Argentina: Policeman Inexplicably Vanishes for 20 Hours


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March 5, 2006

SOURCE: El Diario

DATE: Saturday, March 4, 2006


An officer of the cattle-theft division “vanished” for nearly twenty hours

Found in a fetal position: Officer Pucheta escaped from the place he had been on Thursday night after having come across “two small, red-eyed creatures that chased him and gave him telepathic commands.” He was found yesterday afternoon some 20 kilometers away from the site in a fetal position.

GENERAL PICO (News agencies) — A police officer from the cattle-theft division, identified as Sergio Pucheta, 28, “vanished” on Thursday night while patrolling the rural region of Dorila, remaining in that condition for some 20 hours, causing great concern in the force. According to some researchers who contacted the young man, the event involved a UFO.

Pucheta’s disappearance took place on 21:20 hours Thursday near the La Barrancosa ranch while he patrolled rural roads. At 16:30 hours yesterday, the police officer was found “numb and in a fetal position” more than 20 kilometers away from that location, between the towns of Trili and Quemu Quemu.

He was transferred from that location by ambulance to the Gobernador Centeno Hospital where he was given tests, was visited by several judicial authorities, and remained under observation last night after tests which shed “normal” results. Likewise, physicians said that the patient was “lucid, hydrated and with a balanced cardiovascular and respiratory condition.”

Police researchers informed EL DIARIO that on Thursday night the young officer, having some five years’ experience with the force, was driving a Honda 125cc motorcycle along the rural roads of Dorila. Amid this activity, Pucheta “requested backup over his cell phone” at 21:20 hours from a site near the La Barrancosa ranch.

This was the last contact between the police corporal and his fellow officers, since 15 minutes later, when a squad car arrived from General Pico, police only found Pucheta’s motorcycle and some of his belongings, including his firearm (broken in three parts), his helmet, a “handy” and the cell phone with which he had previously requested assistance.

In the meantime, while not having any signs of the missing officer, Regional Unit II ordered a search of the site where Pucheta vanished. Rural roads and farms were combed by the police in an effort that involved elements from various units.

Meanwhile, yesterday morning — after some 10 hours without any word on Pucheta’s whereabouts — Juan Carlos Tierno, Minister of Safety, Government and Justice and Ricardo Baudaux, the Provincial Chief of Police, arrived in Dorila for a briefing on the situation and the search being carried out by the police, all within the framework of a rainy pre-dawn and early morning that hampered the following of any traces.

Likewise, it was known that around that time Tierno requested copies of some videotapes that Pucheta was compiling with regard to the presence of “strange lights”. The minister returned to the Pampan capital with Badeaux past noon.

Sergio Pucheta was found around 16:30 hours on the shoulders of a rural road between Trili and Quemu Quemu, some 20 km from the site where his appurtenances were found. Sources indicated that the officer was found “numb and in a fetal position” by a farm worker who was aware of the search from media sources.

The authorities reported swiftly to the site to confirm that the young man was “in good health, without any signs of having suffered violence, but somewhat out of it,” unable to clearly answer [questions] about what had befallen him.

But with the passing of time, it was reported that Pucheta had experienced a UFO episode near La Barrancosa, and that he had in recent weeks been involved with the recording of “strange lights” in the company of others.

Moreover, reliable sources informed this newspaper that Pucheta had escaped from the place where he had been on Thursday night after running into “two small, red-eyed beings that pursued him and gave him telepathic commands.”

(Translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO)

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