UFO Sighting Reports – Canada

Please note that the reports in this section have been submitted to UFOINFO and accepted in good faith. No investigation has been carried out by UFOINFO.

With the increasing use of digital cameras we are seeing more photos showing alleged ‘UFOs’ – many of these could be insects, cloud shapes etc. As many readers have asked to see the photos I will be using some of them and leaving it to the individual to make up their own mind – John @ UFOINFO.

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Date Unknown

Bowen Island, British Columbia
Near Digby, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Between Simcoe And Port Dover, Ontario
West Of Bowen Island, British Columbia

Various Dates & Locations

British Columbia
British Columbia
Corunna, Ontario
Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia


Jan 19th – Williams Lake, British Columbia
Jan 26th – Moncton, New Brunswick
Jan 31st – New Waterford, Nova Scotia
Feb 8th – Langford, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Feb 10th – Carrot River, Saskatchewan
Feb 14th – Vancouver South, British Columbia
Feb 15th – Nanaimo, British Columbia
Feb 16th – Hamilton, Ontario
Feb 18th – Melfort, Saskatchewan
Feb 23rd – Highway 401 between Belleville and Napanee, Ontario
Feb 24th – Sherwood Park, Alberta
Feb 25th – South of Elk Point, Alberta Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Feb 28th – Downsview, Ontario
Feb 28th – Hamilton, Ontario
Mar 3rd – Prelude Lake near Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Mar 11th – Brampton, Ontario
Mar 13th-17th – Scarborough, Ontario
Mar 15th – Calgary, Alberta
Mar 16th – East York, Toronto, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Mar 16th – Penhold, Alberta
Mar 17th – Winnipeg, Manitoba
Mar 18th – Alton, Ontario
Mar 18th – Cambridge, Ontario
Mar 18th – Winnipeg, Manitoba
Mar 20th – Oakville, Ontario
Mar 21st – Peterborough, Ontario
Mar 22nd – Abbotsford, British Columbia
Mar 27th – Winnipeg, Manitoba
Mar 28th – Victoria, British Columbia
Apr 2nd – Prelude Lake near Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Apr 4th – Carbonear, Newfoundland and Labrador
Apr 6th – Brampton, Ontario Video in report
Apr 10th – Gatineau, Quebec
Apr 10th – Laval, Quebec
Apr 11th – North Battleford, Saskatchewan
Apr 16th – North Alton, Nova Scotia
Apr 19th – Calgary, Alberta
Apr 19th – Hamilton Mountain, Ontario
Apr 23rd – Downsview, Toronto
Apr 27th – Nanaimo, British Columbia
Apr 27th – Newmarket, Ontario
Apr 28th – Kelowna, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
May 4th – Beaverton, Ontario
May 4th – Scarborough, Ontario
May 12th – Between Fox Creek & Valleyview, Alberta
May 12th – Vernon, British Columbia
May 17th – Hamilton, Ontario
May 24th – Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
May 25th – Brantford, Ontario
May 25th – Cambridge, Ontario
May 25th – Hamilton, Ontario
May 25th – Regina, Saskatchewan
May 26th- Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
May 28th – St. Catharines, Ontario
May 31st – North of Brampton, Ontario
May 31st – Truro, Nova Scotia
Jun 1st – Barrie, Ontario
Jun 2nd – Barrie, Ontario
Jun 2nd – Moose Factory, Ontario
Jun 3rd – Gloucester, Ottawa, Ontario
Jun 3rd – Goderich, Ontario
Jun 4th – Bradford, Ontario
Jun 6th – Stockholm, Saskatchewan
Jun 7th – Green Lake, Saskatchewan
Jun 12th – Mississauga, Ontario
Jun 16th – Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 19th – Beaconsfield, Quebec
Jun 19th – Toronto, Ontario
Jun 21st – Burlington, Ontario
Jan 21st – Kelowna, British Columbia
Jun 21st – Port Hope, Ontario
Jun 21st – Toronto, Ontario
Jun 22nd – Oakville, Ontario
Jun 22nd – Toronto, Ontario
Jun 23rd – Campbellton, New Brunswick
Jun 27th – Gatineau, Quebec
Jun 27th – Lake Ontario [Cobourg], Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 28th – Cambridge, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 29th – Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 30th – Hamilton, Ontario
Jun 30th – Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Jul 4th – Barrie, Ontario
Jul 4th – Richmond Hill, Ontario
Jul 4th – Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul 5th – Burlington, Ontario
Jul 5th – Palgrave, Ontario
Jul 5th – Pasqua & Echo Lake, Saskatchewan
Jul 14th – Whitby, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul 17th – Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug 10th – Oshawa/Whitby, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug 18th – Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Aug 24th – Whitby/Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in reportNew September 20th 2014


Jun 3rd – Oshawa and Whitby, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Jun 14th – Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 17th – Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 18th – Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 30th – Cobourg, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul 26th – Whitby, Ontario Video in report
Aug ?? – Napanee, Ontario
Aug 4th – Moore Falls, Ontario
Aug 17th – Point Sapin, New Brunswick
Sep 20th – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Sep 28th – Barriere, British Columbia
Sep 29th – Westlock, Alberta
Oct 2nd – Grand Bay-Westfield, New Brunswick
Oct 2nd – Greenwood, Nova Scotia
Oct 5th – Toronto, Ontario Video in report
Oct 10th – Metcalfe, Ontario
Oct 11th – Edmonton, Alberta
Oct 12th – Sundridge, Ontario
Oct 15th – Takla Landing, British Columbia [Fireball/meteor] Photo(s)/Drawing(s) in report
Oct 18th – Kamloops, British Columbia
Oct 21st – Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Oct 24th – Ajax, Ontario
Oct 27th – Port Alberni, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Oct 30th – Tracadie, Nova Scotia
Nov 5th – Whitby, Ontario
Nov 8th – Killarney, Manitoba
Nov 15th – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Nov 17th – Kelowna, British Columbia
Nov 19th – Ottawa, Ontario
Nov 20th – Sicamous, British Columbia
Nov 21st – Barrie, Ontario
Nov 29th – Stoney Creek, Ontario
Nov 30th – Calgary, Alberta
Dec 1st – Woodstock, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Dec 2nd – Kelowna, British Columbia
Dec 5th – Metcalfe, Ontario
Dec 8th – Kingston, Ontario
Dec 31st – Halifax, Nova Scotia


Summer – Near Kitchener, Waterloo, Ontario
May 11th – Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul 1st – Burls Creek, Oro, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Aug 4th – Clearwater, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug 29th – Scarborough,Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Sep 11th – Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Nov 22nd – Renfrew, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report


Feb 18th – Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Apr 1st – Calgary, Alberta
Apr 30th – Oakville, Ontario
Apr 30th – Oakville, Ontario
May 4th – Oakville, Ontario
May 5th – Jellicoe, Ontario
May 6th – Ste-Elie, Sherbrooke, Quebec
May 7th – Fort McMurray, Alberta
May 7th – Toronto, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
May 8th – Ste. Anne, Manitoba
May 9th – Bruce Mines, Ontario
May 9th – Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
May 18th – The Pas, Manitoba
May 19th – Dryden, Ontario
May 20th – Hamilton, Ontario
May 22nd – Burlington, Ontario
May 22nd – Hamilton, Ontario
Aug 28th – Alliston, Ontario
Nov 7th – Sudbury, Ontario


Mar 22nd – Choiceland, Saskatchewan
Mar 26th – Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Apr 23rd – Oakville, Ontario Video in report
May 5th – Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba
May 6th – Cornwall, Ontario Video in report
May 9th – Edmonton, Alberta
May 9th – Edmonton, Alberta
May 10th – Bancroft, Ontario
May 12th – Edmonton, Alberta
May 12th/13th – Sagamok Anishnawbek Reserve, Massey, Ontario
May 16th – Hearst, Ontario
May 16th – Ottawa, Ontario
May 18th – Guelph, Ontario
May 22nd – Coaldale, Alberta
May 22nd – Ottawa, Ontario
May 23rd – Sandy Bay, Manitoba
May 24th – Burlington, Ontario
May 24th – Mississauga, Ontario
May 27th – Bayfield, Ontario
Jun 1st – Hamilton, Ontario
Jun 1st – Kenora, Ontario
Jun 1st – St. Catharines, Ontario
Jun 7th – Mississauga, Ontario
Jun 10th – Goulais River, Hwy 552, Ontario
Jun 12th – Bear Mountain, Langford/Victoria, British Columbia
Jun 13th – Windsor, Ontario
Jun 14th – St. Catharines, Ontario
Jun 14th/20th – North West of Orangeville, Ontario
Jun 15th – Lake Nosbonsing, Bonfield, Ontario
Jun 19th – Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Jun 19th – Thunder Bay, Ontario
Jun 20th – Cookstown, Ontario
Jun 21st – Hamilton, Ontario
Jun 21st – Matheson, Ontario
Jun 23rd – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jun 24th – Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Jun 25th – London, Ontario
Jun 26th – Eastern Manitoba
Jun 26th – Edmonton, Alberta
Jun 28th – Midhurst/Barrie, Ontario
Jun 29th – Sliammon, British Columbia
Jul 1st – Bayfield, Ontario
Jul 1st – Richmond Hill, Ontario
Jul 2nd – Lakeside, Montana
Jul 2nd – Toronto, Ontario
Jul 3rd – Alberta Beach, Alberta
Jul 3rd – Alberta Beach, Alberta
Jul 3rd – Grand Beach, Manitoba
Jul 3rd – Gulf Islands, British Columbia
Jul 3rd – Mactier, Ontario
Jul 3rd – Sarnia, Ontario
Jul 3rd – Shelburne, Ontario
Jul 3rd – Ville LaSalle, Montreal, Quebec
Jul 4th – Richmond, British Columbia
Jul 4th – Sliammon, British Columbia
Jul 5th – Victoria, British Columbia
Jul 6th – Fullarton, Ontario
Jul 6th – Montreal, Quebec
Jul 7th – Gatineau, Quebec
Jul 7th – Nampa, Alberta
Jul 8th – Callander, Ontario
Jul 8th – Harrietsfield, Nova Scotia
Jul 8th – Miramichi, New Brunswick
Jul 9th – Cambridge, Ontario
Jul 9th – Langford, British Columbia
Jul 9th – Miramichi, New Brunswick
Jul 10th – Dorchester, New Brunswick
Jul 10th – Orangeville, Ontario
Jul 10th – Pickering, Ontario
Jul 10th – Sarnia, Ontario
Jul 10th – Swan River, Manitoba
Jul 11th – Montreal, Quebec
Jul 11th – Regina, Saskatchewan
Jul 11th – Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jul 11th – Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jul 13th – Vancouver, British Columbia
Jul 14th – London, Ontario
Jul 14th – Ottawa, Ontario
Jul 14th/15th – Mississauga, Ontario
Jul 15th – Chomedey, Laval, Quebec
Jul 15th – Nanaimo, British Columbia
Jul 16th – Hamilton, Ontario
Jul 16th – Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jul 17th – Surrey, British Columbia
Jul 18th – Alvinston, Ontario
Jul 18th – North York, Toronto, Ontario
Jul 20th – Candiac, Quebec
Jul 21st – Halifax, Nova Scotia
Jul 21st – Highway 40, South of Sarnia, near Bickford Line, Lambton County, Ontario
Jul 21st – Kitchener, Ontario
Jul 21st – Regina, Saskatchewan
Jul 23rd – Clementsport, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
Jul 23rd – Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Jul 24th – Edmonton, Alberta
Jul 25th – Kanata, Ontario
Jul 26th – London, Ontario
Jul 27th – Kamloops, British Columbia
Jul 29th – Smeaton, Saskatchewan
Jul 30th – Vernon, British Columbia
Aug 1st – Regina, Saskatchewan
Aug 1st – Vaughan, Ontario
Aug 2nd – Barrie, Ontario
Aug 2nd – Mainprize Park, Saskatchewan
Aug 4th – Thorold, Ontario
Aug 6th – Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Aug 29th – Whitby, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Nov 1st – Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report


Various Dates – Parksville/Qualicum, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Jan 1st – North Surrey, British Columbia
Jan 2nd – Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Jan 3rd – Downtown Toronto, Ontario
Jan 5th – Kimberley, British Columbia
Jan 6th – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jan 9th – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jan 9th – Stewiacke, Nova Scotia
Jan 10th – Edmonton, Alberta
Jan 10th – Halifax, Nova Scotia
Jan 12th – Between Engen And Vanderhoof, British Columbia
Jan 13th – Ajax, Ontario
Jan 13th – Downtown, Toronto, Ontario
Jan 13th – Edmonton, Alberta
Jan 16th – Mississauga, Ontario
Jan 16th – St. Catharines, Ontario
Jan 16th – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jan 16th – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jan 19th – North of Highway 401, west of Highway 400, Toronto
Jan 20th – Ajax, Ontario
Jan 20th – Ajax – Whitby – Pickering, Ontario
Jan 20th – Rexdale, Ontario
Jan 20th – Sault Saint Marie, Ontario
Jan 23rd – Lake Erie, Ontario
Jan 24th – Grimsby, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jan 24th – Toronto, Ontario
Jan 27th – Pointe Du Chene, New Brunswick
Feb 1st – Uxbridge, Ontario
Feb 2nd – Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Feb 3rd – Kingston, Ontario
Feb 9th – Chase, British Columbia
Feb 12th – Nanaimo, British Columbia
Feb 14th – Alliston, Ontario
Feb 14th – Kincardine, Ontario
Feb 14th – Kingston, Ontario
Feb 14th – Scarborough Bluffs, Ontario
Feb 14th – Whitby, Ontario
Feb 14th – Woodbridge, Ontario
Feb 15th – Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Feb 15th – Woodstock/Thamesford, Ontario
Feb 20th – Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Mar 2nd – Surrey, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Mar 3rd – St. John’s, Newfoundland
Mar 3rd – St. Philip’s, Newfoundland
Mar 4th – Stratford, Ontario
Mar 7th – Vernon, British Columbia
Mar 10th – Halifax, Nova Scotia
May 10th – Southeast Manitoba
Mar 12th – Towards Ontario And Rochester, New York
Mar 13th – Ridgeway, Ontario
Mar 14th – Missisauga, Ontario
Mar 15th – Strathroy, Ontario
Mar 22nd – Montreal, Quebec
Mar 22nd – Westmount, Montreal, Quebec
Mar 24th – Kanata, Ontario
Mar 25th – Vancouver, British Columbia
Mar 27th – Rutherford, Edmonton, Alberta
Mar 28th – Chester, Nova Scotia
Mar 28th – Kerrobert, Saskatchewan
Mar 28th – Windsor, Ontario
Apr 3rd – South West of Grande Prairie, Alberta
Apr 9th – Whitecroft, British Columbia
Apr 10th – Fruitvale, British Columbia
Apr 10th – Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Apr 16th – London, Ontario
Apr 17th – Exeter, Ontario
Apr 19th – Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Apr 23rd – Huntsville, Ontario
Apr 24th – Between Ajax And Ashburn, Ontario
Apr 29th – Oak Bluff, Manitoba
Apr 30th – Regina, Saskatchewan
May 2nd – SE Of Wetaskiwin Alberta
May 8th – Brampton, Ontario
May 8th – Whistler, British Columbia
May 10th – Mississauga, Ontario
May 11th – Vernon, British Columbia
May 14th – Vernon, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
May 16th – Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
May 16th – Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
May 17th – Caledon, Ontario
May 17th – Chilliwack Lake Area, British Columbia
May 17th – Surrey, British Columbia
May 18th – Bolton, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
May 18th – Chilliwack Lake Area, British Columbia
May 21st – Durham, Ontario
May 21st – Kelowna, British Columbia
May 21st – Nanaimo, British Columbia
May 21st – Vernon, British Columbia
May 21st – Windsor, Ontario
May 22nd – Chilliwack, British Columbia
May 22nd – Fourth Avenue, Sudbury, Ontario
May 22nd – Oshawa, Ontario
May 22nd – Renfrew, Ontario
May 22nd – Sagamok Anishnawbek Reserve, Massey, Ontario
May 23rd – Chilliwack, British Columbia
May 23rd – Chilliwack, British Columbia
May 23rd – Grand Forks, British Columbia
May 24th – Kahnawake, Quebec
May 24th – South Shore, near Highway 52, Montreal, Quebec Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
May 24th – Vernon, British Columbia
May 24th/25th – M’Chigeeng First Nation, Ontario
May 26th – Whitby, Ontario
May 28th – Chilliwack, British Columbia
May 28th – Chilliwack, British Columbia
May 29th – Chilliwack, British Columbia
May 30th/31st – Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Jun 1st – M’Chigeeng First Nation, Ontario
Jun 7th – Stouffville, Ontario
Jun 7th – Stouffville, Ontario
Jun 8th – Toronto, Ontario
Jun 9th – Toronto, Ontario
Jun 11th – Ottawa, Ontario
Jun 13th – Pine Lake, Alberta
Jun 13th – St. Catharines, Ontario
Jun 14th – Surrey, British Columbia
Jun 16th – Duncan, British Columbia
Jun 18th – Victoria, British Columbia
Jun 21st – Coxheath, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Jun 25th – Ottawa, Ontario
Jun 30th – Kingston, Ontario
Jul 1st – City of Niagara Falls, Ontario
Jul 1st – New Westminster, British Columbia
Jul 1st – Toronto, Ontario
Jul 3rd – Dieppe, New Brunswick
Jul 5th – Newmarket, Ontario
Jul 7th – Alma, New Brunswick
Jul 8th – Nanaimo, British Columbia
Jul 9th – Oshawa, Ontario
Jul 9th – Oshawa, Ontario
Jul 9th – Oshawa, Ontario
Jul 10th – Kitchener, Ontario
Jul 11th – Birds Hill Park Campground, near Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jul 12th – Parkland Region, Manitoba
Jul 13th – Kamloops, British Columbia
Jul 14th – Brantford, Ontario
Jul 14th – Toronto, Ontario Video in report
Jul 18th – Hwy 416 towards Ottawa, Ontario
Jul 18th – Strathroy, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul 24th – Winkler, Manitoba
Jul 26th – Nobleton, Ontario
Jul 26th – Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Jul 28th – Mississauga, Toronto, Ontario
Jul/Aug – Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Jul/Aug – Surrey, British Columbia
Aug 1st – Oakville, Ontario
Aug 2nd – Brampton, Ontario
Aug 3rd – Caledon, Ontario
Aug 5th – North of Goderich, Ontario
Aug 7th – London, Ontario
Aug 8th – Falls Lake, Nova Scotia
Aug 11th – Peachland, British Columbia
Aug 13th – Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug 15th – Gore Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Aug 21st – Sarnia, Ontario
Aug 24th – Ajax, Ontario
Aug 30th – Victoria, British Columbia
Aug 30th – Woodbridge, Ontario
Sep 3rd – Thunder Bay, Ontario
Sep 5th – Chilliwack, British Columbia Video in report
Sep 8th – Binbrook, Hamilton, Ontario
Sep 9th – Perth, Ontario
Sep 9th – Windsor, Ontario
Sep 10th – Cochrane, Alberta
Sep 10th – Dundas area, Ontario
Sep 10th – Vancouver, British Columbia
Sep 11th – Penetanguishene, Ontario
Sep 12th – Collingwood, Ontario
Sep 13th – Sooke, British Columbia
Sep 15th – Bothwell, Ontario
Sep 17th – Oshawa & Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Sep 22nd – Coquitlam, British Columbia
Sep 25th – City of North Vancouver, British Columbia
Sep 25th – Courtice, Ontario
Sep 25th – Elliot Lake, Ontario
Sep 25th – London, Ontario
Sep 25th – London, Ontario
Sep 30th – Hwy 407, Toronto Pearson International Airport, Ontario
Sep/Oct – Montreal, Quebec
Oct 3rd – Oshawa, Ontario
Oct 5th – Bourget, Ontario
Oct 8th – Oshawa, Ontario Video in report
Oct 11th – Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Oct 14th – Winnipeg, Manitoba
Oct 16th – Lynden, Ontario
Oct 19th – Kingston, Ontario
Oct 19th – Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Oct 25th – Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Oct 25th – Head Pond (Madawaska River), Arnprior, Ontario
Oct 25th – Ottawa, Ontario
Oct 26th – Near Dorval, Quebec
Nov 2nd – Coteau du lac, near Valleyfield, Quebec
Nov 2nd – Ottawa, Ontario
Nov 4th – Montreal, Quebec
Nov 7th – Prince George, British Columbia
Nov 10th – Lac La Hache, British Columbia
Nov 16th – Brantford, Ontario
Nov 17th – Elizabeth Metis Settlement, Alberta
Nov 17th – London, Ontario
Nov 20th – Kenora, Ontario
Nov 20th – Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba
Nov 29th – Sidney, British Columbia
Nov 29th – Victoria, British Columbia
Nov 30th – Elliot Lake, Ontario
Dec 4th – Knowlton, Quebec
Dec 17th – Hwy 24, Simcoe/Brantford, Ontario
Dec 26th – Milton, Ontario
Dec 27th – Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report


Dec 22nd 2008 – Jan 29th 2009 – Hardy Mountain, Grand Forks, British Columbia

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