UFO ROUNDUP Volume 8 Number 19 May 14, 2003


A California TV crew missing since November 2002, a video they left behind and a mission by U.S. Navy SEALs are the key elements in a story that claims extensive prehistoric ruins have been found under the ice of Antarctica.

“The U.S. government said it will seek to block the airing of a video found by Navy rescuers in Antarctica that purportedly reveals that a massive archaeological dig is underway two miles (3,200 meters) beneath the ice.”

“The AtlantisTV production crew that shot the video is still missing.”

“Attorneys for the Beverly Hills-based AtlantisTV stressed that the company’s primary concern is for the safety and welfare of the crew. But they stated they will ‘vigorously oppose’ any attempts to ‘censor material that is clearly in the public interest and public domain.’ The icy continent of Antarctica, they point out, belongs to no nation. The U.S. has no jurisdiction there.”

“‘That video is the property of AtlantisTV,’ said a company spokesman, ‘We shot it. It’s ours. And as soon as it is rightfully restored to us, we’re going to air it. End of story.'”

“Two Navy officers who saw the tape described its contents to National Science Foundation (NSF) researchers upon their return to the Amundsen-Scott Station at the South Pole, according to sources at McMurdo Station, the main American base in Antarctica.”

“‘They said it showed spectacular ruins and other things they couldn’t go into,’ an NSF scientist reported. ‘We chalked it up to some kind of subzero-induced delusion until a chopper (helicopter–J.T.) full of Navy SEALs landed and picked them up and took off. Now, we’re scratching our heads.'”

“Officials of the U.S. Naval Support Task Force, Antarctica deny the story or the possession of any video shot by the missing AtlantisTV crew.”

Science fiction author Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937) claimed in several stories that a prehistoric city existed in Antarctica called “Kadath of the Cold Waste.”

Lovecraft described its “discovery” in his novel At the Mountains of Madness, written between January and March 1931. Incredibly, one of his passages is a precise description of a scene in the AtlantisTV video.

Lovecraft wrote, “But the salient object of the place was the titanic stone ramp, which, eluding the archways by a sharp turn outward into the open floor, wound spirally up the stupendous cylindrical wall like an inside counterpart of those once climbing outside the monstrous towers or ziggurats of ancient Babylon…The thing was excellently preserved up to the present top of the tower– a highly remarkable circumstance in view of its exposure– and its shelter had done much to protect the bizarre and disturbing cosmic sculptures on the walls.”

“As we stepped out into the awesome half-daylight of this monstrous cylinder-bottom–fifty million years old, and without doubt the most primally ancient structure ever to meet our eyes–we saw that the ramp-traversed sides stretched dizzily up to a height of fully sixty feet (18 meters).”

“According to the sculptures, the original tower had stood in the centre of an immense circular plaza; and had been perhaps 500 or 600 feet (150 to 180 meters) high, with tiers of horizontal discs near the top and a row of needle-like spires along the upper rim.”

“News of the video, which Navy sources said they found in an abandoned supply dump 100 miles (160 kilometers) west of Vokstok Station, came on the heels of U.S. attempts to strike passages from Raising Atlantis, the upcoming novel by Thomas Greanias that is the basis for AtlantisTV’s popular online Atlantis Mapping Project channel.”

“Federal officials agreed to allow an uncensored version of Raising Atlantis to go on sale in April (2003) at Amazon.com as an e-book. But they won court approval to ‘block certain portions that might compromise national security’ from the hardcover edition due in bookstores at year’s end.”

“The novel focuses on a secret US. military expedition that discovers ancient ruins two miles beneath the ice in Antarctica. Recent events in Antarctica have raised questions about whether the story is fiction or a novelization of actual events” during the years 2000 and 2001.

“Sources say the current federal review is focusing on the novel’s depiction of “Federal Emergency Plan D,” which officially doesn’t exist, although parts of the plan have become public in the wake of the September 11 (2001) terrorist attacks on America and calls for the activation of a ‘shadow government’ to operate in secret hideouts outside the national capital” of Washington, D.C. “to ensure the survival of the United States of America and the continuity of government in the event of a global catastrophe or nuclear Armageddon.”

(Editor’s Note: True enough. Immediately after the attacks, the USA’s Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA implemented the Continuity of Government or COG Plan, operating out of Mount Weather and Mount Pony in the state of Virginia.)

“‘It’s the specifics of Stage Two and Stage Three (of the COG Plan) detailed in Raising Atlantis that concern federal officials,'” an AtlantisTV spokesman said.

“‘Hell, I didn’t even know about Stage One and the shadow government until 9-11, let alone Stage Two or Stage Three,’ said one CIA source on condition of anonymity.” (See the Atlantis Mapping Project news release for November 17, 2002, “U.S. discovers ‘spectacular ruins’ in Antarctica captured on video.” Also The Annotated H.P. Lovecraft, edited by S.T. Joshi, Dell Publishing, New York, N.Y., 1997, pages 302 and 303. Merci beaucoup a Robert Fischer pour ces nouvelles.)

(Editor’s Comment: Welcome to H.P. Lovecraft Week at UFO Roundup. The Kadath ruins are just a start. Wait till you see what else has been found in recent months.)


On Wednesday, April 23, 2003, eyewitness Lenura A. Azizova, 53, “since 1991 a resident of Simferopol,” capital of the Crimea (also known as the Krym Autonomous Republic in the Ukraine–J.T.) “stepped out of her house at No. 13 Zapadnaya Street into her yard, and suddenly she noticed a bright flash in the sky and a pulsating light in the middle of the constellation Auriga. The light was very bright, looking like an electric lamp.”

“The object, according to Mrs. Azizova, was pulsating constantly with red, violet, yellow and white colors. It was moving in a zigzagging trajectory, up and down through the sky. Definitely neither a satellite nor an airplane. The object was totally soundless. After five minutes of observation, she lost it from sight as the object flew away.”

The next day, on Thursday, April 24, 2003, “a disk- shaped UFO was seen hovering over Evpatoriyskoye shosse (highway–J.T.), northwest of Simferopol’s outskirts, near the turn that leads to the Feliks Dzerzhinskiy collective farm.”

On Saturday, April 26, 2003, at 8 p.m., “two residents of Simferopol, Alexei and Aleksandr Zavus, from the yard of their home in the ‘original downtown'” of the millenia-old Crimean city, “observed an unusual object in the southwestern part of the sky, not far from the star Sirius.”

“Suddenly, the ‘bright white star,’ brighter than even Sirius, appeared high in the sky after a flash. It was hovering for several seconds, slowly moving, and then suddenly faded away, like an electric lamp being shut off.”

On Wednesday, April 30, 2003, a UFO appeared three times over Lenin Square in Simferopol. The sightings were at 8:45, 9:10 and 9:12 p.m.

UFO Roundup correspondent Anton A. Anfalov reported, “While standing in Lenin Square, right in the center of Simferopol, and talking to my friend, Mr. V. Zdorov, about UFOs, aliens, alien implants and underground bases, we noticed several light flashes of a white-silver color and a ruby-red color to the northeast.”

“This was definitely neither an airplane nor a satellite, because the flashes were short, stationary, and there was a big time lag of two to five minutes between them. This clearly indicates that the flashes were from a hovering object or an object that vividly demonstrated itself to us in a direct connection to the topic of our talk.” (Many thanks to Anton A. Anfalov for these reports.)


As predicted, ousted dictator Saddam Hussein did make a speech to the Iraqi people last week. But there was some question as to whether the speech was made from the moon or from a gigantic disk-shaped UFO orbiting the Earth.

On Monday, May 5, 2003, Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald “said it received the 14-minute tape from two men in Baghdad.”

“If authentic, it would be the first message from Saddam since Baghdad fell April 9 (2003). The Herald was unable to confirm whether the tired-sounding voice on the tape is Saddam.”

According to UFO Roundup’s Middle East correspondent Ayesha al-Khatabi, some residents of Baghdad claim to have heard Saddam’s 15-minute broadcast over their household radio sets.

“Their impression is that it was a live broadcast,” Ayesha reported, “My friend Hiba Rashid says she and her family heard it live. One of her uncles was changing the frequencies on their Grundig radio when he heard Saddam’s voice. He called everyone in the house to come and listen. It (the broadcast) was on 1320 on the AM band. Hiba says she recognized Saddam’s voice, but there was a lot of static.”

“Saddam assured the listeners that he was well, that his sons, Uday and Qusay, were well, and urged Iraqis to resist the occupation. There was no mention of the moon or outer space or aliens.”

Last week, Mohammed Daud al-Hayyat reported that the “hot rumor” in Baghdad was that Saddam would shortly make a radio speech “from the moon” in “four or five days.” The actual broadcast was made during that time frame. (See UFO Roundup, volume 8, number 18 for May 7, 2003, “Surprise appearance by Saddam startles Iraqis,” page 1.)

“U.S. officials are studying an audio tape that is said to be of fallen leader Saddam Hussein speaking from inside Iraq sometime after April 28 (2003),” which was Saddam’s sixty-sixth birthday. “U.S. officials don’t know whether he is alive.”

In other developments in Iraq, a black helicopter made a surprise appearance over al-Zafaraniya, a neighborhood on the south side of Baghdad, last week.

“Zafaraniya is a working-class neighborhood with a wide, well-integrated ethnic mix. Sunni and Shiite Muslims interact and intermarry and live side by side with Christians, Kurds and other minorities. The streets are unpaved and dusty. Stone walls surround dust-colored two- story houses made of concrete and conceal well-tended courtyards with flower gardens.”

“People were startled last week when they heard the sound of a helicopter engine right above their rooftops,” Ayesha reported, “When they went outside, they saw a black helicopter hovering overhead. A side door opened, and a flood of leaflets came falling out. The wind (rotor turbulence–J.T.) blew the leaflets all over the neighborhood. Few people actually saw a leaflet or read the Arabic message on it. The people have seen many, many Anglo-American helicopters but never before one of the mystery black helicopters.”

According to USA Today, “Last week, for instance, a U.S. military helicopter dropped leaflets over the Zafaraniya neighborhood in south Baghdad. Most blew away before anyone could retrieve them. So few people actually saw what they said. But that didn’t stop the local rumor mill from churning out theories about the mysterious missive. Soon many Zafaraniya residents had convinced themselves that they were about to be thrown out of their homes by the U.S. military–a striking example of their willingness to assume the worst about American intentions.”

“Over cups of thick Turkish coffee, Zafaraniya residents are eager to discuss the U.S. occupation and share their more fanciful theories.”

“Among the theories rampant in Baghdad and Zafaraniya–that Saddam was an American agent all along and is now safely in CIA custody. Or, alternatively, that he’s still in hiding and preparing to return to power.” (See USA Today for Wednesday, May 7, 2003, “Conspiracy theories and rumors about U.S. intentions swirl in Baghdad,” page 2A and for Thursday, May 8, 2003, “New audio tape is reported to be of Saddam after the war,” page 4A. Many thanks to Ayesha al-Khatabi for the additional information.)


“A set of mysterious bright lights in the Northern Territory’s night sky have residents in the beachside suburb of Nightcliff abuzz with tales of an alien encounter.”

“‘People were out on the road, pointing to the bright lights and yelling it was an alien invasion,’ mother of three Yvonne Morris said, ‘People were just stunned.'”

“The Northern Territory News was flooded with calls from people who all say they saw the same thing from their Nightcliff homes–eight bright yellowish-orange lights in perfect formation over the Timor Sea” north of Australia.

“Brad MacDonald, 48, was at the Nightcliff Jetty fishing with family and friends when he saw the lights on Saturday (May 3, 2003) about 9 p.m.'”

“‘I’ve never seen anything like it–it was bloody strange,’ Mr. MacDonald said.”

“But he said he had a strange feeling before he saw the glowing lights. ‘I thought it was odd that because the fish were biting like hell, and then, all of a sudden, the tide went out.'”

“He described the lights as bright orange, about one kilometer away, and in perfect formation.”

“‘My mate reckons they were weather balloons, but I disagree–they were too perfect. There were forty people at the jetty, and we were all intrigued.'”

“Mrs. Morris and her four children were sitting on the verandah of their beachfront property when the orange- yellow lights first appeared.”

“‘The eight lights were 45 degrees from each other and appeared to be fairly structured.'”

“UFO sightings are fairly common in the Northern Territory–no place more so than Wycliff Well, N.T., 1,100 kilometers (660 miles) south of Darwin, where Holiday Park owner Lew Farkas is the local expert on UFOs, having seen them with monotonous regularity over 18 years.”

“‘The closest look I got was one of the spaceship’s portholes, but I didn’t see the alien bloke inside,’ Mr. Farkas, 54, said last night (Monday, May 5, 2003).”

“He said the formation described by the Nightcliff residents was similar to ones he had seen.”

“‘It sounds like it was a mothership, with the supporting craft on the sides,’ he said.”

Australian “Weather Bureau senior forecaster Pradeep Singh said his bureau did not see anything unusual on its radar.” (See the Northern Territory News for May 6, 2003, “Bright lights spark UFO rumours.” Many thanks to Diane Harrison and Clinton Dodge of the Australian UFO Research Network–AUFORN–and John Hayes for forwarding this newspaper article.)


“A local man and his wife saw what he describes as a UFO Wednesday night,” April 30, 2003.

“The unidentified flying object appeared as a bright white light, hovered for a minute, and then flew across the sky ‘with the speed of a meteor,’ said Fred Lloyd, an assistant golf pro at the Whispering Pines Golf Course.”

“The light appeared to him and his wife, Nancy Lee, above the treetops on the right hand side of the road on U.S. (Route) 1 near Niagara, N.C. at about 9 p.m. as the two were coming home from church, Lloyd said. The entire sighting lasted less than two seconds.”

“The light was much bigger than a meteor, Lloyd said, and brighter than the moon. When Lloyd and his wife first noticed the UFO, they saw it out of the corner of their eyes, Lloyd said, and it appeared as if there were two or three lights. When they got a better look, then it was just one.”

“When the light headed north and disappeared, Lloyd said the sighting left him feeling excited and a little out of sorts.”

“‘It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up,’ he said.”

“Lloyd joked about whether people would think he was odd for claiming to have seen a UFO.”

“‘Half the people who know me think I’m credible, and the other half know I’m not,’ he said, ‘My wife is one of the most credible people in the world.'”

Prominent American ufologist George Fawcett of Lincolnton, N.C. (population 9,965) is looking into the case. “Fawcett has investigated over 3,000 UFO sightings in 80 different countries over 60 years.”

“Sightings usually happen near military bases or nuclear power plants, Fawcett said.”

“Lloyd has no idea what he saw, but be believes it wasn’t a meteor or an airplane.”

“‘This, to me, has no explanation,’ he said, ‘Nothing I know of in the sky can act like that.'” (See the North Carolina newspaper The Pilot for May 4, 2003, “Couple reports seeing UFO Wednesday night.” Many thanks to John Hayes for sending along this newspaper article.)


On Tuesday, May 6, 2003, 2:20 p.m., eyewitness E.G. was driving near the Sycuan Casino in El Cajon, California (population 94,869), on Interstate Highway I-8 about 11 miles (17 kilometers) east of San Diego, when she noticed a strange silvery glimmer in the eastern sky.

E.G. reported, “It looked silver-gray in color and was as big as an airliner. It was a long oval shape. It caught my eye as if the sun had hit a mirror. Then I watched, as I thought it might crash. But it just floated straight behind the cloud. I pulled the car over to wait, but it never showed up again.”

E.G. described the object as “a cylindrical UFO with no wings” and “about the size of a Southwest Airlines jetliner.” (Email Form Report)


On Wednesday, April 30, 2003, at 10 p.m., Jason Davis was at his home in Medina, Ohio (population 25,139), a small town on Routes 3 and 18 approximately 28 miles (45 kilometers) south of Cleveland, when “my wife yelled downstairs to me to look out the window toward the back of the house.”

“It was a generally clear night with the moon almost full and also in the southern sky but almost overhead,” he recalled, “There was a light in the sky that seemed to not blink or move or resemble a plane at all from that distance, which was approximately 10 to 20 miles (16 to 32 kilometers) away. The light seemed to be coming towards us at about the same speed as a low-flying jet aircraft would.”

“I looked at it through binoculars and was surprised at what I saw, so I grabbed the digital camera and tried to get a couple of good pictures. I’m not a pro. I just fired off a couple photos without using the flash or trying to turn on the digital zoom.”

“I must admit that the lights had a more defined shape when viewed through the binoculars than the photo, but it is interesting looking. The object never seemed to change speed or direction, and it was in view for about two minutes. It left no trail, but a jet that went by a few minutes later left a very obvious trail in the intense moonlight.” (Email Form Report)


On Wednesday, May 7, 2003, at 12:15 a.m., Gene Perry and his girl friend were strolling through Manor Park in London, the UK’s capital, when they spotted a “white light turning reddish as it dimmed over a five-second period.”

It was “as bright a light as a first-magnitude star,” Gene reported, “and was moving from nearly directly above us, slightly north, to the south. I said to my partner, ‘Look, it’s a satellite.'”

“She looked up and saw it, too, and said, ‘I’m getting my glasses.'”

“I watched it for another ten seconds before it turned dimmer and disappeared. Viewing time in total was 10 to 25 seconds.”

“I grew up on American air force bases all around the world and have seen all kinds of aircraft in all kinds of weather and at all angles. This object was brighter than all of the satellites I’ve ever seen. Weather was clear with no moon. If you held your hand at arm’s length, the distance (the UFO) traveled was about two inches. It also had a slight curve in its path.” (Email Form Report)


“A new species of jellyfish with a yard-wide (meter- wide) fleshy red bell and a cluster of wrinkled thick arms has been found by scientists nearly a mile (1,200 meters) beneath the cold, dark waters of the Pacific Ocean.”

“Marine biologists at Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute,” near San Francisco, California “discovered 23 of what they call Big Reds in Monterey Bay and the Sea of Cortez” in Mexico “and off Hawaii, Japan and the Farallon Islands near San Francisco, according to the latest online edition of the journal Marine Biology.”

“Biologists have used a remote-controlled submarine to get video images of the big jellyfish swimming and have collected tissue samples of the bell and the thick arms of one specimen. From the samples, scientists have concluded that Big Red is a unique species.” (See the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for May 8, 2003, “Giant jellyfish found in Pacific,” page 2A.)

(Editor’s Comment: First it was ancient ruins in Antarctica. Then it was giant red jellyfish. What’s next!? The “terrible three-lobed eye” growing on the floor of the Aegean? Stay tuned.)

From the UFO Files…


We tend to think of animal mutilations as a fairly recent phenomenon. Yet there was a strange series of mutilations one hundred years ago, afflicting the farms around Wyrley, Staffordshire, UK.

“The first of a series of outrages occurred upon the night of Feb. 2, 1903. A valuable horse was ripped.”

“Then, at intervals, up to August 27th, there were mutilations of horses, cows and sheep.”

“Sixteen animals were slashed in a peculiar manner wherein the shallow wound did not penetrate the gut but let the animal bleed to death.”

During the summer, anonymous letters appeared in the local newspapers, accusing one George Edalji of the crimes. He was the son of the Rev. Shapurji Edalji, a Hindu who had converted to Christianity, married an Englishwoman and moved to Wyrley to become a Church of England pastor. Between 1892 and 1895, George attended Rugeley School and, in 1903, was studying to become a lawyer.

During 1895, someone had stolen a large key from the Walsall Grammar School and slipped it under the vicarage door. Young Edalji was accused of burglary by Capt. George A. Anson of the Staffordshire Constabulary, who “openly suggested he be given a stiff prison sentence once he was caught.” But George Edalji was never charged in this theft.

“At 6:20 a.m.” on August 18, 1903, “a pony was found lying in a pool of blood. After inspecting the pony, which had had its stomach slit open, Inspector Campbell proceeded to arrest George Edalji. By 8 a.m. the police arrived at the vicarage and took away several blood- stained razors, a damp coat and trousers covered with horse hair and stained with blood, and a pair of damp muddy boots belonging to George.”

Unfortunately, the evidence against George Edalji was compromised from the beginning. “The razor stains proved only to be rust…Inspector Campbell had placed the clothes in the same box with some of the pony’s hide…the scene of the crime had been trampled by local colliery workers and sightseers” and “the police insisted the slashing took place around 8 to 8:30 p.m. the previous evening despite the veterinary surgeon’s testimony that it had happened about 2:30 a.m.”

It became clear that police had the wrong man when yet another horse was mutilated in Wyrley on August 27, 1903, while Edalji was in jail.

“When asked to explain Edalji’s guilt after another attack took place while he was in custody, the police said it was the work of his gang, and showed no further interest.”

Why the rush to judgement? Well, the Staffordshire Constabulary had received an anonymous letter from the culprit, which stated, “There will be merry times at Wyrley in November when they start on little girls, for they will do twenty wenches like the horses before next March.” The letter was signed Greatorex.

In November 1903, Edalji was convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison at the Stafford Assizes. However, “in 1906, for reasons unknown, George Edalji was released after serving only three years of his sentence. He was to remain under police supervision as a discharged convict, but the circumstances were puzzling. Why had he been released prematurely? Had he been pardoned? Had the petition signed by ten thousand people, including hundreds of lawyers protesting at the weakness of the evidence against him, anything to do with it? It was a mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes.”

The case soon drew the attention of Holmes’ creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
“From their first meeting, Doyle knew Edalji was innocent. In the foyer of the Grand Hotel, Charing Cross (in London- -J.T.) Doyle diagnosed from the manner Edalji read a newspaper that he had a severe case of astigmatic myopia.”

In short, Edalji was so nearsighted that he could not have found his way to the barn in the dark, let alone slashed the pony and evaded the police patrols.

Doyle’s expose, “The Case of Mr. George Edalji” appeared in the Daily Telegraph of London on January 11, 1907. Showing himself to be the equal of his fictional creation, Sherlock Holmes, “Doyle deduced the slasher was familiar with George Edalji and his family, had been a resident of Wyrley from 1892 to 1895, probably had attended Walsall School where the stolen key came from, knew a student there by the name of Greatorex. Also it appeared that the slasher was familiar with animals, all too handy with a knife and foul-mouthed. An inspection of the school rolls at Walsall soon revealed the identity of the slasher.”

“Royden Sharp had been expelled from Walsall and had been apprenticed to a butcher before joining the merchant marine in 1895. Prior to his return in 1903, he had served aboard a cattle boat for ten months and had taken with him a large horse lancet, which has but one cutting edge which would not penetrate deeply into an animal.”

In response to the public outcry, the British government set up the three-man Gladstone Commission to re-examine the case. “Instead of concerning itself with the innocence of Edalji and the possible guilt of Sharp, the Gladstone Commission spent most of its energies shielding Capt. Anson’s incompetence.”

No surprise there–one of the commission members, Sir Alfred de Rutzen, was a second cousin of Capt. Anson.

“Royden (Sharp) appeared to feel secure from prosecution in his letters to Doyle, for in one he states, ‘I know from a detective of Scotland Yard that if you write to Gladstone and say you find Edalji is guilty after all, they will make you a lord next year. Is it not better to be a lord than to run the risk of losing kidneys and liver?'”

Amazingly, Royden Sharp was not arrested, not even after writing this death threat. Had he pulled shit like that in Mississippi, he would have been down on the Parchman prison farm, swinging a brush hook and shuffling along with the rest of the chain gang.

“The fate of Royden Sharp after 1907 seems as elusive as that of his predecessor, Jack the Ripper.”

Curiously, after a four-year hiatus, the animal mutilations began again in Staffordshire. Charles Fort wrote, “August 22, 1907–a horse mutilated, near Wyrley. Five nights later (August 27, 1907), two horses, in another field, were slashed so that they died. September 8 (1907)–horse slashed, at Breenwood, Staffordshire. A young butcher, named Morgan, was accused, but he was able to show that he had been in his home at the time.”

“For about a month injuries to horses continued to be reported” around Staffordshire. “They had been injured ‘by barbed wires’ or ‘by nails projecting from fences.'”

They are all long dead now, all of the principal figures in the drama–George Edalji, Royden Sharp, Capt. George Anson and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Yet, as we saw last year (2002), in Argentina and Uruguay, the mutilation phenomenon is still going strong. (See The Complete Books of Charles Fort, Dover Publications Inc., New York, N.Y., 1974, pages 878 to 880. Also Fortean Times No. 21 for Spring 1977, “The Edalji Case…Again,” pages 8 and 9.)


Steve Wilson Sr. reminds me that there will be a lunar eclipse later this week, the first one in the USA in three years. Barring inclement weather, the lunar eclipse can be seen across North America on Thursday evening, May 15, 2003 and, in western Europe and northwestern Africa, just before dawn on Friday, May 16, 2003.

Here in the USA, readers can watch the eclipse at the following times…

8:13 p.m. Pacific Time (Los Angeles)
9:13 p.m. Mountain Time (Salt Lake City)
10:13 p.m. Central Time (Chicago)
11:13 p.m. Eastern Time (New York City)

For 53 minutes, the Moon will be substantially darker and reddish colored. This would be a good time to aim your telescope at Copernicus crater. There’s supposed to be an underground alien base in the crater’s north rim. If the blast doors are opened during the eclipse, you might be able to see a tiny lighted area on the slope of Copernicus’ north rim.

Hey! Maybe that’s where Saddam Hussein and his sons are hiding out…

Eclipse or no, we’ll be back in seven days with more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by “the paper that goes home–UFO Roundup.” See you next week!

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