UFO Organizations in the United Kingdom

Anomaly Researchers UK

Investigating UFO’s in Yorkshire and Nationwide.

We have been actively involved in the field of paranormal study since late 2005 and had been only investigating what people will call “haunted houses” and things of that nature, but over the last four or five years we have been more involved in studying other aspects of the paranormal, such as alleged UFO sightings in the UK and other related phenomena.

Anomaly Researchers UK are a non profit group.

Web: http://anomaly-researchers-uk.webs.com

B.E.A.M.S. – The British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society

29 Field Road
GU14 9DJ

Phone/Fax: 01276 34700

Currently Number 1 on Google:

As far as UFO reporting and investigations go, BEAMS is currently situated top of the Google rankings – making us the UK’s most popular concern of its type; a position we have achieved through sheer persistence and dedication.

Britain’s Most Comprehensive UFO and Paranormal Database:

BEAMS now boasts a publicly accessible database of rare, (and often exclusive), UFO and Paranormal Reports, Images and Footage.

Free Alien Abduction Counselling Service:

We even provide an excellent and discreet counselling service, free for anyone who has been affected by UFO or Paranormal encounters; this is run by Hilary Porter – an ‘experiencer’ and abductee herself.

In The Public Eye:

Apart from being active field researchers and writers, (which can be fairly solitary tasks), we are certainly no strangers to public engagements such as speaking – having lectured at a selection of UFO conferences, as well as giving interviews on TV, Radio and appearing in Newspapers and Periodicals worldwide.

Assistance Required:

Though it will be unpaid work, (as we are an entirely non profit-making concern), our society always welcomes volunteers.

Requirements For Joining The BEAMS Team

All you need is a basic knowledge of the UFO subject, a car, access to the Internet, somewhere to conduct a spot of skywatching, (such as a vantage point at one of your windows), a decent camera, a pair of binoculars… and perhaps the two most vital factors of all – enthusiasm and staying power!

Those with computer and/or photographic/video production skills could help our society enormously as well.

So, if you think that you fit the bill and would like to assist BEAMS in any way, then we would love to hear from you. Email beamsinvestigations@sky.com

Web: http://www.beamsinvestigations.org

Birmingham UFO Group

The Birmingham UFO Group was established in 2006 by Mark Martin & Craig Lowe who had both researched the subject in depth for many years. They met Dave Hodrien in 2007 and appointed him the role of Lead Investigator in 2008, due to his hard work, determination and commitment Dave was nominated the position of Group Chairman in 2009 and to this day orchestrates the groups activities and future.

We intend to bring the truth and lecturer’s to the public domain, we realised that we could bring all the evidence to all those that are listening.

Above all else, we are here to help and advise those with experiences they cannot explain and to reassure them they are not alone. Ufology attracts dis-information from the press and media, and often receives ridicule from the general public, which normally encourages witnesses to keep quiet.

We will treat everyone and every case with discretion and the sincerety it deserves.

Please feel free to contact us.

Birmingham UFO Group – Contactee/Abductee Support

I’d like to inform you about a section of the Birmingham UFO Group website specifically for people who have had contact experiences of one form or another. To get to the Contactee Support page, either select it from the menu bar at the top of the BUFOG website main page, or click on the below link:


It recently came to our attention that support for contactees/abductees in the UK is extremely lacking. So we at BUFOG decided to do something about this. We decided that the best thing to do would be to host a regular meeting where contactees could openly talk about their experiences with one another, and ask any questions they may have. But rather than actual live meetings, we decided that we would set up a secure chatroom on the site and host online discussions instead. This has a number of very good advantages. Firstly it means that anyone from around the world can connect into it, there is no issues with being able to reach a particular location for the meetings. It also means that people can remain completely anonymous, and do not even have to reveal what they look like, so confidentiality is assured. As well as these advantages, the chatroom is completely free to use and run, so there are no costs involved with hiring a place for the meetings.

I will be hosting the discussion meetings, which will take place on a monthly basis for two hours. The next meeting date and time can be viewed at any time on the Contactee Support page. We decided also to make the chatroom non-public and require a specific user name and password to enter. This has been done to increase the level of privacy due to the often sensitive nature of the subject. If you would like to join in with the discussion meetings, please contact me at davehodrien@bufog.com, provide details of why you would like to take part and I will get in touch.

Phone: 07527 948 730

E-mail: contact@bufog.com
Web: http://www.bufog.com

Bolton UFO Society (BUFOS)

30 Pennine Rd

Phone: 01204 699879

E-mail: ufo1947@hotmail.co.uk
Web: http://www.boltonufosociety.piczo.com

British UFO Research Association (BUFORA)

PO Box 241
Business House

Phone: 08445 674694

E-mail: enquiries@bufora.org.uk
Web: http://www.bufora.org.uk

Contact International UFO Research

PO Box 23
OX33 1FL

Hotline: 01869 320989

Web: http://contactinternationalufo.homestead.com

Cornwall UFO Research Group

24 Carrine Road

Phone: 01872 276381

E-mail: david.gillham@lineone.net
Web: http://www.cornwall-ufo.co.uk

Exopolitics UK

E-mail – exo.pol@gmail.com
Web: http://exopolitics.org.uk

London UFO Studies (LUFOS)

c/o Roy Lake
10A Tudor Road
IG11 9RX

Phone: 020 8270 9919

E-mail: roy.lake3@ntlworld.com
Web: http://www.crowdedskies.com

LUFOIN (The Leicestershire Unidentified Flying Object Investigation Network)

Un-biased Investigation and Research of Unidentified Flying Object Phenomena as it appears in the Leicestershire and Warwickshire regions of the United Kingdom since 1971.

Internal meetings are held as and when required.

E-mail: lufoin@gmail.com
Web: http://lufoinregister.angelfire.com/home

Nottingham Skywatch

We are a group of people who share a similar interest in the universe and the skies above us. We will arrange meet-ups where we will go out at night in a good location and watch the skies.

Phone: 07548382850

E-mail: nottinghamskywatch@yahoo.co.uk
Web: http://www.nottinghamskywatch.co.uk

Plymouth UFO Research Group

Bob Boyd
93 Townshend Avenue

Phone: 01752 515192

Established in 1965

E-mail: martynhicks@yahoo.co.uk

Southend UFO Group

Southend UFO Group & Essex UFO Investigations was formed to help answer one of the most elusive mysteries of our time. We are a serious research organisation based in Essex, England and investigate local ufo sightings from across the county of Essex and London.

We make no extravagant claims regarding the subject but rather deal with the facts and evidence that surround the sightings. As most people know the vast majority of sightings can be explained ranging from astronomical events, airplanes, satellites, Chinese lanterns and numerous other explanations. However, there is still a hardcore of evidence which defies logical explanation. These are the interesting cases which make the subject so fascinating.

E-mail: doltz19@talktalk.net
Web: http://www.essexufo.co.uk

Strange Phenomena Investigations (1979)

Flat 5, Unicorn House
Croft Road
East Sussex
TN34 3HE

E-mail: malckyspi@yahoo.com

Swansea UFO Network
19 Meadowcroft Close
SA5 4SD Swansea
United Kingdom

Phone: 07969287216

The aim of the Club is to educate, stimulate interest and debate, the subject of U.F.O.s and its many offshoots. To this end we hold regular public meetings, at which a varied programme of lectures and debates are presented. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings. Weather permitting, we hold regular night Sky-Watches at various venues around the South Wales area. We also arrange trips to lectures, meetings, and interesting sites throughout the UK. We have a team of people that investigate U.F.O. and related sightings, in the Swansea area, both historic and recent. The Club offers (discreetly, if requested) a reporting centre for any local U.F.O. sightings, or alleged alien contacts or abduction incidents. Hypnosis/Regression is available if requested.

Web: http://www.sufon.co.uk

Unknown Phenomena Investigation Association
Dave Sadler

Covering the United Kingdom, The UPIA were founded in 1998 to research and investigate the large number of paranormal, UFOlogical and other strange reports emanating from the UK.

E-mail: sadler_dave@yahoo.co.uk
Web: http://www.upia.co.uk/

Wakefield UFO Research & Investigation Group

62 Rutland Avenue
West Yorkshire

Phone: 07506 047649

West Yorshire based UFO study and research group. Dedicated to the collection and sharing countrywide and internationally of data concerning ufo sightings, close encounters, alien abductions, animal mutilations, crop circles. etc., holding monthly meetings and annual conferences. If you have had experiences or are interested in becoming part of our growing team of investigators, or just interested we would like to hear from you…

Contact Mr L. Arkwright via email or at the above address for details

E-mail: highjohntheconquerer@hotmail.co.uk

Welsh UFO Research Network (WUFORN)

117 Tallis Street
Rhondda Cynon Taff
South Wales
CF42 6LY

Phone: 07411 399547 / 01443 772906

WUFORN is based in the Rhondda Valleys in South Wales and our aim if for the scientific investigation and research into ufo sightings in Wales as well as the UK at large and for disclosure of those sightings to be made to the public. We as a group will petition the government to release all files held regarding ufos to the public and to finally come clean about what it knows about the ufo phenomenon.

E-mail: info@wuforn.co.uk
Web: http://www.wuforn.co.uk

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