2005 HUMANOID REPORTS Albert Compiled by Albert Rosales

Albert Rosales: garuda79@att.net

Albert Rosales: garuda79@att.net

Strange and bizarreimage occurrences are still being reported this day and age and 2005 is become more and more interesting by the month. Who knows what the future holds, sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it, keeping track of these bizarre events and putting them into chronological order. I just hope it makes some interesting reading at least.

Note: Images have been used by Albert with permission or in good faith. If you have any objection to his use of them please write to Albert at the address below. Also contact me (John Hayes) with details of the image(s) and it/they will be removed from the website.]

Please send all feedback, including reports of new cases direct to Albert Rosales at: Garuda79@aol.com

Please see the Humanoid Sighting Reports Index for a list of all reports on UFOINFO together with an introduction and explanation of the Type of Close Encounter Classifications.

The Destruction of Atlantis: Compelling Evidence of the Sudden Fall of the Legendary Civilization
– Frank Joseph

…..In the most comprehensive account of this legendary island, Joseph provides compelling evidence that Atlantis was at the root of all subsequent human civilizations. Brilliantly refuting years of modern skepticism, Joseph combines evidence from archaeology, geology, astronomy, and ancient lore to locate Atlantis in the context of Near Eastern Bronze Age society at the end of the 13th century B.C. The author seamlessly combines hard scientific evidence with a stunning imaginative re-creation of what it must have been like to walk the streets of Atlantis in its last days. The resulting portrait of a mighty empire corrupted by an overreaching lust for wealth and power offers an important lesson to our own materialistic civilization poised on the brink of ecological disaster.


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