UFO Organizations in Canada

Alien – UFO’s in Outer and Inner Space

We are an open minded group that meet at least once a month (twice a month in the summer time) with special guest speakers or have one of our members do a presentation related to the field of UFOLOGY.

Its a great group and growing every day.

Web: http://www.meetup.com/Alien-UFOs-in-Outer-Inner-Space/

Association Québécoise d’Ufologie (A.Q.U.)


We held monthly meeting at different locations in the province of Quebec where the public are invited. The meetings locations and dates are communicated through the local medias.

E-mail: gilles.milot@ovni-expert.com
Web: http://www.ovni-expert.com

MUFON Canada

Web: http://mufoncanada.com


Founder : François C. BOURBEAU

E-mail: reseauovnialerte@hotmail.com
Web: http://www.ovni-alerte.com

Sciences de l’Étrange & Phénomènes Inexpliqués (ASEPI)

Phone: (514)762-8036

Registered non-profit organization
Trimestrial Bulletin: Insolite.

We currently install and operate computerised UFO detectors and getting results!

Web: http://www.asepiinc.org

British Columbia

UFOBC is a non-profit society registered with the Province of British Columbia. The functions of the group are to gather local (B.C.) sightings, investigate them as fully as possible, and to make the public aware of the phenomenon.

The primary way we fund our organization, and educate the public, is by bringing in experts to lecture on UFO-related subjects. Some of the topics are: Alien abductions, Animal mutilations, Crop circles and UFO crash / retrievals. We also publish a magazine four times a year. It includes recent local UFO sightings, interesting historical B.C. cases, articles from upcoming lecturers, hot UFO stories from around the world, and more.

E-mail: contactus@ufobc.ca
Web: http://www.ufobc.ca


Ufology Research of Manitoba (UFOROM)
PO Box 1918
R3C 3R2

E-mail: rutkows@cc.umanitoba.ca

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