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271 Frost Street
NY 11222

Phone: 7183843772

“Location Earth” Dog Tags – What to be wearing when taken aboard a UFO.

E-mail: markbeagle@earthbounddog.com
Web: http://www.earthbounddog.com

Earthlien Clothing and Accessories
21301 S. Tamiami Blvd.
Suite 320-210
FL 33928

Alien logo shirts, tie dyes, hats, watches, and accessories for all beings of the universe.

E-mail: info@earthlien.com
Web: http://www.earthlien.com

Easter Creative Services and easterfilms.com
7347 Rubens Court
Sun Valley
NV 89433

Phone: 775-358-9205

“ROSWELL: The Naked Truth Revealed!”

An award winning documentary film presentation available on DVD and VHS.

“ROSWELL: The Naked Truth Revealed!” explores not only what happened at Roswell, New Mexico in July, 1947, but more importantly, WHY it happened.

The events in our history that brought about the Modern UFO Era!

Produced by Mark Easter and easterfilms.com.

Mark Easter is an award winning Broadcast Television Producer and UFO Researcher.

Mark is also the Nevada State Director of the Mutual UFO Network. (MUFON)

Purchase “ROSWELL: The Naked Truth Revealed!” today via check or paypal on-line at www.easterfilms.com and Mark Easter will personally sign your copy.

Makes a perfect gift for yourself or any UFO curious friends and family on your gift list!

Order “ROSWELL: The Naked Truth Revealed!” TODAY!

E-mail: thenakedtruth@easterfilms.com
Web: www.easterfilms.com

Janus Music

Phone: 07714587884

UFO themed Music downloads produced by Britains leading synthesiser solist and composer, JANUS:

  •  ROSWELL-The Album
  •  Flying Saucers (The Kenneth Arnold Incident)
  •  S.E.T.I.
  •  Planetarium Suite
  •  and many more…

E-mail: janus@soundfuturesdirect.com
Web: http://janus.soundfuturesdirect.com

Jilaen Sherwood’s Extraterrestrial Art

Phone: 520-742-6024

Paintings and Illustrations, UFO and Crop Circles, T-Shirts, Grey Alien Wall Hangings

E-mail: jilaens@yahoo.com
Web: http://www.jilaensherwood.com/

Lightworks Audio & Video
P.O. Box 661593
Los Angeles
California 90066

Phone: 310-398-4949
Fax: 310-397-4401

Contact us for UFO videos by Michael Hesseman, Lee & Brit Elders, Randy Winters, Norio Hyakawa, Whitley Streiber, Linda M. Howe, Richard Hoagland, etc.

Web: http://www.lightworksav.com

Paranormal Investigation

Our belief is by both selling state of the art technology at prices the average buyer can afford and providing free plans and training for as many as possible to use technology in the pursuit of the paranormal, we together will be able to pursue and discover answers and solve mysteries we do not totally understand. We feel the paranormal is simply science that we have not yet fully realized the laws and principals that it is governed by.

Web: http://www.paranormal-investigation.com/

Stan Gordon Productions
P.O. Box 936
PA 15601

Phone: 724-838-7768






Kecksburg: The Untold Story
A 92 minute in-depth video documentary on the December 9, 1965 Kecksburg, PA UFO crash recovery produced by Stan Gordon. Winner of the 1998 EBE Film Award for “Best Historical UFO Documentary.” Now available on DVD or VHS tape. You have heard about Roswell. Now learn about the strange object that crashed in Pennsylvania. See in-depth witness interviews. Learn about little known details. Was Something Inside? Stan Gordon has been researching information on the Kecksburg UFO case for many years and is convinced that something of government interest did occur which triggered the military to respond so quickly.

See web site for order information.

You can find more info on the DVD & Video by accessing Stan’s website.

E-mail: paufo@comcast.net
Web: http://www.stangordon.info/

Taylor Studio of Taxidermy and Art
6407 E. 900 N.
Indiana 46777

Phone: 1-260-622-7432

To see examples of our work. After you get to the home page of our website, if you click on Sculptures under the Art Column, it will take you to our Sculpture Page. Scroll down to the bottom to see examples of Alien and UFO related sculptures. If you click on the Painting page under the Art Column, you can see examples of Space and UFO paintings. Then go to the Art for Sale page to see what UFO related items might be available for sale.

E-mail: taylorstudio@taylorstudio-taxidermy-art.com
Web: http://www.taylorstudio-taxidermy-art.com