Argentina: Mutilated Animals and Strange Lights Reappear in Quimilioj



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August 7, 2006

SOURCE: “El Liberal” de Santiago del Estero –

DATE: August 6, 2006

Unknown Santiago – Mystery Returns After a 4-year Absence


History repeats: In 2002, mutilated cows appeared in this locality of the Dept. of San Martin, as they did in many parts of the country. Today, four years later, history repeats. Mutilated goats were found in a pen. The previous evening, local residents reportedly saw “strange” lights in the sky.

A resigned expression and serene voice reveal the fact that Juan de la Cruz Paz is no longer startled by anything a all. In 2002, two of his cows were found mutilated near his humble ranch. There were no signs of putrefactions and carrion animals did not dare touch the animals’ remains. Today, four years after that disconcerting experience, four of his goats were found with the same signs of mutilation and no one can explain — again — what happened to them.

“Don Juandela”, as he is known by the locals, lives in the Quimilioj wilderness, some 16 km northwest of Garza in the Dept. of San martin. Four years ago, this province, as well as others, made national and international headlines when bovines began turning up with mutilated vital organs [removed] with a surgical precision hitherto unseen.

With these recent discoveries,the mystery returned to Quimilioj yet again. And although don Juan de la Cruz reported that he did not officially report the cases since “it will all be for naught” as in 2002, the inhabitants of this inhospitable wilderness are concerned by the new chain of strange events that is taking place in this site and which they already endured four years ago.

Although in 2002 they preferred to keep silent about many things they saw and experienced, on this occasion, interviewed by EL LIBERAL, several residents of Quimilioj decided to break their silence and tell us about the strange manifestations of “flying objects with unusual lights.”

“We Couldn’t Touch The Cows Because There Was Electricity”

EL LIBERAL visited Quimilioj’s residents last Thursday. All of the locals consulted on the cases involving cow mutilation in 2002 and those whose goats met the same fate a week ago, coincided in their accounts. “Strange lights could be seen in the wilderness the night before the mutilations.”

When several Argentinean provinces began reporting cattle mutilations in 2002, her husband was among the first Santiago residents who reported strange cases in this province.

“The first thing he found was a dead cow missing her eyes, guts and many inner organs, but he didn’t pay it much mind because it’s only normal for an animal to die every so often in the fields. But when we strated seeing on TV that dead cows were being found in the same way as ours, my husband decided to file a report, because it was very strange,” Graciela Paz de Lemos told EL LIBERAL.

Graciela still has vivid recollections of that first encounter with the astonishing. “When my husband found the cows, all of the locals went to the site, which is about 2 km from my house. When we got to where the animal was, no one could approach it because the current would seize you. The truth is that it scared us a lot, and we’re still scared today,” she added.

Graciela agreed with her neighbor Ernestina about the strange lights that appeared in the wilderness always before cattle mutilations. “Every time we saw a large light in the wilderness, an animal would be lost the next day. Whenever we went to look for it, it would turn up dead and mutilated.”

“The cows had their eyes well gouged-out, as if they’d removed them with a spoon. Furthermore, they would leave them like a bag, that is to say, nothing but hide, because they would remove all that was inside and left them with nothing. All of the locals felt frightened, because we still don’t know what happened to them.”

“We Always See Strange Lights in the Countryside”

Although four years ago, when the first mutilated cows turned up, the story did not merit greater attention by researchers, she insists. She does not doubt to ascertain that everytime that an animal is found dead under strange circumstances in the countryside, “strange lights going up and down can be seen in the wilderness the night before.”

“You’re the ones who published that time when the mutilated cows turned up. I remember because the animals turned dead near my house. My name is Ernestina Paz and it’s a pleasure to see you here.” That was how the woman who, along with her fellow residents of Quimilioj, suffered the experence finding mutilated bovines, presented herself to the team from EL LIBERAL.

Tpday, four years after that incident, Ernestina claims that “what happened at the time is also happening today.” She added: “The other night we saw a very powerful light in the wilderness, several colors, going up and down. At the next day, over at Juan de la Cruz Paz’s place, near my house, about four goat kids turned up dead.”

Regarding these new discoveries, she remarked: “The goat kids were hollow on the inside, like the cows. It seems as though all their innards had been removed in a single go. Don Juandela didn’t find traces of any other animal and there was no blood anywhere.”

“That time with the cows, some people said it was Martians, because strange lights could be seen in the wild. It was as though some red-colored thing was burning. Until today, when one wakes up in the early morning, one can see something like giant lamps burning,” she observed.

“But as far as I know, this isn’t happening only in Quimilioj. When I worked in Garza, a little old man also had all of his sheep devoured. I say that it’s something to be afraid of, because one doesn’t know what it is. Even other animals are terrified, because when we found the dead cows, not even the crows would come near.”

“Animals Were Left As Empty as a Bag”

A man from the deep countryside, Primitivo Paz never feared anything that could befall him in the wilderness, but the situations involving cows and mutilated goats changed his opinion. “All I can tell you is that one’s afraid of what one doesn’t know, or what you can’t explain,” he told EL LIBERAL.

This resident of Quimilioj also suffered the “terrible” experience of seeing – without knowing how their deaths occurred – dead and mutilated cows. “When the first mutilated cow showed up we were all alarmed, because we couldn’t understand how it happened.”

“The animals were down to pure leather, that is to say, empty inside. Furthermore, they were missing eyes and entrails. Even thought they came down from Santiago to investigate, we were never told what had happened to the animals. It’s still a mystery to us today.”

Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO.

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