Argentina: Entire Family “Photographed a UFO”



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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Source: Diario de Cuyo (newspaper)

Date: 12.28.10

Argentina: Entire Family “Photographed a UFO”

By Susana Roldán – Diario de Cuyo

The event occurred yesterday, from their home in a district of Santa Lucia.

Returning home after a meeting involved an unexpected event for the family of Daniel Dominguez. As they approached the Jardín del Milagro district, where they live, around Calle Colón and 25 de Mayo, they saw multicolored lights in the sky, blinking and glowing with greater or lesser intensity. “We got into the house and took out the cameras to take photos and record. The lights remained in the sky for several minutes, and by their look, they appeared to belong to a semi-circular object in constant rotation,” said Daniel Dominguez, the head of the family.

Far from being afraid, the eldest children (11, 9 and 7, respectively) were enthusiastic about the sighting. Dominguez said that he called the Police to see if they were seeing the same thing, but they advised him to call an astronomical observatory. “We thought about going over to the observatory at the Ceferino Namuncurá complex in San Martin, and we made phone calls, but since no one answered, we thought it might be closed,” he said.

The image taken by Dominguez with one of his cameras consists of a luminous dot and the wake left by its erratic movements in the dark sky. “To show the difference between something fixed and something in motion, I focused on the Moon every so often. The lunar silhouette was perfectly still, while the lights moved up and down and sideways. They followed no apparent order. They simply shined and moved,” he explained.

The man said that this was not his first experience of this type. “Airplanes fly overhead every day, and I know the difference between an airplane and something else. To me, this was a UFO, because I’d seen one earlier in Alto de Sierra, in the countryside. Years ago I saw another in Barreal while in the home of some cousins. I was never afraid, and my children either. On the contrary, we were very excited to see what we saw, even if no one else was able to see it.”

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