Humanoids Sighted Near Arizona/California Border?


Report forwarded by Albert Rosales

I came across a website where you wrote of the existence of humanoids, I have a story I would like to share with you that only a few close people to me know of.

I have taken many trips from my home in Southern California to my Mothers home in Tucson AZ.
I have experienced some bizarre things, UFO sightings, time lapses,….some very strange things.
The scariest by far is the one I would like to share with you.

It was a cool fall night in 2001 about 11 pm, I had just crossed the Arizona/California border heading back home with a friend of mine. I was low on gas and needed to refill badly. We were nowhere near a city but off in the distance I noticed a conveniant store with some pumps.

When I finally got there I noticed about 5 or 6 military trucks, I asked my friend if we were near a base ( I already knew we were’nt, but maybe for once he knew someting I didnt)…he replied no. I didnt think much of it I just walked in handed the cashier 40 bucks and told him pump 2. My friend had also entered into the gas station at the same time I did for some sodas and munchies.

About two minutes later as I am pumping gas my friend came out emptied handed I could tell that something was wrong by the look on his face, I assumed maybe he just found out he lost his wallet or something… I asked whats up? as he was about thirty from me. He waited till he got right in front of me before he said anything. When he finally got within a foot of me he asked? Did you noticed anything strange about those soldiers? I said no and asked why? He said every single one them were identical! same size, same color skin, same features, He then began to tell me that something was wrong with them. That their skin looked synthetic like a plastic or rubber.

Without hesitation I walked fast back into the conveniant store….sure enough he was right…..they looked fake they were all the same all 5 in the store looked as if they were quintuplets…i didnt want to be obvious so I began to grab some things off the shelves and take notice into what they were buying. Now its about 54 degrees out and their buying ice and water by the bushels nothing else just water and ice……as I stood in line behind them I noticed not one of them said a word not to the cashier not to one another nothing, and each of them had what looked to be some type of clear coat on their skin almost a shiny finish like heavy sweat but definetly not.

They were starting their trucks by the time I finally got out to mine. I jumped in the truck and told my friend that I have never seen anything like that or them for that matter….I made my way to the freeway re-capping to my friend what I just saw… when I got on the freeway entrance I noticed the trucks they were in were heading straight into a mountain off in the distance less then half a mile away.. I stopped my truck and watched as every single truck disappeared into a mountain I ve driven by a 100 times and know without a doubt there is no road or entry way into that mountain. till this day I have no idea what it is I saw….

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