AUFORN Compiled Sighting Reports 6th May 2002 Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

UFO Sighting Over Bundaberg Qld

Source: Steve Evans

I wish to report the following UFO sighting witnessed at 9.20pm on Sunday Oct 21, 2001, in our backyard in the outer suburb of Avoca, Bundaberg, Qld.

While standing outside in our backyard at 9.20pm, my partner and I observed a string of 5 bright orange lights in the south western sky travelling from a southerly direction and heading in a northerly direction at treeline height for a duration of 5-10 mins. A singular bright orange light was observed first before other’s appeared behind it at close intervals until a line of five bright orange lights were visible over about half of the southern sky. They moved slowly north in a uniform line until the third object dropped in altitude but not in speed. They passed just below the Moon (quarter) except for the fourth object which went through the Moon’s light. They continued moving north slowly and became less bright before disappearing. I observed them while standing in our backyard, and was witnessed by my partner. The objects were much brighter and larger than the closest star and travelled without any audible sound. The night was clear and fine. The objects displayed no characteristic similarities to any aircraft. Each light, being the whole entity, and remained a constant bright orange light with no flashing observed. They were travelling in a rising angle. The Moon and stars were clearly seen. A vague oval shape was observed from a side view when the fourth object passed through the light of the Moon. Prior to this, all five objects appeared round in shape. After sighting the objects, we accessed some information on the internet where we found information and photographs of orange orbs and orange ball phenomenom closely matching what we had observed.

Internet report


UFO Sighting Lithgow NSW

Name: Mr Bob S
Suburb: Lithgow
State: NSW
Background: Part time TAFE teacher artist & musician
Day: 1
Month: Jan
Year: 2002
Location: most times i was home or just 5 minutes from my house.
Weather_conditions: clear moon light nights the air was still.
Physical_stuff: around 50 foot diameter

What_happened: I’ve seen objects in the sky on four different occasions in a space of 3 months. At the end of 2001 around Lithgow, family and friends told me of their accounts of ufo’s that they had seen around the same time.

Unusual: amber light with crimson in the middle hovered 50 meters above a hill at the end of my street.
2.a bright light came over the east of Lithgow at about 3 am.
3.the third came up west of Lithgow flashed several times and then split in to four piece and disappeared.
4. came from the west of Lithgow it drifted in slowly and it was as if it knew we were watching it and suddenly took off towards Katoomba direction

Regards Doug Moffet from UFOR NSW website


UFO Sighting Bossley Park NSW

Name: Mrs Chapman
Suburb: Bossley Park
State: NSW
Background: studying for in retail.
Day: 11
Month: Jan
Year: 1999
Time: 8pm
Duration: approx 10mins
Unusual: no sound but car windows were up.
Weather_conditions: clear summer night.

What_happened: I was a passenger in the family car with my husband driving and my 3 children in the back. We were on the main road leaving The Entrance [central coast]. There was light traffic. Ahead to the right ,just above the line of trees about 150 – 200 mtrs away[it was night]on the opposite side of the street, there was a an orange round ball light. It was moving and took our eye as it would have been very low to the ground had it been a conventional flying object. It was moving across and down in movements. It then appeared to get larger. We then noticed traffic had slowed and other cars had pulled over that were travelling in our direction. [2 other cars]

We also pulled over to watch. The car in front’s male driver was out of the car watching.It then came towards us. It looked to change colour from orange to red. When it changed direction the car behind us took off quickly. My 15yr old daughter and myself began yelling at my husband to go. We had a very strong feeling of danger. The queer thing was my husband was just like the guy standing outside his car, he didn’t seem to hear us but seemed totally engrossed in the light.I can’t explain the terror in those seconds that we felt{exept my husband}It just seemed imperative that we leave immediately. My daughter then hit my husband across the back of the head to snap him out of whatever he was in.{not a normal occurance!]He angrily began to drive away. As we looked out the rear window The red ball abruptly changed direction again and seemed to come up behind our car. With a car full of sceaming occupants my husband sped off. When we looked behind it was no longer there. My husband called the central coast radio station the next day to see if anyone had reported any unusual lights the previous night. No one had. I have noted in subsequent visits to the area{which are undertaken with the kids always mentioning the night we were chased by a ufo] that there are a number of power lines and a radio{I presume}transmitter along the ridge nearby.

Regards Doug Moffet from UFOR NSW website


UFO Sighting Leppington NSW

Date 20th March
Time reported: 7.30 pm
Loacation: NSW
Repotee: Larraine
Referred to: Doug

I would like to report a sighting I had on Wednsday March 20th at 7.30pm.The anomaly was a bright white light,twice as big as the brightest star in the sky.It was travelling aprox.65 to 70 degrees above the eastern horizon high up and pretty much directly south to north.It was very bright 4 of us noticed it as soon as it crossed the southern tree line.I live in the Leppington area above Sydney towards the mountains.I watched it disappear behind the northern tree line,it took 5 minutes 7.30pm to 7,35pm,it was travelling slowly,slower than a plane and there was no sound.I viewed it through binoculars for at least 2 minutes,I could see no structure just light.As I was watching it I could feel a humming and vibration kind of like an electrical charge.The other 3 witnesses dismissed it as a satellite,Im not so sure.I made the necessary enquiries and this is the reply I recieved back.

The sun would have been 5.5 degrees below the horizon at 7.30pm on the 20th March 2002.Although it is possible to see a satellite under such conditions,it is not common. Some satellites can flare quite brightly notably the iridium constellation,so still might be seen at that time.I did check and there were no iridium flares predicted for Leppington at that time.

Regards Larraine


UFO Sighting Mentone beach 1950s

Follow up 1800 Hotline Call 01960 21.3.02 VIC

Date: 21.3.02
Time: 2.19pm
Location…Seen from Mentone beach. Victoria
Reportee: Jim
Nearest State Director George
Date of sighting…In late 1950s.


The object suddenly appeared in front of witnesses .It was elliptical in shape , very large..bright white light. Witness tried waving to it but this upset his girlfriend. The object then moved away towards Rickett’s Point…and kept going..then shot up and disappeared at a very high speed…14 other witnesses reported in paper.

End of report.

George Simpson AUFORN Vic


UFO Sighting Shepparton Vic

Follow up Hotline Callin 01966 28.03.2002 Vic.

Time reported…11:03 pm
Location….Shepparton Vic.
Report…. Nicky wanted to let someone know about several ufo sightings in the Shepparton area. These began in 1996 after Nicky had attended a UFO conference in Brisbane.
The sightings became so common that he decided to buy a video camera in order to document them. Some are night time cases , but now even daylight sightings have been recorded. Nicky is sending a copy of the tape to us so we can see it and then determine if there is anything to further investigate.

George Simpson AUFORN Vic


UFO Sighting Redcliff QLD Solved

Follow up Diane Harrison 1800 Hotline Call 01967 30.3.02 QLD

Date: 30. 03. 2002
Time: 7.30 p.m
Location: QLD Redcliff
Reportee: Marie
Telephone number : 07 32
Nearest State Director Diane

Marie saw 2 bright disc shaped objects in the sky
moving from side to side.
IFO Solved: It was nothing more than a Laser light show “sorry folks”

>James Easton.
>Courtesy of
>AAP 30 March, 02
>RESIDENTS in the Brisbane suburbs of Redcliffe and Caboolture
>have reported four UFO sightings, police said.
>A police spokesman said two bright discs were seen hovering over
>Clontarf – later moving on to Beachmere.
>”We received the first call at about dusk, with the next about 15
>minutes later,” the spokesman said.
>He said Caboolture police had called at about 8pm, also receiving
>sighting reports.”People are seeing something, but I’m sure there is a more
>logical explanation for it,” the spokesman said.

UFO Sighting Hills District NSW

Follow up 1800 Hotline Callin Code 01969

Sunday March 31st 11.19pm
Location: Hills District N.S.W
Reportee Craig
Time: About 11.0pm

Sunday night Craig was walking in his backyard when he saw 2 orange colour balls of light in the sky. He was facing west and they were travelling north west from a southerly direction about 45 degrees above the horizon. Craig said it was their colour and size that caught his attention, they were 5 or 6 times bigger than a star and had a yellowish orange glow,no flashing lights like normal aircraft. He said they were moving slowly in formation far enough apart to tell they were 2 objects and higher than usual aircraft. As they travelled they were also ascending,Craig said he watched them for about 5 minutes until they were tiny pin pricks of light, there was no sound.

From their position in the sky this sighting was approximately over Blacktown. They could have been those homemade lantern things except for the fact that they move with positive direction and have been witnessed and reported repeatedly.

Regards Larraine


UFO Sighting Currans Hill NSW

Date: 31st March 2002
Day: Saturday
Time: 8.35 p.m
Location: Currans Hill NSW

Hi all,
we’ve received two reported sightings in the Campbelltown region:

Mr W of Currans Hill reported the following incident: Saturday 31st March, at 8.35pm, Mr W noticed a light cloud or mist travelling from the region of the Southern Cross and heading north. Just then he discovered a dark structure bearing from south to north, proceeding towards him. The unusual ‘v’ or ‘boomerang’ shaped anomaly finally flew overhead, apparently much faster than a conventional aircraft. Mr W stated that he actually saw a dark grey structure, however there were no lights or sound associated with the object.

Date: 2nd April 2002
Day: Tuesday
Time: 9.53 p.m
Location: Bradbury NSW

A Gentleman from Bradbury by the name of M reported the following sighting: On 2nd April (Tuesday) around 9.53pm, M was in his back yard conducting naked-eye astronomy when he sighted a cluster of star-like lights approximately 30 degrees above the east/south-eastern horizon. The cluster of lights, situated in an ‘arc-like’ formation, travelled over M’s residence at a considerable speed heading south towards Appin. M said that the star-like objects looked like satellites only they were travelling at least ‘ten times’ as fast! He also said that it definitely wasn’t a single object as he saw the apparent space between them. He estimated anywhere between 10-15 individual objects within the cluster. Again there was no sound associated with the sighting.

Regards Attila
UFO Society of Western Syd


UFO Sightings Adelaide South Australia

Follow Ups on — AUFORN Hotline Callin Codes:
01978, 01981,01983,01984,01985,01992 – for
Adelaide, South Australia

Date(s): 2/04/02 – 3/04/02 – 7/04/02
Time(s): Between 7.15pm – 9.30pm
Suburbs involved: Parafield Gardens,
Salisbury, Salisbury Plains and Wynn Vale


3 – 6 Orange star like objects were sighted over the Northern suburbs of Adelaide on these dates. All of the above Callin Codes reported the same thing, with minor differences in positioning of the objects. Nighttime sky conditions were the same on all nights, clear sky with only patchy cloudcover. All the orange star light objects where observed below the cloud cover.

All witnesses state that once these orange star objects reached the Adelaide Hills they all ‘disappeared’ or ‘blinked out’ Length of sighting time: Varying from 2-3 mins up to 10-12 mins.

Triangle Formation

Witnesses reported seeing the 3 or 6 orange lights in a single triangle or 2 triangle formation, one person said that at one stage 4 of the lights looked like it was in a ‘kite formation’ but then formed a 3 pointed triangle with 3 of the lights, with the 4th light to the east of the top light.

In the case of the 2 triangle formation, the witness stated that they saw 6 lights move into 2 perfect triangle formations and continued that way until reaching the Adelaide Hills.

Straight Line Formation

Witnesses also saw and reported the orange star like objects to be in a straight line made up of 3 lights together with a 4th light following.

Whilst watching the objects in this straight line formation, witnesses state that of 3 lights that were in a row, they were evenly spaced one behind the other, with the 4th light trailing some distance behind.

Witnesses that sighted the ‘straight line formation’ all stated that as the lights neared the Adelaide Hills, that the 4th light then moved quickly to join the other 3 lights.

Witness Statements [note approx total number of Witnesses: 20]

All witnesses state that they heard no sound at all coming from these objects. They all state the objects were moving in a North, North East to South East direction. All state that the objects were ‘orange and star like’ in size and brightness.

One witness a trained SA Policeman, [as well as being an ‘amateur astronomner’] quickly got out his telescope to get a clearer look at the objects, but stated that apart from seeing them on a larger and brighter scale, the objects still were fuzzy to look at. He even grabbed his binoculars to see if he get a clearer look through them, but again the same as through the telescope.
He also stated, that for the years he has been doing his ‘backyard astronomy’ that he has viewed many numerous things in the night sky, from satellites, to light planes flying late at night, to birds, to even [yes folks the infamous] hot air garbage balloons, but what he saw that night, didnt fit any of those ‘explanations’.

All witnesses, stated that living or being so close to Parafield Airport, that they all ‘Certainly Knew’, what a light plane looked and sounded like, and what their night lights looked like. So to hear ‘no sound/noise’ surprised them. They also stated that they had phoned Parafield Airport, which could not help as it had closed earlier that night. They also phoned Edinburgh Air Force base, which informed these witnesses that nothing had ‘shown up on their radar and NO they were not test flying any aircraft, secret or non-secret’.

[See Diane Harrison’s report on Edinburgh Air Force base response in AUFORN list post dated: Tuesday 9th April 2002 in response to questions asked by Hugh Mulgrew]

Also all say, that ‘They have Never Seen anything like this in their life(s)’.

Final Words

This group of sightings certainly has caused a ‘stir’ here in Adelaide! One of the witnesses who called the AUFORN Freecall Hotline, also phoned Adelaide Radio Station SAFM. Her call, to SAFM, set up a ‘callin’ session on SAFM’s Breakfast show, asking people to ring in, if they had seen the same thing or if they had seen anything ‘strange’ in the sky. The response to SAFM’s call in was incredible!
I contacted SAFM to inform them that AUFORN SA was ‘investigating’ these incidents and also to leave our Freecall Hotline number for anyone else who may have seen something to ring. From my call to SAFM, I also learnt that ‘A Current Affair’ was interested in these sightings due to some video footage being taken by a local guy.

[Again see Diane Harrison’s post to the AUFORN of Tuesday 9th April 2002]

Upon speaking to lady who phoned SAFM, myself, she again said what all witnesses , concerning this event, have said to me: That her and her family so amazed and effected by seeing this, that she felt the need to contact the media, to hopefully find out that what they had seen was nothing more than a ‘light show’, some ‘kids mucking around with garbage bags’, or a ‘joke’. When I informed her, that she was one of approx 10 other calls to the AUFORN hotline she was [in her words] ‘blown away’.


Charmaine Ballam
South Australian Director – AUFORN
[Australian UFO Research Network]

UFO Sighting foothills of Dandenong Ranges

Follow up 1800 Hotline Call 01975 2.4.02 Vic

Date: 2.04.2002
Time: 6.57 a.m.
Location….Belgrave South…Victoria (Outer Eastern
Melbourne Suburb in foothills of Dandenong Ranges)
Reportee: Female Lauren
Nearest State Director George Simpson
Sighting date…Monday 1st April 2002.
Time of sighting…8pm.

Report….Was outside parents house..saw object, a round shaped light size of 20c piece when held at arms length, very bright..about 1 k away, came downward in an arc and was obscured by the house. It was large and perfectly round, very bright yellow inside and had a green outline. Lauren expected to hear an explosion from impact….but there was no noise. She thinks it may have come down in the Cardinia Dam area.She wants to know if anyone else saw it and reported it.

George Simpson AUFORN Vic


UFO Sighting Lakes Entrance NSW

Follow up 1800 Hotline Call 01987 5.4.02 Vic

Date: 5.04.2002
Time: 6.46 P.M.
Location….Lakes Entrance..Vic.
Reportee: Declan
Nearest State Director: George Simpson
Time sighting …3.30 pm to 9.30 pm when clouds rolled in.!
Direction….South West.


Declan saw a bright object in the sky from about 3.30 PM .
It appeared motionless for the duration of the sighting. Even the constellation ‘Orion’ passed through and moved across the sky.. given enough time..yet the object remained.
This object continued to remain visible until 9.30 pm.

George Simpson AUFORN Vic

UFO Sighting North of Dural NSW


Follow up 1800 Callin Code: 01996 09.04.02 NSW

Date 9th April Day: Tuesday Time reported: EST Loacation: NSW Repotee: Alex Referred to: Karen B

Alex’s Wife saw three orange lights from their bathroom window at around 12:00 am on the 6th April 02. They both went outside to see three orange lights in a triangle formation moving from North to South. Alex lives North of Dural near the National Park, they do not have street lights, so apparently they get a good view of the night sky.
He states the lights were are constant orange, not flickering and no noise could be heard. According to Alex the lights stayed together in formation and at the same altitude until they disappeared. One interesting note was that one of the orange lights dropped what looked to be a flair or something, which could possibly mean that it may have been a case of the garbage bag scenario. According to Alex the orange lights were heading towards Windsor, Penrith area.

Regards Karen AUFORN/ UFOR NSW


Unusual Phenomena report

Follow up 1800 Hotline Callin 01999 12.04. 2002 Vic.

Time Reported: 12:16 pm
Location: Healsville Victoria
Reportee: Robyn
Referred to:State Director – George S.


I phoned Robyn who proceeded to tell me almost everything about myself ….her conversation lasted 3 1/2 hours. She has had many encounters with many forms of unusual phenomena including ET’s. This lady is very psychically tuned in…she said she was clairvoyant and clairaudiant….and that we are very close to the time when the entire human race are going to be forced to acknowledge the existence of life throughout the universe…and their presence here on earth.

Regards George AUFORN Vic


UFO Sighting Forestville NSW

Follow up 1800 Callin Code 02003 13-4-02 SA

Date: 13 April 02
Time Reported: 8:17 am
Location: Forestville, NSW
Reportee: S
Referred to: State Director: Doug M.
Telephone: 02 9

On 12th April 2002, S was observing satellites in his back yard while having a quiet smoke. Around 11.30pm he noticed an unusual aircraft heading from north to south, directly over his residence. Even though the sighting only lasted 3-4 seconds, he was able to get a good view of this extraordinary aircraft. S said, “I first though it was an aeroplane, but when it got closer I knew it wasn’t”. According to S’s testimony, this so called “flying-wing” passed overhead without sound at what appeared to be at low altitude. “It travelled consistently, like a normal aircraft. It had no other illumination (strobe or navigation lights) other than a few elongated dim lights at the front of the wing (amount unknown)”. S also added that he was able to see the dark structure with the aid of these unusual lights (pale white). S mentioned that they don’t live near a fight path and to see something like this was amazing.

I asked him about his line of sight at the time. He estimated that some hills towards the north would have been around 3-4 kilometres and the outlook towards the south was limited because of obstructing trees (a few hundred metres from the residence).

I don’t think that S would have first noticed this peculiar aircraft while it was travelling above the hills towards the north. If that were the case, then the craft would have been travelling at approximately 3,600 km/h. The witness would have noted this and he would have had very little time to see any structure at all. Therefore one can only assume that the craft was near overhead by the time S discovered it.

I told the witness that it is quiet possible that the aircraft may have been launched from Williamstown RAAF base and that the craft ‘could’ have been some form of stealth technology.

S spoke of some unusual things that occurred over the years. Because he is a ranger, S spends most of his time in the great outdoors. He told me about some strange clearings in the bush near West Head (up most north shore). I have heard of some unusual activities taken place in this region (lights submerging, etc). This is an area that I will look in to.

Regards Attila UFO Society South West Sydney


UFO Sighting Appen NSW

Name: Mr Terry T
State: VIC
Background: mechanical engineer karate instuctor
Day: 18
Month: Apr
Year: 2002
Time: 9.33
Unusual: large disc
Location: above home
Other_people: whole family
Weather_conditions: dusk ,very clear
Physical_stuff: 100 feet above house footy field size
speed scary

What_happened: could you please help me find out about what happened to a friend of mine on the 5 6 or 7th of march 1984 in a place called Appen NSW the whole family saw a very large disc above their house it was making a very loud noise as my friend walked outside it took off at frightening speed many people saw this and it was in the local papers

Regards Doug Moffet from UFOR NSW website


UFO Sighting Ashmore Gold Coast Qld

UFO Sighting Report 02011 18.4.02 QLD
Investigator: Jan Stone

Date: 17.4.02 Time: 8pm Location: Ashmore Gold Coast Qld Reportee, Barry


Barry is a Sea Captain and has been for a number of years. At about 8pm on Wednesday night 17.4.02 Barry saw three white lights in the sky forming a triangle. Travelling from South to North in about 7 seconds. He said there was broken cloud that night. No noise. Aprox height was 4,000 feet. About the size of a 20cent piece (holding at arms length).
Barry says he has had many years at sea and seen many strange things but nothing like this. He said there is no way it was a Aircraft.

End Report
Regards Jan AUFORN QLD


UFO Sighting Gold Coast QLD

Follow up 1800 Callin Code: 02010 18.04.02 QLD

Date: 18th April, 2002
Time Reported: 9.39 am (0939 Brisbane Time)
Location: Ashmore, Gold Coast Qld
Reportee: male
Referred to: State Director – Jan Stone

On 18th April 2002 (Thursday) at Mr X, who lives at Ashmore, Gold Coast, was looking up in the sky, when he noticed 5 bright lights forming a triangle, travelling at 4000 ft and about 500 knots, there was broken clouds that night and there was no noise. The size of the Lights was about the size of a 50 cent piece held at arms length, they were white in colour. Travelling from North/West to East. Mr X is absolutely sure it was not a Aircraft.

End Report
Regards Jan Stone AUFORN

UFO Sighting Albury NSW

Follow up 1800 Hotline Call 02015 24.4.02 NSW

Date: 23.04.2002
Time: 8.58 pm
Location: Albury NSW
Reportee: Tim
Nearest State Director: Kylie


Apparently there has been many sightings of orange lights in the Albury region of late. Tim has driven under 5 orange lights approx 200 mtrs altitude. Truck drivers and others have pulled over to observe the lights. Lights seen over airport, could be garbage bags …need to find out more details and characteristics of objects.

Regards Doug Moffet AUFORN/UFOR NSW

UFO Sighting EULO Southwest Queensland

Follow up 1800 Hotline Call 02016 25.4.02 QLD

Date: 25.04.2002
Time: 9.17pm
Location: South West QLD
Reportee: Diane

Location 68 kms west of Cunnamulla and 248 kms south of Quilpie population 80

Report By Diane Harrison

Time sightings: 7.00 p.m & 9.10 p.m
Shape: Ball
Size: 50 cent
Objects: 3
Colour: Orange
Sound: None
Speed: Fast
Duration: Minutes
Direction: First object North second Object North West
Witnesses: 20


Diane Said: “I was sitting down just about to have my B.B.Q dinner when I noticed a huge orange ball of light appear over the top of my meat box”. “I got up out of my seat and went to have a clearer look at the object away from the obstruction of the box”. “I wasn’t alone in viewing these objects. I run a caravan park here in Eulo and I had around 18 people staying and most saw the objects, it was amazing I never thought I would see a real UFO in my life time.”

I questioned Diane about the objects and asked if it was possible it could have been garbage bags or a balloon.

Diane said: “are you kidding a garbage bag no way a garbage bag could never move that fast”

Question: I asked Diane to explain the movement of the first object.

Diane said: “when I first noticed the object it was floating above my meat box just off to the north.” I moved to get a better look and this was when I noticed it went slowly down to the ground but it came back up again”.
“But as it came up from the ground it looked like 2 smaller objects fell from beneath it”. “The Object glowed a bright orange to a dimmer orange and then it shoot off at high speed”.

Question: Diane what did you do next? did you call anyone.?

Diane said: “Yes I did I called the police to see if anything had been reported to them, nothing”. “I talked to some of the people in the park for quite sometime it was amazing as I said”.

Diane said:”I sat on the veranda for another 2 hours in the hope it would come back and it did at 9.10 p.m”.
“I got on the phone to the police straightaway this time and asked Troy our local policeman to have a look and see if he could see the second object,,,,,,he could, and so could our local park ranger who was passing by”.
“I asked the ranger what he thought it was he said he had no idea”.

Comment Diane: When Diane mentioned the policeman’s name it rang a bell, I asked Diane how long had this policeman been in town, she said “a few years now why? “. Tonight I rang Troy and to my amazement it was the same guy I had talked to in 1998 about a UFO sighting in Warwick QLD he wasn’t a policeman then. He had an amazing sighting while out Kangaroos shooting with 2 of his mates, we had a great chat and he was the one that informed Diane about the UFO hotline.

Troy reported: “When Diane rang me the second time I went out to have a look and I could see what she was looking at. “It was a bright orange object going dim then bright, it was moving in a northwesterly direction at high speed at a 45 degree angle to the horizon I watched it until it disappeared out of sight between Yowah & Thargomindah. “It was no garbage bag or balloon mate”.

Troy said he has no doubt in his mind what he and Diane and the other 20 witness saw was a UFO”.

Still Under investigation

Regard Diane Harrison AUFORN QLD

UFO Sightings Victoria

Hi list,

There are a few reports coming from around the Mount Dandenong area which sound similar..big fireballs..huge fireballs…travelling horizontally. These types of reports have been coming in from all around Mount Dandenong for at least 10 years. These fireballs have been seen to travel long distances without losing altitude, making no sound….and last year, in the same area , an ambulance crew reported one which did a 180 degree turn and lost it’s “firey look”. Something strange is happening around Mount Dandenong.

UFO Sighting Fern Tree Gully Victoria

Follow up 1800 Hotline Callin 02006 Vic….
Location…Fern Tree Gully…( very close to Mount Dandenong)
Time….about 9.10 pm.

Report….Andrew saw two “Giant Fireballs” travelling West from FTG …travelling East to West.
Andrew saw a plane which was also airborne at the time.
The plane was at about the same height as the fireballs.
The fireballs were larger than the plane, and very bright, flew horizontally…and flew ” a fair amount faster than the plane”.

George Simpson AUFORN Vic

UFO Sighting Footscray Victoria

Follow up 1800 Hotline Callin 02022 28.04.2002

Time: 5.30 pm

Report… Sarah reported seeing a very bright starry like object hovering in the west at about 5.30 pm.
Most likely the planet Venus. I told her she should try to see it again on consecutive nights in the same general area.
She also mentioned having first phoned a sighting hotline which warned her it was about to charge her $5.00 per minute to make her report. She promptly hung up..and called us. The stated that the expensive hotline probably pay extra to be listed first. If we had been listed first she would have not wasted time calling the first number.

George Simpson AUFORN Vic

UFO Sighting Boronia Victoria

Follow up 1800 Hotline Callin 02028 2.5.02 VIC

Date: 2.5.02
Time: 11.32pm
Location: Victoria, Boronia
Reportee: Simone
Nearest State Director: George
Date of sighting….Thursday May 2nd 2002.
Time of sighting…Midnight Thursday…Friday am.
Location…Boronia…( foothills of Mount Dandenong)

Report…Big fireball….fast moving…in our atmosphere…travelling horizontally…from North to South East…didn’t change direction…. didn’t descend…a few sparks seen…no sound.

George Simpson AUFORN Vic


UFO Sighting Croydon Victoria

Follow up 1800 Hotline Callin 02013 22.04.2002 Vic.

Date: 22.04.2002
Time: 5.16pm
Location: Croydon VIC
Reportee: Jacqi (female)
Nearest State Director: George Simpson

Report: Jaqui was dozing ..time was around 2 am…she was woken by a very bright light which came in through her window, she said it was strange because there was no noise..and the brightness of the light was such that it looked like daytime outside. It went away, and came back again.
She then stated that 3 years ago she saw something with four lights that looked so unusual that she stopped the car to get a better look. She noticed other drivers had also stopped to look. She was on Dorset road. She than said her mother is “into ufo’s” and that she will bring her along to the next meeting at Clayton in June.

George Simpson AUFORN Vic

A big thank you to everyone for these reports


Diane Harrison

National Director
The Australian UFO Research Network
and UFO Hotline.
Australian Skywatch Director

Tel number 1800 77 22 88 a Free Call
Australian UFO Research Network –<br> E-mail

A non profit organisation
PO Box 738
Beaudessert 4285
QLD Australia
Tel 07 55 44 6888

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