The Magonia Database: Part 8: April 23rd 1965 – March 28th 1966

Apr. 23, 1965  Rivesville (West Virginia). A woman observed an
0800           object land near her house while she was working in
               her kitchen. It was shaped like a disk, showed port-
               holes and a cylinder about 1 m high, with a sliding
               door from which a small creature, about 1 m tall,
               emerged and jumped to the ground. Its face was not
               clearly visible but it had pointed ears, a sort of tail,
               and was linked to the main object by a cable. It wore
               white clothing, appeared to pick up something from
               the ground, and reentered the cylinder, which then
               slid up into the larger white disk. The outside rim
               started spinning in a counterclockwise motion with
               a soft whistling sound and the object rose straight
               up, out of view. Estimated diameter of the disk: 7m.
Apr. 26, 1965  New London (Minnesota). Gary X., 9, saw an object
1700           which came down silently and hovered at ground
               level 60 m away. A sort of periscope emerged from it,
               and a strange noise (also heard by the boy's father)
               was noted. After 1-2 min the "periscope" disappeared,
               the object rose, and then dashed up at unbelievable
               speed. (Personal)
May. 23, 1965  Eton Range (Australia). About 70 km from Mackay,
2100           Jim Tilse, Eric Judin, and John Burgess saw a cir-
               cular object, 10 m in diameter, flying erratically, mak-
               ing a buzzing sound. It had headlights, a tripod
               landing gear, and supported another disk-shaped de-
               vice. Police investigation disclosed damaged trees and
               other landing traces. (FSR 65, 5)
May. 24, 1965  Geradton (Australia). Mr. and Mrs. French observed
0130           an object in a field at 4 m altitude. It had blinding
               white lights, caused radio interference, and made a
               high-pitched sound. (Spaceview 44; LDLN 80)
May. 24, 1965  Paso de las Carretas (Argentina). Hunters saw through
1840           binoculars an object resembling an upside-down plate,
               very luminous, with a red light on top, flying in circles
               and landing on a hilltop. The Lujan police sent a
               patrol, under Comm. Osvaldo Pagella, which found
               a large, metallic object resting on the hill, but they
               could not approach the object before it took off, be-
               cause of the difficult terrain. (Personal)
Jun. 02, 1965  Kuranda (Australia). Mr. D. Armstrong, a former
2000           airman, was called outside by his sons and saw a
               spherical object with flashing lights that appeared to
               land silently on a hillside situated on Mr. Watson's
               property. (FSR 65, 5)
Jul. 01, 1965  Valensole (France). Farmer Maurice Masse, 41,
0500           heard a strange noise and saw an egg-shaped object
               30 m away in a lavender field. The craft was set on a
               central pivot with six legs, was about 5 m long, and
               had a door showing two seats back to back. Near it
               were two dwarfs the size of 8-year-old children, with
               heads, normal human eyes, fine hands with five
               fingers, and no hair. They seemed surprised when the
               witness came near, and stopped their examination of
               a plant to aim a small device at him, causing inhibi-
               tion of movement. They spoke among themselves in
               shrill sounds similar to a gargle. The craft took off
               and "vanished." Traces. (FSR 65, 5; Magonia)
Jul. 06, 1965  Puerto La Cruz (Portugal). The commander and
night          crew of the Norwegian tanker "Jawesta" observed a
               lighted object flying out of the sea. First Officer
               Toronin Lien first saw a large, blue, intense flame be-
               hind the ship at high speed. He called the captain and
               tracked the object with binoculors as its altitude
               reached about 300m. Its shape was that of a cigar,
               with a row of lighted portholes showing a clear yel-
               low glow, and it left a bluish trail. (150)
Jul. 09, 1965  Moyeuvre (France). At the Cote-de-Thermont, 30-
1230           year-old Mrs. Zielonka saw a metallic object rise at
               high speed and fly away toward Metz. Estimated
               diameter: 3 m. (152)
Jul. 12, 1965  Bairio Paraiso dos Barbeiros (Brazil). Student Hum-
               berto Aranjo da Silva nearly hit a saucer-shaped craft,
               6 m in diameter, with two V-shaped landing pads
               and a dome, which had landed on the road. It made
               a whirring noise. (LDLN 84; SBEDV 51, 53)
Jul. 15, 1965  Loretami Valley (Argentina). Mr. and Mrs. Bosquets
               and their family observed a luminous object, its color
               changing from blue to orange, about 12 m in diam-
               eter, and showing several portholes. The object left
               traces on the ground. (CODOVNI 1965)
Jul. 17, 1965  Colonia (Uruguay). A blinding object, smaller than
               an airplane and having metallic legs, was seen on the
               bank of the Rio de la Plata River by two workers and
               four young men. White smoke emerged from the
               craft, which remained on the sand for two min, leav-
               ing X-shaped traces. It flew up to about 10 m altitude,
               then went away. The craft showed a round central
               section with two oval ends and looked somewhat
               similar to an egg. (153)
Jul. 19, 1965  Villas Rosas (Argentina). Maria Andres, teacher,
1930           Mr. Gomez, Mrs. Goicoecha, and others saw a small
               object leave a larger one, land, and burn a spot on the
               ground before going back to the main object. It
               emitted a blinding light. (Asi Jul. 30, 1965)
Jul. 19, 1965  Vancluse (Australia). Mr. Crowe was attracted by a
2130           strong light on the beach, and walked within 20 m
               of the craft producing it, which took off with a yellow-
               orange light. Estimated diameter: 7 m, height, 3 m,
               with blue-green edges. (Spaceview 44)
Jul. 19, 1965  Chanaral (Chile). Carlos Videla Zamudio saw a
night          "strange machine" land on an isolated beach. It was
               shaped like a mushroom or a top, was lighted from
               inside, rested on the ground silently, flew up to 30 m,
               and disappeared at fantastic speed. This was the third
               landing on a beach reported in Jul.. (155; LDLN 78;
               APRO Jan., 66)
Jul. 20, 1965  Quilmes (Argentina). R. Pereyra was driving near
0800           Monte de los Curas when he saw a parachutelike ob-
               ject land. Going near, he observed a chromium-
               looking, egg-shaped craft standing on metal legs, with
               a transparent upper part. A blond-haired pilot, wear-
               ing plastic coveralls and small boots, seemed to study
               a piece of paper. Inside the craft was another man
               seated before an instrument panel. Shortly thereafter
               the object took off. (Humanoids 40)
Jul. 23, 1965  Lima (Peru). An object was observed to land on
               ranch 45 km north of this town by a chemical engi-
               neer, his wife, and several farmers. It remained on
               the ground for 45 min, leaving traces. (Saucer News
Jul. 25, 1965  Chosica Power Plant (Peru). Mr. Alva was awakened
night          by a strange sound and saw an object on the ground
               emitting green light flashes. He woke up other em-
               ployees, who had time to note that the object was               
               about 3 m in diameter, had small windows in its upper
               part, and a revolving telescopic appendage. The in-
               vestigating commission found dark, triangular traces
               on the ground. (FSR 67, 6)
Jul. 26, 1965  Carazinho (Brazil). A teenager, Adilon Azevedo, a
2000           others who fled, saw two objects at ground level, about
               3 m in diameter, 1.5 m high, with five occupants,
               wearing luminous helmets, speaking among the-
               selves, in unfamiliar language. One of the beings had
               a bright object in his hand. The witness experienced
               headaches for five days. (Humanoids 41)
Jul. 29, 1965  Grouzies (France). Alain Bressol observed a large,
2300           disk-shaped object in a field near Monsempron-Libos.
               It flew at high speed toward the south. Official report.
               (156;LDLN 78)
Jul. 30, 1965  Puerto Monte (Chile). Hundreds of people in two
               separate spots observed an object that landed for five
               min. It emitted a blinding purple light. (157; LDLN
Jul. 30, 1965  Goonumbla (Australia). Two children attracted by
0500           the barking of a dog saw a luminous object resting on
               a tripod landing gear, and observed it for one hour.
Jul. 31, 1965  Belluco (Chile). A woman in a car saw an object on
               the road. It took off, then landed again in Belluco
               where it was seen by several people. The object
               emitted a bright, purple light and a green beam.
Aug. 02, 1965  Justin (Texas). Two deputy sheriffs of Tarrant
               County saw an object as bright as burning magnesium,
               which landed as they were on a patrol near Wagle
               Mountain Lake. Extensive investigation by the police
               led to negative results. (Atic)
Aug. 02, 1965  Oklahoma City (Oklahoma). Five children saw a
               brilliant, round object without wings, close to the
               ground, in the 600 block on Northwest 63. (Atic)
Aug. 03, 1965  Lake Hefner (Oklahoma). A young man saw an
               object rise from the lake area. (Atic)
Aug. 03, 1965  Carnarvon (Australia). Approximate date. Dr. An-
2000           tonin Kukla and Mrs. Audrey Lawrence saw an object
               dive toward them. They switched off the car head-
               lights and got out of the vehicle to observe the oval
               object, which hovered at ground level, its color chang-
               ing from orange to fluorescent green, before it took
               off at high speed. (NICAP)
Aug. 04, 1965  Chena (Chile). A bright, silvery object landed on a
               hill for 45 min. There were numerous witnesses,
               among them military men. Official investigation.
               (Nachrichten Oct., 65)
Aug. 04, 1965  Dallas (Texas). A man in a car observed a red and
0130           blue light thought it came from a police car, then
               was passed by a huge, orange object flying at ground
               level. (Atic)
Aug. 04, 1965  Abilene (Kansas). Truck driver Don Tenopir had
0130           reached a point 35 km from Abilene, going toward
               Lincoln, when his headlights blinked and failed. An
               object then dived toward the truck and stopped on
               the road 30 m ahead causing a car coming in the op-
               posite direction to leave the road in order to avoid it.
               The object was orange, 5 m in diameter, 1.5 m high,
               with a dome and a "black spot." It took off toward
               the west, then turned south. (LDLN 82)
Aug. 04, 1965  Trapua (Brazil). Joao Erondo dos Santos saw a disk
2200           50 m in diameter land with a distinct sound, although
               no traces were found afterward. The object illumi-
               nated a wide area. (LDLN 84)
Aug. 05, 1965  Cherry Creek (New York). Several children saw an
2030           object shaped like two saucers glued together come
               to ground level several times on the farm of William
               Butcher. It was chromelike, measured about 16 m in
               diameter, took off with green and yellow flames, and
               illuminated the clouds when it flew into them. Capt.
               James Dorsey and four technicians from Niagara
               Falls AFB investigated the case. They found no trace,
               concluding, however, that the witnesses were not
               lying. (Personal)
Aug. 09, 1965  Grand Forks (North Dakota). Three girls driving a
2330           car observed what they first thought was the rising
               moon. It was a circular, pale-yellow object, with a
               silhouette moving inside the glow. There were five
               other witnesses one of whom stated that as he ap-
               proached the object, it appeared to "blow up" with a
               bang. (FSR 66, 2)
Aug. 13, 1965  Baden (Pennsylvania). A 37-year-old civilian had just
               put his car in the garage when he saw an object about
               100 m in diameter, shaped like a disk, which flew in
               front of the moon in a northerly direction at about
               80 km/h. It was surrounded with orange lights that
               weakened as a blue source came on, very intense for
               about 3 sec then all lights disappeared as the object
               was about 700 m away. This was followed by a sort
               of "shock-wave" effect, and tree leaves were shaken.
               The witness entered his house and called the Air
               Force. Twenty minutes later his vision became hazy
               and his eyes were painful. He gradually lost vision in
               both eyes, and his entire body was "sunburned." Med-
               ical examination compared the symptoms to ultra-
               violet exposure. His vision came back gradually over
               a period of several days. (Atic)
Aug. 13, 1965  Renton (Washington). Ellen G. Ryerson, 16, and
0700           her sister, Laura, were going to work in a bean field
               when they observed three creatures about 1.60 m tall,
               with bulging eyes, expressionless faces, white crani-
               ums, large pores, and a protrusion at the back of their
               heads. They wore purple jerseys and white shirts.
               They had disappeared when the running girls looked
               back. (FSR 66, 2)
Aug. 14, 1965  Stranraer (Scotland). Patrick Nash and his family
0200           were awaiting a ferry boat when a brilliant, orange-red
               object shaped like a large soup plate appeared 50 m
               away, rose from the ground, flew low over the car,
               landed 20m away on the other side, vanishing sud-
               denly. (FSR 65,6)
Aug. 15, 1965  Nablus (Jordan). A guard saw a boatlike object flying
0200           at high speed, with red flames on its sides. It circled
               and came low over a farm. In fear, the man fired at
               it with his rifle. (FSR 66, 1)
Aug. 15, 1965  Salto (Uruguay). Five persons in a car heard a hum-
2300           ming sound, and an object with changing colored
               lights landed and blocked the road while the car
               engine stalled. The object was as wide as the road,
               and 3 m high. Before it took off, three human beings
               were seen inside. (Humanoids 42)
Aug. 20, 1965  Mount Airy (North Carolina). Mrs. T. E. Schumaker
0300           was awakened by a loud humming sound and found
               she could not speak or move for a while. When she
               finally reached her window, she saw a vertical, cigar-
               shaped, luminous object. It moved right and left,
               then back, etc. Ultimately it disappeared behind
               some trees. The next morning a circle of crushed
               grass, 4 m in diameter, was found in the yard. (FSR
Aug. 20, 1965  Cuzco (Peru). Several tourists, including Alberto

1150           Ugarte and Elwin Voter, observed a strange craft
               landing near the Inca ruins that they were visiting.
               Two creatures described as luminous dwarfs, who
               seemed to have "vertical mouths," were seen briefly.
               (Humanoids 43)
Aug. 20, 1965  Cherry Creek (New York). Four students working
1820           on a farm noted radio interference and a peculiar
               "beeping sound," then saw an object at low altitude
               on the farm of William Butcher. It was shaped like
               two saucers glued together, had a shiny chromelike sur-
               face, diameter of 15 m, height of 6 m, and left a trail
               and smell of burned gasoline. It rose straight up into
               the clouds, which were illuminated with green light.
               Five min later it came down again over a woods, rose,
               and finally flew off to the southwest. Effects were
               noted on animals: milk production decreased from
               2 1/2 barrels to one; a dog barked, and other animals
               were terrified. (Atic)
Aug. 20, 1965  Mar del Plata (Argentina). Mr. and Mrs. Yacobi
2300           heard a loud humming sound and saw a glowing, oval,
               flashing object land 200 m away. Figures moved
               around it, as if examining the craft, which took off
               again. (Humanoids 42)
Aug. 21, 1965  Bury's Bridge (Eire). A man was repairing the broken
1530           chain of his motorbike when an object shaped like a
               top, gray, spinning, 1.8 m high, same diameter, sud-
               denly appeared 5 m away, 1.5 m above the road. It
               shot off toward the northeast. (FSR 65,6)
Aug. 23, 1965  Apostoles (Argentina). Casimiro Zuk was riding his
0100           bicycle near a railroad crossing when he saw a lumi-
               nous object above him that circled, then landed near
               the tracks. It was round, 5 m in diameter, and 2.5 m
               high. A door opened, and a man dressed like a pilot
               emerged, walked around, and reentered the object,
               which flew off in a spiral. (158)
Aug. 25, 1965  Terreon (Mexico). Zoilo Campos Aguilar observed
0300           an object very close to the ground for 38 min. It was
               semi-oval, with a powerful yellow-orange light and
               left rapidly toward the south with a double trail. Ap-
               parent diameter was that of the full moon. The wit-
               ness was a night watchman. (Binder)
Aug. 25, 1965  Callao (Peru). A red object shaped like a plate, emitt-
1010           ting fire and smoke through two openings in its lower
               section, shook a school building as it allegedly landed
               on the roof. Faculty and students at the Santa Leonor
               College observed the craft, which had two antennae
               on top, rise spinning and emitting red light beams
               It flew off to the northeast. (FSR 67, 6)
Aug. 30, 1965  La Blanquilla (Venezuela). A spinning, top-shaped
               object with openings through which an orange light
               was visible was observed taking off with a "foggy"
               trail. (APRO Jan., 66)
Sep. 01, 1965  Huanuco (Peru). A worker observed the landing of
0500           an oval object on an airfield where he had gone
               "drawn by a strange feeling." Four other persons also
               saw the object, from which a dwarfish creature, 85 cm
               tall, emerged. The entity had a head double the size of
               a normal human head, and made gestures that were
               not understood. He reentered the machine, which
               became illuminated and took off, first vertically, then
               toward the west. (Personal)
Sep. 3, 1965   San Justo (Argentina). J. Fernandez was awakened
0120           by a humming sound and saw a luminous, oval object
               rising from the roof of his house. Its color varied from
               white to red, and it left marks on the roof. (Human-
               oids 41)
Sep. 03, 1965  Exeter (New Hampshire). A young man and two
0200           Police officers observed five lights in a rigid configura-
               tion moving over a field, sometimes fluttering to low
               altitude with a falling-leaf motion. The lights illumi-
               nated the countryside and flashed in sequence. (Fuller)
Sep. 03, 1965  Damon (Texas). Two Angleton sheriffs, McCoy and
evening        Robert Goode saw from their car a huge object 70 m
               long, 15 m high, with a bright, violet light at one end
               and a pale-blue light at the other. They stopped to
               watch it and saw the craft fly within 30 m, casting a
               huge shadow when it intercepted the moonlight.
               They felt a heat wave and drove away in fear, but
               returned to the site a second time, only to turn
               around when they found the object was still there.
               Goode had been bitten by an animal before the sight-
               ing, and his left index finger swelled and bled freely.
               After exposure to the light from the object, the pain
               was gone, and the wound cured unnaturally. Later
               that evening, two men found him at a restaurant and
               described the object in detail, adding he should keep
               future encounters to himself. (NICAP Aug.,65)
Sep. 05, 1965  Santa Barbara (Peru). Governor Sebastian Macha
0500           saw two dwarfish creatures, 80 cm tall, on the snow
               near Ceulacocha. They entered a craft, which left
               with a thundering noise. (FSR 66, 2)
Sep. 07, 1965  San Joaquin (Peru). More than 200 witnesses saw
2100           two objects come to ground level, leaving crater-like
               depressions. (Personal)
Sep. 08, 1965  Alto Purus (Brazil). After work, latex collectors saw
evening        an object resembling a huge wheel, intensely bright,
               with two flaming openings in front, about to land
               near them. They went into hiding, and observed the
               craft as it flew away. (LDLN 84)
Sep. 08, 1965  Puno (Peru). A child reported the observation of a
2200           luminous object from which seven creatures, 80 cm
               tall, with only one eye, emerged. The same day a
               newsman was said to have seen an object land in the
               vicinity of Puno, and to have made an unsuccesful
               attempt at communication. (Personal)
Sep. 10, 1965  Jalapa (Mexico). Four persons saw a creature with
               glowing catlike eyes, dressed in black, walking in a
               street. The entity was holding a metallic tube, was
               pursued, and vanished suddenly. (159; Magonia)
Sep. 10, 1965  Mexico City (Mexico). Three women were said to
               have observed a group of beings, 3 m tall, without
               noses or mouths with red, bright eyes, wearing gray
               clothing and boots. No object was described. Ap-
               proximate date. (159)
Sep. 11, 1965  Guarulhos (Brazil). Antonio Pau Ferro saw two ob-
0800           jects land. Two dwarfish beings emerged, 70 cm tall,
               dressed like humans, with "ugly" skin. They appeared
               to examine some tomato plants, reentered their craft,
               6 m in diameter, and flew off. They spoke in a lan-
               guage which was not understood. (LDLN 84)
Sep. 15, 1965  Silverton (South Africa). Two policemen, John
2400           Lockem and Koos de Klerk, were on a patrol of the
               Pretoria-Bronkhorstspruit Road when their headlights
               illuminated a disk 10 m in diameter, copper-colored,
               resting on the road. Ten sec later it took off in a pool
               of flames, at high speed. The tar on the road kept
               burning for some time. (Humanoids 71)
Sep. 20, 1965  Pichaca (Peru). A farm woman saw an object land,
1630           and six dwarfs, 80 cm tall, emerged from it. They
               wore very shiny white clothes and "walked like ducks."
               She hid during the observation, and noted that they
               spoke in a language she could not understand. After
               their departure, a liquid resembling vinegar was
               found on the ground. (Personal)

Sep. 27, 1965  Fredonia (New York). Addie Jones, 61, saw a silvery
0815           object, 10 m in diameter, rise from a wooded area and
               hover silently before leaving toward the west. Under
               the object was a boxlike device. Distance to witness:
               400 m. No light. (160)
Sep. 29, 1965  Arequipa (Peru). Two men in a car, Julio L. de
               Romana and Antonio Chavez Bedoya, saw a strange
               being, 80 cm tall, by the side of the road. The creature
               had only one eye, and gold and silver stripes over its
               entire body. Soon afterward a craft flew over their car.
               Several persons living 20 km away also reported an
               unidentified object within min of this sighting. (Per-
Oct. 01, 1965  Aguas Blancas (Argentina). Three students, Santos
               Vallejos, Antonia Aparti, and Adela Sanchez, who
               were walking to General San Martin School, were
               attacked by small creatures with greenish skin. The
               children ran away, and arrived at the school in a state
               of terror. (CODOVNI)
Oct. 04, 1965  Southington (Connecticut). An object was said to
               have landed near Southington. No details. (NICAP)
Oct. 04, 1965  Rio Vista (California). Betty Valine and her 12-year-
evening        old son Robbie observed a large, plate-shaped machine
               with a dome on top, inside which three creatures were
               clearly visible. The witnesses did not see the object
               touch down. (FSR 66, 3)
Oct. 13, 1965  Minot (North Dakota). Two adolescent girls, Marg
               Gudajtes and Judy Norlock, saw a large, metallic, oval
               object with bluish lights land in a park at the edge of
               town. It had left by the time they returned with
               help. An oval area of crushed grass was observed.
               (FSR 66, 3)
Oct. 18, 1965  Ponte Praia (Brazil). Thousands of persons saw a
               circular object that flew over the beach, circling. Later
               two witnesses saw it land in an isolated spot between
               Cuaranga and the Santos Air Base. (Ouranos 32;
               LDLN 84)
Oct. 22, 1965  Canhotinho (Brazil). Approximate date. Jose Camilo
               Filho saw two creatures near a landed object. (LDLN
Oct. 23, 1965  Long Prairie (Minnesota). James Townsend, 19, was
1915           driving on Highway 27 when his engine, lights, and
               radio stopped operating. He then observed an object
               10 m tall, about 3 m in diameter, shaped somewhat
               like a rocket, sitting on fins on the road. Three
               creatures with "tripod legs and matchstick arms,"
               brownish-black in color, having no eyes or facial
               features, stood in a large, lighted circle under it,
               facing the witness for a few moments before disappearing
               in the intense light. The object rose straight up for
               400 m, with a high-pitched humming sound, stopped
               and vanished. The car then resumed normal operation
               by itself. (FSR 66, 3)
Oct. 30, 1965  Pinhal (Brazil). Witnesses in a Volkswagen en-
night          countered a strong light on the road. A truck and
               another Volkswagen arrived and went near the object,
               which took off suddenly and flew over them. It was
               also observed by dozens of witnesses at the Pinhal
               Junction. (APRO Sep., 66)
Nov., 1965     Broken Hill (Zambia). Eric Williams saw a large ob-
dusk           ject, 30 m in diameter, 15 m high, about 75 m away.
               He reported seeing clearly a row of portholes illumi-
               nated with a greenish light. (FSR 66, 4)
Nov. 09, 1965  New York City (New York). During the great power
dawn           blackout, actor Stuart Whitman was startled to hear
               a whistling sound outside his 12th floor window and
               to observe two hovering objects, one orange and the
               other blue giving off a luminescent light. He then
               heard an English message indicating that the black-
               out was a "demonstration." (FSR 66, 6)
Nov. 13, 1965  Mogi-Guassu (Brazil). Dario Filho, his wife, his
               grandson, and a bank director saw an object land
               100 m away, flashing a beam of light toward the sky.
               Two policemen on the scene also observed the inci-
               dent. Near the object were two dwarfs. One of them
               wore coveralls, the other had a gray shirt and brown
               trousers. By what seemed an optical effect, a third
               being with a flat, squarish head, wearing something
               like a surgeon's apron, was also seen near them. The
               object and the creatures were very bright. (APRO
               Sep., 66)
Nov. 16, 1965  Cyrus (Minnesota). T. Untiedt was driving on High-
               way 28 about 5 km west of Cyprus when he saw a red
               flourescent, cylindrical object with a cone on top, 4 km
               long and 2 m in diameter, surrounded with a white
               glow. The car slowed down as the observer was 400 km
               away from the object, which took off toward the
               northeast. (FSR 66, 6)
Nov. 29, 1965  Springhill (Nova Scotia). Kevin Davis, 12, and Gary
evening        Jardine, 10, saw an object with a blinking red dome
               fly over the Cooper Creek area and come to ground
               level. They observed portholes and a long bar with
               fingerlike devices emerging from an opening. Snow
               was blown away and bushes were flattened. (NICAP
               Jan., 66)
Dec. 16, 1965  Sauce Viejo (Argentina). A railroad worker, Cesar T.
               Gallardo, was surprised when his carbide lamp and
               his radio stopped working. He saw strange lights out-
               side the sleeping coach where he was reading, and a
               luminous being whose legs were clad in shiny dark
               cloth came in, tore up his newspaper, poured the con-
               tents of an oil can into a small bottle and went away,
               leaving the witness amazed. Other people saw "a
               luminous man" walking along the tracks. Police re-
               port. (FSR 66, 1)
Dec. 20, 1965  Herman (Minnesota). Edward Burnd, 15, was driv-
               ing west in a farm truck when he saw an object 2 m
               above the road about 30 m away. As the engine died,
               the object glowed red and the witness lost conscious-
               ness. When he awoke, the truck was facing east and
               rested in a ditch. (FSR 66, 6)
Jan. 07, 1966  Wilmer (Alabama). A civilian had to stop his car
15l7           when an object he first thought was a helicopter
               landed on the road about 5 km southwest of George-
               town. The craft was about 8 m in diameter, supported
               a cone with a flashing green light, made a loud
               whirring sound. It appeared to hover, then left at high
               speed. The witness could then restart his engine,
               which had died during the close approach. Sulphur or
               a "rotten egg" smell was noted. (Atic)
Jan. 16, 1966  Bolazec (France). On the Morlaix-Callac Road, 23-
0400           year-old Eugene Coquil was driving his Renault
               Dauphine when he saw headlights in a field and
               observed an object come over his car and land on the
               other side of the road. It was square with four vertical
               lights resembling lamps. The witness drove away and
               did not see the object leave. (Personal; 161)
Jan. 19, 1966  Horseshoe Lagoon, near Tully (Australia). George
0900           Pedley, 27, was driving his tractor when he heard a
               high-pitched sound and saw a strange gray-blue craft,
               8 m in diameter, 3 m high, rise from the lagoon 25 m
               away. It was spinning like a top, rose to 20 m, and
               flew to the southwest on a fast, oblique course. Flat-
               tened reeds were found in several places. (FSR 66,2;
Jan. 29, 1966  Rexburg (Idaho). Two civilians returning from a
0010           sporting event observed what they first thought was
               the moon. After driving for about 1 km, they saw that
               it was a flat, well-defined object, which had blocked
               the road. The object was the size of a truck and cast
               an intense yellow-orange light on the ground. The
               witnesses turned around and drove back to Rexburg.
Feb. 06, 1966  Aluche (Spain). Vicente Ortuno and another man
2000           observed a bright orange disk, about 11 m in diameter,
               with three legs, which came down, landed, and took
               off again at high speed on the "El Relajal" estate.
               (FSR 63, 3)
Feb. 16, 1966  Brunswick Naval Air Station (Maine). A luminous
2030           object was said to have landed in the woods. It showed
               flashing red, blue, and green lights. A second object
               was later seen to join the first one. (Atic)

727            Hanna City (Illinois). A civilian witness was driving
Feb. 26, 1966  8 km east of Farmington when a flying oval object,
               the size of a car, came within 3 m of him, then circled
               twice and left toward the north. It emitted a bright
               red glow, supported a sort of dome with a green light
               on top, produced radio interference, and made a
               strange "signallike noise." (Atic)
Mar. 03, 1966  Oswego (New York). Several civilians reported an
1920           object that flew slowly toward the south, hovered,
               came within 15 m of them, and finally flew off toward
               the southwest. (Atic)
Mar. 17, 1966  Harrow (Canada). Mr. Ward saw an object 12 m in
               diameter and 7 m high, emitting a pulsating white
               light, in a field. It had a revolving section with port-
               holes. (FS Aug., 66)
Mar. 17, 1966  Milan (Michigan). A police officer observed an object
0000           in the southwest. He thought it was a plane about to
               crash, although no sound was audible. He tried to
               contact the police headquarters, but his radio trans-
               mitter did not work properly. The object, which now
               colored lights spinning at the periphery, and a diam-
               eter of 16 m, came within 25 m of the patrol car,
               following it for 1 km, then flew off toward the north-
               west. The witness had been a policeman for 10 years,
               and had never seen anything like that object. (Atic)
Mar. 20, 1966  Dexter (Michigan). Frank Mannor and his son,
2000           Ronald, saw a luminous object hovering over a swamp.
               It was described as brown, with a "scaly" surface, cone-
               shaped, and showing bluish lights that turned red.
               Then the whole object lighted up with a yellowish
               glow and flew away at high speed with a whistling
               sound. (Atic)
Mar. 21, 1966  Hillsdale (Michigan). William Van Horn, Civil De-
               fense Director, and a group of students observed a
               pattern of lights on the ground. The source of the
               light appeared to manuever for about two hours.
Mar. 23, 1966  Fort Pierce (Florida). Two young men were walking
               through a wooded area when they saw a bright object
               that they thought was a balloon covered with fluores-
               cent paint but it became so intensely bright that they
               could not look directly at it. As they walked closer, it
               exploded, leaving no trace. (Atic)
Mar. 23, 1966  Temple (Oklahoma). An electronics instructor, who
0505           was driving to work at a local Air Force Base, observed
               an object blocking the road. It was shaped like an air-
               plane fuselage, 25 m long, with a "bubble" on top
               resembling the canopy on a B-26, rested on legs, and
               had very bright aft and forward lights. There was a
               door and a short stairway to the side of the object,
               and a man in coveralls appeared to be examining the
               craft which bore the identification "TL 4768" (see
               case 417). When the witness approached, the "pilot"
               went back inside, a sound resembling that of a high-
               speed drill was heard, and the object rose. No engine
               was observed. The witness was familiar with all con-
               ventional military aircraft. (Atic; Magonia)
Mar. 24, 1966  Sheboygan (Wisconsin). Two women saw a glowing
2215           object on the road. As they came near it, they found
               that it hovered and showed two intense white lights,
               as well as a green and red light. The object was bowl-
               shaped, and they lost sight of it when they drove
               away. They saw it again later, flying low on a south-
               north trajectory. (Atic)
Mar. 25, 1966  Bangor (Maine). John King, 22, working with the
               Bangor Police Department, suddenly saw above him
               a very bright object with a dark underside. He fired
               at it four times, hearing the bullets hit a metal surface
               as the object flew off. (LDLN 84)
Mar. 26, 1966  Attigneville (France). Jean Voilquin, 54, saw a
               strange "wheel" roll 15 m away at a speed of about
               30 km/h. It was about 80 cm in diameter, 25 cm thick;
               it rolled away and vanished. (LDLN; GEPA 8)
Mar. 26, 1966  Texahoma (Oklahoma). Two civilian women were
2400           driving back from Amarillo when they saw an object
               aproaching from the north. The engine died and the
               headlights failed. The object flew over the car and
               hovered 400 m away. After 10 min, the witnesses were
               able to start their car and leave. They reported the
               object had a wafflelike surface and glowed with an
               intense red light. (Atic)
Mar. 28, 1966  Fayetteville (Tennessee). A man driving at a speed
2000           of about 100 km/h suddenly encountered a large
               lighted object 1 m above the road on a hilltop. It flew
               off, as the car engine and headlights died. The light
               bulbs had to be replaced. The object was oval, 7 m
               long, dark gray, and showed about 30 lights along its
               periphery. (Atic)


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