UFO + PSI Magazine Issue 3


written by Christian Pfeiler

Hello and welcome to the third issue of the UFO + PSI Research Magazine. As I have promised this issue is a special one about the abduction phenomena and we have lots of articles concerning this topic. In addition, I think this is the best issue we’ve ever had. There are more pages, more articles and more images than in the other issues before and I like this issue very much (it was also a lot of work.)

I hope you are all interested in abductions because I think this is a very important part of todays UFO research and unfortunately a lot of people and also UFO researchers neither really believe in the reality of the phenomena nor want to talk or write about this and say that abductees are people with psychological problems or people who only want to become famous with their crazy stories (“…little nobodies” as the famous US sceptic Phil Klaas have said.) But this is definetly not true. Most of the abductees are in fact normal and reliable people who have experienced something very strange, that is difficult to understand for other people (especially for the sceptics). I hope this issue can made it’s own little contribution to a better understanding.

For all of you who dont want to read only abduction related stuff there are also other articles like one about Englands most haunted house in Borley or about a grand tour to the Southwest secret sites in the US and more. We have again a FBI document, a website tip and a UFO photo of the month and also the third part of Miks article concerning man made UFOs, so I hope everyone will find something about his or her special interest.

At last some personal words from me:

As I have seen some of you have deleted my last mails before reading. I was very concerned about this, so if anyone feel disturbed about my mails, please tell me and I will stop sending you mails and the magazine. If the same people who have deleted my last mails also delete the magazine before reading it I will remove them from my readers list because I do not want to disturb anyone with my stuff. A very very important request to all of you: if you know other people who are interested in the UFO + PSI topic and maybe in my little insignificant magazine, please tell those people to contact me via e-mail. Writing articles and publishing the mag in english is (especially for me) sometimes very difficult and I need always a lot of time to collect and write all this stuff, so I will be very thankful for every new reader, that shows me that my work is no waste of time. This issue is very good, so please show it to your interested friends and tell them to contact me. I would be very very glad for 4 or 5 new readers of the next issue.

Please help me to increase the readership.

Thanks to all of you who have written articles for your great contribution and also thanks to all interested readers. You help me to keep the magazine alive. But now enough from this “self-advertisement” <g>. I hope you enjoy this great issue.

Best wishes


Contents of this issue

1.) UFO related sentence of the month

2.) Our group members

3.) My thoughts about the abduction phenomena

4.) Abductions and the computer game “Creatures”

5.) Book Review – Close Encounter of the fourth kind

6.) The “UFO-Begegnung 99” – meeting of the year

7.) Englands most haunted house – a fake?

8.) FBI documents of the month

9.) A grand tour to the Southwest secret sites (Part 1)

10.) Encounter – Experiences of an abductee

11.) Abduction related quotations

12.) Man made UFOs (Part 3)

13.) Website tip of the month

14.) UFO photo of the month

15.) Mail Corner

16.) Preview – in the next issue

UFO related sentence of the month

“It is believed continued appearance of such objects (flying saucers) without offical explanation may result in hysteria or panic.”

From a FBI document 1947




written by Dennis Kirstein, Translation by Christian Pfeiler

Hello all. My name is Dennis Kirstein. I was born on December 12 1980 in Stuttgart in Germany. Since my earliest childhood I was fascinated from reports about UFO sightings and I spend even today a lot of my sparetime with the research about this phenomena. My other hobbies are soccer (to watch VFB Stuttgart – our local soccer team – not to play myself) and to have fun together with my friends on weekends.

My opinion about the UFO topic is, that I believe in UFOs but not in all the stories. I think for example that there was really a UFO crash near Roswell 1947 but I’m very sceptic about the authenticity of the Santilli movie (but there is also a possibility that the film is real.) It is nearly the same with most of the sightings, photos, movies and reports: some of them may be true, others not. In spite of all fakes and lies, I think that the real existence of UFOs is already proven. Too many people have seen, experienced and reported the same thing. In addition, I find it very strange, that the governments of most countries have such a high secrecy about their UFO documents.

Well, the only thing we (the normal people) could do against this secrecy is to inform the public (for example with websites like my homepage www.alien.de/kirstein) and to make them more attentive to the UFO topic.

Best wishes

Dennis Kirstein


My thoughts about the abduction phenomena

written by Christian Pfeiler

I remember I was still a child when I heard the first time about the abduction phenomena. It was approximately 10 or 12 years ago in a radio report about a couple named Betty and Barney Hill who were “abducted” into a UFO and examined by strange alien beings. At this time I’ve had no other knowledge about the abduction phenomena and I remember I’ve thought “What a ridiculous story.” Why should Aliens come to earth and abduct people? To study them? To control them in order to take over the world (as I have seen it in old science fiction films)? To get genetic material from the abductees and make “crossbreeds” and “hybrids”? (I’ve thought first about that possibility some years later when I was older.) Or have the aliens different plans for mankind? Plans that we don’t know? Plans that we aren’t allowed to know?

The first book about abductions I’ve read was “Kontakt” from the german author Johannes Fiebag. It was a book about abductions here in Germany, especially about the so-called “bed-room-visitor” phenomena. It was a very scary book about gray aliens standing at night in the bedroom and staring at paralyzed “victims”, a book about people who wake up at night unable to move or in the morning with strange memories of “lights in the bedroom”, “alien faces” and “medical examinations”, people who find strange marks and scars on their bodies or wake up with a terrible nosebleeding after they had “dreamed” to get an implant inserted through the nose into their brain. There were lots of scary reports from these people in the book including some drawings showing grey entities standing beside the bed or in the door of someones bedroom at night and there were also real photos of triangular marks and scars on the arms and legs of the “victims” as physical evidence that this things are absolutely true and not a kind of “psychological” phenomena.

At the time I read this book first I was much younger than today and I remember I was really frightened by the stories, because the author declared that all this things are definetly real. There were in fact people here in Germany reporting they have meet “devils” and “demons” in the night (the author named this things “screen memories”) or young women who told that they seem to be pregnant but after a further abduction there was no pregnancy any longer. Furthermore there were little children in the age of 3 or 4 years drawing sketches of dark or gray beings with big black eyes and saying to their parents that this sketches shows either the “monsters” or “friends” who came to the children at night to bring them into a bright room and/or to the “doctor”. After reading this book I was very scared and switched on the light at night every time I woke up to look if there is someone else in the room. I’ve looked even under my bed (that’s no joke). In addition I swore never to read that book again (well, today I’ve read it three times, but it is still scary.)

Since that time I’ve read several books concerning the abduction phenomena including sceptic books. Most sceptics are the opinon that abduction experiences are only a psychological phenomena caused for example by science fiction films or books or stories that the “abductee” have heard one time and that the whole abduction scenario is only a kind of imagination – a “day dream”. Sceptics say that there is no physical reality behind it and that all what happened to the abductee (abduction, medical examination, communication with the alien beings and the return home from the “ship”) happened not in reality but only in the mind of the abductee. The so-called evidence (nosebleeding, scars, triangular marks) is only part of the imagination because the people have had the scars and marks even before the abduction but have never recognized it and believe now at this reason the “aliens” have done this to insert implants or something else. And the nosebleeding is caused while the abductee is strongly believing that there was something inserted in his nose – but this is not true. It happened only in his imagination but imagination was strong enough to cause the bleeding.

Sceptics also say, if there are implants in the bodies of the people: where are these implants? Why haven’t we found such an object in the meantime and examined it. Why can’t this implants be seen on X-rays? In fact there are some X-rays showing strange “shadows” of elliptical or cylindrical shapes in the bodies of abductees but these “shadows ” have mysteriously disappeared at later examinations. There were also holes found inside the noses of victims which must be defintely caused by some kind of needles – as doctors declared. Unfortunately the sceptics are right about one thing – a real implant has never been found. Some objects had been operated out of bodies but these objects could not be identified without a doubt as “extraterrestrial technical implants” but are in most of the cases only slivers of metal (but remarkable: in some cases the slivers are made of strange material, have mysterious markings and cause a heavy spasm in the body when operated out.)

To say it directly: I dont believe in the theories of sceptics. I believe that there is a physical reality behind the abductions. Sceptics often say, people who told they have meet aliens or were abducted have had psychological problems (a bad childhood or religious fanatism for example) but this is definetly not true. Most of the abductees are honest and reliable people with a normal family background and not the kind of “crazies” the sceptics would see in them. Too many people tell nearly the same stories about their experiences and most of them neither have had before an interest in  UFOs or science fiction nor have heard about grey alien beings or abductions or were even interested in this topic. There are thousands of totally normal people in the world that have had abduction experiences. Maybe some per cent of them can be explained psychological but in my opinion the majority of the abductions have a real physical background, a background that we dont know.

But if we believe the abductions are real, there remains one question: Why?

Why do alien beings come to earth to abduct people, to make medical tests with them, to insert implants and/or to communicate with them (often about – I must say this – things that seem very silly) and to “send” them at last back to their normal surroundings without a conscious memory? Is it a project to make a crossbreeding – a “hybrid” – race between aliens and man? Some facts seem to speak for this hypothesis (especially that eggs and sperms were taken from abductees and that some people have seen strange children aboard the alien ship – if there is a ship.) Or have the aliens different plans for us and the hybrid theorie is only a lie that they want us to believe (the author Johannes Fiebag I mentioned above is exactly this opinion.) Is earth some kind of “galactic playground” or to say it more directly some kind of “galactic zoo”? (see my other article in this issue about this theory.)

If the abduction phenomena is true I think we will not find it out without a doubt. We will never find “the” absolute evidence, we will never make films or photos from bedroom visitors or from inside an alien ship and we will never find a real implant. Why? While “they” don’t want that we find it  because it is against their project – what project this may ever be. I think a species much more developed than mankind will not make the mistake to let the study objects (the man) find out the truth and exactly this is the reason why we probably will never find a real implant.

I’m very uncertain about all these things but about one thing I’m absolutely sure: abductees are not people with psychological problems. They are people who have experienced something very strange that is difficult to understand for other people who have not that experiences. Abductions are real.

Abductions and the computer game “Creatures”

written by Christian Pfeiler

Abductions and a computer game? What a crazy title for an article may some of you now think. How can one of the greatest mysteries of todays UFO research and a simple computer game have something in common. I believe they have and maybe this game “Creatures” can give us a good explanation for the things that happened to the abductees and for the whole “project” the aliens have. I’ve played that game in the last weeks very often, because I think it is much more than a simple game and while playing some hours a day, I came to that thoughts: the things that happen in that game could be very similar to todays abductions. How? Let me explain.

For all who dont know the game: “Creatures” from GT Interactive (1996) is a very complex real life simulation. There are furry creatures in the game called Norns. This Norns are even special programs that simulate a genetic code and the functions of a brain (like learning). These creatures were born, grow up and die after some hours (if you don’t have immortal spezies as I have.) During their lifetime the player of the game must play “god” for the Norns, this mean he must teach them to talk, to use things, to play with toys, to show them what they can eat in the vegetation and what they should avoid (because it’s poisened) and to protect them from every danger in their world. The Norns “learn” by punishment and rewarding. The Norns live in a whole computer simulated 2D world named “Albia” and the player appears for the Norns as a hand in the game, so the Norns can see only this hand as a part of the player and you can even teach them the name of the player and to obey his commands (for example “Come to Chris” or “Get Food”). If two adult Norns come together the female Norn will maybe become pregnant and lay an egg. The baby Norn that came out of this egg had parts of the genetics of his father, parts of the mother and parts of good or bad mutation, so the spezies is always in evolution.





A female grown-up Norn watching the hand of the player

It is a lot of work to take care for the Norns. Especially the children are very curious and often in big trouble if the player dont always have a look at them (there is a evil being in the game called the “Grendel”. The Grendel is violent, hurts Norns and causes illness when the Norns have to often contact with him.) To take control over the norns the player has special help programs named Kits: there is a owner kit, a medical kit, a science kit and more. The player can either use his hand and the keyboard to punish, reward and command the Norns (but often they refuse to obey) or he can use this kits two have an influence at the game.

He can monitor every function of the norns organism by using this kits, he can have a look at their brain functions, their body chemistry and hormons (he can see there for example if one Norn is more resistent against some kind of illness than others and he can use that Norn as “father” for a new, better generation), their genetic code, their mood (if they are bored or sleepy for example) and much more. The human player – the “higher” and “advanced” being – is able to get every information about the individual Norn he wants and it seems if there is a implant in every Norn to enable the player to do that. The Player can have influence on the Norns body chemistry, too. He can inject chemicals into the “blood” of the Norns to make them for example sleeping or more active or to help them if they were ill with a medicine inserted whitout the “knowledge” of the norns (by using the science kit which is one of the things only the player – the “higher” being in that game – can control.)

The science kit. There can be examined every body function of a young female named “Iris”

Norns can also be made sleeping and then can be transported by using special computer functions in very short time from one place of the world Albia to another place or they can be examined (for example their genetic structure) whitout any disturbance while they are sleeping. In addition I have recognized if Norns were transported awake from one place to another they often die within seconds caused by the “shock” of that interrupt of their normal life but if the Norns are sleeping during the transport and they have no memory about the things happened to them, they wake up, are maybe a little bit surprised to be in another place but continue than their normal life.

What I exactly want to say: if I am a high developed being and I’ll have the ability to take out another (less developed) beings from their world to examine or transport them or to do other things with them and this beings are not able to understand what happened to them – maybe this experience is so strange that it will cause dead – the only possibility I have is to use my influence (in the game the science kit with the injection menu) to make the “object of examination” sleeping and unconscious so that it can’t remember the things that happened to them during it was in the “hand” of the player. This hand – showing in the game by a “flying hand” and the only part of the human player the Norns are able to see – can be described as something “unidentified” for the Norns. It is no other Norn, it is no food, it is no toy. It is definetly something that not belong to the simulated world Albia. It is the appearance of the player – of the “higher being” behind the game – or maybe we can say it is a “UFO” for the Norns.

The Norns are not able to “understand” that they are only part of a game, that their whole reality is a simulation and that their entire world Albia is only a file named world.sfc on a computer harddisk (how should they understand, they are in fact only programs.) Let us think, that there will be one day a Norn in the game who is so high developed (that’s pure fiction now) that he is able to “understand” and to see behind the reality. If this wise Norn will go one day to his other creature friends and tell them “Listen friends. I have discovered that our whole world is only the playground of another being outside there that is absolutely different from us and is called “the man”. This “man” has created Norns and Albia and plays now games with us. Haven’t you ever wondered why we sometimes fall asleep and awake on another place? Why our Norn friends fall asleep and disappear and if we meet them later on another place they told us that they were awaken somewhere else and have the feeling that they were examined? Haven’t you ever wondered why some Norns who are either ill or have genetic failures disappear and never come back? I can you explain now, because I have seen “the man” who is playing that game (in addition a very ugly being in the eyes of us Norns). For this “man” we are only “objects to study”. He has the power to examine us and to take us out of our world in every second of our life and we are not able to do anything against this, because we are part of this game. You must believe me: we and our entire world are only part of a simulation in a computer – of a game – played by the humans.” what would the other Norns say?

I think they will laugh about the wise Norn and whisper “Look, he is going crazy. Man? Simulation? Another world outside of Albia? Computer? Every Norn knows that there is no other world and life outside Albia…” So they would laugh about the wise Norn and told him that he should not say such a crazy thing. Maybe some of them will whispher that he is right in one thing: sometimes Norns fall asleep, disappear and appear with a feeling of being examined. But thats no thing Norns are allowed to think about. The “hand” would punish them if they do. So they would say to the wise Norn “Man? What a silly thought. I think the Grendel has knocked your head one time to often” and will go back to their normal boring life.

Children Iris and Moe playing ball, Moe is going to “touch” the hand of the player

To come to an end: I think our reality and the “reality” of the Norns are maybe very similar. Could it be that all the stories of the abductees are an evidence that there is someone playing a “game” with us, that earth is not a computer simulation but a playground for other beings – some kind of galactic zoo or laboratory? Could it be that UFOs are no space ships in the way we generally thought but only “appearances” of the other beings like the “hand of the player” in the game? Is mankind like the other normal Norns that laugh about the wise Norn but secretly think that he is probably right but they are not allowed to think about that? Is our world a game for someone and mankind is part of it?

I will give no answers to this questions but I’m sure it is something we should think about.


Book Review – Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind

written by Christian Pfeiler

The main reason for my decision to make a abduction special issue was the reading of the book “Close Encounters of the fourth kind” written from the US author C.D.B. Bryan in 1995. Mr- Bryan was invited to a scientific conference about the abduction phenomena at the MIT in 1992. The 5-days-conference was organized by Dr. John E. Mack and Dr. David E. Pritchard from MIT and should “…assess the similarities and differences in the findings of various investigators studying people who reports experiences of abductions by aliens and the related issues of the phenomena…”

The first part of the book is about the 5 days of the conference and Mr. Bryan writes about all the different aspects of the phenomena that were discussed between the scientists and about his interviews with the scientists researching in the abduction phenomena like Dr. Mack or Budd Hopkins. He also talks to abductees and write about their cases (like Linda Cortile) and interviews them about their experiences. Mr. Bryan is always a little bit sceptic and wants to find other solutions for the phenomena than “extraterrestrial” reasons but he never says “This people lies” but search for different kinds of “realities” like Carl Jungs “materialized psychisms” behind the abduction experiences. In the second part of the book he made postconference interviews with abductees he had met at the conference and write about different hypnosis sessions at Budd Hopkin’s Studio. In the last chapter he tries to find “various theories” for the phenomena and to give answers to some of the questions but in fact to some questions he found no satisfying answers.

In my opinion a very good book because Mr. Bryan is neither a strong believer nor a strong sceptic. He “…approached the subject with no prior stand, no agenda and an open (if slightly skeptical) mind…” and he tries to find answers. It is scientific book, so there are no photos or drawings but it is fascinating stuff from the first page to the last page. Read it.


UFO-Begegnung 99 – The meeting of the year

written by Dennis Kirstein, Translation by Christian Pfeiler

(Remark from Chris: The meeting is without a doubt a very important event but it is also very typically for the german UFO scene because most of the visitors of the meeting are CENAP sceptics like Werner Walter and Uli Thieme who don’t believe that UFOs are real.)

An idea becomes reality! From October 30 to October 31 1999 the annual meeting of Germanys most famous UFO researchers will take place in the village Croeffelbach (50 kilometres north of Stuttgart). Named “Die UFO-Begegnung 99” (The UFO-Meeting 99 – this name was my idea) there will be 2 days of controversial but fair discussions between UFO believers and sceptics. This meeting will be something very special, not only because believers and sceptics will “sit on one table” and discuss but also because there will be representatives of most of the well-known Websites on Germanys most famous UFO server (www.alien.de).

Beside the lots of CENAP members on the meeting, like Werner Walter, Uli Thieme, Hans-Juergen Koehler and Tino Guenther there will be also other “celebritys” and authors from the german UFO scene like Lars A. Fischinger, Mario Ringmann, Mr. Peininger, Josef Schedl and Dr. Helmut and Marion Lammer.

The village Croeffelbach has a beautiful landscape and a nice hotel with best conditions for such a meeting. There will be a conference room with audio-visual equipment for all kinds of video presentations.

Beside recitations like “Roswell and the Air Force” from Uli Thieme or “UFO abductions and Prof. John Mack” from Rudolf Henke there will be lots of breaks for exciting discussions. Most interesting will be “CENAPs unsolved cases.”

Then, after 2 fascinating days with lots of new impressions, the members will separate after a last group photo and all will be looking forward to the next meeting.

Dennis Kirstein, UIG Stuttgart


Englands most haunted house – a fake?

written by Christian Pfeiler and René Friess

The spookiest house on earth? Borley House in Essex.

It is told that one of the most haunted houses in Europe was the Borley House in Essex in the south of England and it seems that over a period of nearly a century very strange things have happened at this place. It it also told that different witnesses and people who had lived in the house have reported about lots of ghostly phenomenas like things that moved without being touched from someone, words and messages that appear and disappear on walls, (for example the sentence “Get help.To die unrepentant bothers me…) stones, bricks and other things that appear, fly trough the air and hit people, unexplainable music and noises at night, self-starting fires and very cold rooms (without any explanation for the reason of the coldness) and much more so-called poltergeist phenomena. Frightening ghostly beings also appeared at night like a nun, a monk, a young girl, a headless man and a choach without a coachman.

Local legends say that on this place was in former times a monastery. A monk who lived there had loved a nun from a near convent and both want to escape from this place, but they were catched and executed from the local people and cursed from god for their sacrilege and must walk now as ghosts on earth for all times and will never find peace.

So far the legend and it sounds like a very scary story. But is this all true? A lot of people today say “No” and declare that Englands most haunted house is only a good example for local superstition and in fact a fake (a fake for which is responsible only one man.)

At first, the story about the nun and the monk is definetly only a local legend and in reality there was never a monastery on the same place as Borley House. It is also quite sure that the parapsychologist and “ghost-hunter” Harry Price (who seems not to be a very reliable person) is responsible for most of the phenomena and that he only want to become famous together with “his” spookie house (there was for a example a night in which a lot of little stones “appeared” in a room and hit people of a group of reporters who were together with Harry Price in the house. Later the people found lots of such little stones in the pockets of Mr. Price.)

Some people (but not all) who had former lived in the house told that there are no ghosts, only “rats and local superstition” and that nothing unexplainable have ever happened to them. The ghostly nun who walked around at night was in fact only a local young girl who admitted to have “played ghost” to frighten the people and there is always one name in connection with the faked phenomenas: Harry Price.

The Borley House burned to the ground in 1939 (at this night there were again seen ghostly beings in the windows of the burning house) and a reporter made in 1944 in the ruins a photo of something that seems to be a flying brick. Harry Price told that this photo is evidence that there are still supernatural forces exist in the ruins and that the photo show a real “poltergeist” phenomena. Later it become public, that near the place the photo was taken a worker had torn down a brick wall and had thrown sometimes bricks trough the air.

Is Borley House now a real haunted house or only a legend? This is difficult to say because on the other hand there a lots of reliable witnesses for strange events and not all of this things could be explained in a normal way (for example the very cold rooms). It is also difficult to find answers in books, because some books says that Borley House is without a doubt a real haunted house (and gave evidence for this) and the other books says that the ghosts in Borley House are only fakes (and gave evidence for this too.) Is Harry Price responsible for the phenomena? How have he done all this over such a long period of time? Or have the strong belief and the superstition of the local people caused the appearances and where the monk and the headless man at the end “real ghosts” that start to exists because so much people had believed in them? Who knows…?


FBI documents of the month

written by Christian Pfeiler

In the last issue we have read the letter from a unknown person (name was censored) about the start of a project “New Blue Book” in the year 1989. The writer of the letter had asked FBI Director William S. Sessions if he can help him to get more informations about government UFO secrecy. Here is now the reply from Mr. Sessions “…the investigation of UFOs is not now nor has ever been the responsibilty of the FBI” and Mr. Sessions is “…not aware of any Federal Agency tasked with the responsibility of investigating UFOs.”

Well, you could believe this or not, but in my opinion the CIA and the NSA are deeply involved in investigating UFOs even today and I think parts of the FBI are still informed about this and work with the other agencys.


The second document I’ve found is a internal FBI memorandum from August 7 1947 written from Director J. Edgar Hoover himself. He wrote about some material (???) concerning a flying disc that “…should not be forwarded to FBI laboratory for examination but should be turned over to the Army Airforce Intelligence.” I dont know about what “material” he is speaking, but it sounds interesting.

A grand tour to the Southwest secret sites (Part 1)

written by Christian Pfeiler


The black Mailbox near Area 51, White Sides Mountain in the Background

In the abduction book from C.D.B. Bryan I mentioned in another article I’ve also found a very interesting chapter about the possibility of a UFO cover up in the US. The author Mr. Bryan met Richard Boylan in a break of the conference at MIT in the hallway and interviewed him about his “…six state grand tour of reported Southwest secret sites”. Boylan has visited in April 1992 the Tonopah USAF Air Defense Command Headquarters and the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada, the Area 51 and S-4 at the northeast corner of Nellis Test Range (the Groom and Papoose Lakes bases), the Archulete Peak north of Dulce in New Mexico, the three huge Los Alamos National Laboratories, the Kirtland Airforce Base, the Sandia National Laboratories, the Defense Nuclear Agencies headquarters, the DOE’s National Atomic Museum, the National Solar Observatory in New Mexico, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (VLA) in San Augustin and the possible Northrop “saucer plant” near Lancaster in California.

“I really see this whole controversy as having three legs, like a three-legged stool: the UFO phenomenon, the extraterrestrial-contact phenomenon and the US government cover-up phenomenon,” Boylan explains “and by ‘cover-up’ one might expand it to include armed response or Strategic Defense Initiative response. Cover-up/SDI is the third leg of the stool. And during my trip I got both very large confirmation that they, the US government, were a lot farther along with Star Wars weaponry and physics and ability to deliver the goods than I had earlier come to know even from anything I had seen published.”

(Remark from Chris: In the following now some of the most interesting parts of the interview in a shortened form about Mr. Boylans experiences while visiting the Tonopah Range in Nevada and the famous Groom Lake base. Further parts of his trip in the next issue.)

…Boylan tells us his first objective had been the tiny town of Tonopah, Nevada: “Gateway to Black Budget aerospace/SDI projects” he says, then adds “Of course, Albuquerque is the other gateway and if you draw a line between the two, most Black Budget aerospace/SDI projects, according to my research, are built, tested and based between these two towns.”

Boylan pulls out off his jacket pocket a packet of color snapshots and begins sorting trough them “Altough Tonopah’s economy is ostensibly based on mining, it houses an Air Force Defense Command Headquarters.” He slides the photograph of an anonymously governmental-looking building across the table to me. A sign on the building identifies it exactly as Boylan has said “This is a paradox” he continues “since Nellis Air Force Base, the nearest official USAF facility, is 180 miles to the south – unless, of course, there is a secret USAF presence at the north end of Nevada…”

“From Tonopah, I drove east fifteen miles on US 6 to the turnoff for the Tonopah Test Range.” He slid a third photograph across to me, it was of the Tonopah Test Range entrace sign, decipting a small Hawk-type solid-fuel ground-to-air rocket. “You will notice” Boylan is saying “that the sign misleadingly gives the impression that they test small rockets there. But after driving twelve miles south on the entrance road, I came to a huge, sprawling base operated not by the Department of Defense but by Sandia National Laboratories for the DOE. And according to a Sandia National Labs public relations officer with whom I spoke “Sandia is AT&T”. In other words, AT&T is the corporation behind the application of physics research to Star Wars weapons. When AT&T reaches out and touches someone” he says with a wry smile “it may be with one of their electromagnetic pulse weapons…”

“The Tonopah Test Range guards wore desert camouflage jumpsuits,” Boylan tells us, “with a cryptic shoulder patch reading ASI-SWAT…When I approach to the main gate on foot, the two guards were surly and aggresively poised. Their weapons looked like at fat, black cylindrical, oversized rifle stock about five inches in diameter and a yard long, but there was no barrel or muzzle at the end. And altough I am familiar with the appearance of US and international, military, police and elite-units weapons, I had never seen anything like these strange-looking weapons before. Not wanting to experience this weapon pointed any closer at me, I accepted their refusal to let me pass trough, and retreated…”

(Remark from Chris: the next destination on Mr. Boylans tour was Area 51. After some trouble with security guards in civilian dresses in a unmarked Ford Bronco – maybe some of the so-called Wackenhut guards – he decided to come back at night.)

“I waited until it was dark and then I returned and prudently parked about a quarter-mile east of where I had last seen the Bronco and got out my binoculars. I remained there observing the ridge line of the Groom Range above Area 51 and S-4 from about nine to ten-thirty p.m., during which time I saw three bright round lights come up from below the ridge line, presumably off the desert floor, or else scooting low from somewhere else, then rising vertically. I spotted the first one around nine-thirty, I saw a bright golden-orange round light rise up vertically from behind the Groom Range…it gave off a very intense red-orange light, a very bright glowing that looked more like ionizing effects rather than any light an board shining out. It was like the craft’s whole frame was just ionizing off an extremely intense light – in other words, the frame was the light-emmiting body, not a light from on board. And then it descended slowly, vertically, behind the mountains. The object had the same color and shape and was viewed from the same direction as the object photographed by Gary Schulz, who had enlarged and computer-enhanced his photograph to reveal a flying disc with a cupola on top surrounded by an ionization haze of light. Schulz called it a HPAC – a human-powered alien craft…”

“Soon, a second brilliantly shining round object rose vertically and hovered about five hundred feet above the ridge line. This object was strobing and emiting a brilliant blue-white light, apparently from the skin of the craft. It then began a series of incredible, blindingly fast pendulum and zigzag and back-and-forth maneuvers at mere fraction-of-a-second intervals, covering, perhaps, nine hundred feet in a jump. It just astonished me that something could jump around so fast trough all those turns and acute angles. After this dazzling aerobatics performance, it settled down to hovering for a while, then resumed to gyrations again. Both super-quick maneuvering episodes lasted over a minute each. Finally the object again hovered motionless, then began flying south, downrange, at a constant altitude and direction at about 80 mph. I tracked it trough my binoculars for about thirty miles before it became indistinguishable from the star field.”

“…About an half hour after it had dissappeared,” Boylan continues “a third brilliant round object, glowing with the same intense red-orange-gold color, rose above the Groom Range…another odd thing was that the appearance of this craft altered between strobes: on one phase it was a bright, sharply defined orb of orange-gold light, on the other alternate phase it was a smudgy golden sphere of light.”

I ask Boylan: If these had been conventional machines like helicopters, would he have heard their engines?

“Oh, I think so. It was quit enough. You could hear anything. For example, at one point in the evening while I was staked out, some little bi-plane went over far away. You could hear it drone for what seemed like twenty minutes. As soon as it cleared the horizon, you could hear it all the way to the next horizon.”

“And the flying objects you saw made no noise?”

“None” he says “and the angles they did it at! There is no jet or helicopter or anything that could move that fast at those angles, correct itself, and go again in thirds of seconds. It would just be torn apart…there was a bit of remote jumping where you didn’t see the body of the craft in the meanwhile. I mean, it was here and it was there. It was most extraordinary…”

(Remark from Chris: Mr. Boylan will continue his “grand trip” in the next issue of the mag. He will visit then the mysterious Archulete Peak in New Mexico, the Los Alamos National Laboratories, the Kirtland Airforce Base and the Manzano Mountain Weapons Storage facility and he will again found more evidence for the real existence of a UFO/Secret Weapons Cover-up.)


written by RV Kleypas-Sparrow

(Remark from Chris: here is a new article from Rachel about her abduction experiences. Thanks to her for writing again a very fascinating and impressing article.)

It was the Summer of ’86 and I had recently became separated from my husband. Like my dad, he was with the government and our house was not more than a mile from the installation.

I had gone to live with some friends and hadn’t gave much thought to UFO’s , although at the time in North Dakota many had been sighted in and around our area. I wasn’t really thinking much on my experience at that moment in time, as I was concerned with getting myself and my daughter to a safe place.

What I consciously remember is that I thought the moon was rather bright that night that I had the encounter with the ‘greys’. I remember going to the window and trying to find the moon. When I looked out-I realised that the source was above where I was staying. It was so bright that it lit up the room, and the trees outside. At this point, I wasn’t scared, as I found it difficult to sleep with the light penetrating the room. I went back to bed and assumed that I had fallen asleep.

The next morning, I woke up with a hole in my naval. It was about the size of a pinhead, or needle. When I went to the bathroom, I noticed that a clear fluid with minute traces of blood was oozing from it. I went up to the installations hospitals A & E department. Up to this point, the only operation that I had had was a tonsilectomy with my adnoids removed. To be told by two officers that were doctors that I had had an operation and insisted on knowing who did it came as a surprise and shock to me. They had my medical records and knew full well that there had been no other operational procedures done on me. My abdomen was rock hard and I was unwell. They gave me an antibotic for the infection; after what I felt was an interrogation. I didn’t know how the hole had got into my naval, and it wouldn’t be for another two years, before I was to have my first laproscopy from a ruptured cyst.

When I moved back to England, my home, where I was born-I came across an article in the newspaper about a family that saw something similiar to what I had seen when I was 12. I decided that if I was going to find out what happened that this must be the way. I was interviewed by leading UK researchers in the field. The truth about that night came out and it was not what I expected. I didn’t know about the greys, or their techniques. I had come across the book ‘Communion’ , after the incident, but never connected the book to that night. Not only that the picture on the book didn’t look quite right to what I was to remember through hypnotic regression.

The skin-colour of the beings was a bluish-grey-something that until the last few years was deliberately kept out of the media, as not to produce a type of hysteria. I remembered that they were small, about my size-I am four foot and ten inches. I remembered them floating me off the bed and through the corridor and up into their craft. It wasn’t until, after the regresssion that I found out that what I experienced was becoming increasingly familiar in the ufo community. I felt that I must have imagined the whole episode. However, the regression gave me a few more surprises that my abductions had been occurring since I was four years of age. It appears that is also a common factor amongst most of us , who have had enocunters. Many of us have seen the strange symbols and yet are strangers to each other, yet with a common experience.

I know it will happen again and am becoming more aware now of it and less frightened and more curious. The question that I want them to answer for me, is Why Me?. I want to understand the reason for it, although I have learned to live with it-I find my mind racing with questions that I want them to answer. I don’t think I ever experienced anger for what they done, more so, puzzlement. What did I have that was so important for them to take me.

I now study other’s experiences like mine, in hopes that maybe somebody who had these experiences got some of my questions answered. All I find is more questions and people like myself confused and their lives altered as a result. The prejudice is the hardest bit to deal with from those who can’t imagine what it is like. The sick jokes I find the worse.

After my regression, one reporter offered me £5,000 to turn my story into something vulgar and far from the truth. I told him to keep his money as my story was free to anybody wishing to print it with truth in mind and not embellishing it to sell their papers. That one reporter made me reluctant to do a lot of publicity on the issue. I chose then that I was only giving my story to a select few and that way I was assured that the truth was printed and not embellished.

There is so much more that I want to tell and I will over a course of time. I only now got back my regression video and even now find it hard to watch. The researchers involved gave me and my story the respect that it deserved. They never imposed on me, nor made me feel like a speciman in a lab. I was treated like a person with feelings that had had experiences which couldn’t be explained. I have never forgotten the people involved and to this day, think about them and the role that they played in my life and putting the pieces of the puzzle together for me.

In a way, by writing this article, it is my way of saying thanks to them for helping to find the pieces of the puzzle what were missing and helping me get my life back in order rather than walking around wondering if was sane.

My dad once told me that the most foolish question was the one that was never asked, and you know-he was right. We are all going to have to keep asking questions, until the day that the full truth is opened up to us and never be frightened to ask the questions, for we will never know.

Good Luck to those in search of their quest for the truth and know that they are not alone.

Love , Light and Peace to all in this small world of ours and you can contact me through Chris.



Abduction related quotations

collected by Christian Pfeiler

“These reporters are in no way special. They are no religious fanatics; they are more apt to be policemen, businessmen, schoolteachers and other respectable citizens.”

J. Allen Hynek (concerning CE 3)

“Here were people otherwise quite ordinary, unremarkable, reporting with full sincerity and in a most authentic way these extraordinary experiences which they did not want to believe were so.”

John E. Mack

“Our trauma is that our consciousnesses are stretched beyond our abilities to understand. We are left in a state of disbelief and shock . We have no way of integrating what we perceive into our reality.”

Harry, Abductee

“Abductees are people seeking celebrity status…little nobodies.”

Philip J. Klaas, Sceptic

“Something else is interested in us that we don’t want to know about. This is happening. It’s not just a happy little dream where you can feel you’re important”

Anne, Abductee

“…a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud and a fire infolding itself and a brightness was about it…also out of the midst thereof, came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance, they had the likeness of a man…so the spirit lifted me up and took me away…”

Ezekiel, Old Testament (he was “abducted” by angels to meet “god”)

“It began to seem to us that rather than being extraterrestrial in any simple sense, UFOs could well be part of the same larger intelligence which has shaped the tapestry of religion and mythology since the dawn of human consciousness.”

J. Allen Hynek

“The world might be other than we have known it.”

John Mack

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth…”

Sherlock Holmes


Man Made UFOs part 3

written by Mik Perris

In the previous article I mentioned Project Y. I showed you the patent drawing for the Y1. There were at least 2 versions of the Y1. Each had a different engine position. Avro patented another disk shaped aircraft in 1955. This was the Y2. This Disks patent was applied for on April 20th 1955. The patent was approved on March 31st 1964. I’m currently trying to find the reason for the 9-year wait for an approval.


This is the picture that got me interested in Avro Aircraft. Chris Gainor, whom I contacted after reading his Web page about Avro, sent it to me. Chris believed that this was an early concept of the Avrocar. I believe that it was much more than that. The picture shows a model of the disk. Its front is at the bottom of the picture.

On February 15th 1955 the USA’s Air Intelligence Center, based at Wright Patterson AFB, filed a technical report on Project Y. They called it Project Silver Bug. The report is available under the Freedom of Information Act. The Y2 had an estimated ceiling of 80,600ft. Top speed estimated at 2,300mph (Mach 3.4), with re-heat. Maximum hovering altitude from take off estimated at 10,000ft. Estimated time from hovering start to 70,000ft, 4 minutes. The USAF bought out the entire project in 1955 as Weapons System 606a.


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