Location: Rural area west of Toay, La Pampa (Argentina)

Witnesses: Two

Date: December 2004

While stalking animals in a hunting preserve, two hunters witnessed a light described as “a full moon” engaging in ascent and descent movements on a hillside, subsequently coming close to the ground. The larger light – orange in color – was static while smaller multicolored lights danced around it.

It is worth noting that at the time of the sighting, there was a moment of confusion, since two “full moons” were suddenly visible: the first being Earth’s satellite and the other the unidentified flying object. It should also be mentioned that smaller lights were seen during the late afternoon, engaged in strange maneuvers.

In the light of this, one of the hunters decided to leave the location, full of fear. He drove off in his pickup truck. The remaining hunter stayed back, accompanied by his powerful .30 caliber rifle with telescopic sight.

In the wee hours of the morning he was stirred from his sleep by noises similar to those of wild boar, coming from the location where they had previously found a dead cow (dead of natural causes) which they employed as bait. A distance of 80 meters separated the cow from the hunter.

Hearing these growls, he focused his telescopic sight on the dead cows’ carcass, startled by the sight of a figure he identified as “an animal”, surprised by its bulk and height. It was then that he decided to take the shot, hearing the characteristic noise of the impact on the body.

At that moment, the entire region became illuminated by a “very powerful light” that produced whirlwinds and dirt devils with a permanent, buzzing sound. Through his rifle’s sight, the hunter was able to see the creature again, noticing that its posterior had a tail “similar to that of an amphibian reptile”.

The hunter chose to wait a prudent amount of time and kept a constant watch on the location. Later on, overcoming his initial fear, and the total silence that predominated, he approached the carcass certain that he had killed the creature he had witnessed through the scope. With astonishment, he saw that the creature he had hit with the high-caliber bullet had vanished and that the cow had been moved 90 degrees from its original position, giving the appearance of having been mutilated. No traces of blood were found in the vicinity, nor tracks or any evidence corrborating the event.

The witness comes from a line of professional hunters living in Santa Rosa, la Pampa, accustomed to the wilderness and spending nights waiting for their prey. The hunter is convinced, in his own words, that “he had shot an extraterrestrial in disguise.”

NOTE: The charcteristics described above cause us to reflect on the absence of eyewitnesses to the mutilations, the places where said mutilations take place and the circumstances employed. This is where we can see that the UFO phenomenon goes beyond the limits of both reason and our reality.

The electromagnetic spectrum visible to the human eye exists in a wavelength of between 10.6 and 10.7 meters with a frequency between 1014 and 1015 Hz. Above these frequencies, which are lower in wavelength, we find UV, X and Gamma Rays; below these frequencies and with a longer wavelength we have infrared, microwave, shortwave, TV and FM radio waves, AM waves and longwave radio.

There are investigations aimed at an effort to collect and present a variety of manifestations which could take place in a level other than the visible and which could be employed by these intelligences to go unnoticed; some of these have already been recorded.

Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.

UFOINFO would like to thank Scott Corrales for granting permission to use this article.


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