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Albert Rosales: garuda79@att.net

1952 Humanoid Reports. The year of the Washington DC overflights. The first year that a well-documented UFO flap was reported, mostly in the USA. Memorable incidents were reported again mostly in the United States. Following is the list of known humanoid encounters for the year 1952.

Flatwoods West Virginia.                     The Adamski “Scoutship”

Location. Edwards AFB California
Date: 1952
Time: unknown
A “reliable” person in a technical position was on radar duty when he saw a UFO descending rapidly across his radar screen. When it was confirmed that the UFO was down the captain on duty told him that he hadn’t seen anything. Later the radar operator learned that an object had crashed in the desert. It was more than fifty feet in diameter with a row of portholes around the center. It was also said that it contained a crew who were approximately four and a half feet tall. The ship, the debris, and the bodies were shipped to Wright-Patterson AFB.

HC addition # 3478
Source: Kevin D Randle, A History of UFO Crashes
Type: H
Additional information on this case:
According to researcher William Hamilton III a man named “Frenchie” was stationed at Edwards AFB when he was called out of his barracks along with others because something had crashed just south of the air base. When he got to the site, he was not allowed to get any closer than an outer established security perimeter, but could see men lifting up large chunks of metal. Sheets of metal were all over the crash site, but no engine or fuselage was visible. Frenchie said they had to cut out a piece of a C-47 to enlarge its door to fit a large piece of the retrieved material into the plane for transport. The large piece was lightweight and was lifted by two men. A lot of the debris from this crash was supposedly transported to the Air material Command at Wright Field, Ohio (now Wright Patterson AFB). The engineering division at Wright Field called T-3 had already concluded that the UFOs were advanced aircraft or spacecraft, which used non-conventional methods of propulsion and were constructed from composite layers of lightweight material. It was the opinion of the General staff that the unidentified objects were interplanetary spacecraft.

Location. Lake June California
Date: 1952
Time: unknown
Jack Peterson reported encountering a small humanoid figure that had emerged from a cone shaped device, which had apparently emerged from the depths of the earth. After the small humanoid re-entered the craft it disappeared into the earth again.

HC addition # 3957
Source: Shavertron # 14
Type: B

Location. Mount Spokane Washington
Date: 1952
Time: daytime
The witness had been skidding with a horse when he saw a domed disc shaped object with windows land on some brush nearby on three metallic legs. A strong rush of wind accompanied the object. A long ramp descended from the object and three men wearing shiny silvery coveralls emerged. The men looked very human and spoke in an unknown language and took interest on the witness horse, which acted frightened during the encounter.

HC addition #984
Source: UFONS # 220
Type: B

Location. Passa Tempo, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Date: 1952
Time: daytime
Mauricio Rangel reported seeing a short, apparently transparent or immaterial humanoid figure than ran zig-zagging across a field, at times running right through a barbwire fence without any apparent effect. It disappeared quickly into a wooded area.

HC addendum
Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil
Type: E

Location. Near Castlemartin Dyfed Wales
Date: 1952
Time: around noon
Mr. Nellie Thomas was taking an after lunch stroll among the sand dunes encountered a shiny metallic object partially concealed among the dunes. He went nearer to investigate and saw several men standing on top of the now discernible disc shaped object, one of the men who was apparently the leader or captain told him not to get any closer that he could be injured by the strong rays emitted by the craft, since he wasn’t wearing any protective clothing which was recharging itself with the rays of the sun. They also told the witness that they were concerned that the earth was on a self-destructive path. The men looked very similar to humans and told Thomas that they had been visiting the earth for hundreds of years. They told him the name of their planet but he could not remember.

HC addition # 385
Source: Janet & Colin Bord, Modern Mysteries of Britain
Type: A

Location. Waltham Massachusetts
Date: 1952
Time: afternoon
The 11-year old witness had been playing in a field near her home when a short humanoid with large slanted eyes and wearing a dark skintight diving suit confronted her. She remembers being taken inside a room where she was examined by a machine resembling an X-ray probe. Since the encounter she has had problems with her vision.

HC addition # 975
Source: UFONS # 227
Type: G

Location. Camp Okubo near Kyoto Japan
Date: 1952
Time: night
Air Force Pvt. Sinclair Taylor on duty saw a giant winged man like being descending towards him; it then hovered near him, looking intently at his direction. The being was about seven-foot tall with a similar wingspan. The panicked guard began firing his weapon towards it but when he looked at the spot where the being had been hovering, it had vanished.

HC addition # 365
Source: Janet & Colin Bord, Unexplained Mysteries of the
20th Century Type: E

Location. Mexico City, DF Mexico
Date: 1952
Time: night
Juan Maturano reported encountering two short figures in his room one night. These he described as wearing a white tunic and with glowing faces. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Juan Maturano “Tulipan de Diamantes”
Type: E

Location. Chatillon, France
Date: 1952
Time: night
A young couple walking near “the old mill” suddenly heard a terrific crash with no source of origin visible. There is sudden silence in the area. Petrified the witnesses do not dare move. Soon they heard muffled whispers and voices coming from behind a nearby hedge in a language that they cannot understand. The terrified witnesses remain still, holding their breath as long as the “conversation” goes on. Then, just like the beginning there is a terrific crash and silence. Possible ground traces were found the next day.

HC addendum
Source: Figuet/J L Ruchon, “UFO the first complete File”
Type: F?

Location. Mjodvattnet, Vasterbotten, Sweden
Date: early 1952
Time: evening
Helge Nystrom, a farmer, was cleaning a ditch on his property when he looked up and saw a cigar shaped object with wings, land 50 meters away. As he watched the object, a small man, about half a meter tall, came towards him, walking along a ditch bank. The man looked like a round football in his outfit. As the humanoid caught sight of Mr. Nystrom he ran to the “cigar” as fast as he could. The witness then hid behind some willows. A few seconds later there was a sharp explosion, like a blasting discharge, and when the witness looked up both the object and the little man were gone. There were no traces left at the site.

HC addition # 2520
Source: Sven Olof Svensson
Type: C

Location. Shemya Island, Aleutians, Alaska
Date: January 1952
Time: afternoon
While employed as a rigger on this remote island, Eldon L. White was wandering around looking for Blue Fox Burrows on his day off, when a whirring whining sound caused him to look up. About 300 feet above him, falling leaf-like towards the water was a gray, bat-shaped craft. It was about 30 feet across. The leading edge of its wings was spaced with round openings emitting a greenish yellow glow. Top center of the wing was a dome emitting a greenish yellow glow. Top center of the wing was a dome emitting a pulsating red glow from inside. Underneath and aft (rear) of the wing was a long rod or shaft. Around 75 feet above the water this craft commenced hovering for a few seconds, then fell off into a steep angled glide and disappeared beneath the water. The witness gaped and waited quite some time for it to surface—but it never did.

HC addendum
Source: Martin Caidin “Hydrospace” quoting letter to Nicap
April 4 1966
Type: H?

Location. Oakdale California
Date: January 1952
Time: night
After seeing a bright object hovering over a road a family drove home to their farm to be later awakened by a bright white light that surrounded the house. The pet dogs became very quiet. A little man-like figure then approached the window and knocked on the glass. The father went to the window and saw a 4 ft tall man; wearing a helmet with visor, he could see eyes behind it. The father noticed something peculiar about the eyes, it seems that the large black eyes were only but a cover of some sort over the actual eyes, which moved and blinked from behind the dark lenses. It appeared that the skin was a sort of covering or uniform as well. The family became scared and hid under the blankets. Apparently they did not see the little man depart.

HC addendum
Source: Ian’s UFO Page Dream book
And direct communication from witness’s son
Type: E

Location. Itenhaem Brazil
Date: January-February 1952
Time: 0300A
An airline pilot, Chaskov, sleeping in a beach cottage was awakened by an explosive noise and saw a bright blue white light outside. In the morning his grandmother, Mrs Chaskova, told him that she had gone out to investigate this and had seen a large number of objects like “inverted soup-plates,” lit up by an orange glow, hovering just above the ocean. She watched them for half an hour, during which time she saw two human figures emerge on to the top of one of the discs and remain standing there for a while. Then they re-entered, and the vessels took off, one after the other, at tremendous speed.

Humcat 1952-1
Source: Commander Auriphebo Simoes
Type: B

Location. Lomo De Ballena, Peru
Date: February or March 1952
Time: 1630
Driving northwards to Lima on the Pan American Highway, “C.A.V.” saw near Lomo De Ballena a grayish, shining metallic disc hovering a few feet over the desert; he stopped and ran toward it. An opening appeared and there emerged 3 “mummy like” beings about 5 feet tall, with joined legs and a single large foot. They had no faces, only a sort of transparent jelly with a bubble in the middle. They wore no clothing, but had a “towel-like” skin. They asked, in English, whether they were in North America; on being told that it was South America, the voice switched to Spanish. They asked C.A.V. to “take them to his chief,” and said they came from another star and concerned about atomic energy dangers. They said they were asexual and reproduced by fission; during the conversation, one actually did so. They invited him into the craft, which was transparent and contained no machinery, and took him on a flight down the coast. C.A.V. repeated the story under hypnosis.

Humcat 1952-2
Source: Richard Greenwell
Type: G

Location. Near Nimes France
Date: April 10 1952
Time: late night
The witness who was staying at an isolated stone building near the main house was awakened in the middle of the night by the sounds of her dogs growling. She went out to investigate followed by the dogs. Near another smaller stone building she came upon three giant human like figures and a smaller normal looking human. The human spoke perfect French and communicated with the witness, acting as a translator. The giant humanoids were well-built and dark complexioned, somewhat resembling “Hindus” one appeared older and seemed to be the leader. He had a half marble on his forehead and wore around his neck a strap holding a box with buttons. The “normal” human claimed that the aliens originally took him years ago when he had an encounter. The older giant explained that they had originally introduced the first human colony on earth, but as a penal colony. Later they showed her their craft that had been hidden nearby. It was huge and shaped like a straw hat, and hovered silently just above the ground. The witness was given various demonstrations of their ability to levitate and dematerialize objects. Before leaving the giants told the witness that they had come to take vegetation and mineral samples in order to evaluate the consequences of atomic explosions. The witness claimed numerous psychic experiences after the encounter.

HC addition # 1271
Source: Joel Mesnard, Mufon Journal # 309
Type: B

Location. Western Utah
Date: late spring 1952
Time: unknown
According to various sources, a large craft of several hundred feet diameter crash-landed in the area, clipping the top of a hillside and leaving a gouge in the valley floor before coming to rest. Apparently some undescribed humanoids survived the crash and are holed up in the area, where there have been numerous sightings of entities on the ground.

HC addition # 3018
Source: CSETI
Type: H

Location. Allyn, West Virginia
Date: May 1952
Time: 2000
An object with many lights flew parallel to the female witness vehicle for several minutes. Then the car came to a gradual halt on the side of the road. The witness then found herself inside the craft not remembering how she got there. She was then thoroughly examined by smallish gray creatures with large eyes. Something was inserted into or behind her ear. She was not afraid and saw “things on the walls, which weren’t maps.” She assumed that they were celestial charts. There was a three-hour period of missing time.

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC
Type: G

Location. Prospect Heights Illinois
Date: May 1952
Time: 2250
Mrs. Ann Sohn looked out the window and saw a luminous disc shaped object hovering over the vacant lot beside her house. Along its side ran a row of square windows, and on top was a transparent dome; beneath it was a cloud of green glowing vapor. The body of the craft was white luminous, the windows dark, except for the last 3, inside which was a very intense white light. In each of these windows a man was visible, 2 facing Mrs Sohn and the 3rd in profile. They were wearing parka like coveralls with hoods or headpieces. She watched for 3-5 minutes, then the men were seen to move levers; the ship became a brilliant red orange, and then departed at fantastic speed.

Humcat 1952-9
Source: Bob Runser for Cufos
Type: A

Location. Burbank California
Date: May 23 1952
Time: afternoon
Orfeo Angelucci was driving home from work when he began experiencing a tingling sensation. A luminous disc appeared ahead of him, then shot away, leaving behind two glowing spheres in front of his car. A pleasant voice called him from his vehicle and then he saw a man and a woman of noble appearance materialize before him as if on a screen. They gave him a goblet and he drank from it, it relieved his unpleasant sensations. After a short conversation the beings promised to return and disappeared.

HC addition # 2268
Source: Orfeo Angelucci, Secret of the Saucers
Type: C

Location. Windham Ohio
Date: Summer 1952
Time: 0015A
The anonymous witness’s headlights illuminated a silvery, “cloud-like” egg shaped object about 8 ft wide and 4 ft thick, some 12 ft above the ground. It sank to the ground and a 3-foot being emerged, which the witness at first took for a child. He got out of his car and confronted, a few feet away, a being with light green complexion and silvery clothing, who asked him telepathically for help in “putting their ship aloft.” Witness asked for “a formula for steel that would not rust” and was given “a formula for regular rim steel, but including the word ‘Unimic’ The being gave his name as “Tamarak” and said he was from “the eighth or tenth planet from your source of energy.” The witness was ordered back into the car, and the UFO took off, out of sight in seconds.

Humcat 1952-10
Source: V. Tarlton for Mufon
Type: B

Location. New York City New York
Date: Summer 1952
Time: afternoon
Workers busy on high scaffolding on the Cathedral St. John The Divine reportedly found the body of a little man with one eye in the middle of his forehead. The army was supposedly notified and the body was removed. No other information.

HC addition # 79
Source: Morris K. Jessup, reported in UFO Universe
Spring 1993
Type: H

Location. Ukraine, exact location unknown
Date: Summer 1952
Time: night
A man named Ivan Sergeevich K, a young boy at the time was spending the night at a Gypsy encampment when suddenly a strong wind arose, which frightened the horses causing them to scatter into different directions, their owners rushing after them. Ivan was left alone sitting around the bonfire, accompanied by an elderly Gypsy woman. Suddenly there was a bright flash of light from the nearby glade in the forest. The light was compact in nature and it rose above the ground, like a dome. Three strange entities then walked out of the light, they were human-like but with huge featureless heads. Maybe they were wearing some type of helmet with a transparent frontal section, but the witness could not be sure. The humanoids wore tight-fitting outfits. One of the humanoids was above 2 meters in height, the second shorter and the third also shorter, about 1m70cm in height. The humanoids approached the fire and sat around it, exchanging words among themselves using strange hissing sounds. The aged Gypsy woman watched the aliens and took out a clump of “dust” from her knapsack and threw it into the fire. The fire then began to crack loudly. One alien attempted to approach the fire but the woman threw more dust into causing the fire to sparkle loudly, surprisingly this seemed to frighten the humanoids. During the next 15 minutes the humanoids and both witnesses sat across each other by the bonfire, staring at each other through the fire. Finally, the entities walked back to the lighted dome and soon the strong wind rose again, this time obviously emanating from the dome. Soon a lighted globe-shaped object zoomed up from the meadow and vanished.

HC addendum
Source: “Interesting Newspaper” Kiev, D-Block # 4, 2002
Type: C

Location. Corby New Town England
Date: June 1952
Time: 0550A
The witness was lying in bed when she saw a tiny glass like object come in through the window; it floated to the carpet then gradually disappeared. Her front door then opened and three smiling men entered. They were human looking with golden colored skin and wearing shiny black tight fitting outfits. They spoke in a friendly manner telling the witness that they came from a very “happy” planet. They invited her to come with them but she declined the invitation. The three men suddenly then disappeared.

HC addition # 1024
Source: FSR Case Histories, Supplement 16
Type: E

Location. Newton Abbot Devon England
Date: June 1952
Time: daytime
Near the top of Haytor, Mrs C. Woods saw a little man watching her, shading his eyes from the sun. She was within 40 yards when he dived out of sight between stones. He was 3 to 4 ft tall, dressed in a brown smock with a cord around the waist, and with a brown cap or brown hair. He appeared elderly rather than young.

Humcat 1952-3
Source: Diarmuid McManus, Irish Earth Folk
Type: E

Location. Little Spring Creek Tennessee
Date: June 1952
Time: 2300
Walking home from a movie, Carl Haynes heard “weird music and singing,” which proved to come from “the brightest lights you ever saw” down on the far side of the creek bank. Approaching to within 75 yards, he could see four or five little men dancing and singing around a shiny aluminum like object with open door, from which the music came. It looked like “2 saucers stuck together,” with a central dome around which rotated very brilliant multicolored lights; in their hands they held something resembling guns. Within 10 minutes they stopped singing, and began putting things in the “space ship.” He thought they had detected his presence, and “would have done something about him” but for the creek between. They went back in, the door closed, and the UFO took off “straight up in a kind of corkscrew motion,” with a whistling sound, becoming brighter as it took off. The whole episode took nearly an hour. When Haynes revisited the spot, he found 4 impressions of balls, and a deep sunk spike mark in the middle. Also, there were many narrow “heel-less” footprints in the dust. Another man (now deceased) had also seen the lights and heard the music.

Humcat 1952-4
Source: Stanley Ingram
Type: B

Location. Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy, Odessa region, Ukraine
Date: June or July 1952
Time: night
A local elderly pensioner suffering from insomnia was spending one of his sleepless nights in his one room house when he suddenly looked out the window and was amazed to see several humanoid figures in the garden plot of his female neighbor. The strange figures were tall and amazingly appeared to be “horned”. The frightened man switched off the light and hid in the house. In the morning it was noted that all the apples on the neighbor’s trees had been removed from the trees. After this incident rumors began circulating in this town and from neighboring villages of strange horned entities that were stealing food. Most of the reports concentrated around an ancient fortress located in the town. The fortress is said to have underground passageways and according to a local legend these or similar entities used to live somewhere underground and visited the surface periodically using several well hidden and camouflaged tunnels. There was also talk about a UFO crash in the area in some distant past (probably deep into the water of the Black Sea) and of Ufonauts hiding under the ancient fortress. These horned humanoids reportedly do not appear during the daylight hours, apparently they can’t tolerate bright sunlight (allegedly they live in humid and marshy locations in their planet with a damp climate, or underground and their sun in their planet is probably much dimmer that the earth’s sun). Others indicate that there is no connection with a UFO crash since these horned entities have been reported in the area since ancient times. Another legend says that a sanctuary to the Egyptian God Ra was located deep below the fortress and the priests who worshipped there wore horned caps.

HC addendum
Source: Yuriy Misyuk, student of local lore quoted in “Komsomolskaya Pravda”
Newspaper, Moscow, September 15 2004
Type: E?

Location. Catalina Tucson Arizona
Date: about June 17 1952
Time: afternoon
The witness was walking along a desert trail looking for interesting rocks when she noticed a ball of fire in the sky that descended and disappeared behind a nearby mountain ridge. The witness walked towards the direction where the light had gone down & then stopped to pick up a sparkling rock when she noticed a small gray man walking towards her saying “Do not be afraid” apparently using telepathy. The witness then apparently fell asleep. She woke up later lying on an examining table in a small room illuminated by a fuzzy light. Four little gray humanoids with large baldheads and huge bulging black eyes were examining her with instruments. They pulled down an apparatus with a light from the ceiling and ran it up and down her body. A small device was apparently planted in her ear and one in her abdomen. She was also shown a book with strange symbols and a scene with stars in a large 3-dimensional viewing screen.

HC addition # 1643
Source: Wendelle C Stevens
Type: G

Location. Schenectady New York
Date: July 1952
Time: afternoon
The anonymous witness attention being directed to the sky by a woman, he saw “what looked like a daylight moon lowering itself through the haze.” It stopped and hovered for 30 seconds, then rose & disappeared. A few minutes later, looking from a car window, he saw it again (now seen to be “oblong”), hovering over the Alco Company. “Then a gondola seemed to lower from the object”, and he could see what looked like “a bunch of Navy officers in Navy white hats,” all wearing huge dark glasses, rushing to the windows. Red lights were flashing behind them. Then the “gondola” was withdrawn, and the object rose. 3 round, smaller objects appeared and entered the “dirigible” from the bottom. He mentioned it to his companions, but when they looked out it had vanished. Each time he saw the object, he noted “a very strong smell of ozone.”

Humcat 1952-5
Source: Nicap
Type: A

Location. Point Defiance Park Washington
Date: July 1952
Time: 2100
The 9-year old witness saw a yellowish white light in the sky moving back & forth. The witness could remember seeing many small beings that seemed to be talking in an unknown language. He felt like he was in a white room and sitting on a stool. He remembers arriving home at 2300. No other information.

HC addition # 195
Source: Nick H Edwards, Cuforn Bulletin Nov/Dec 1988
Type: A or G?

Location. Evergreen, Colorado
Date: July 7 1952
Time: 2200
The eight-year old witness remembers seeing a craft on the ground in the woods. She remembered standing under it but does not remember how she got inside of it. She felt no fear as long as a small humanoid with large eyes stood near her. She saw numerous panel boards and also saw a baby about 1-year old on a table with an amber clear circle object in front of it. She felt scared for a moment as she stood in front of it. She was then shown another area where she encountered taller beings, with large hairless heads and larger eyes that she named the “elders”, these beings seemed very intelligent and aware. She also saw a humanoid-type man, that she will never forget (no description). She saw another girl lying on a table with another clear ring over her head. In another room she saw tables and a ceiling with pulsating lights. She has been involved in other encounters.

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC
Type: G

Location. Gerpinnes Belgium
Date: July 10 1952
Time: unknown
An entity, interpreted to have been the Virgin Mary or “The Madonna” appeared to 7-year old Rosette Colmet. The entity wore a white dress decorated with red and blue hearts.

HC addition # 2599
Source: Erich Von Daniken, Miracle of the Gods?
Type: E?

Location. Litchfield, Pennsylvania
Date: July 15 1952
Time: 1300
The 8-year old witness and his brother had gone to a rocky field on top of a hill no more than an acre in length and there spotted two craft which resembled jets. They could see the pilots and they had on what appeared to be oxygen masks. They told their father who was out bailing hay and he did not believe them. (I believe that back then it was impossible for jets to land on a short field, or perhaps it was some kind of camouflaged UFOs).

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC
Type: A
Comments: Date is approximate

Location. Basito River area, Borneo, Indonesia
Date: July 23 1952
Time: evening
28-year old Theo L. Smeets a local tour pilot was exploring a jungle area when he came upon a clearing and on the clearing encountered a hovering shiny disc-shaped object with luminous portholes encircling a central dome. The craft hovered very close to the ground but did not actually touch it. Three 1-meter tall humanoids stood about 10 meters from the UFO. The humanoids had large eyes, large heads, long arms, small mouths and pointed chins. The humanoids approached the witness and communicated with him in an Indonesian dialect, explaining to him that they hailed from a planet called “Homan” located in the star system called “Wolf”. Before leaving the small humanoids collected some tree branches and other ground samples and then walked back into the object. As the humanoids disappeared into the object there was a very bright explosion of light and the object vanished.

HC addendum
Source: UFO Nachrichten # 261, Denys Breysse Project Becassine
Type: B

Location. San Pietro a Vico Italy
Date: July 25 1952
Time: 0300A
Going to the river Serchio before dawn to fish, Carlo Rossi saw hovering over it a circular object, apparently drawing up water through a long tube. It was black, with oval openings around the edge, and in the center a transparent tower 6 meters in diameter and extending 3 meters below the disc. In this were 4 thin tubes attached to a central cylinder, and a bluish flame was passing between these tubes. Under the disc were 5 equidistant propellers, and on top 3 concentric cones. The only sound was “like silk rustling.” From a porthole in the turret a human face looked out, and stretched out an arm toward Rossi, who threw himself over the ridge of the bank. He saw a green ray projected above him, and felt an electric like shock. Then he saw the UFO depart “at frightful speed.” 2 months later, he encountered there a very thin & tall angler with a peculiar accent, who asked him if he had ever seen any sort of aircraft over the river, and gave him a peculiar cigarette that immediately made him feel faint. The stranger grabbed the cigarette from him, threw it in the river, & hastened away.

Humcat 1952-6
Source: Siro Menicucci for the research group for the Study
Of UFO Phenomena, Prato Italy
Type: A & E

Location. Mormon Mesa Nevada
Date: July 28 1952
Time: 0400A
Truman Bethurum had finished his work and decided to visit a nearby hilltop because he heard the ocean once covered it and left deposits of seashells. When he parked his car he used a flashlight to hunt for seashells. He had no success during an hour or so of searching, so he returned to the truck and slept awhile. Suddenly a “mumbling around the truck” awakened him. The mumbling was unintelligible. Bethurum looked out the window and saw “eight to 10 small men, all about 4 feet 8 inches to 5 feet high.” They were not dwarfs but fully developed men, said Bethurum. The strange men made no effort to molest him. Bethurum said he was afraid to attempt a getaway. He was still in the truck cab. One man spoke to him in a foreign tongue. Bethurum shook his head, indicating he could not understand. Then the small man said: “You name it.” It was perfect English, recalled Bethurum, who answered: “My God, you can speak English, too?” “We have no trouble with any language,” replied the man. Bethurum then climbed out of the truck and stopped, awestricken. He saw a flying saucer parked about 75 yards away from his truck. It looked like burnished stainless steel. Bethurum shook hands with all the “friendly” men and asked if their captain was around. The spokesman for the group volunteered to escort Bethurum to the captain, and led him toward the parked space ship. Meanwhile, Bethurum looked around and saw the short men were “Latin types,” that is, with complexions “something like Italians.” All were neatly dressed in uniforms similar to those “worn by Greyhound bus drivers.” All had coal black hair and dark eyes. They had beautiful skin—skin which contained no wrinkles or blemishes. The spokesman for the group took hold of Bethurum’s right elbow. While holding the arm gently, said Bethurum, the man seemed to “have me in his power completely. He gave the impression of great strength.” Soon the group arrived at the space ship. Bethurum described it as being made of some type of metal. He learned that it measured 300 feet in diameter and was “six yards deep in the center.” A 3-foot metal rim with beveled edges surrounded the saucer-like ship. The rim, said Bethurum, was about 2 feet thick. The ship had no rudder or stacks. They entered the ship through a large wide door that Bethurum estimated was 4 ½ feet wide, and about 10 to 12 feet long. It was located atop the ship close to the metal rim around the edge. Inside he met the woman captain, Aura Rhanes. He described her as having a “slender” Latin- type face. She wore a “radiant red skirt, black velvet short sleeved blouse and a black beret with red trim.” He went into her lounge and talked. The woman captain said she was from the planet Clarion, which could not be seen from earth even with “progressive magnification,” which Bethurum interpreted as meaning by telescope. She also said the planet was not known by people on earth by another name—such as Mars. About Mars: She said it was peopled and contained atmosphere, industry and homes. She said the people on Mars did not have to have any special breathing apparatus.

Humcat 1952-7
Source: Truman Bethurum, Aboard A Flying Saucer
Type: G

Location. Bernina Mountains Italy
Date: July 31 1952
Time: 0925A
Giampiero Monguzzi and his wife, on the Scerscen glacier, noticed with alarm that all sounds had ceased; even their voices became inaudible. Then they noticed, 200 meters away, “a gigantic object” on the ice—lens-shaped, with a red antenna on top. Monguzzi took a photograph; then he saw a man in a metallic “diver’s suit” approach and circle the craft, as if inspecting it. The suit “almost looked hairy.” He carried something like a flashlight. Monguzzi photographed him. He disappeared behind the disc, then part of its surface began to rotate, and the craft rose like an elevator, showing many portholes in the upper half. After its departure, sounds returned. No trace was left on the ice.

Humcat 1952-8
Source: UFO in Italia
Type: C

Location. Oceanside, Long Island, New York
Date: August 1952
Time: late evening
The witness, Alexander McNeill observed a large metallic egg-shaped craft descend from the sky and land on the ground. A large hatch becomes visible and Alexander sees three beings standing inside. He describes the beings as 90cm tall, with large heads and pointed ears. The beings were wearing tight-green overalls, and blue caps. One of them comes down to the ground using a ladder like protrusion and walks around. The second being is seen moving back and forth inside the craft and the third points a metallic rod towards the witness. There is a smell of rotten eggs in the air.

HC addendum
Source: Denys Breysse “Project Becassine” quoting
NY Magazine February 20 1978
Type: B

Location. Seat Pleasant Maryland
Date: August 1952
Time: 2130
Hearing a buzzing sound, Mrs Suzanne E. Knight looked out and saw something like an airplane fuselage, dull silver in color and with some thin white smoke coming out the rear end. On a small mast at the front was a small red light. Through a row of large square windows could be seen, brilliantly yellow lighted, something like cabinets with slanted tops, and, in the front, a helmeted man looking straight ahead. No controls or instruments were visible. Beneath the fuselage was a windowed gondola, showing the backs of little seats. After trying in vain to get the newspaper on the phone, she looked again; the man was gone, and so was the “observation car.” Then the lights went out, and the object began to glow red, as if red hot, and to rock from side to side. She called her relatives, but it was gone by the time she returned to the window.

Humcat 1952-11
Source: Nicap
Type: A

Location. Near Salt Lake City, Utah
Date: August 3 1952
Time: night
Still working the night shift, Truman Bethurum (involved in several encounters) was just completing repairs to several trucks on the camp’s perimeter when he saw what looked like a meteor streaking through the night sky, pulsing brightly from bluish-green to yellow, orange and back again. The “meteor” fell from the sky, vanishing silently behind the dune desert landscape about a half mile east of the site of his initial encounter. Sure that the saucer had returned Bethurum lit out across the desert in his own small truck, bumping and bouncing over the rough terrain, too eager even to bother searching out a road toward his destination. He found the ship again hovering close to the ground only a mile from busy Highway 91, the main thoroughfare through Salt Lake City. A group of small men milled about in front of the saucer, talking together in that same mumbling language whose rumble had awakened him in his truck when they first met. A doorway opened and the lady captain appeared, beckoning for him to approach with a wave of her hand. He followed her into the ship and down the long corridor to her cabin. The captain again gestured for him to take a seat on the curving couch, and then sat beside him, smiling. They talked openly together, like old friends. She explained that the nature of earthlings and of her own people was very similar, that the people of her world were human beings, sharing the same feeling and foibles, the same natural talents and challenges. Her people however, had met these challenges directly, and had chosen a les destructive course than the one presently being pursued by the people of Earth. “The things worry you Earth people,” she told him, “in our homes you will never find. We know nothing of illness, doctors or nurses. You have mechanics and laborers, too. In our land they only mean trouble, so you see they are all taboo.” She was unimpressed by Earth technology and military might as well, lamenting our invariably destructive use of these resources. She valued Earth’s politics and politicians no more highly, declaring, “That’s what’s cleft your world through,” and adding. “With so many politicians, voting hardly seems worthwhile.” After only half an hour the captain from the planet Clarion signaled that the visit was over. As soon as Bethurum placed his feet on the sandy ground outside the great saucer, the disc was gone, streaking away into the night as mysteriously as it had appeared.

HC addendum
Source: Clarion Call! Truman Bethurum
Type: G

Location. West Lumberton North Carolina
Date: August 6 1952
Time: 2100
Mr. James Allen saw an orange ball coming through the air; it hit his chimney, knocked part of it in, and fell in his back yard. It was 8 ft long, 6 ft high. He walked to within 10 ft; the lights went out, and he saw a little man 30” high standing beside it. “When I asked if it was hurt, it went away in a whiff; then it made a loud noise, like air whistling, and was gone.”

Humcat 1952-12
Source: Humcat quoting Newspaper source
Type: C

Location. Bakersfield California
Date: mid August 1952
Time: unknown
The witness, Cecil Michael, an auto repair shop owner watched a metallic disc shaped object flying at a low altitude overhead. Through an opening he could see two heavyset dark complexioned hooded men looking at him. The witness claims a later contact on October 14 1952 when the two men or ones similar to the ones he saw inside the object came to his shop and stayed there for two hours.

HC addition # 306
Source: Robert E. Bartholomew, Ufolore
Type: A & E

Location. Near Salt Lake City, Utah
Date: August 18 1952
Time: night
Barely two weeks after his second encounter Truman Bethurum saw the “scow” ship streaking down from the sky to a spectacular, silent landing less than 200 yards from Bethurum’s small truck. He joined the captain again in her cabin this time armed, in anticipation of their conversation, with a list of questions he had compiled since their last meeting. Topping his list was the lady captain’s name. “Aura Rhanes” she told him, then she spelled it out loud, in English, so that he could accurately record it among the growing notes he had begun to keep of his encounters. They spoke together of the vast desert spaces, the extreme heat, and the scarcity of water in the arid landscape around them—to which she concluded, cryptically, “I expect to be around for a thousand years, but the water in your deserts will mostly be tears.” She allowed him to touch her arm and shoulder, to assure himself of her reality that he was not dreaming. They exchanged family stories, the tiny, seemingly youthful Captain Rhanes revealing that she was a grandmother, with two small grandchildren back on Clarion. She told him of her journeys, “We land on various planets in many locations. Also, we have made many landings in different places on your Earth. Our only purpose in landing is for our own education, and to relax a bit and replenish our atmosphere tanks, since when we travel our scow is sealed right against outside influences.” The conversation turned again to the social conditions found on Earth. She spoke sadly about the continual strife her crew had observed among earthlings, concluding that, “Other planets are much too busy improving the welfare of their inhabitants to have time for even minor controversies.” The beautiful captain closed their conversation with this warning:
“We figure our lives and plan our actions far in advance, and every one of us knows how to do this. We have not the problems you have, because we know what is right and want to do it. The same could be true upon your Earth. God has been liberal in his blessings, and there is no dearth. Your people’s could amalgamate and act in unison instead of constantly warring upon each other, and then your deserts and plains could be transformed into gardens that would be like Heaven. The substance and effort and life spent each year on your wars would bring an abundance of water into your deserts, if not from your polluted rivers, then from the atmosphere itself, or from your distant oceans. These things can be done. And you’d have a paradise in which to build your homes and rear your children and see your sons bloom into manhood in peace, without the nagging horror and fear of bloody death and maimed and crazed young bodies. But so far as I can see into the future of this planet, the water in your desert will mostly be tears.”

HC addendum
Source: Clarion Call! Truman Bethurum
Type: G

Location. West Palm Beach, Florida
Date: August 19 1952
Time: 2145
Sonny Desvergers, a scoutmaster, driving with 3 boy scouts after dark, noticed a light in the woods and went in to investigate. In a clearing it became oppressively hot & humid, he smelled a pungent smell, and he had the feeling of being watched. Looking up, he saw a dark body above him. Backing up & shining his flashlight on it, he saw a huge smooth gray disc, somewhat concave on the bottom, with vanes around the edge and a dome in the middle. Then he heard a slight sound, and a small red fireball began to drift toward him, expanding into a cloud of red mist; as this enveloped him, he lost consciousness. On recovery he ran for the road, & encountered the car of a deputy sheriff summoned by the boys, who had seen the red fire strike him. His arms face, & cap showed slight burns, and his hair was singed. At the site the grass showed scorched roots. In later accounts, Desvergers said that he had got aboard the rim of the saucer and had fought there with 3 humanoids in grayish clothing that had a sweaty odor.

Humcat 1952-13
Source: Project Blue Book
Type: C

Location. Near Pittsburg Kansas
Date: August 25 1952
Time: 0530A
While driving, William Squyres saw an object off to his right; he slowed down and stopped, but when he got of the car (100 yards from it) it began a rapid vertical ascent with a sound “like a covey of quail flying,” disappearing vertically. It looked like two platters put together, about 75 ft long, 40 ft wide & 15 ft high, and was hovering with a slight rocking motion 10 ft off the ground. It was a dull aluminum color, and had a row of small rotating propellers around the circumference. There was a window in front through which he could see the blue-lighted head & shoulders of a man, and several large windows in the mid-section through which blue-lighted movement of some sort could be seen. At the site was found a 60-foot impression in the grass.

Humcat 1952-14
Source: Project Blue Look
Type: A

Location. Delaware Ohio
Date: August 25 1952
Time: 0540A
One observer sees a huge metallic 75-foot long football shaped craft hovering low over the ground. It had several blue-lighted windows & several figures could be seen moving inside.

HC addition # 2411
Source: Paris Flammonde, UFOs Exist
Type: A

Location. Near Maxatawny Pennsylvania
Date: August 25 1952
Time: 1935
A 25 foot shiny dome shaped object surrounded by a ring of jet pipes was seen by Herbert Long hovering 15 ft above a field about 30 feet away. It stayed there for about 7 minutes, then rose 15 ft and took off at tremendous velocity. Light and some movement were seen through portholes. Subsequently Long returned repeatedly to the site and “made 4 or 5 contacts over the following 6 to 8 months;” he was invited inside the craft. They are “observations discs” from Jupiter, piloted by men like us but more advanced, who eat no meat, and want to be friends to humans.

Humcat 1952-15
Source: Richard Hall
Type: A & G

Location. Fauga, France
Date: end of August 1952
Time: 0600A
M. N. was returning from his work when he spotted on a nearby field about 12 meters from a hedge, a being of small size, wearing a blue uniform and standing motionless like a statue. As the witness hid behind the hedge and stared at the figure it suddenly vanished in plain sight to the surprise of the witness.

HC addendum
Source: Michel Figuet
Type: E

Location. Redding California
Date: Fall 1952
Time: dusk
The main witness was at home when he felt an urge to go over the bay window and look outside. Towards the southwest he saw a huge silvery oval shaped craft moving slowly above the treetops and coming towards the witness. The witness then yelled out and the rest of the occupants of the house came over to look at the object. Underneath the craft they could see an orange light coming out and there was a section on the bottom that moved in a circular fashion. The object was silent as it passed over the house. Later as the main witness was going to bed he noticed his twin brother sitting upright in bed apparently in a trance. A bluish light filled the room coming from outside the bedroom window. As the witness turned to talk to his brother he caught sight of a tall figure in the room. The figure had a large hairless head, large black eyes, and very pale skin, he was also very thin. He wore a black cape that hung down to his knees. The witness ran towards the opened door but a second being blocked his path. This being was apparently a female and communicated with the witness by using telepathy and was able to calm him down. The female being had an egg shaped head with a pointed chin, a small mouth and had large black almond shaped eyes. She was also very thin with a long neck & pale gray skin. Next the witness remembered being floated up in a beam of light along with the female being. He found himself inside an object with many corridors and other beings. He was taken down a hallway and into a room where he sat in a chair. A device was placed on each side of his head. He was apparently able to see images of future events. He was later given an extensive medical examination and released.

HC addition # 1282
Source: Richard J Boylan PhD & Lee K Boylan
Close Extraterrestrial Encounters
Type: G

Location. Lost River Sinks Idaho
Date: Fall 1952
Time: night
Paul Solem reported seeing a mysterious multi-colored light over his ranch. He followed it for three miles until it landed in the Lost River Sinks. As it settled to the ground, the lights dimmed and Solem could see by the moonlight that it was a metallic disc-shaped craft. Standing beside it was a person with long blond hair dressed in a white uniform. At first Solem thought that this person was a woman because of the long hair, but it turned out to be a man instead. Solem claimed that this man stated that he was from Venus; he wanted to be called “Paul 2,” that he held the rank of “angel” and that in a former life Solem himself was a Venusian. In fact, he was told that he had been a spiritual teacher on the planet Venus. “Paul 2” informed Solem that his earth mission was to work with the Indians from North to South America, to help in the preparation of a post-apocalyptic utopian society that outlawed money and where people lived communally.

Humcat addendum
Source: Jerome Clark, Fate April 1971
Type: C

Location. Sutton West Virginia
Date: September 1952
Time: 1900
The witness was walking along a path heading home on a wooded ridge when she began hearing noises behind her. She stopped to look several times but did not see anything, moments later she heard some leaves rustling and frightened, began to walk faster. She stopped and looked behind her and was confronted by a huge figure with a pointy-head or helmet and large orange glowing eyes; a very strong odor was also noticed. The witness became hysterical and ran home screaming.

HC addition # 1041
Source: William L Moore, Farout Winter 1993
Type: E

Location. Central Point Oregon
Date: about September 1952
Time: night
Mrs L L Zamrzla, riding with her husband and 12-year old daughter to their home in the Rouge Valley, a few miles northwest of Medford, reports that as they rounded the corner of Old Stage Road onto Scenic Avenue, three white, odd shaped forms crossed in front of the car from right to left, disappearing into the trees ahead of them. Mr. Zamrzla, hit the breaks as the 3 figures glided smoothly across the road, diagonally away from the witnesses. They were between 3 and 4-feet tall, with no clear features. No extremities were observed; they looked, in fact, very similar to the “shmoos” that were depicted in the “I’ll Abner” comic strip. Necks and head of each entity were about half the length of the body itself. Two led the way and the third, which followed, was slightly smaller. They were in view for a minute or so—enough time to get a food clear view of them at a distance of not more than 8 to 15 feet at the closest.

Humcat 1952-20
Source: Ted Bloecher
Type: E

Location. Near Anost Saone-et-Loire France
Date: September 4 1952
Time: shortly after nightfall
The witness, Jean Sibranoseian, was camping in the Morvan, not too far from Anost; night had fallen, when he saw something like a star falling from the sky. Standing up in surprise, he saw, less than 130 ft away, a dirigible shaped object about 18 ft long & 6 ft high, in which were 2 pairs of lighted portholes, whose light varied “curiously.” As he stared at it, petrified, he heard a slight sound and then perceived, about 15 ft from him, a man like “creature” taller than he was. He was terrified. The being stepped down from a low stump on which he had been standing, and proved to be shorter that Jean, at most 5 ft tall; he came forward several steps, holding his hands out in front with palms upward. Jean “automatically” did the same, upon which the being retreated very nimbly, hopping first on one leg, and then the other. But within 10 seconds he came forward again, his arms now hanging, and stood facing the witness only 6 ft away. He was human except for a rather large head with dark hair, and had large “pupil less” eyes in a very handsome, completely unlined face, which was smiling. He wore a blue gray “well fitted” garment. Jean smiled back at him; then, feeling foolish, he took out one of his visiting cards and offered it to the humanoid, who accepted it, still smiling, and slipped it into an invisible pocket. Then he backed away, again raised his lower arms to horizontal, and “disappeared, with his hopping gait.” Jean had no doubt that he had confronted a man from another planet.

Humcat 1952-21
Source: Henri Convert
Type: C

Location. Weston West Virginia
Date: September 5 1952 Time: unknown
A woman and her mother were driving to church when they encountered a huge humanoid figure with blazing eyes that appeared to be cloaked in black and glide above the ground. The strange entity emitted a very foul odor and one of the witnesses had to be hospitalized suffering from shock.

HC addition # 1389
Source: Jerome Clark, Unexplained!
Type: E

Location. Flatwoods West Virginia
Date: September 12 1952
Time: 1915
Three boys saw a bright red object pass over and apparently land on a nearby hilltop. A fluctuating orange red light was seen on the hill. Joined by beautician Mrs Kathleen May & her two sons and a youth, Gene Lemon, they went to the hilltop, where they saw in their flashlight beam something like an enormous armless man down to the waist, with a red pear shaped head or helmet and 2 luminous “eyes” from which beams of bluish light emerged, the body being a metallic dark green. This “entity” glided toward them, then toward a luminous pear shaped 20 ft object about 50 ft away, which was pulsating between bright orange & dull red. There was a mist in the area with a choking, metallic smell. Lemon fainted; dragging him, the others ran. He vomited all night. Reporters who went to the site later that evening saw no object, but could still smell the odor. Next day a 15-foot circle of flattened grass was found, some “skid marks,” and a strip of browned vegetation.

Humcat 1952-16
Source: Gray Barker & Ivan T Sanderson
Type: C

Location. Frametown West Virginia
Date: September 13 1952
Time: 2000
Mr. Mrs George Snitowski and their little girl suddenly found their car stalled, and an unpleasant smell (ether mingled with sulfurous smoke) filled the air. Thinking a chemical plant might be burning, Mr. Snitowski got out of the car and searched for what smelled so badly. Looking down the slope of the highway, he saw a large globe moving slowly back and forth, hovering over the ground, and giving off a soft, violet light. George moved closer and felt the “sensation of thousands of needle-like vibrations” on his skin. Then he got sick and staggered back to the car. Edith Snitowski screamed and yelled that something was behind him. He turned to see “a figure about eight or nine feet tall with a big head, bloated body, and long, spindly arms gliding rapidly” toward him. The couple, safely inside the car, locked it quickly. Terrified, they watched as one of those long spindly, arms stretched across their windshield. The end was forked. The couple crouched in horror. When George looked up, he saw the monster gliding away. Waiting and waiting, they finally saw a glowing globe, swaying back and forth, lift above the trees and take off into the sky, leaving a luminous trail. A gas station attendant found a V-shaped burned brown spot on the car hood.

Humcat 1952-17
Source: Paul Lieb, Jacques Vallee & Mark Hall
Type: C

Location. Near Remedios, Santa Clara, Cuba
Date: September 14 1952
Time: afternoon
At a local farm called “Dolores” a farm worker, Caridad Martinez reported seeing a strange winged humanoid descend from the sky and land on a plot a land near where she was working. The strange winged figure approached Martinez and communicated with her in a strange language, which she could not understand, according to her the only word she was able to make out was “Tierra” (Earth). The strange humanoid was carrying on both hands a luminous object which apparently emitted a strange gaseous substance that made Martinez very dizzy and almost semi-conscious. She further described the stranger as having yellowish skin a round face, very tall in stature (over 7ft). The humanoid had a silvery disc-shaped plate which appeared to be attached to the stomach area. The most bizarre fact of the encounter was the huge pair of wings which the humanoid had attached to its shoulders that hung down to the waist area. Using these same wings the strange creature rose back up into the sky and disappeared from sight.

HC addendum
Source: Orestes Girbau Collado, Cuba
Type: E
Translation by Albert S Rosales

Location. Charleston West Virginia
Date: September 14 1952
Time: 2100
Several saw a luminous white disc shaped object land. Two men wearing bright suits emerged from the craft and reportedly climbed a nearby tree. No other information.

HC addition # 2410
Source: Loren Gross, UFOs a History 1952
Type: B

Location. Wheeling West Virginia
Date: September 15 1952
Time: night
An undocumented report of a landing of an object from which emerged a 10 ft “monster” on Vineyard Hill. The being was said to have had green eyes and emitted a foul odor. A female witness was said to have been burned. No other details.

Humcat 1952-18
Source: Humcat quoting newspaper Source
Type: C

Location. Between Salem & Corvallis Oregon
Date: October 1952
Time: unknown
Opal Church was driving with her nephew when she saw a “man” approximately 8 ft tall; she passed within 15 ft of him. Of heavy build, he was wearing headgear similar to an Arab’s, and had on a uniform, with boots & gloves, of an off white fluorescent heavy satin, or perhaps fine metallic mesh. Around the waist was a ribbed belt. He had huge round eyes, 2.5-3” in diameter, in which were reticulations “resembling the filaments in old electric light bulbs;” these eyes were either luminous or reflected the car’s headlights. No other facial features were noted. The skin of the face was very pale. This being was walking hurriedly, “with fluid movements.” Ms Church turned around immediately after sighting him, but he had disappeared, though the terrain was flat.

Humcat 1952-22
Source: Paul Cerny for Mufon
Type: E

Location. Lagen River, Norway
Date: October 1952
Time: 0700A
Johannes Nordlien was waiting for co-workers when he suddenly heard a howling, jet-like sound. A moment later a saucer-shaped object, four meters in diameter, came at high speed from the west and passed by him 100 meters away. It impacted with a violent splash in the River Lagen. The object was white as snow, and Nordlien clearly observed its flat and round shape as it hit the water. When his fellow workers showed up, the water was still boiling. The loud howling sound vanished as soon as he saw the object.

HC addendum
Source: Ole Jonny Braenne, Unidentified Submarine Objects
In Norway
Type: H
Comments: Technically a crash report, since the object was never seen departing the river, and as far as is known a search was not conducted.

Location. Seeley Lake Montana
Date: October 1952
Time: evening
Lyle Slade was hunting elk in the mountains when he saw what appeared to be a wounded elk on the other side of a clearing. Suddenly a huge hair covered creature that was making “jabbering” noises crossed the clearing in the direction of the wounded elk. The creature was 7-feet tall, covered with cinnamon brown hair and was wearing a leather belt with a brass buckle.

HC addition # 2382
Source: Peter Guttilla, The Bigfoot File
Type: E

Location. Nimes Courbessac Airport Gard France
Date: early October 1952
Time: 1910
Several witnesses, including Mr. Felix Fize, saw a UFO of yellowish-silvery metallic appearance, flying at an altitude of about 700 meters. Through 3 large windows could be seen beings with helmets & goggles. Duration of observation was 10-15 seconds.

Humcat 1952-19
Source: M. Terrasson for C.E.I. Ouranos
Type: A

Location. Angatuba Mountains Parana Brazil
Date: November 1952
Time: unknown
Dino Kraspedon spent 3 days and nights in the mountains where he had previously seen 5 UFOs hovering; on the last night a saucer landed, and he was invited to go inside it & met its crew. He stayed on board for about an hour; the captain explained to him how the machinery worked. Subsequently, the UFO captain came to visit Dino at his home, and had a lengthy discussion with him; he said he came from the satellites of Jupiter.

Humcat 1952-23
Source: Dino Kraspedon, “My Contact With Flying Saucers”
Type: G

Location. Cubatao, Brazil
Date: November 1952
Time: afternoon
The main witness, (involved in other encounters) a 9-year old girl at the time was playing outside with her brother and other friends a very popular game called “cops and robbers” when suddenly a very strong wind that came out of nowhere was felt by the group. Before reacting to the wind a strange object approached the group, it was about the size of a bus. The object then stopped and an elevator like door opened, immediately after that an “arrow” like metallic object about 30cms in diameter came out of the craft, terrified the group of children ran from the area and found shelter at the nearby school. The main witness then realized that her younger brother was missing. She ran home and told her family what had occurred. A large group of neighbors and friends conducted a search for the boy but no one could locate him. However hours later a called was received by local policed department from a nearby city, apparently they had found a young boy in a state of shock wandering about their town. Immediately the family drove to the city and realized that it was the missing boy. He was in a state of shock and could not remember anything; he was gravely ill suffering from a number of skin rashes and high fever. The doctors could not help him. He died soon after the incident.

HC addendum
Source: Analigia Santos Francisco UFOVIA, Brazil
Type: G or F?
Comments: Obviously hypnotic regression was not performed at the time and like many other cases from South America it appears that the boy was suffering from some kind of radiation sickness.

Location. Heligoland Germany
Date: November 1 1952
Time: unknown
Although no one saw the saucer land, it apparently was downed by atmospheric problems created by the detonation of hydrogen bombs. The object and instruments were in good shape. However scattered on the ground outside the ship were the bodies of seven men, all badly burned. One report claimed they were about 20 to 30 years old and about six-feet tall.

HC addition # 3477
Source: Kevin D Randle, A History of UFO Crashes
Type: H

Location. Castelfranco Emilia Romagna Italy
Date: November 16 1952
Time: 0930A
Nello Ferrari, 41, a farmer, had gone to a lonely spot to relieve himself when he noticed a copper colored light cast on the grass. Looking up, he saw a gold or copper colored object like two 20 meter soup plates put together; in the center, protruding above & below, was a 5 meter metal cylinder, in which was something rotating, with a motor like noise. It was only 10 meters above him. The two plates separated, and 3 human forms appeared in the interstice, dressed apparently in rubber like overalls, with transparent masks. They spoke words sounding like ‘Verren—firg—unch,” then they retreated and the two plates closed with a metallic click. The hum grew louder, and the vessel ascended vertically.

Humcat 1952-24
Source: UFO in Italia
Type: A

The coming of the Venusians.

Location. Near Blythe California
Date: November 20 1952
Time: 1100A
“Attempting to establish a contact,” George Adamski and 6 others drove into the desert, and were eating lunch when a cigar shaped ship was seen hovering. This departed, but after they had driven half a mile and got out, there appeared a saucer hovering, which he photographed. Then he saw a man beckoning, ¼ mile away, and Adamski walked up to him. He was wearing a one-piece brown coverall without seams, and had shoulder length hair and a very high forehead. Adamski asked him by signs what planet he came from; he replied by indicating the second orbit and speaking, “Venus,” as Adamski had done. “He made me understand that their coming was friendly,” and that, they were concerned about atomic explosions (nodding or shaking his head in response to Adamski’s questions accompanied by mental pictures) an extended partly telepathic conversation is recounted. The visitor indicated his feet; his shoes left footprints containing mysterious markings. He conducted Adamski to the saucer, but not into it, it was translucent and hovering close to the ground. Then he returned to it, and it took off. Adamski was apart from his companions for 1 hour, but they could watch by binoculars.

Humcat 1952-25
Source: James W Moseley & others
Type: B

Location. Palomar Gardens California
Date: December 13 1952
Time: 0900A
At Palomar Gardens, where Adamski had set up his telescope, he was able to make 3 photographs of a saucer as it approached. It came within 100 ft; “one of the portholes was opened slightly, a hand was extended, and the film holder which my spaceman friend had carried away on November 20 was dropped to the ground.” When developed, it showed not the original saucer photo, but numerous mysterious blurry signs.

Humcat 1952-26
Source: Desmond Leslie, Flying Saucers have landed Type: A

Total Cases: 68

“…..and the water in your deserts will be mostly tears”

Aura Rhanes

Addendums to be added as they become available.

Chronological listing:
1. 00001952 Edwards AFB California
2. 00001952 Lake June California
3. 00001952 Mount Spokane Washington
4. 00001952 Passa Tempo, Minas Gerais Brazil
5. 00001952 near Castlemartin Dyfed Wales
6. 00001952 Waltham Massachusetts
7. 00001952 Camp Okubo near Kyoto Japan
8. 00001952 Mexico City Mexico
9. 00001952 Chatillon France
10. Early1952 Mjodvattnet, Vasterbotten, Sweden
11. 01001952 Oakdale California
12. Jan-Feb 1952 Itenhaem Brazil
13. Feb-Mar 1952 Lomo De Ballena Peru
14. 04101952 near Nimes France
15. Late Spring 1952 Western Utah
16. 05001952 Allyn West Virginia
17. 05001952 Prospect Heights Illinois
18. 05231952 Burbank California
19. Summer1952 Windham Ohio
20. Summer1952 New York City New York
21. 06001952 Corby New Town England
22. 06001952 Newton Abbot Devon England
23. 06001952 Little Spring Creek Tennessee
24. 06171952 Catalina Tucson Arizona
25. 07001952 Schenectady New York
26. 07001952 Point Defiance Park Washington
27. 07101952 Gerpinnes Belgium
28. 07231952 Basito River area, Borneo Indonesia
29. 07251952 San Pietro a Vico Italy
30. 07281952 Mormon Mesa Nevada
31. 07311952 Bernina Mountains Italy
32. 08001952 Seat Pleasant Maryland
33. 08061952 West Lumberton North Carolina
34. Mid August1952 Bakersfield California
35. 08191952 West Palm Beach Florida
36. 08251952 near Pittsburg Kansas
37. 08251952 Delaware Ohio
38. 08251952 near Maxatawny Pennsylvania
39. End of August 1952 Fauga France
40. Fall 1952 Redding California
41. Fall 1952 Lost River Sinks Idaho
42. 09001952 Sutton West Virginia
43. 09001952 Central Point Oregon
44. 09041952 near Anost Saone-et-Loire France
45. 09051952 Weston West Virginia
46. 09121952 Flatwoods West Virginia
47. 09131952 Frametown West Virginia
48. 09141952 Charleston West Virginia
49. 09151952 Wheeling West Virginia
50. 10001952 between Salem & Corvallis Oregon
51. 10001952 Seeley Lake Montana
52. Early October1952 Nimes Courbessac Airport Gard France
53. 11001952 Angatuba Mountains Parana Brazil
54. 11011952 Heligoland Germany
55. 11161952 Castelfranco Emilia Romagna Italy
56. 11201952 near Blythe California
57. 12131952 Palomar Gardens California

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