Argentina: An Operation by Strange Entities?

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

June 7, 2006


DATE: 06.06.06


E.R., 50, lives with her husband in La Pampa and on April 18, 2006 began to feel herself affected by intense back pain.

4 days after being in said condition, she went to a local clinic where she was treated by a doctor who detected—after a thorough checkup—a considerable inflamation the the liver, bladder, pancreas, kidney and left lung, issuing a primary diagnosis: pancreatic cancer. She immediately ordered tests which were evaluated by another professional and confirmed the diagnosis. The physician began to administer medications.

In spite of this, E.R.’s condition worsened, compelling her to remain at rest in her bedroom. While listening to the sound of the TV set coming in from the dining room, she entered into a crisis and felt herself floating toward a very large, white light. When she was about to be absorbed into the lighte, she felt herself being “…snatched away by several shadows…” who told her mentally that “…this was not the time…”

At that moment she was able to see the figures clearly, realizing at the same time that she was somewhere else and not in her bedroom.

Fully lucid and awake, she was able to observe that she was lying on a sort of platform, oval-shaped and bathed in an intense light which seemed to be suspened from a type of structure or support a meter and a half in diameter, silvery-colored and seemingly metallic.

Around this platform she noted the presence of the 5 beings who debated the critical condition of her health.

One of these beings stood at her left and the remaining 4 on he right. These indicated that “…there was no other alternative other than to go in…”

After this, the being on her left introduced one of its long, thin arms into E.R. on her left side under her ribs, while she was held by her arms, legs and head.

She felt that something was “…torn out and dragged…” from within her body, causing intense pain. The extracted materila was given to the other beings. The intense pain was followed by a feeling of emptiness and gradual relief that permeated throughout the entire area.

While she clearly remembers the physiognomy of the beings, she has also been able to recall some of the statements they made: “….from this moment on you will put aside all medications…” and “…from this moment on you will be a different person…”

After a period of time she could not determine, she regained consciousness, this time in her bed, able to hear the sound from the television set.

Upon remembering her experience, she began to touch the affected area and felt a void, as though something was missing. Upon pressing her body, she felt the characteristic pain that follows an operation.

Two days after the experience, E.R. got up from the bed on which she had remained for nearly a week, noticing that her pains were almost completely gone. The next day she went to the clinic for a consultation with the physican, requesting an immediate clinical examination.

With the results in her hands and after the corresponding review, she attested to the noticeable reduction in her condition’s levels, while expeirencing a slow by steady recovery, stressing that she has no answers that may account for the change or development observed.

As far as the beings are concerned, E.R. states that they were tall, thin, with long slender arms. Their heads were medium-sized with a pronounced volume in the occipital region. Their mouths were small, like their noses; eyes were medium-sized, slanted, very dark; smooth angular faces, small chins, with no visible cheekbones.

No clothing was visible. Their bodies were lead-blue nin color and their movements were swift.

E.R. did not notice any hands, and was uncertain about the use of instruments during the procedure. She did remember noticing a small isolated platform to the left of her location: it was seemingly metallic, silver-hued and very bright.

Finally, it should be noticed that E.R. was under strict treatment due to a severe cardiopathy with arterial lesions and persisten hypertension.

At present she has continued with her daily life. Her body is stabilized with some ups and downs, and she has not taken any medications.

(Translation (c) 2006 Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raúl Oscar Chaves)

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