UFOs over the Cities of Iran

Date: April 2004

Thousands of people saw flying lights and objects for several days and several times in the sky of many cities of Iran.

12,13,14 of April (night), many people and a journalist of Irna News sighting a light in the sky fly slow with different colors over the city Gonbade Kavoos.

13 April (night), 26 April (morning) UFO Sighting over city Meshkin Shahr.

14 of April at 9pm UFO sighting in the sky for 90 min over the small city Bileh Savar. The object looks oval, after 90 min it starts to move (fly) straight and in that place its become four fling lights.

14 of April at 20:30 many people sighting over the sky of city Tabriz a flying light with two small wings. The wings beams light in different colors.

17 of April at 20:30 people sighting a light for 60 minute. It fly’s deep over the city Azad Shahr (North Iran) with changing color.

18 of April at 11 pm, people sighting oval UFO fly over city Poldokhtar (west Iran) for 30 minute.

21 of April in the night, people sighting several time a strong pink light object fly slowly over the city Gorgan.

21 of April in the night people of tree cities Saris (north Iran), Ardabil (north west), Gonbade Kavoos(north east), sighting strong lights fly in the sky.

Many Official News paper write about these several UFOs sighting in these days. Official Iranian TV 1 shows a short Handy cam video film about one of this UFO (light) sighting.

sorry for my not good English.

from Tehran, Iran

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