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Missouri Awareness and Alternative Research Society (MAARS)



The Missouri Awareness & Alternative Research Society (MAARS) is a public organization in Springfield, Missouri. Our focus is to increase public awareness in the understanding of fields such as: paranormal phenomena, scientific advancements, UFO / extraterrestrial experiences, environmental concerns, apparitional experiences, alternative healing, cryptozoology, psychic experiences, cover-ups, etc.

The basis of the group is our monthly meetings which are held on every third Tuesday of the month from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the side room of Pizza Hut at 1815 N. Glenstone Springfield, MO 65803. The meetings are an opportunity to talk with others in an open conversational environment. There is usually a set agenda for each meeting such as the viewing of a video or the presentation of a specific subject. Meeting attendees have a say in what is to be presented in future meetings and their voice is always welcome.

Web: http://www.maarsgroup.org


Missouri Investigators Group

MIG was founded in 2000 to provide a reporting venue for witnesses of unusual events.

Many unusual events occur in Missouri each year which are not reported and subsequentaly are not investigated.

A goal of MIG is to have representatives in each of the 115 Missouri counties. This would create a reporting network of spotters who will be aware of what is happening in their areas and report current activity to the group.

Web: http://ufomig.yolasite.com


Missouri MUFON

PO Box 1166


MO 64051

Phone: 816-833-1602

Fax: 816-461-2818

Missouri MUFON State Director, Debbie Ziegelmeyer. Assistant State Director, Margie Kay.

Meetings are held monthly in St. Louis, Columbia, and Kansas City with guest speakers, and we host other state-wide events. Other cities with monthly meetings will be added soon.

We publish a quarterly online newsletter for our members with information about what is going on in Missouri MUFON. We host an annual conference at different locations in the state.

E-mail: mufondiver@gmail.com, margiekay06@yahoo.com

Web: http://www.missourimufon.org



P. O. Box 254


Missouri 65605

Phone: 417-678-3856

We are a small group of investigators and researchers who seek to document possible sightings of UFO’s as well as occurrences of paranormal activity.

We are regional investigators with a focus on the Ozarks area of Southern Missouri, Northern Arkansas, Northeast Oklahoma and Southeast Kansas.

Web: http://ufozarks.org

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