UFO and Military Acronyms

A2 – Air Force Intelligence
AAC – Alaskan Air Command
AAF – Army Air Force
ACOM – Asian Communist – One of NSA’s 4 major Operational Divisions
ADC – AeroSpace Defense Command
ADLA – Assistant Director for Legal & Legislative AffAirs – NSA)
ADPL – Assistant Director for Policy & Liason – (NSA)
ADPR – Assistant Director for Plans / Resources – (NSA)
ADT – Assistant Director for Training
ADVA – Advanced Soviet – One of the 4 major operational divisions of NSA’s
production organization: combined with GENS into ‘A Group’
AEC – Atomic Energy Commission
AFB – Air Force Base
AFESC – Air Force Electronic Security Command
AFGWC – Air Force Global Weather Control
AFIS – Air Force Intelligence Service
AFOC – Air Force Operations Center
AFR – Air Force Regulation
AFSA – Armed Forces Security Agency
AFSAC – Armed Forces Security Agency Council
AFSS – Air Force Security Service
ALLO – ALL Others- One of the 4 Major Operational Divisions of NSA’S Production
Organization – now known as ‘G Group’
ALP – Advanced Language Program
AMB – Ambassador
ANCIB – Army-Navy Communications Intelligence Board
ANCICC – Army-Navy Communications Intelligence Coordinating Committee
ANG – Air National Guard
APRO – Aerial Phenomena Research Organization
AR – Army Regulation
ARC – Ad Hoc Requirements Committee
ARDF – Airborne Radio Direction Finding
ARFCOS – Armed Forces Courier Service
ARPA – Advanced Research Projects Agency
ASA – Army Security Agency
ASD – Applied Science Division (CIA)
AST – Atlantic Standard Time
ATIC – Air Technical Intelligence Center (Air Force)
BMW – Bomb Wing
CAUS – Citizens Against UFO Secrecy
CFS – Canadian Forces Station
CGS – Coast Guard Station
CIA – Central Intelligence Agency
CIC – Counter Intelligence Corps
CINC/NORAD – Commander In Charge, NORAD
CSICOP – Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Phenomenon
CUFON – Computer UFO Network
CUFOS – Center for UFO Studies
COMINT – Communications Intelligence (NSA)
CP – Command Post
CSC – Central Security Control (Air Force)
DATT – Defense Attache (US Embassy)
DCD – Domestic Collections Division (CIA)
DCSOPS – Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans (Air Force)
DDO – Deputy Director for Operations (Air Force)
DIA – Defense Intelligence Agency
DMZ – Demilitarized Zone (Vietnam)
DO – Duty Officer
EBE – Extra-terrestrial Biological Entity
ET – Extra-Terrestrial
FAA – Federal Aviation Administration
FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation
FISA – Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
FOIA – Freedom of Information Act (also F.O.I.A.)
G2 – Army Intelligence
GAO – Government Accounting Office
GCCS – Government Code and Cypher School
GCHQ – Government Communications HeadQuarters
GCI – Ground Control Intercept
GENS – General Soviet – One of the 4 Major Operational Divisions of NSA’s Production
Organization combined with ADVA into ‘A Group’
GG – Government Grade – used in place of GS1 TO GS18only for Gov’t Employees
such as NSA Employees
GMT – Greenwich Mean Time (ZULU Time)
GREY – Alleged Alien Species
GSW – Ground Saucer Watch
HFDF – High Frequency Direction Finding
HUAC – House Un-American Activities Committee
HUMINT – Human Intelligence
ICI – Interagency Committee on Intelligence
IDA-CRD – Institute for Defense Analysis-Communications Research Division
IDP – Intercept Deployment Plan
IEC – Intelligence Evaluation Committee
INSCOM – U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command
INTELPOST – International Electronic Post
INTELSAT – International Telecommunications Satellite
INYSA – Assistant Chief of Staff Intelligence, USAF, Science and Technology Branch,
Directorate of Response Management
INZ – AeroSpace Intelligence Division (AFIS)
INZA – Editing, Debriefing, and Continuity Branch (AFIS)
IPB – Intercept Priorities Board
IUR – International UFO Reporter (Published by CUFOS)
JACL – Judge Advocate General, Litigation Division (USAF)
JANAP – Joint Army Navy Air Force Publication
JCS – Joint Chiefs of Staff
JOSAF – Joint Operations Support Activity – Frankfurt
JRC – Joint Reconnaissance Center
JSPC – Joint SOBE Processing Center
JTLS – Joint Technical Language Service
KGB – Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (Committee for State Security) USSR
KISR – Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
KM – Kilometer
LASP – Low Altitude Surveillance Platform
LCF – Launch Control Facility (Air Force)
LIUFON – Long Island (NY) UFO Network
LOB – Raymond E. Linn Operations Building
LPMEDLEY – CIA Cryptonym for an Operation in Support of the NSA
LRTS – Long Range Technical
MI-8 – Military Intelligence Section 8 – Codes and Ciphers Search
MIB – ‘Men In Black’
MID – Military Intelligence Division
MJ-12 – Alleged Secret Government Committee for UFO/Alien Research
M5 – NSA Office of Security
MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MPRO – Machine Processing Section of NSA’s Production Organization
MUFON – Mutual UFO Network
NAVSPASUR – Naval Space Surveillance System
NCOC – National Combat Operations Center
NEPA – Nuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft
NICAP – National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena
NM – Nautical Mile
NMCC – National Military Command Center
NORAD – North American AeroSpace Defense Command
NPIC – National Photographic Interpretation Center
NRL – Naval Research Laboratory
NSA – National Security Agency
NSF – National Science Foundation
OAM – Operation Animal Mutilation
ONI – Office of Naval Intelligence
OSI – Office of Special Investigations (Air Force)
OSI – Office of Special Investigations (CIA)
OSS – Office of Strategic Services
PSAPR – Puget Sound Aerial Phenomena Research INC.
RAPCOM – Radar Approach Communications
RAPCON – Radar Approach Control
RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RUFO – ‘Red Light’ Unidentified Flying Object
SA – Special Agent
SAC – Strategic Air Command
SAC/HO – Strategic Air Command Office of History
SAFOI – Secretary of the Air Force Office of Information
SAO – Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
SAT – Security Alert Team
SBI – Special Background Investigation
SDS – Students for a Democratic Society
SIGLEX – Special Interest Group on Lexicography
SIGNIT – Signals Intelligence (NSA)
SIGTRAN – Special Interest Group on Translation
SIGVOICE – Special Interest Group on Voice
SIPG – Special Intercept Priorities Group
SIS – Signal Intelligence Service
SOLIS – SIGNIT On Line Intelligence System
SPADATS – Space Detection And Tracking System (NORAD)
SPS – Security Police Squadron
SSA – Signal Security Agency
SSB – Soft Support Building (USAF)
TIA – Temperature Inversion Analysis
UFO – Unidentified Flying Object
UFOIS – UFO Information Service
UFORC – UFO Reporting Center
UFORIC – UFO Research Institute of Canada
USAF – United States Air Force
USG – United States Government
Z – ZULU (Universal Time) (Greenwich Mean Time)