Argentina: UFO Photo Causes Media Uproar


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Monday, April 25, 2011

Source: Diario de Cuyo (San Juan, Argentina)

Date: 04.25.11

A UFO Over the Moon?

By Daiana Kaziura – Diaro de Cuyo newsroom

Seen over Calingasta: witness took photo of a figure with luminous circles forming a triangle. He later picked up another object, but with a different shape.

“I swear that I was petrified!” said Martin Pastor as he pointed at the image that he picked up last Sunday in Calingasta. he said that he thought the recently rising moon had a strange shape to it, and thus began to photograph it. After a while, he was able to see a triangle with three circular vertexes superimposed over the moon. As it moved away from the moon’s glow, it became invisible. “It was a UFO to me,” he said.

Images of strange objects crossing the skies keep capturing the world’s attention. The case involving the photographer from Santa Fe who took photos of what he believed to be a UFO – and NASA had confirmed – caused a media uproar. This was in spite of the fact that the U.S. space agency denied having analyzed the photo. In turn, the video of an alleged alien found in Russia became one of the most viewed clips on the Internet. And news of the declassified FBI document confirming 3 alien bodies at Roswell in 1947 also made the rounds.

San Juan is no stranger to photos of strange images considered UFOs by their photographers. In less than 4 months in 2001, three readers have approached this newspaper with photos of bizarre objects. This is now the fourth.

According to Martin Pastor, a resident of Rawson, he headed to Calingasta with a group of friends for a car race. In the evening, returning along Route 436, their pickup truck broke down, and they were stranded in the mountains.

“I’m one of the ones who go around camera in hand. I always felt I’d find something like this,” Martin explained, adding: “the moon was rising and began to lose shape. I realized that a luminous project passed in front of it and later disappeared.” The photo shows the moment that the object is over the moon and part of its edges are hidden by the mountains.

The moon returned to normal later on. But around 21:00 hours, his buddy said: “Look, look!” Martin raised his camera again, but this time to photograph a circular object moving across the sky, very near the Earth. But it also vanished.

He was afraid after his experience, aside from being excited. “While we waited for the repair shop crew to pick us up, we boarded the pickup, locked the doors and pointed the camera outward, just in case,” he explained, laughing.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO)

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