 1954  Poggio d'Ambra (Italy). A 40-year-old lady going to
0730           a cemetery suddenly observed an object, shaped like
               two cones with a common base, resting on a grassy
               space. Two small seats were visible inside the lower
               cone. From behind the object appared two dwarfs,
               1 m tall, wearing gray coveralls and reddish helmets.
               Speaking words she could not understand, and with
               smiles that showed fine white teeth, they took a pot
               of flowers from the witness and flew away. (Personal;
Nov. 02, 1954  Cremona (Italy). Two students, Pietro Alberini and
1800           Pericle Sacchi, who were hunting, saw a dwarf 1 m
               tall with a "rubber" head and a flexible tube connect-
               ing his face to a cylindrial container on his back.
               When they came close to it, the being wrapped itself
               in a bluish cloud. The witnesses ran away. (90)
Nov. 03, 1954  Oued Beth (Morocco). Maroc-Presse reported that
0700           one of its employees, Mr. E., driver of a delivery truck,
               "a man of sane judgment and excellent eyesight,"
               observed an object flying over the Beth River. "I am
               positive it was not an aircraft or any known machine
               but a circular, flat craft which had the appearance of
               copper. It flew normally for some time, then it sud-
               denly flipped over. Therefore, I was able to see the
               whole disk and was amazed when it came down into a
               field where it landed on edge, very gently. Almost im-
               mediately it rose into the sky at great speed, resumed
               its horizontal position and was soon lost to sight."
Nov. 04, 1954  Pontal (Brazil). Jose Alves was fishing in the Pardo
night          River when he suddenly saw a craft approach with a
               wobbling motion and landing near him. Shaped like
               two washbowls placed together, it was about 4.5 m in
               diameter. Too terrified to move, the witness saw three
               little men, dressed in white, wearing tight-fitting skull
               caps, with dark skin, come out of the craft, gather
               vegetables and water and fly away. (Humanoids 33;
               Lor. I 44)
Nov. 05, 1954  La Coruna (Spain). Gonzalo Rubinos Ramos, whose
               car had broken down, saw a large, shining disk rise 150
               m away with a slight noise like an explosion and fly
               away at fantastic speed. (96)
Nov. 05, 1954  La Roche-en-Brenil (France). Raymond R. saw a
1010           craft, which made a noise like a large transformer and
               gave off an orange light, land in a pasture. Three men
               in dark coveralls were standing nearby. One was hold-
               ing a sort of box, "which emitted a beam of light three
               meters long." The other two were holding objects
               that looked like weapons. Another witness fled and
               felt pricklings on his face as he ran. Four photographs
               of the scene were taken. Traces: a whitish substance
               and a circle 3 m in diameter where the ground had an
               ashlike appearance. (Personal)
Nov. 07, 1954  Monte Ortobene (Sardinia). A motorcyclist saw a
1515           disk-shaped machine land near the road. He tried to
               turn too sharply and fell 50 m away. A taxi driver
               stopped to observe the object, which gave off a soft
               whirring sound and soon took off. Farmers on the
               other side of the mountain saw it fly away. The disk,
               about 15 m in diameter, was made of a silvery, rough
               metal. It supported a dome and showed several port-
               holes. (97; Wilkins U 237)
Nov. 08, 1954  Monza (Italy). A crowd of about 150 people, destroy-
1030           ing barriers to come closer, gathered to observe a lumi-
               nous craft landed in a stadium. The object rested on  
               three legs and had a dome emitting a blinding white
               light and supporting an antenna. Two small figures
               dressed in white and gray, wearing transparent hel-  
               mets, were seen. They spoke with guttural sounds.
               One of them had a black face with sort of trunk.
               When a man sicced a boxer dog onto the dwarfs, the
               animal turned around and bit him. The object rose
               with a shrill sound and vanished rapidly. (Wilkins
               U 238)
Nov. 08, 1954  Voussac (France). In the Vacheresse Forest, reliable
1800           persons reported seeing a luminous sphere land at the
               edge of the forest and become dark. The next morn-
               ing, investigation disclosed that an area 4 or 5 m in
               diameter had no leaves, while the ground elsewhere
               was covered with them. The earth seemed to have
               been dug up. (Personal)
Nov. 08, 1954  La Tessoualle (France). Andre Chaillou felt pricklings
dusk           in his hands, "in spite of his gloves," when a blue disk
               came close to his motorcycle and his electrical system
               failed. He was unable to move or articulate a word
               for several minutes. As soon as the blue light was
               turned off, he started again and went near the light
               when it reappeared 200 m away. He saw the object,
               a cone 5.5 m in size, rise vertically with a soft whistling, 
               then fly horizonally to the north. (98)
Nov. 09, 1954  Bois de Villers (Belgium). Two villagers reported the
               landing of a 2-m-high "flying egg" in a pasture.
               Screams seemed to emanate from it. (Wilkins U 251)
Nov. 10, 1954  Porto Alegre (Brazil). An agronomist and his family
               in their car saw a landed disk from which two men,
               normal in height, with long hair and coverall-like
               clothes, emerged and came toward the car with arms
               raised. As the frightened witnesses sped away, they
               saw the men reenter the disk, which rose and flew off
               at very great speed. (Lor. I 42)
Nov. 13, 1954  Berck (France). Near the local airport, Mr. Davril
0330           saw a craft like a round hut 300 m away. It took off
               without noise. (Personal)
Nov. 13, 1954  Buchy (France). At intersection of Routes N28 and
               N319, Mr. R. L., of Rouen, saw a luminous craft take
               off while he feIt pricklings and was paralyzed. The
               engine of the car slowed down but did not stall.
Nov. 13, 1954  Curitiba (Brazil). A lens-shaped object was seen on
0330           the railroad tracks. Near it, three dwarfs wearing
               tight-fitting suits were looking at the tracks with a
               light. When the witness approached, the machine
               took off very fast. (99; Humanoids 33)
Nov. 14, 1954  Isola (Italy). Amerigo Lorenzini, a farmer, saw a
afternoon      bright, cigar-shaped craft land near him and took
               cover. Out of it came three dwarfs dressed in metallic
               diving suits. They centered their attention on rabbits
               in a cage while speaking among themselves in an un-
               known language. Thinking they were going to steal
               the animals, the farmer aimed a rifle at the intruders,
               but it failed to fire and the witness suddenly felt so
               weak that he had to drop the gun. The dwarfs took
               the rabbits, and their craft departed, leaving a bright
               trail. (100)
Nov. 14, 1954  Wasmes (Belgium). Approximate date. Marcel
night          Pipers a gardener saw a craft resting near the road
               give off a very bright light. His clothing was partially
               burned when he went close to it. (Quincy)
Nov. 14, 1954  Forli (Italy). A shange beam of red light, apparently
night          from some flying source, was reported sweeping the
               countryside. As it illuminated two tractors, one of
               them stalled, but the other, a diesel, continued. The
               beam was seen for about one hour by a large number
               of persons. (M 211)
Nov. 22, 1954  Santa Maria (Brazil). A radio operator at the local
2145           air base saw a huge, dark object about 30 m in diam-
               eter hovering at treetop height. With four other per-
               sons he saw it for several hours, sometimes softly
               glowing, sometimes coming down almost to the
               ground. (Lor. I 4511)
Nov. 25, 1954  Calcerosa (Italy). Two 12-year-old boys, G. Marziano
1700           and P. Santucci, suddenly saw three figures who, as
               soon as they were discovered, entered a small spherical
               craft concealed 10 m away behind some bushes. The
               beings were small, about 35 cm tall, had very large
               heads and lead-gray skin. The craft had two sharp-
               pointed propellers in front, which started spinning.
               The craft took off suddenly with a hissing sound. (90)
Nov. 28, 1954  Caracas (Venezuela). G. Gonzales and Jose Ponce,
0200           truck drivers, found their road blocked by a luminous
               sphere over 3 m diameter, hovering 2 m above ground.
               A small creature with claws and glowing eyes came
               toward them. Gonzales grabbed it, found it strangely
               light (less than 2O kg), and observed its body was
               very hard and covered with fur. But the creature
               pushed him back, while two other dwarfs emerged
               from the bushes and leaped into the sphere, carrying
               stones and other samples. Gonzales was blinded by a
               light from the craft and the strange beings flew away.
               (Lor I 52)
Dec.,  1954    Guanare (Venezuela). Early in December, the di-
               rector of Barquisimeto College was chased by a lumi-
               nous disk as he was driving near Guanare. He fired at
               the object with his revolver, without effect. He
               stopped another car in which a lawyer and two police-
               men were traveling. All four saw the machine fly
               away. (Lor. I 43)
Dec. 01, 1954  Bassoues (France). A 39-year-old civilian saw an oval
0430           light, very bright, illuminating the countryside. After
               some maneuvers and oscillations in mid-air, it landed
               for a couple of minutes less than 3 km away, then flew
               off to the east. (Personal)
Dec. 04, 1954  Zuaga (Spain). Twelve workers saw what they de-
               scribed as a square machine, with a side of 10 m,
               land and take off at great speed, flying toward the
               south. (Personal)
Dec. 04, 1954  Caselle di Nogara (Italy). For several minutes a
night          waiter saw a circular object stationary in a pasture 50
               m away. It was blue with symmetrical openings, from which
               a bright red light was emitted. The witness got a rifle
               and fired twice at the very tall figure who came out of
               the turret on the craft. Immediately a very strong wind
               was felt, and the craft took off amidst a reddish glow.
Dec. 09, 1954  Linha Bela Vista (Brazil). A farmer, O. da Costa e
evening        Rosa, observed a stranger standing near a machine
               shaped like "a tropical helmet," cream-colored, sur-
               rounded with haze, making the same noise as a sew-
               ing machine. Another man was looking at a fence, and
               the head and arms of a third one were visible inside
               the craft. As the witness dropped his hoe, the man
               smiled, picked it up, and gave it back to him, after
               which they motioned him to stay away and took off.
               They were of average height, had broad shoulders,
               long hair, very white skin, and slanted eyes. They
               wore brown coveralls ending with shoes without heels.
               (Lor. I 46; Humanoids  4)
Dec. 09, 1954  Dorf-Gull (Germany). Ernst Jung and his wife saw
1930           an intense red, luminous object descending toward
               them at great speed. It hovered 5 m above ground
               when they stopped their motorcycle. It was cigar-
               shaped, 5 m long, 2 m wide. They saw it turn off its
               lights and fly toward the forest. Other people in a bus
               saw the same thing. (Nachrichten Oct., 56)
Dec. 10, 1954  Floresta (Venezuela). A doctor from Caracas who
1830           was driving with his father near this town stopped his
               car as two little men were running into the bushes.
               Soon thereafter, a luminous disk rose from the side
               of the road with a sizzling sound and flew away.
               (Lor. I 43)
Dec. 10, 1954  Chico (Venezuela). Having seen a bright object land
evening        near the Trans-Andean Highway, two young men ap-
               proached it, found it was shaped like two bowls g]ued
               together, about 3 m diameter. The underside was a
               source of fiery light. Four small beings emerged and
               attacked them, in an apparent kidnapping attempt.
               The dwarfs were extremely strong, their bodies cov-
               ered with hair. They fled into the machine, and it took
               off. (Lor. I 51)
Dec. 11, 1954  Linha Bela Vista (Brazil). Near the site of Case 349,
1700           Pedro Morais saw two human beings dressed in "yel-
               low bags" take a tobacco plant and a chicken, then go
               away. Their craft "had a bottom like an enormous
               polished brass kettle," hovered with an oscillating
               motion, and made a noise like a sewing machine. Its
               upper part resembled a jeep hood. (Lor. I 46; Human-
               oids 34)
Dec. 16, 1954  San Carlos (Venezuela). Three young men saw a
               dwarf, who attacked one of them, Jesus Paz, before
               fleeing into a disk-shaped machine, which flew off
               immediately. It was flat and shiny and had been
               hovering 1 m above ground. (Lor. I 50; Humanoids
Dec. 17, 1954  Bersaillin (France). A woodsman from Poligny saw a
1700           very bright light on the road, first thought it was an
               American car with its headlights on, but soon ob-
               served it came from a dark craft about 80 m away.
               The light turned brighter; the witness felt an intense
               heat wave and thought he was going to die. Finally,
               the light went away. (Personal)
Dec. 19, 1954  Valencia (Venezuela). Jose Parra, an 18-year-old
2300           jockey, saw six small creatures loading stones into a
               disk-shaped machine hovering about 3 m above
               ground. He tried to run away but was paralyzed by a
               violet beam aimed at him by one of the creatures. All
               the creatures entered the craft, and it took off. (Lor.
               I 52)
Dec. 20, 1954  Valencia (Venezuela). An employee of the Barbula
0000           sanatorium saw an object on the ground but did not
               report it. Three hours later, another employee saw
               the craft. It was luminous and took off soon after-
               ward. (Lor. I 52)
Dec. 29, 1954  Bru (France). Near Gardonne, Mr. Gamba saw an
2100           oval red object 50 m away. When he tried to approach
               it, he found he was unable to move. As soon as this
               "paralysis" subsided, he ran to get his brothers and
               came back to the craft, which turned white, then red.
               It rose and flew away toward the east. It had been on
               the ground for at least 15 min. Strange traces were
               found, as if the ground had been dug up. Small trees
               near the river were found damaged, as if they had
               been cut with a knife. (103)
Jan. 03, 1955  Melbourne (Australia). Two persons in a car saw a
0725           flying object come within 70 m of them after their
               vehicle was stopped. (Quincy)
Jan. 05, 1955  San Sebastian (Spain). A red circular object 3 m in
               diameter was observed to land and take off again.
Mar., 1955     Branch Hill (Ohio). Robert Hunnicutt, a business-
0400           man, saw three men kneeling on the side of the road.
               They were about 1 m tall, had gray skin, and wore
               tight-fitting gray clothes. They had froglike face, long
               slender arms, normal eyes, but no eyebrows. One of
               them held a dark object (emitting blue flashes) be-
               tween his raised arms. Hunnicutt tried to go near but
               "must have lost consciousness," because he found
               himself driving to the police station without remem-
               bering what took place in the meantime. (Stringfield;
               FS May., 61; Sanderson 147)
Mar. 02, 1955  Huntley (Illinois). A car was followed for 10 min by
1700           three elongated "balloons," each showing eight red
               lights and about 7 m long. (Atic)
May. 29, 1955  Smithfield, near Cairns (Australia). Approximate
1920           date. Three farmers, among them Thomas Robinson,
               saw a light growing in size for 2 min and flying
               between them and Mt. Williams. Looking like a
               "light airplane on fire," it changed course, losing alti-
               tude and trailing flames. It touched the ground, light-
               ing up the whole area, rose again, and began to "feel
               its way along the crooked edge of the cane field and
               the swamp toward our house." It returned to earth
               four times. The dogs ran out barking as it landed
               within 100 m of the witnesses before taking off again.
               (UFO Bulletin Mar., 58)
May. 31, 1955  Puy-Saint-Gulmier (France). A farmer, 74-year-old
1110           J. B. Collange, was watching his cows on a clear, calm
               morning when he suddenly observed, in an easterly
               direction, a vertical circular object about 3 m away,
               the bottom edge about 30 cm from the ground. It
               measured about 1.10 m in diameter, was very lumi-
               nous, white, but not blinding. Many filaments of
               various colors were radiating from the disk. Their
               length varied between 0.5 and 2 m. The object rose
               over a hedge and was lost to sight behind some woods.
               (Ouranos 14, 15, 22)
Jul. 03, 1955  Stockton (Georgia). Mrs. Wesley Symmonds was
               driving near this town when she saw four "bug-eyed"
               creatures near the road. They were small beings with
               thin arms, large eyes, and pointed chins. Two were
               turned away from the witness; one was bending over
               with something like a stick in its hand; and the fourth
               one was facing her with its right arm raised. It had
               bulging eyes, a sort of cap, no visible mouth, a long
               pointed nose, a chin which came to a sharp point, and
               long thin arms with claws. (Stringfield; Humanoids
Jul. 18, 1955  Plessiel Airfield, near Abbeville (France). Mr. Maupin
0300           and five other witnesses on the airfield were blinded
               by a light from a disk-shaped object 150 m away. It
               left orange glows in its trail. Silent, flying slowly, it
               hovered near the Metro station, close to the ground,
               but did not actually land. It left toward the northwest.
               A woodsman from Mareul-Caubert, Mr. Rolle, saw
               the object half-an-hour earlier. It came from the
               direction of Amiens. (Personal)
Aug. 01, 1955  Salon, near Arles (France). Two persons in a car saw
night          a lighted object dive toward them and hover about
               30 m above the road. A disk, 12 m in diameter, it flew
               around the car and went away without noise. The
               witnesses were tourists, who went straight to the Arles
               police. (105)
Aug. 01, 1955  Chardon Road (Ohio). Mr. Sheneman, who was com-
2100           ing from Willoughby, came out of his car and saw a
               circular object with a red light on it that came down
               fast, hovered, and emitted two beams of light. The
               witness fled toward his house, and the object appeared
               to chase him at less than 70 m altitude. It measured
               about 30 m in diameter and supported a dome. Mr.
               Sheneman, his wife, and their two children saw it fly
               away. (Evidence 114)
Aug. 05, 1955  Buzancy, Ardennes (France). Messrs. Coisin and
1430           Mahieu saw five brown, disk-shaped machines coming
               down and up again at great speed. One of them flew
               under the others, then two disks appeared to land
               300 m away near the German cemetery. The others
               flew away toward the south at tremendous speed.
Aug. 16, 1955  Bradford (England). Mr. Ernest Suddard, 35, and
0400           his 13-year-old son were in a lorry on Roundhill Street
               when they saw what seemed to be a human being
               about 1.20 m tall, dressed in skin-tight black clothes.
               It held its arms close to its sides, its feet close together,
               and walked by a series of jumps. On its chest was a
               silver disk perforated with holes. It turned off sud-
               denly into a passageway and was lost to sight. The
               witnesses were too amazed to follow it. (Constance
Aug. 19, 1955  Bradford (England). About 700 m away from Round-
2330           hill street, Mr. Wood, a warehouseman, saw a bright,
               bullet-shaped, silvery object behind a hillock. It
               measured about 4 m in height, 1.5 m in diameter, had
               a surface similar to chromium and made a high-
               pitched buzzing sound. (Constance 222)
Aug. 21, 1955  Hopkinsville (Kentucky). The Sutton family saw a
2030           light landing near their farmhouse, then several night-
               marish entities about 1 m tall, with glowing silver
               clothing, an oversized round head, huge eyes and
               ears, and a slit-like mouth harassed them for several
               hours, in spite of heavy gunfire. At one point, one of
               the entities was knocked down from the roof by a
               bullet: it "floated down." Running out of ammuni-
               tion, the Suttons got the police, who observed a
               lighted object in the sky, flying very fast. (Atic,
               Anatomy 173; Magonia)
Aug. 22, 1955  Casa Blanca, near Riverside (California). A group of
1400           children was playing in the garden of Mr. and Mrs.
               Douglas when they observed a hovering object which
               disappared and reappeared as a spinning disk with
               curved lines radiating from it. Other objects, silvery
               and semi-transparent, soon appeared and were seen by
               all children. They made musical sounds as they van-
               ished and reappeared. One of them landed, and a
               creature the size of a 4-year-old child, transparent,
               wearing a belt with a bright disk, was seen nearby.
               Another creature appeared and spoke to one of the
               boys. All the children experienced visions of the ob-
               ject and the creatures, as well as "arms" which ap-
               peared to beckon to them. (TSR 67, 5)
Aug. 25, 1955  Greenhills (Ohio). Four adolescents in a car saw a
               creature with a luminous body, standing near a fire-
               plug. (Stringfield 64)

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