Name: Hooman

Location: south of Caspian Sea IRAN

Date: 08/20/2003

Local Time: 13:45

Approach Direction: 2 km

Departure Direction: i did not see

Witness Direction: 1

Description: On August 20, 2003, at 1.45 PM (sunshine) Me and my Cousin were driving along the Caspian Sea from Chaloos (small beach city) to Shahsavar (another small beach city) on main Road.

Between Chaloos and Shahsavar near to Nashtarood (beach villag) [Nashta Rud? – UFOINFO], at the west side of the Road (south of Caspian Sea) near the forest, I saw two strong apart white Lights abouth 300 meters up in the Air that they moved very slow to left and right, up and down.

They were 2 km from us, 5 to 10 meters diagonal big, The lights shape were oval, and for some secounds their light Beems were Blue and Yellow.

I can not compare that strong beautiful lights with something else.

I told my cousin to stop the car but because of the heavy car Traffic He could not stop it, after I keeped looking them for 20 seconds because of the tall and big Trees beside the Road could not see that Lights for 1 minute.

after 1 minute i could see that Area again, but i did not see that Lights any more.

Color/Shape: white oval

Height & Speed: 200 meters up

TV/Radio/Press: no reports


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