UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Cyrus the Great Tomb, Iran

Date: April 16 2005 around 12 noon

Approach Direction: Hovering

Departure Direction: I am not sure

Witness Direction: facing the monolith, sun was overhead yet behind, so I may have been facing North.

Description: I looked up over my left shoulder to see a disk about 20′ high, soundlessly hovering with vapor around it’s edges. I believe it could have been about 2-3’in diameter, grey in color. It seemed as though it could have been spinning. I felt intimidated so I looked back down at the ground and saw it’s shadow moving around in front of me. I did not want to interact with it. (This is the second one I saw, the first was in Rockville MD Dec 04.) I felt that both times I was being watched.

Color/Shape: Grey or silver, the sun was behind it so this is just an approximation.

Height & Speed: I only saw it hovering, then it’s shadow moving around in circular erratic shaky pattern for about 20 sec.

Follow-up Report by Brian Vike

The UFO that I saw in Iran made absolutely no sound. I remember having a feeling of ‘being watched’ all that morning, perhaps merely a precognition, but I cannot be sure. While standing with the sun at my back, I felt something above my head and I looked up and over my left shoulder to see a small (very hard to gauge!) 3-4′ diameter size grey metal very possibly spinning disk with what looked like a darker center, and light colored vapor around its’ perimeter. It looked very light. The sun was behind it, which outlined it. The weather was very dry and clear, less than 10 knots wind on the ground, in the 70’sF. The vapor just evaporated, and it did not fall to the ground like a coolant but stayed level with the sides, I did not see any lights or glowing fiery emissions. It had a kind of odd quivering tilting erratic movement that kind of moved in small circles above my head. Now I will tell you that I became intimidated, did not want to call out, or do anything to interact with it, so I looked down at the ground and walked forward to enjoy the site with the others (there was a child with us). As I looked at the ground, I watched the disk’s shadow circling above my head for about 15 sec. and then I did not look for it anymore. I’m sorry to say I chickened out and did not take pictures or anything. No one else saw this, and I chose not to say anything to anyone until the next day. As far as being close to military or airports, no it was in the middle of the desert; ‘nowhere’.

Brian, you must hear lots of reports, since this is what you do. Are these small disks commonly seen objects these days? I am not an expert in this area, much appreciated!!! Also do you have any dependable book recommendations? I don’t have time for fluff.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]